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Matt Flambures

2 years ago

Went in to grab cat litter on the fly, saw me looking over all the choices and recommended something that was accompanied by a ton of knowledge behind it, and why it cost more, but the results were obvious almost instantly. The proprietor is extremely knowledgeable and shares our desire to keep our furry ones safe and healthy. Pick his brain, he has the answers and you'll love the results.

Raphael Curup

2 years ago

Didn't ask for the man's name helping me today but he was very informative and helped me pick out the best food for my kitties. Appreciate the incite

cristina mora

2 years ago

The owner was complaining about Martin Luther King Day of Service...a day where people around Puget Sound volunteer at nonprofits and local community service projects.

ladella bareither

2 years ago

This independent local store is selling his customers 3 year old expired dog food that is moldy and made my poor baby pup sick. When confronted he wanted to exchange the cans and had the audacity to claim “it’s hard running an independent business”. I will Absolutely NEVER shop here again. I’m reporting to BBB to warn others not to shop here or make sure they check ALL food purchases for expired product.

Rachel Tweten

2 years ago

Thank you for telling and showing me all the different types of dog foods. Kalia #americanbully loves the Timberwolf brand. You can buy dog food here by the pound or the whole bag. Mix it up a bit for your pooches so they can live happy and healthy.

Shanana Lea

2 years ago

Seriously double check the expiration dates on the products you buy from here. Found cans of wet cat food on a display rack that had been expired since 2016. All the guy could say was "Yeah, I know.". Wanted to help support a local small business, but this will not be the one.

Steve Romero

2 years ago

Why would you sell expired pet food? Knowing that it is expired. This makes me sick. What is wrong with you? Please never shop here anyone. You should be shut down. Just close your doors and get a new job.

Brian Shinn

2 years ago

i did not need anything for my pet.... but the help this establishment gave me was top notch and professional i recommend shopping at this store

aubree marshall

3 years ago

Surprised this place is still open. The owner is rude and he will talk down to you if you disagree with anything to do with pets. I love support small local businesses, but that doesn’t give anyone a free pass to be rude

Kay Serena

3 years ago

I stumbled upon this place because I was going to the Starbucks next door and ran in to kill some time. What a hidden gem! The man running the place was extremely knowledgeable and helpful, and you can tell just from talking to him for a few minutes that he has a passion for animals and truly cares about the quality of what he's selling to his customers. Ended up buying a product he recommended after chatting with him about an issue I was having with my dog. It was a fairly inexpensive item but it was a total a game changer! This business definitely gained a new customer!

Barkin Moon

3 years ago

Awesome little local pet store. Exceptionally helpful and we'll stocked with the best food, toys and gear for your pet

Heronemo Sheppard

3 years ago

I am incredibly grateful to discover this store. I am helping my cat toward Health after a series of stresses and heath challenges. The owner, Nolan stayed open an extra 5 minutes for me to arrive. Everything that I had learned and more through research about healthy nutrition for my cat was confirmed by Nolan's vast knowledge and passionate shares. Nolan carries the best raw foods and took the time to help me understand many things....

leanne jordan

3 years ago

Shop owner is a blessing and a curse. Very knowledgeable about dog food and the only place around that carries what my dogs eat. He can talk so don't be in a hurry. Only giving it 3 stars because I just bought the most expensive flea medication ever. $67 for a 3 pack of Frontline and I found out after I got home Amazon has for $28. Watch your prices if you shop here.

Lofrenda Pallister

3 years ago

A place to try different products for your pet.


3 years ago

I've been shopping at about pets Lynnwood for about a year or so, the owner is extremely knowledgeable about pet food, and the truth about the pet food industry! The store has a great variety of QUALITY PET PRODUCTS! The owner has gone above and beyond to really help me out in a pinch too! So Thank you All About Pets! I hope that with the shelter in place order that the government will deem you a necessary business as you most definitely are! Our pets need better than grocery store isle "food"!!

Victor Nuci

3 years ago

The owner of this place knows his stuff.

Wendy Ogunsemore

3 years ago

Owner is extremely knowledgeable and helpful. Sells high quality pet food. We’ve been going here for a few years and will continue.


4 years ago

Very knowledgable and quick to order the things you need for your pet. The food they carry is top quality and in a wide variety. I highly recommend it.

Chicken Farm

4 years ago

Guy at the store front tried to sell me a cat harness I didn’t want (typical... okay), and proceeded to argue with me about the size and how it was too big and that he’s NEVER sold a large in that brand for 10 + minutes. I have a large and a medium, and two cats that are 15 lbs each. I told him 12+ times that I have tried both on each and only the large fits (barely). Wish I weren’t on a tight timeline because I wouldn’t have bought it here.

Fred Chung

4 years ago

Unique in that you can buy higher end dog and cat food by the pound instead of the whole bag.

Judy Raines

4 years ago

Very knowledgeable and great product

Justin Faylona

4 years ago

I asked was for cheap dog food cause I'm out and I'm really broke right now. But it felt like he was trying to make me feel bad about the food I gave my dog. I'm sorry I can't afford excellent food for my dog sir. I really wish I could. Not everyone can afford it. But you don't have to make people feel bad for purchasing cheaper dog food. Maybe rephrase the way you say things in order to make it seem less offensive.

Leslie Ivans

4 years ago

If you want to learn about proper nutrition this is the place to go. Although the owner is not a warm, fuzzy type of guy he has extensive knowledge about the pet food industry. In a conversation with him I learned that he has taken many pet nutrition classes that were not sponsored by big pet food manufacturers. He is always aware of the latest issues concerning pet food. If healthy nutrition for your pets is your priority this is where you need to go. Take the time to talk to him and you will be as impressed as I am. It is well worth you time.

Penny Regan

4 years ago

I sincerely wish that I could somehow give a negative star rating sadly for me this is not possible. I just left this store having never been in there I was merely looking for a place to get my dogs nails clipped, this is not a service that’s offered. As a matter of fact, as best as I can tell this place offers no services at all, which is fine in and of itself. Not the point of this pathetic review in particular. I feel as though it is excruciatingly imperative that I share my very ugly experience at this store with people so that you know exactly what your dealing with when you go there because if I had any clue I’d have never set foot in that dirty dusty dank hole in the wall. This place is a mess not clean and more importantly not organized. This is crucial because I was just accused of stealing a doggie outfit that was not put back on its hanger ultimately by the shop keeper. I left in tears, I gladly showed him the contents of my bag which is certainly absolutely NONE of his business whatsoever but I had hoped to allow him to feel as much like a pos (piece of sh!t) himself personally as he was attempting to make me feel at the time. He demanded that I show him where I hung up said outfit...the messed up part is I NEVER EVEN LOOKED AT THAT OUTFIT IT WAS ALREADY OFF THE HANGER AND JUST SITTING THERE IN PLAIN SIGHT JUST BELOW THE EMPTY HANGER COLLECTING DUST WITH ALL OF THE REST OF HIS RIDICULOUSLY PRICED DOG CLOTHES. He would have seen that had he taken a second to look prior to immediately assuming I stole something from his store. He was probably just too busy and already agitated by the phone call I had the not so nice time having to listen to him having with an apparent family member type where he was also very rude and short tempered and demanding towards them. I guess that sort of thing works for him. WELL GOOD LUCK SHOP KEEPER. Keep up the good detective work it’s doing you and your business wonders this far! He offered a very pathetic and weak apology, I might not have been so offended and upset had his apology been half as sincere as his threat to call the police on me, over what was genuinely his own personal inability to maintain the appearance and organizational aspect of his shop items. It is not enough that I shared with everyone I know about this “wonderful” shopping experience I thought it only fair since making an innocent lady cry unnecessarily that I post an honest review of it as well in his honor. I hope it keeps people from shopping there because this guy really shouldn’t be dealing with people or animals.

Rodrigo Garcia

4 years ago

The gentleman that helped us was very knowledgeable about various types of harnesses for our dog, and he gave us good advice that we ultimately followed. The prices seem very reasonable for a boutique pet store. Their selection for dog food is outstanding btw!

Solitary Man

4 years ago

The owner seems to have very biased opinions on many products, has that "my way is the best way" attitude that I don't appreciate. He gave me his negative opinion on a couple things I shared with him regarding bird nutrition, the information I have came from an avian veterinarian, go figure.

Stormy McPhail

4 years ago

do not recommend going to the store @About Pets in Lynnwood. I worked here for maybe 4 months and here is what I learned. The man there Nolyn Boday is a sexist, racist man child who does not give a second thought to anyone or anything other than himself. On numerous occasions I was called names and treated like I didn't matter. I was wittiness to him calling a young girl maybe 19 years old, names and getting hostile with her, because she returned items that didn't suit her cats needs. His store is very unsafe as there is so much inventory and alot of it IS expired. I've had 10+ 40 lbs. Bags of cat litter fall on my head because I was walking through the back trying to dig through the massive amounts of expired dogs food and broken things to get whatever I was restocking. This man has some type of personal issue with what seems like the whole world and while he is very knowledgeable he is very rude and inappropriate. If you are unlucky enough to find yourself in his store I wish you luck that you get him on a good day. If I could give ZERO stars I would. P.S. His knowledge is SELF taught. You do not need to rely on him for knowledge just go to the library. Also make sure you're checking the dates on the cans of food you're buying! He will smile to your face and sell you cat food or something that's expired 4 years ago!

Yusuf Amr

4 years ago

Very knowlegable and friendly owner who stocks ONLY THE BEST dog foods. This is an understatement. I buy a brand from him called Timberwolf. I think he may be the only one who carries it locally. It smells amazing and my dog loves it! I highly recommend this store as well as the Timberwolf brand dog food.

juliana santos

5 years ago

Staff is amazing. The owner is knowledgeable about Pet's needs. They have great selection of goods for cats and dogs!

Emma V

5 years ago

The man who worked there disrespectful, rude, condescending, ect. I will not be going back here.

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