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Jamie Moceri

2 years ago

My black lab suffered for years with itchy skin, ear infections and eye infections. We saw several different veterinarians and tried everything but nothing worked. One visit to the Derm Clinic For Animals and he improved drastically in a few short weeks. I continue to make the hour long drive to this clinic just for the care we receive. I love the staff and the doctor, you can tell they really care. I cant recommend them enough!!

Llyn Zephyr

2 years ago

First visit today. We're really pleased with the quality of attention and care given to our itchy kitty, as well as the clear, detailed and patient communications with us. A strategy for diagnosis and treatment was developed as well as an immediate strategy for symptom control. Everything was explained to us in detail, plus we were given an excellent written report containing the info as discussed. Great job! Thank you so much!

Kathy Karr

2 years ago

Murphy my Boston Terrier is a new patient at clinic. About 3 weeks new. The regimine they recommend is already working an the Staff is always so friendly an willing to answer all my questions no matter how many times I call. Thank you! Murphy says thank u too!!

Dan Sutton

2 years ago

This was our first visit here. First of all, the staff is super nice. Our dog has a skin condition that we have been fighting with for years. These people seem to really know what they’re talking about, so we are taking a chance and changing our dogs entire regiment of medication, food, and shampoo. It was a bit more expensive than We had planned on, but I’m confident we will see an improvement. We are bringing her back for a follow up appointment in a month, so I will update this at that time to see if our dog’s skin condition really has improved.

Kim Strong

2 years ago

I’m rarely write reviews, but I Absolutely had the best experience! From making my first appointment, to when my baby was seen.. Between the office staff, vet techs and vet, everyone was so friendly and amazing! Dr. Wyatt was so patient, friendly, and answered literally 500 questions I had today, and she was such a joy to work with! Thank you all for the best experience!!

Donna DeLorenze

2 years ago

Everyone is always so nice and helpful to me and my dog Wilson. I would recommend this place to all the fur babies.

Diane Jackson

2 years ago

Although it was curbside..the Dr was great with phone conversation..helpful suggestions.

Susan Morgan

3 years ago

Dr. Coyner and her staff are extremely caring and professional. Maggie came in with an acute inner ear infection, after failed meds with her regular vet for 5 months. She is now doing much better. This is Dr. Coyner's speciality. So thankful!

Starrla Rivera

3 years ago

Dr. Coyn really took her time with our little guy. She was very thorough and knowledgeable! So thankful for her talents!!

Patricia Walters

3 years ago

Have not been there yet but the web site and talking with the employees I feel they will be able to help my fur baby

Nicole Zamora

3 years ago

All I can say is I love this place, they go above and beyond to help you and your pet. I couldn't find a surgeon for my dog for her ears, they found someone for me, in my budget. All I can say is Thank You, and I appreciate all that you do.

Mike Ardington

3 years ago

In all fairness I'm not a patron. I called and asked if my dog could be seen for a pyoderma like condition. They sighed and said their first opening was in 6 weeks.... at least they've inspired me to pick up some vet. med. text books. Problem solved with no vet bill.

Marlei' La Chance

3 years ago

Loved the kind and knowledgable staff.

Kim Unruh

3 years ago

Freindly and to the point information. Efficient.

Kenzie Hilligoss

3 years ago

We had to wait months for our appointment. When the day came for our appointment, we had a very ill pet that had to be rushed to an emergency appointment so we had to cancel/reschedule. A call came through that said “no caller ID” we assumed it was the emergency vet so we answered. Right off the bat, the lady we spoke to was extremely rude and had a lot of attitude and was very unprofessional. When we told her about our situation, the receptionist said “I’ve been trying to contact you non stop for days now.” Which was not true, neither my partner or I had any missed calls or emails from them that we knew of. It’s possible that we didn’t know it was them because the call we answered did say “no caller ID” which we never usually answer. Then when we asked to reschedule since we could not make it to the appointment, the receptionist laughed and said “good luck with that.” And hung up the phone. We never got a chance to reschedule our appointment nor did we want to at that point. We will be taking our baby elsewhere.

Gemma Zanowski

3 years ago

We LOVE Dr. Coyner!! Before finding Dr. Coyner, my doberman Louis had been experiencing flare ups of rash, inflammation, and hives all over his body. These flare ups were worsening and started to affect his mood and activity level as well as his appearance. My regular vet tried all sorts of things--diet change, pills, shots. Nothing worked. Dr. Coyner worked a miracle. Her thorough diagnostic process and multi-factor treatment process turned things completely around for Louis. He is 95% improved under Dr. Coyner's treatment protocol. Louis is back to his old self and I couldn't be happier. If your pet is suffering from persistent, serious skin conditions or allergies, don't wait--contact Dr. Coyner and get your best friend back. **As a side note, Louis is typically very shy around strangers, due to a traumatic puppyhood with some pretty bad people in his former life. But he likes Dr. Coyner and will stand for examination by her, something we are still working on acing with out normal vet. Dr. Coyner was quite compassionate and gentle and they were willing to accommodate Louis's special needs**

Deane Carrier

3 years ago

Very good, kimberly very nice & and explain things get easily.

brittany hale

3 years ago

Dr. Coyner is amazing and worth every penny. We have a bulldog who has always struggled with allergies. Dr. Coyner was the first and only vet to get us down a path towards some relief for him. She also diagnosed our dog with severe mange after our regular vet missed it for months. I really can't say enough good things about Dr. Coyner. I'm so happy we found her.

bill tiff hargis

3 years ago

I saw a response from the business pertaining to this review. I wanted to clarify that no one called us to offer anything. This is a false statement that they called us to help with the food issue. But here is my review . I originally gave this place a better rating, mainly due to an oversight our current Vet over looked and they caught. A few weeks ago my wife called for some Kangaroo and chickpea dog food, the receptionist gave her a hard time and so my wife went for a small bag instead of the big bag. We have a subscription to get the food by mail from Rayne (excellent company), but I messed up on the shipping day and now we are a few days short. I called Dermatology for animals and the receptionist said " We can't sell you dog food unless you get a check up for your dog", " it has been over a year since he has been seen". I told her "We just saw our local vet last month, and he has only a couple days left; Could we please buy some food". She said no. It usually costs us $500 per visit, and at these trying times that is hard to come up with at a moment notice. Again the receptionist said she could not help unless I spent the $500. Crazy to hold a dogs prescription hostage over a check up.

Andrew Black

3 years ago

I have a Cane Corso she has I believe every allergy known. The drs. And the techs have been amazing helping determine what I needed to do for her. My dog is nervous every time we have gone there but has improved every time. The first visit she was even trying to bite them only vecause she was scared. This last visit I could not go in and I was a little scared she would bite on of the girls there they comforted her and got her in and out with out any trouble. Thank you very much. The staff takes very good care of my girl when she is there caring for the issues she has. I am very pleased with the results that I get. Thank you to the amazing staff for being so friendly and treating my dog with so much kindness.


4 years ago

Thank you Dr. Kimberly Coyner and the Miracle Team at DCA Lacey for your exceptional care and compassion for our animal family members and their stewards. I am so appreciative to know this expertise for chronic conditions like “Fletcher’s” Basset Hound ear infections is approached with great depth to get to the root causes for the plan of action; the best results.

Bryce Bebop

4 years ago

All of the staff here is wonderful. They have been incredibly helpful and patient with me as I learned to help manage my dogs allergies. I could not ask for better care and help with my animals needs.

Cin S.

4 years ago

Amazing staff- so knowledgeable. And incredibly sweet to my baby.

Monse Herivel

4 years ago

Loved the fact that the doctor and her assistant made my sweet girl comfortable enough, for her to trust them. Even my husband was so amazed that she was happy enough to trust what testing they were doing.

Michaela Johnson

4 years ago

My dog has had severe allergies and right after my first visit my dog got 100x better and her fur has grown back and shes her happy friendly self

Jeremy Reed

4 years ago

Dermatology Clinic is great, I have a lovely boxer who was struggling with allergies. We'd been to the Vet many, many times with them unable to narrow down the cause of the outbreaks. We went to Dermo Vet and they were very friendly, helpful and understanding. I can't recommend them enough if you're in a similar spot.

Jan Bacon

4 years ago

I highly recommend the services provided by this clinic. Our dog had chronic ear infections since she was a puppy. After several attempts to treat the infections just to have them return again, our veterinarian referred us to the Dermatology Clinic for Animals for allergy testing. Dr. Coyner has provided care to our dog that is beyond the 5 star rating. She is very thorough and you can tell she, and all staff, truly care about their patients. The allergy testing process took a few months but it was well worth it for the end result--that being a treatment plan that appears to be working and the comfort of our pet.

Gary Pearsall

4 years ago

Very caring Dr. and staff.

Corey Salas

4 years ago

This place took amazing care of my Frenchie after being diagnosed with an inner ear issue.

Mike Carter

5 years ago

Great staff, Dr. Coyne was amazing, fixed up our little pibble!

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