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Rendersapien Placebo

2 years ago

This is a veterinarian that really cares about your pet. He helped me with my parrot even before I was able to bring him in by calling me for a phone appointment the same day that I first called them. I highly recommend Evergreen Veterinary Hospital especially if you have a bird.

Amana R

2 years ago

My dog was scheduled for a 6:20pm appointment and when we arrived on time, I was told his appointment was at 6:00pm. Evergreen Vetrinary Hospital never left me a voicemail or email about the rescheduled time. I was not even once apologized for them rescheduling my dog’s appointment without notice. Instead, I was repeatedly told that I was late, which obviously was not the case. When I asked to reschedule for an earlier appointment for 8:00am, which is when the clinic opens, the front desk attendant laughed and said that they are not available for appointments early in the morning. They refused to see my chronically ill dog for his medication management after I had waited 1 month for this appointment. He is not able to breathe properly due to not receiving his medication. Very disappointed with the staff.

Mitchell Piispanen

2 years ago

When I was 6 years old, my brother and I lived in the apartments across the street. We found a live possum in the bushes and brought it here in a bucket because we thought it was a sick dog. Fast forward 30 years, we brought my dog Bobby in to get his USDA papers, vet was great. In and out with no problems and very affordable.

Liz Snyder

2 years ago

I've waited five days for a veterinarian's callback. Nothing. Good thing my precious pet isn't dying. Do not recommend.

Amanda Smith

2 years ago

Great customer service! The receptionist " I think Allison" went above and beyond. Even though the hospital was booked up for several weeks, she still made sure to let the doctors know what was going on, so I could be seen the same day. I normally go to a different vet, I was told the next available appointment would be in 2 weeks! Thank you for even trying to communicate with the doctor. To many clinics don't even try asking, just go straight to "we dont have any availability please try another clinic".

Adele Parsons

2 years ago

Great and reasonable vet for routine checks, have also used this vet for emergency situations and received great care.

Dog Fox

3 years ago

Wow absolutely RUDE! Been going here awhile now (and buy expensive medication on a regular basis) and I thought they cared. But I called to find out whether my dog needs to urgently come in or not but we will absolutely TAKE EM SOMEWHERE ELSE! these people only want your money and don't care what's wrong with your dog, no matter how long you've been with them! Lady on the phone was rude, did not try to find out who I or the patient pup are. WOW THEY ARE HORRIBLE HERE! GO TO KIRKLAND ANIMAL HOSPITAL TO PEOPLE THAT TRULY CARE.

Amanda Graddon

3 years ago

We have been taking our dog here for the past couple of years after being dissatisfied with a prior vet. They diagnosed his heart condition when the previous vet had missed it. We see a cardiologist for his heart issues, as it is best to have a specialist for these types of conditions. However. We still come here for our annual checkup, vaccines, and any follow ups to the emergency vet. Great service each time. Never had a bad experience. Wait times to get someone on the phone can be lengthy but great service once you get through.

Ai Nakamura

3 years ago

Doctors are great, but the service provided by the front desk is poor. They are not caring. They are just a appointment making machine. Mind as well leave it to the computer managed self-service.

Melissa T

3 years ago

I've been with Evergreen Vet Hospital for about a decade now. I'm very happy with them, and recommend them highly. I changed to this place because I feel they take my concerns seriously in the (rare) event I don't agree with the vet. I may not always be right, but I do want to be listened to! Almost as much as I appreciate the vets (and shout out to the staff, too!), I appreciate that they are NOT only open during 9-5, and I can make regular appointments that don't conflict with my job.


3 years ago

We like the veterinarians and believe they are knowledgeable, provide good care, and are friendly. However, the office staff can be quite unprofessional, which doesn’t make for a positive experience.

Margarita Madison

3 years ago

A place to take Great Danes Dr. Iverson and Dr. Wilcox. Usually can get in relatively quickly, everyone is super nice even when they are busy, take the time to answer questions, take good notes on the file so when I had to get in to see another vet due to scheduling she was able to pull Dr. Iverson's notes and knew exactly what was going on.

Kat Ua

3 years ago

Expensive - Initially appreciated the ease of getting an appointment here. My husband called and was told he could bring our dog over in the same afternoon. The dew claw was hanging. Vet spent a few minutes with him, said she could pull it or he could take the dog home and it would likely fall off and we wouldn't need to bring the dog back. Sent him home with a pain med. Imagine our surprise when we received an invoice 5+ months after the fact. Not only that, they charged us for an exam plus a $25 urgent care fee. I understand paying for an exam but called to request they waive the urgent care cost. Was told that they discounted the exam fee by $10 already so couldn't adjust the urgent care fee. Really? Discount one by $10 and then add $25 to another? And then tell me I'm late in paying when they took over 5 months to bill? Maybe they should bill in a reasonable time period. Too bad. I'll take my pets elsewhere and certainly won't recommend them to anyone.

Juli Rabold

3 years ago

They absolutely saved my dog’s life. Went above and beyond. Dr Cullen and the other vets are extremely caring. I drive a fairly long way to take my dog here.

Familie Strasdat

3 years ago

Absolutely unprofessional. Didn't give us any surgery instructions for spaying our cats, apparently they called the day before, but they didn't tell me to expect a call and I thought it was spam. I didn't even know what time to bring in the cats, and had to ask them myself when I was scheduling the appointment. There are better places for cats and we will never be back.

Elaine Hopper

3 years ago

Great staff. I have had nothing but good experiences at this clinic.

brigitte weissbach

3 years ago

My cat had to be put to sleep yesterday due to Pancreatitis and possible Colangeahepatitis. Because she started to lose weight last year, I took her to see this Vet in January 2020. They did a blood test (supposedly) and found no sign of illness. Yet, being that these two illnesses are "slow cat disease", he should have found something! But I trusted the Vet instead of my gutt and getting a 2nd opinion! In the last two weeks I noticed my cat eating less and less, and then 2 days not eating anything. I called this Vet and instead of getting us in right away after describing the symptoms, he opted to let us wait 1 WEEK for an appointment, even though my kitty had been a patient of theirs many years! I called again to see if we cld get in earlier...still he wanted us to wait 2 days! I decided to take her to emergency. They did a blood test right away. Because she was already so emanciated, it would mean hospitalization and a big chance for not recovering. I had to make the hard decision of letting her go and she fell asleep in my arms. Now she is out of her misery. But I blame EVERGREEN VETS for not doing their job thoroughly from the beginning and not caring when my Dessi needed the care the most!!!! Please think twice about taking your precious pet to this Vet!

Rachel Quick

4 years ago

Very poor customer service over the phone. Completely unprofessional.

Carrie Perry

4 years ago

The best. The only place we will take our labs. It's worth the drive for us

Daniel Ormeño

4 years ago

TLDR; * The administration of a very strong sedative (I strongly believe they gave us the wrong dose for a 7lbs dog) that knocked out our dog for over 20 hours. * I called the vet to check if it was normal for my dog to be so numb after administering the drug, I was distressed and the receptionist put me on hold for 5 minutes even though I told her that I could not wait, I had to call back and insist that it was a potential emergency. I was told that the effects would fade in 4-6 hours, they faded after 20h. ----- We came to this veterinary after looking at their reviews and unfortunately, we had one bad experience after another. In the interest of a fair review, I'll elaborate on each occasion. The first time we visited, we took our dog as she has been experiencing intermittent abdominal pain, the doctor did a good job with a regular consultation but was not able to identify the issue (that's ok), the issue with this visit was the lack of communication between the front desk and the doctor, after our consultation finished, I had to repeatedly remind the receptionist of what she needed to charge us, and the fact that we had requested additional tests to be run. As a result of our first visit, we scheduled an ultrasound. On the day of the ultrasound, I dropped my dog off around 8 am with an empty stomach (no water or food since the night before as per the instructions of the receptionist), I was informed that the person in charge of the ultrasound was not a staff member and that he/she would come to the veterinary to perform the test, what they did not tell me is that the technician shows up whenever they can, so my dog ended up sitting in the vet, with an empty stomach and no water, until late in the afternoon (the technitian arrived around 4:30 pm). During our first visit, the doctor prescribed us some painkillers in case the abdominal pains came back. When they eventually came back, we administered the medication as instructed. The pain kikllers had some very strong, and scary side effects on our dog. I strongly believe that the dose they prescribed was incorrect for such a small dog (7 pounds) as our dog was completely numb having difficulty moving, unable to react to our calls, and did not eat or drink water for over 20 hours. As soon as the side effects kicked in I called the clinic and the receptionist put me on hold even when I clearly stated that I simply could NOT hold. I waited on hold for about 5 minutes and called again and insisted that this was a potential emergency in order to get them to take my call seriously. The receptionist spoke to a doctor an informed us that the drug would fade off in about 4 hours and not to worry about if so long as "she was breathing alright". The effect did NOT fade for over 20 hours. Finally, in a separate occasion, we took our dog to get a health check and a letter from the vet to certify that she was fit to fly, they gave us a health certificate letter that they claimed was the specific format required by Mexico. When we arrived in the country we faced some issues with the Mexican authorities because the certificate that we received was missing some deworming information that is required by the country.

Tanin Shahnaei

4 years ago

This 5 star is for Dr Micah Sabey. My dog a hyperactive GSP has torn his ligament while running fast a year ago. I did a lot of research and visited several surgeon in King county, but none of them was reassuring or their fee was to high. I finally found Dr Sabey through Evergreen vet hospital, she was the first surgeon I could speak with directly over the phone without paying a visiting fee. The conversation with her was very motivating so I took my dog to her visit. From the very beginning I saw a professional in front of me who knows her job better than the other also with a reasonable price. She has done a great surgery and she was a great supportive during the long 10 hard weeks of recovery. Each time I was panicked or had any question she was precisely responsive, helpful and supportive, over the phone or with text messages. Now my dog is again able to put his leg on the floor and doing very well. Micah is doing a great job and I highly recommend her

Ashley R

5 years ago

I had nothing but great experiences with Evergreen Vet for the last four years of my cats life. The doctors were caring and practical.

Halley Johnson

5 years ago

I love the staff here! Especially Dr. Roberts. She really remembers her furry patients even if it's been a long time. I trust her completely with the care of my extremely loved and spoiled dog and cat ♡

Lexie Cope

5 years ago

Medocre at best. Expensive prices for not great service. Wouldn't do all my dogs vaccinations at one time (due for two). So they want you to pay multiple office visits and the doctor didn't properly fully exam my dog, just listened to his heart .Tried dropping off a parastie test and receptionist was extremely rude and did not have ANY knowledge of the test. As having worked in the veterinary field for many years myself to working in microbiology and parasitology, they tried to tell me my dogs specimen was unstable for fecal examination; Full well knowing there are countless peer-reviewed literature about testing stability and handing instructions. The recptionist couldnt tell me any reason why or what testing they do. Entirely clueless and didn't even bother to ask coworkers for further information.

Summer Sterling

5 years ago

We have been taking our pets to Evergreen for nearly 12 years. The staff and doctors are wonderful, we never feel rushed during exam time and we know our fur babies are receiving excellent care each and every time.

Maureen Hensley

5 years ago

I took my dog here to update her shots. The front staff were out of sync working with one another, not friendly, and all seemed to be irritated. When I walked in the front door I was not greeted, instead I just awkwardly stood there until someone acknowledged me and asked what I was there for. I arrived 15 min before her appointment and was still called back 15 min after my scheduled appointment and I was the only one in the clinic. I did not have to wait on the doctor long once in the room and she was kind and helpful. After my dog was seen by the vet I exited back to the waiting area. It was a little busy and a lady asked the front desk if she could pay while she waited on her dog to be brought out she was told no. That left three people waiting to check out and three people sitting behind the desk. Odd. After waiting for 5 minutes I was told I could check out, after paying I asked for a copy of her updated records so I could provide them to the boarder. I was told her record hadn't been updated "as it should have been" from obviously the seasoned employee who was frustrated by the new(er) employee. So I was told to wait as I was told they cannot email the shot records to the boarder. So I waited another 10-15 minutes. Then the seasoned employee came up to me and said she would fax my dog's records to the boarding place and asked the name. I told her the name and she grabbed a brochure from them and again stated she would fax it to them, I thanked her and left. The next day I called to assure the boarder had received my dog's records. They said they had not and that they don't even have a fax machine. So, I call EVH and was rudely told that they can't email so I would have to come and get a paper copy of my dog's records. It's 2018, all businesses should have email/scanning capability. But above that, why did the employee who offered to fax my dog's records not call me once she realized she couldn't fax the records? I would have been in a bad spot had I not called to verify this given I was dropping off the night before closing for Thanksgiving. Additionally the staff was rude on the phone when I told them my situation and I asked for them to print the record for me so I could grab it and go as I was cramped for time. The staff never apologized or acknowledged the break in communication and customer service when I called them or picked up the records. It is a shame that the front desk is leaving a bad taste in customer's mouths as I am sure the veterinarians expect better. I have spoken to three people who go here and they all say the same thing, the vets are great but the front desk is snotty and rude.

Russell Mullin

5 years ago

When your Dr bursts back in to the exam room so excited about positive test results, you know you are in the right place, have the right team, and are doing everything humanly possible to take care of your four legged family member! Dr Roth truly cares about her patients and helped us through a worrisome time with our dog "Jax" who is almost back to his old self now. Thank you Dr Roth! We have been coming here for close to 30 years. We have gone elsewhere a couple times only due to circumstance and were left very disappointed with the provider but a greater appreciation for Evergreen Vet.. I highly recommend this team!

Selena Henderson

5 years ago

Phone service they pick up hangup or lines too busy

Mary Tinsley

6 years ago

Great vets and caring staff! They are fairly priced and never try to nickel and dime services. Plus they offer boarding!

Daniel Bjorge

6 years ago

The veterinarian my cat saw was nice and seemed competent, but this clinic was about 40% more expensive for the exam + bloodwork than my last vet (Urban Animal in Capitol Hill) and I wasn't thrilled with the office's promptness or thoroughness in handling paperwork (I had to go back and forth with them several times to get the last vets paperwork in their system and was never provided a copy of the blood test results they ran).

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