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Andrea Jenereaux

3 years ago

Has worked wonders on my Dachshund mix with back issues.

Jill H

3 years ago

The best decision we made was to take out Lab mix to Dr Finn. She needed treatments for an ACL injury. Included Massage, custom brace and laser for both back legs to prevent over use which could cause injury to her “strong” leg. Annie is fine now. She always has her brace on for exercise but not for just being with us at home.

Caroline Dees

4 years ago

Dr.Finn saved my American Bulldog from back surgery. She is amazing at what she does. She cares about every one of her patients and gives amazing advice and constantly looks at new ways to help. My dog is 7 years old but after seeing her for 6 months he is like a puppy again. I could not recommend her more. If your pet is having any medical complication go see her before you do any surgery. She may have a better way.

Jane Martin

4 years ago

Dr.Finn is amazing, Her brace for my 10 yr. old dog is making a huge difference in her ability to enjoy life and walks. My other dogs also sees Dr. Finn for general anxiety and tight muscles. She also benefits a lot from her treatments.

Michelle Meng

4 years ago

Talk about amazing progress. Right after River turned 3 years old, she started having difficulty walking without assistance due to cruciate ligament issues along with tucked hips and a tight spine. We were told she needed surgery immediately. I am so thankful for the suggestion and recommendations of friends to seek out Dr. Christin Finn as her personal vet said there were no other options. Here she is 6 months later and has avoided surgery. Our girl River is back to longer walks, doubles braces for stifle support, a straighter spine and hip flexion from osteapothy (chiropractic/hands on manipulation). We recently opted for a stem cell injection, administered by Dr. Finn which really kicked this healing process into high gear. Nothing better than seeing her pain free, tongue hanging out and a big wonderful happy smile playing like a puppy again. Help spread the word. Just like the human world, people need to know there are alternative therapies available to manage diseases, injuries and pain for our four legged furry friends.

Tom Knutson

4 years ago

We have a 7 year old black lab mix who was in constant pain and was diagnosed with bulging disks and compression in her spine. She was in constant pain, struggling to get up and limping. She was headed towards probable surgery when we were referred to Dr Finn. Through a combination of laser treatments, massage and hydrotherapy as administered by Dr. Finn and her team, we have our puppy back! She is off her pain medications, moving freely again and clearly feeling much better! She is back to her mischievious self and we couldn't be happier! Thank you Dr Finn!

Irene Lau

5 years ago

I brought my 2 yr. old English Springer Spaniel in to see Dr. Finn. He started getting tremors several months ago and then had a full on seizure one month ago. I think this condition was brought on by runnning full speed head-on into a tombstone while while being chased by his Springer sister in the small town cemetery across the street from my house. This accident happened when he was 1 years old. He didn't exhibit any symptoms of injury except that he was quiet and serious thereafter and didn't want to play with other dogs, not even his sister anymore. Apparently, I didn't know how to read/recognize that he was hurt pretty badly. We just thought it was in his nature to be a serious quiet dog. At any rate, once he started having seizures I got very worried and brought him in to see Dr. Finn. She applied a laser to his atlas and cervical column, did some chiropractic manipulation, osteopathic acupuncture and prescribed Chinese Herbs for him. My husband and I can't believe how quickly the treatment worked. Within a couple of days it was like he was a completely different dog. He is back to racing through the woods, chasing birds and play fighting with his sister. I won't was pricey but all I can say is Dr. Finn is definitely worth her weight in gold!

P Carlson

6 years ago

I brought my 6 year old Border Collie mix to Dr. Finn because he was limping and favoring his hind leg. Dr. Finn determined Poppy has a ligament injury and has worked so well with him to help him heal. We have undertaken a course of injections, PT, Laser Therapy and a collagen supplement. I am happy to say at this point Poppy will not need the potential surgery that had been an option. Dr. Finn and Katie and Alex have all been wonderful, friendly and compassionate toward me (with all my questions) and Poppy. I am so grateful they are in our community!

Denise Prestia

7 years ago

This review is long overdue. I brought my 12 year old Labradoodle, Buttercup to see Dr. Finn in April 2015, hoping the doctor could do prolotherapy on my dog hips. Dr. Finn impressed me the moment she spoke. She is a very …

Anita Gehring

8 years ago

Working and/or elderly dogs - this clinic is a MUST. You will be happy you found them! Dr Finn gave mobility, a better coat and nose, brighter eyes and a smile to my 14 year old Samoyed "Ellie". Ellie now "moves" when she walks instead of being a stiff block of fur. The simple, easy diet changes Dr Finn recommended moistened Ellie's dry nose, made her tongue red, softened her skin, and her eyes bright. Ellie is much more engaged and involved in everything around her. It really is heart warming to see my dear girl look and act years younger. I first visited Dr Finn with my 3 year old male Samoyed's mysterious resistance to right turns and slightly off gait. Dr Finn quickly found the problem. After just 1 treatment, my Sammy was back to happily herding sheep, hiking, and running the ring! I HIGHLY recommended Dr Finn and her wonderful assistant, Chelsea. I don't ever want my dogs to be without them.

Lauri Krey

8 years ago

My pug was born with hip & rear leg issues, I was so lucky to have found Dr. Finn and her lovely assistant to help with getting him more mobile. They were knowledgeable, friendly, wonderful! I highly recommend Dr. Finn for your pet's needs! (Dr. Finn & Chelsea helped with getting him measured and fitted into a cart for walks and hikes) Bugs has never been happier (and neither have I) Thank you so much!


8 years ago

Dr. Finn was so helpful in alleviating the pain my Basenji was experiencing as a result of an injury. She was patient, understanding and so helpful & knowledgeable! She made sure that I understood what she was doing, and why it was helpful. We are very satisfied with the level of care offered, and will return any time we find ourselves in a situation where we need reliable chiropractic/osteopathic care. Highly, highly recommended!!

Ella Rae

10 years ago

Dr. Finn has helped my dog recover from severe injuries to her back leg, pelvis, and back. Through the use of adjustments, laser therapy, acupuncture and TCM, my girl has improved more than I thought possible. She has regained movement and is more comfortable now. I'm so very grateful to have found this vet.

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