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Patti M

2 years ago

Love them Hanna was so sweet and answered all my questions

Julianna Lykes

2 years ago

I tried calling to schedule a temperament test and the person who answered the phone was very rude. I have no idea how this place was run and he spoke to me like I should have known the ins and outs of this place. Not for me friend

Harold Sutton

2 years ago

Always takes excellent care of my dog

Yelenys Guerra

2 years ago

First time having my dogs boarded and they took care of them very good.

Jenny Rosen

2 years ago

My 5 month old puppy is so excited to go play at The Doggie Den! After bringing him for just over a month, he’s so excited to arrive, he jumps out of the car and is all wags to see the staff at the door. He can’t wait to go in and play. Hanna is flexible and accommodating with our puppies food requirements as it changes as he’s growing. Would highly recommend. Love this place!

Cassie Tooley

2 years ago

I tried a day at the doggie den for my 8 month old pup. After speaking a a woman at the facility, I was told the first day would be a “temperament test” which was free and I presented all the necessary paperwork ( application, vet records etc) and scheduled the day. I went to enter the front entry door and was quickly met by a woman who seemed rushed, quickly closing the door behind her.. she took my dogs leash, never offered for me to come in and see the facility and was anxious to get back inside- I left feeling very uncomfortable…I could not see an outdoor area or even how many dogs were inside...I returned a few hours later after emailing and letting her know I was returning- once again,upon my arrival she rushed to open the door and closed it behind her so I could not see inside…she came out with my dog and insisted I give her the $25 registration fee ( I never registered him, just provided paperwork) she never told me if he passed the temperament test or how he did other than when I pressed she said “he was nervous at first but played after that”. She grabbed the cash and that was that…If the first day was “free” why was I charged $25 when I had not agreed to register him, let alone return. It was a unprofessional exchange and a very uncomfortable experience…I kept wondering why she was so secretive about what the inside looked like and my poor pup reeked of urine and had to be bathed as soon as we got home…I have no plans to return,…all I can say is trust your instincts, I was remiss in leaving him there when I could not even view the environment.

Martha O.

2 years ago

Great place! My dog LOVES it there. As I drive to drop her off she gets very excited in the car since she can sense we're going there. Once we arrive she can't get out of the car fast enough. I like that they have video cameras so we can see her activity during the day. I've only met Hannah and Michael--they are very friendly, helpful and my dog is excited to see them too. Thanks Doggie Den!

Danni Danni

2 years ago

I will not be bring my dog back here. We left our dog for the weekend while on a weekend getaway (unfortunately dogs were not allowed) interactions with weekday staff was good. Until the weekend... after that no response, the cameras were down. I was told because of my phone which is complete b.s because I used an iPhone, Samsung, Mac book pro and a chromebook. Still no luck to check on my dog. My dog did not come back to me the same. My dog now does not like men, aggressive and timid at the same time. Only one older gentleman was working the weekend. No one else can hold her leash unless it’s me or my daughter. It’s almost like she did hard time in jail! To the nice lady I seen in the parking with your cute puppy, (a cute golden lab I think) the lady who had to get the video camera info from me, you seemed very reluctant to bring your pup here, I hope you stay away from this place too!

Carmen Ey

3 years ago

Have been bringing my Desi dog here since January 2017. Desi and I have not had even one minor thing to complain about. Ever. 17 months of superior service. Update February 2021. Same experience and still happy.

Keisha Hays

3 years ago

Friendly staff and flexible drop off/pick up times compared to other places in the area. Our doggo loves going here and we love taking him!

Josh Mayo

3 years ago

I had randomly checked the cameras to see my dog being pinned to the ground by his neck with Michael over the top of him yelling. My dog is a 9 month old puppy. After that disturbing image, I check the cameras throughout the day. I then saw him, same guy, grabbing other dogs by their collar twisting and yanking hard. Not calmly but out of anger. My wife had warned me that she felt he may have a bad temper but I gave them the benefit of the doubt. I am choosing not to bring my dog there anymore after talking to the owner. He assured me he’d check the cameras. I called 2 weeks later but that never happened. I am very disappointed. If you do bring your dog here, check the cameras continuously. I have serious concerns of the safety of the dogs as long as Michael is working there. I really regret not recording it on my phone so I could share it with all of you. It was VERY disturbing. I do not like to leave bad reviews but this one, I feel, is very necessary.

cudi zdensk

3 years ago

Been bringing my dog for some time here my Snuggles loves it here!

Kirk Chuang

3 years ago

Staff here is excellent. Very attentive to our needs. Especially Mike and Hannah.


3 years ago

I bring my dog here and she LOVES it. She's grumpy in the morning but the minute I say "daycare" she is at the door waiting. She plays all day and comes home worn out. I am not stressed about having to get home by 6 to grab her as you can pick up til 8. Who else opens at 5am and let's you pick up at 8? No one. And plus everyone who works here is amazing and I trust them with my dog. You won't regret sending your dog here! Added bonus: their boarding rates are insanely reasonable. Buy a ten pack for $300 - they don't expire

Carol Foltz

3 years ago

They take great care of our dog. She loves it there!

Monyca W

3 years ago

My dog has been coming to Doggie Den for over 5 years! She loves it. She cries with excitement when we drive near. Back before covid shut down our offices, she was going to daycare everyday, and boarding when we travelled. I really appreciate the peace of mind of knowing she is always safe & well cared for. Even though we didn't travel in 2020, we had to board her when I was in the hospital. It was so nice that we didn't have to worry about her, we knew she was safe & happy. We really appreciate Doggie Den, the kind dog-loving staff, and everything they do for us & our pup!


3 years ago

Great place for Doggie daycare. I take my 4 month old here several times a week. The employees are super friendly and my dog loves her time there. Only down side, she comes home smelling stinky but nothing a bath can't take care of.

Vince Cross

4 years ago

Great people. You're dog will love it..

Kim A

4 years ago

My dog loved it here! Thank you to all the staff - Aira

Kayla Kruger

4 years ago

I take my dog here and she seems happy there. It is a little smelly, but there are dogs everywhere, so to be expected. Staff is nice and prices are affordable. Just cannot get the remote camera viewing to work. It says the system is too old for my phone (I have a galaxy 9)...

Leo Satriawan

5 years ago

I have through good times when things are just smooth and some rough times when my boy got into a fight and this and that. Bob and Charles always there to get us through things. The staff also top notch and trained properly. The hours are convenience and they aren't in a cage if you needed to board them.

Jodi Hufendick

5 years ago

Great place for energetic dogs!

cory sherbon

5 years ago

The people are very nice!

Christopher Klossner

5 years ago

They take great care of our best friend. Very attentive and piece of mind.

Melody Harris-Decottle

7 years ago

I was disappointed in the facility. I was looking for a daycare/boarding place for my nervous Doberman. I had spoken with the staff/Owner a couple of times and was excited because they already had dobbies and they sounded like they could work with my dog and help him. One day I stopped to make sure they had all of my paperwork that they needed to get Zeus started and one of the owners (the one I had spoken with previously) came out to the car to meet my dog. I was shocked when he reached into the car window and tried to pet my NERVOUS Doberman. Of course my dog snapped at him, ( he DIDN"T bite him) why would anyone reach into a car to pet a dog they didn't know? This is probably a good place for small stable dogs, but not for big nervous puppies. (oh yea Zeus isn't even 3 yet, which is still considered puppy stage for these dogs)

Dr Keith Martin

7 years ago

Just like family here! Our fur-babies LOVE going!

Anna Bolos

7 years ago

The owners are pleasent and very accommodating. Dogs are never put in kennels. They can be separated if nessesaraly. There is someone there ALL the time. Prices are reasonable.

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