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Alex Amirfaiz

2 years ago

Used to take our dogs here for grooming but recently have had two bad experiences so we won't be returning. Our two dogs went for grooming, which we specified a bath and trim for their hair since they are Australian shepherds and a huge cut ruins their under coat. I get a call that they have shaved one of the dogs and that she still expects us to pay for that. After having to stand my ground, she let us go without paying for the service they did entirely wrong. I can't believe the wouldn't have made this right by just APOLOGIZING and saying we didn't need to pay for the one bad haircut. After that horrible experience I decided I'd let it go and take my dogs there to get their nails trimmed. Their website says you can drop in for nail trims without an appointment everyday from 9:30 to 2. I had a feeling that I should call anyways, so I called to confirm that I could bring my dogs in for a nail trim at 9:30. The answer? No, we prefer them in the evening. When I let her know that the website says otherwise she said oh we will have to get that changed. Surprised they would not honor what their website says for me, and again no APOLOGY. They do a good job, but the lady in charge there is not accommodating in the slightest so we are disappointed but will find a new groomer.

Icy Noir

2 years ago

Very expensive, but local and the workers are very nice. Selection is wide too.

MaryAnn Smith

2 years ago

Great groomers here. They do a nice job on the girl’s nails for us.

Richard Fred

2 years ago

Poor job of nail trimming. No grinding but same price. I had to finish them myself at home

Gretchen Bjork Knudsen

2 years ago

We used Maser's for the first time grooming our Labradoodle today, and unfortunately probably won't be back. We were sure to bring in a diagram/photo, as we wanted a teddy bear cut (NOT a poodle cut). The woman who helped us refused to take the printed instructions back with her and only commented that trimming her body to ~2" wasn't going to be taking much off. We confirmed that we didn't want a whole lot taken off, just to clean up her shape, etc. We assumed that she was familiar with the cut, since she chose not to take the instructions. When they called to tell us she was ready to pick up, they let us know that the longest attachment they had for their shavers was 1.5", so her hair was cut quite a bit shorter than we had requested. We understand that not all groomers have 2"+ clipper attachments, but have never had someone tell us AFTER grooming our dog. When we picked her up, we were prepared for a shorter body cut, but were disappointed to see that they also groomed her face in a typical poodle cut (longer ears, muzzle trimmed close, not a floppy top). Apparently, this groomer is unfamiliar with this popular cut and isn't willing to learn how to do it. In addition to that, her tail was left long around the base (rather than tapered shorter for cleanliness), so we had to cut that ourselves to help keep her clean there. We liked that they were able to get her in relatively quickly and didn't use super strong-smelling shampoo, but we'll be going elsewhere in the future.

Cameron Kosina

2 years ago

They clipped almost all of my cat's whiskers. Face & paws both.

Allison Bridgeford

2 years ago

I absolutely love this pet shop they take really good care of their animals and they are very knowledgeable. all their fish are in great condition and I have never had a problem with their fish dying on me Unlike big named companies. They also have a bunch of different varieties of fish that you typically cannot find at big companies such as petsmart and Petco.

MikeyD Seattle

2 years ago

We have been going here for a little over 20 years. Diana is amazing! Taking care of our Airedale and new Bernedoodle.

Sean Tran

2 years ago

Groomer was very aggressive with our dog who is scared of new people. The groomer was grabbing our dog by the tail and legs while she cried out. When we offered to give treats to them in order to help our dog warm up, it fell on deaf ears. 100% will never go to this place again

Brandon Findlay

2 years ago

Never going here for a nail trim again. Seemed like some new girl got the job of trimming my dog's nails and for the first time ever, I had to help hold him down for them to finish the job. He has NEVER had an issue with nail trims. Not one for confrontations, waited till I got in the car and noticed his nails were cut way too short. Now I'm worried he'll have PTSD from this and hate nail trims that were always fine before. Besides that, their grooming lobby is shabby even by the low standard of most pet related places.

Carol Figura

2 years ago

Ella always come back from her spa day looking like a million bucks

Chad Kersey

2 years ago

This was the first time in my life I’ve taken a pup to a groomer for a nice cut. I did a little research and Maser’s was recommended on a Facebook group many times. We are super happy with the job Mila did with our pup. We will always take our mini goldendoodle to them. Thank you so much.

Dave Reese

2 years ago

Nice job on grooming my dog. Grooming staff friendly. Upstairs could use more of what grooming folks have. Friendly demeanors.

Noah Bleeker

2 years ago

cute cats and all of the animals on display seem very well taken care of! nice employees as well!

Phil Raymond

2 years ago

Great lady in pet shop did great job on aspen

Litza Olsen

2 years ago

I called to get rates and they are too high.

Thomas Higson

2 years ago

I like this local pet store but I wish they would upgrade their animal enclosures. I know it is hard to give betta fish a lot of space but it would be nice to give them at least half a gallon. I think many people would feel better about shopping there. Also I wish they did not keep a cat in a small enclosure . Cats don't belong in enclosure they need lots of space.

seth oakes

2 years ago

Great service, prices may be a bit high compared to others.

aby w

2 years ago

EDIT on 5/5/21: In response to the owner below, I believe you have every right to defend yourself. However, I also believe that the ground you stand on is quite wobbly to say the least. Pretty sure that I’m not blind and my wife and I know the difference between “appearing shorter” versus actual scissor marks, against our wishes. See Exhibit 1: photo attached below of "rear haunches" that you yourself say should not be cut. I'd prefer that you didn't accuse me of not being able to communicate and not making my instructions explicit enough. I definitely stated before I left, "Absolutely no cutting." Why else would I half-jokingly say "Do I need to provide a written contract next time with an acquired signature"? Unfortunately, there won't be a next time. Exhibit 2: Please see additional attached photos, of other Maser's reviews, one of which was from another Samoyed owner. Yes it was a few years ago, but I do note similarities. Apparently Samoyed owner's don't know how to communicate? With regards to doing my own grooming in the future, that's something my wife and I have already done numerous times in the past, in our own home. I appreciate your suggestion, but it doesn't help the fact that we look for professional groomers to provide satisfactory service, to save ourselves time. Original post on 4/24/21: I’ve learned never to trust groomers that isn’t ourselves. I’ve had poor experiences with other places in the past but thought I would give Maser’s a try again as they did a relatively okay job when my Samoyed was just 6 months. Today, before I left, I shared explicit instructions, to absolutely not cut any fur at all. Just a wash/dry, thorough brushing out, and a nail trim/file. Imagine my surprise and displeasure when I go to pick him up a couple hours later, only to find that they trimmed his paw fur too short and even cut off his “feathers”. Now I have wait multiple weeks, if not months, for it to grow back. What’s the point of instructions if people don’t know how to listen or communicate with their staff? Do we need written contracts to ensure our requests are followed? $75 dollars for an unsatisfactory job that only upset myself and my wife, is not something that I would ever pay for again.

Brianna Lien

2 years ago

My fiancé and I took our small breed dog (chihuahua/rat terrier) here today for a quick nail trim. Figured it was very close to home why not give it a shot! I watched the whole time and she seemed to be fine and got it done fairly quickly. I walked my dog back to the car, got in and my fiancé saw blood on her back foot. She out way too much off of her nail by the look of it a prettty good amount past her quick. For someone that has been grooming for that amount of time should pay more attention. We took her back in, she went through a couple paper towels and packed it with some corn starch I’m assuming. My dog is now growling constantly and in pain.not wanting to be touched. I feel bad for my dog. I will not bring her back here again. The groomers should slow down a bit, take their time. Also the other groomer asked is she should start vacuuming ... sorry but you’d think not to start vacuuming when a dog is right there getting groomed. Especially since dogs are usually fairly scared of them. But yeah 1/5 stars - won’t be returning.

Rob Jeanneret

2 years ago

Got my small dog rat-chi nails trimmed and she came out with a nail bleeding and it looks like it is chopped the front of her quick off. Never coming back here again!

Terry Cohn

2 years ago

I go by how my dog reacts to the experience! Since day 1 over 3 years ago Paula has groomed my dog and is fabulous! It’s hard to find loving caring locations and Macers is definitely a location that puts our fur babies first! It took me two years to find a groomer after mine retired that cared and groomed with talent and love! Paula is the best!

Lynsey Cupples

2 years ago

Clipped my dogs nails. Good groomers

Morgan Buckingham

2 years ago

They are extremely nice and accommodating! I thought they would be more than petco but they are actually very similar in price. Cannot say enough nice things

Jeff Krampert

2 years ago

These folks are amazing. They are So incredibly patient with my special needs puppy. Thank you!

Emily Ponten

2 years ago

Knowledgeable and friendly staff makes this local landmark a must visit! Support local and independent:) Bought some all natural, eco-friendly indoor repellant for our new puppy

Alejandra Stephens

2 years ago

I took my 10 month old Australian Shepherd who hates it when I trim and buff her nails. I was worried that they would be gentle enough so she wouldn’t freak out. Well, they treated her very well, and talked to her while doing the trimming to keep her calm. She was so excited she wanted to play with the groomer some more! They are professional groomers. With lots of experience and certifications, awards, etc. Definitely going back.


2 years ago

Just called to get an appointment set up and asked a few questions about pricing and availability.... Not only was the front desk rude and unnecessarily short with me, the woman who he transfered me to was also rude and talked to me like I was an idiot for asking a simple pricing question and availability. NOT speaking to your potential customers like a condescending, unfulfilled employee may possibly help with business. I found another groomer with people who know how to treat people.

Deborah Gray

3 years ago

My dog is groomed here with love and excellence. People in the store and grooming area are wonderful neighbors.

Mary Flake

3 years ago

Large selection of pet products and great groomers.

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