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Michael OConnor

2 years ago

We had a pet that went to Klahanie veterinarian but when it was time for her to pass on they told me they were too busy and referred me to another after hours hospital I called Banfield they immediately said we will make room for your pet bring her in I was shocked Klahanie veterinarian could not make room yet Banfield could Banfield turned out to be more than accommodating but they made sure we had the comfort needed at the time

Rishika Rana

2 years ago

When my dog Nala got injured in a car accident, we initially took her to an emergency vet hospital and they told us that she has injuries on two legs. She came back from the hospital with 2 casts and a $5000 bill. On top of that they told us she would probably need a $9000 surgery for her joints and 2 months recovery. When we came to this vet, they took off the cast and found that one of her legs has a hairline fracture (that most likely wouldn't need surgery), and the other leg only had a minor injury on her nail. This vet saved us from spending thousands of dollars and gave us what we really needed. Nala even recovered one month early and walks and runs perfectly fine. Her fracture healed and she didn't need the surgery! I live 40 minutes away from this vet and will gladly come back whenever Nala might need to!

Lingxiao Wu

3 years ago

I have been happy with their services until my previous visit, when they rescheduled my appointment without informing me, wasted my time while did not even say sorry.

Jaidyn Mallery

3 years ago

I was worried about finding care for my dog in the middle of a pandemic, but KCVH made it very easy. I called- and right away was calmed down by a very kind employee, who took their time and answered my questions (I was pretty frantic)! The Dr also very explained everything in detail and helped me figure out the best treatment plan for myself and my dog. Thank you Klahanie Vet! You are awesome!!

Hannah Brown

3 years ago

They have been very helpful fitting our dog in at short notice when she got sick. Caring and helpful team!

Cooper Gilbert

3 years ago

Took our last dog here. Too expensive for okay care. Didn't really seem to care for the animals, just more of get as many in for money rather than getting to know the animals and talking with their owners. Just off.


4 years ago

Awesome!! Everyone is incredibly helpful!

Arthur Kepler

5 years ago

Klahanie veterinary has a caring staff of doctors and techs who go above and beyond the standards of care. Our 12 year old "pup" Mikko has been very happy to visit both for routine check-ups, vaccinations, and a more accurate care issue that was handled promptly and fairly. Much appreciated!

Michele Perez

5 years ago

I called yesterday to make and appointment for a check up for my cat as she is getting older and also because I wanted to try the flea and tick medicine "revolution". Upon telling the person who answered the phone about wanting a new type of med for flea and ticks because frontline and advantage don't work she began to tell me my cat wont get better until I get an exterminator to bug bomb my place PRESUMING to know what type of environment I live in 1st of all I give this stuff to my cat for preventative measures I am a METICULOUS neat freak I am well aware of the life cycle of fleas and how eggs will lay in carpet until a fur critter walks by I know they are in cracks of things I know to vacuum and empty the canister I pull the fridge and oven out and vacuum and mop under there and some times even run the hot steamer all around I brush my cat regularly with a flea comb. If I wanted an opinion about if my home is actually making my cat sick from bugs I would ask an exterminator! I called a vet because my cat needed a check up and a new flea medication. It is 2:30 and this statement stewed in my head this long 1st thing in the morning I am canceling my appointment, there are other vets with better reviews in the area and hopefully better phone skills

Josh McBride

5 years ago

Very professional and friendly staff. Very greatful to them, managed to save my dog when she got into an accident with a car.

Brian House

5 years ago

Dr. Brar and his team run a first-class operation here in Issaquah. They are always exceptionally nice and have done a masterful job of helping me manage my beloved pug Bob's diabetes for many years. They provide a tremendous amount of care and empathy for families with pets and I would trust them with my own pet's care again without hesitation. Highest recommendation!

forest etter

5 years ago

A very unpleasant environment and a typical overpriced scandal of a vet. We took our puppy there after I told the vet she had a UTI, but without an exam we couldn’t get antibiotics. We had to collect the urine outside in a plastic lid then bring it into the office. Which they then charged us $30 for a “lab urine collection fee”. The vet during the appointment was telling us that the average Brittany spaniel weighs around 55 pounds... which is absolutely wrong. The average Brittany male mean weight is 35 pounds. I’d pay triple the amount elsewhere to have knowledgeable staff, a professional office, and honest billing. Take your money elsewhere for not only your sake but your pets.

Jenny McKeefry

6 years ago

I've been taking my three dogs to Dr. Brar at Klahanie Veterinary Hospital for as many years as he's been there. Not only is he a nice, kind and professional doctor, he really cares for my dogs. That's not easy as they all have "issues!" One is neurotic and one only likes me and the third one is extremely sensitive. He's very patient with them and I've always been able to get in to see him when I have an emergency. He's always very responsive when I call. I've had cats and dogs my entire life and I can sincerely say that Dr. Brar is one of the best vets I've ever seen. His staff is also very helpful and they always help me right away or get back to me quickly. I highly recommend this clinic and Dr. Brar to anyone needing a great veterinarian.


6 years ago

Had a terrible, terrible experience. Took our cat there in a Friday, as he was unable to urinate. He had previous incidents with kidney stones and such and it was not the first we had to go to a vet so he could get better. First, they were not able to deal with him as he was very upset. They didn't even tried and put him right away on full anestesia. Then, after getting blood test results, they said there was no blockage indications and it was most likely an infection. They were pending on the urine tests that took almost 2 days to come. They gave him a antiobiotic and pain relief for us to give it at home. The cat didn't eat, drink water and pee for more than 2 days. My wife tried to call them on the Saturday, but they said he needed to give more time for the antibiotic to take effect and if we would take him to the clinic again, they would need to put him on anestesia again. So we waited the full Saturday and the cat continued to not eat, drink or pee. He barely could move and he rejected all food we put in front of him. Sunday morning, we called the clinic again, but there was no doctor available after the doctor my wife talked to on Saturday, said they would be one doctor available on Sunday. Worried with the wait and the situation to get worse, we called another vet clinic in Bellevue, which had a 24/7 emergency service. We took our cat there and after the examinations, the doctor told us he was in really bad shape, full of stones, bladder completely full, blockage on the urinatory channel, a kidney almost stopped and high levels of potassium that would result in heart failure. How could the Klahanie clinic not detect this? We paid more than 800$ on Friday at the Klahanie vet clinic and they literally just put our pet at risk of death. We're glad we found the other great vet clinic in Bellevue that helped our cat to stay with us in our lives. The Klahanie vet clinic sounds like they just want to push pet services (grooming, teeth cleaning, etc) to suck money from people, and don't care to fix the real medical condition of the animal. I don't recommend Klahanie vet clinic to anyone.

Chelsey M

7 years ago

I have had pets all my life, therefore I have been to many vets. We have been going here now for a few years and this is by far the best. Dr.Brar is so knowledgeable. When my older dog "Dusty" was having major health issues due to age he was there all day and even late at night to help. Unfortunately, that dog passed away and he helped through the whole process. His staff even cried. You can really tell he and staff cares about the well being of all animals. I have always had prices explained up front. And an added plus, he is super funny. Always lightens the mood of having to be at the vet with a sick animal. My dog "Montana" and cat "Kit" thank him!

Claudette Rushing

8 years ago

We really enjoyed working with Dr. Brar. We are new to town, and he gave great care to our small dog for a reasonable price. We will return for her future needs.

Karsten Beitz

8 years ago

A few months ago I noticed my dachshund Spritzer had trouble walking. It was the weekend and by Sunday he could no longer walk. I took him to the emergency vet where I was told that if he didn’t have emergency surgery that night he would …

Margie Svrjcek

8 years ago

We have been bringing our two Labs here for all of their 11&1/2 years. They have always had very competent, professional care and we have been very satisfied with Dr. Brar and Dr. Hougham. They have performed two surgeries on our dogs …

Miranda D.

8 years ago

Recently we moved to the eastside, Issaquah Highlands. My vet whom I always had exceptional, honest service, and quality care was now 35 miles away now. I chose this vet based on location and for the most part had decent reviews, although …

Sara Winnick

8 years ago

We've been bringing out goldens here for 8 years and have had one terrific experience after the another. The doctors are thorough and caring, taking extra time when needed. I would recommend them in a heartbeat!

Laura Bell

9 years ago

I have taken my cats to Klahanie Veterinary Hospital for the last 8 years. The staff is knowledgeable, kind, and accommodating. I took my cat there 3 times a week for fluids since I did not want to give her fluids myself. They always got me in on short notice and the cost was very reasonable. I now have even more challenging cat issues and Dr. Brar and his staff have given exemplary service in some really tough times. Susie, especially, was patient and helpful in coaching me on how to tranquilize one of my cats so I could get him to the Vet . What she suggested worked! I highly recommend them.

Maria Dellett

9 years ago

I have taken our dogs, Molly and Cheeseburger, here for over 10 years and have had nothing but great experiences. Back in 2011, they helped us with getting all our paperwork in order when we moved to Hawaii, which was not an easy task! Our dog Cheesburger recently had surgery and Dr. Brier and his team did an amazing job. The staff is very professional and friendly, and I feel confident knowing our pups are in good care!!

Brian Goodrich

10 years ago

A horrid, horrid place. Over the years, we've used them for many pets, and were happy for a long time. The last few visits, not so much. Now they're openly rude and condescending. Fees seem to come out of the woodwork. Today they wouldn't even give a price over the phone for a routine neutering - they said it caused "complications." I wonder if the "complication" is that they gave quotes they didn't honor, or they gave quotes that nobody wanted. If you love your pet, you'll go through some rough times. Find a vet that you'll want to be with on those rough times.

Anureet Dhaliwal

10 years ago

Had a great experience at this place, My dog was very unwell and as my own vet was away on vacation, i took him to klahanie vet hospital. I did not have to wait to get an appointment as they have a very flexible schedule, the front desk staff was very helpful and nice. Dr.. Brar was knowledgeable and caring. He was thorough with his examination and was very patient listening to my concerns. And My pet Shadow felt absolutely comfortable with him. Awesome service and great team. I am definitely going back there... Thanks a lot to Dr. Brar and his amazing staff..

Daniel Brown

11 years ago

My wife and I are very reasonable people. But when a clinic practices the equivalent of bait and switch tactics, it's pretty disappointing. This place offered a free initial exam (our first time there), and then wanted to charge us over $100 more than your typical clinic for a urine test for our black lab. They argued it was a premium test. When we told them we were comfortable with the risk of a "standard" test, they essentially told us that it wasn't our choice. We declined that test and asked them to proceed with the mange test, at which time the vet refused to provide any more service to us. He (Dr. Brar - who was rude and condescending the entire time) literally told us to leave his clinic. I don't wish this on many places, but I hope that a business with this type of horrid customer service attitude will cease to exist in the very near future. Take your money elsewhere and give it to people who at least respect you.

Kathy Carpenter

11 years ago

Good care and nice folks but expensive, charge for Costco prescriptions and surcharge for Care Credit. Vet not always available during business hours.

kelly k

11 years ago

Dr. Brar and his staff are the most professional and caring vet clinic I have ever been to. He gives all sides of your pet's care and honestly tells you what he would do if it were his animal. He has taken me through a number of serious pet …

Sushma Rao

11 years ago

Awful, awful place. The reception girl is so rude. But above all, these people are frauds. They would send you coupon for free first check up in the mail. And when i took my dog there to get his ear checked (my dog has allergies), they took my dog into this room, where i was not allowed, do some ear wax check up , without asking me and hand me a small bottle of medicine and bill of $300...... $300? For something that i didn't even want to be done. Its a fraud.

Amanda Aguilar

11 years ago

We took our boxer puppy in to see Dr. Hougham at Klahanie Vet Hospital for a second opinion after another facility predicted our puppy had a life threatening illness. Dr. Hougham was extremely knowledgeable and caring. During the examination of our puppy he was thorough and answered all the questions we had in great detail. His passion for animals was obvious by the way he handled our puppy and you could tell that his intentions were only in the best interest of our puppy. Dr. Hougham is not like any other Vet we have taken our puppy to before and because of the confidence we immediately felt with him, we will not be taking him to any other Vet again. The Vet Techs are knowledgeable, friendly and accommodating. We drove 45 minutes to Klahanie Vet Hospital and will continue to do so as we find it to be the best place to receive care for our puppy.

AJ Romana

11 years ago

I had a very good experience at Kal Vet hospital. I am from Vancouver,Canada and was in Seattle for long weekend. My dog Buzzo while running down the trail in Duthie Hill park got a wound in his foot and he could not walk. It was 7:30 in …

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