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m d

2 years ago

My wife called literally 7 different Vets being turned away from each for a strange swelling in our pit bulls face. This place not only took on our child, and at 445pm without heartache and the process was simple. The staff went above and beyond for us and her. We appreciate these people for caring for our family member. Having a family of rescued pit bulls we get a lot of different looks from many folks, vet's. But Cougar Mountain veterinary took us on and for that we will make certain all of our kids have on going care program. We really respect the love for our kids aka pets dogs. Top notch.

Justin Ray

2 years ago

Great experience! My dog loves going to the vet.

Eric Sperley

2 years ago

Great Vet and staff for your furry kid.

Tessa Cockrell

2 years ago

Dr Howard is thorough and sweet. His prices are reasonable. I was really nervous finding a new vet when I moved to Washington but they made me feel at home. I trust them completely. This means a lot considering I'm in the human medical field and overthink everything

Midge Zeylmaker

2 years ago

Very friendly, very affordable. Willing to help me with my small domestic ???? bunny.

Michael Erasmus

2 years ago

Dr. Friedman is awesome and will always trust him with the care of my animals

Kimberly Gonzales

2 years ago

The vet was very cold on the day that we had to put our dog down. It was all "give him here and now leave". Even with things being open from COVID, and us being vaccinated, he would not allow us to go back while our dog was being put down to say goodbye... And when I came to pick up the remains, the vet was very rude and made me wait 15 minutes outside before even talking to me about why I was there. I will never come back here ever again! Very rude, not considerate, and no bedside manner, very calloused. Never will recommend!

Derek Bird

2 years ago

I don't trust these people at all. They charged me an astronomical price for our pet meds that we have gotten at other clinics for %75 cheaper. Couldn't believe they try to scam people like this. So unprofessional.

Karen Harvey

2 years ago

I took my dog here many times when she was having serious GI (bloody stool) issues and did not want to eat. I was repeatedly told she was just a picky eater and there were no other problems. I was just given different foods to try. When my husband and I moved out of there area and took her to a different vet we found out her liver numbers were through the roof and she had a serious infection that had been allowed to get out of control. The vet was able to bring her numbers back down closer to normal and prescribe much needed maintenance medication. When I took my dog here her liver numbers were supposedly tested and normal. However when I left and asked for the paperwork from her "treatment" there they weren't even sure they gave me the right bloodwork results since more than one dog had blood work done that day. There was no computer system actually linking that data to pets in their system. So I would stay away from this place if your pet has any serious issues, it may be fine if your pet is healthy and only needs shots and such. I'm just glad I got away when I did because if I stayed with this vet my dog wouldn't be alive today.

Aaron Norris

3 years ago

Great caring people work here with a very knowledgeable veterinarian that also cares alot about you and your pet!!

Sarah White

3 years ago

Dr. Friedman is incredible. He is super knowledgeable, extremely reasonable, always makes time to see our dog promptly when we need help and....he called to follow up on how our dog was doing. That's rare. We are so lucky we found him.

Sara Petersohn

3 years ago

Inexpensive, however the doctor was fairly rude and not interested in listening to what i had to say. Examined my cat and instead of asking me anything, immediately judged me and the care of my animal. When I tried to explain what was going on and that I had been gone for over two weeks and brought my cat in as soon as I returned, he brushed it off and continued with his assumptions. Example: he told me my cat had flies because he saw flea dirt. I explained that I gave him a flea treatment right before I left and he told me it must have been a cheap/not good brand. I told him what kind and he had to acknowledge it was good. He also told me I have to start vacuuming?? Didn’t bother asking me what my habits are when putting on a new treatment before jumping to rude and inaccurate assumptions. In addition he asked how much my dog weighed for his treatment and I told him 90-100lbs. He asked me repeatedly “are you sure??” Absolutely, I understand the importance of getting the correct medication/weight size so I wouldn’t just make that up...Definitely won’t be returning, if a vet cannot put aside his attitude to find out what the situation is then he doesn’t actually have your pets best interest in mind.

Ryan Y

3 years ago

Dr. Howard and his Team are Incredible.

Nessa A.

3 years ago

Wonderful ???? service and the Doctor, employees are great. Love everything. ????????????????

Kristopher Conley

3 years ago

Amazing little vet. Reasonable prices with a knowledgeable and super friendly staff! Quick and efficient, this is one of my all time favorite veterinarians.

Jenny Acton

3 years ago

I drive an hour to take my Aussie to him!! I tried other vets close by but no one compares to Howard!! He always calls back to check in. When my dog was involved in an accident on a long weekend he called me right back to make sure he was okay and offered to come in on a Saturday! His many years of experience are invaluable. You can tell he truly cares for his patients!!

Ivanna Novak

3 years ago

Really good doctor with affordable prices !!!

Brittany Hills

3 years ago

Dr. Freidman is so amazing and helpful and really cares about the animals.


3 years ago

Dr. Friedman is an angel. My pup was rushed to the vet while in another State, and Dr. Friedman gave me a second opinion on the other vet's diagnosis. It gave me the confidence to proceed with the recommended treatment. He even called the next day (on a Saturday) to check in. I was not expecting the follow up call. Do not hesitate to bring your fur babies here. Dr. Friedman truly loves animals and will take care of your loved one!

Crow Fan

4 years ago

Very nice people The doctor is very knowledgeable and very gentle with the animals and they don't try to sell you stuff you don't need.


4 years ago

Dr. Friedman is knowledgable and loves his patients. My Frenchie is always excited to see him

AP Lindstrom

5 years ago

We love doctor F! We are fairly new to his practice but are so happy with both him and his staff. He calls to check in on your pets and is very fair with pricing.

Cristal Spinrad

5 years ago

Came in for the first time with our new puppy. It was $82 for a 5 min exam and fecal test (most vets give you your first visit free). The place is not clean. Could barely get out of the parking lot.

Tricia Dean

5 years ago

Excellent!! They truly care about animals. Yes the place is small and parking is hard and the guy may be a little abrupt on the phone, he's busy giving excellent loving care to our animals. Jack and Mable had teeth cleaning done here and being a nervous mom I was so worried. They were loved and well cared for. Highly recommend.

The One & Only Ryan Driver

5 years ago

They doctor and his assistant were great. Will definitely go back to then when needed.

David Slickman

5 years ago

Don't waist your time with these people, I could write a book on the issues with this place/people.

John Smith

5 years ago

Thanks doc. After 10 years, still my vet of choice in a competitive market.

Kymmberly Martin

5 years ago

I brought in my American guinea hog that was sick on Friday and they gave him meds and a shot and my pigs already sounding feeling Better... Thank you so very much I can't thank you enough

Nicole Cowan

5 years ago

I have a 15 year old Golden Retriever that Dr. Howard has been helping keep up (with acupuncture) every week for a while. I also have a very antsy German Shepherd who is almost 3 that he sees. As well as two cats that are both 9. My family and I have been coming here a long while. I'd highly recommend giving Cougar Mountain a call! ~nic

None None

5 years ago

Notting fancy, just family oriented

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