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Andrew Wright

2 years ago

I only stopped in to use the self bath service and have not used the daycare/boarding services offered here so I cannot comment on those. However, the self baths were fairly nice, had good water pressure, but the nozzles for spraying my dog weren't too harsh which was nice. They have multiple shampoo options with good scents and all at an affordable price. I will return for the bath service again in the future as it is close to where I'm living.

Mary Chanel Greer

2 years ago

Our pup had a wonderful time! The staff are incredibly caring and Keria came back clean and happy! We will definitely be going back!


2 years ago

Please tour this facility before you consider leaving your dog here.. It looks filthy and smells terrible. I toured it twice to make sure the first time wasn't just an off day. Coming from someone who worked in a boarding facility for years and now works in the veterinary field, I would never leave my dogs here.

Rainy Allen

3 years ago

Horrific! Bizarre! Our dog lost a big chunk of his ear while staying here. Our dog needed sedation and cauterization and due to their lack of preparedness he was not able to get proper treatment in a timely manner. We learned afterwards that our Vet is disappointed with this business and has recommended they need to do more to have the paperwork in place to handle pet emergencies. Our dog sat in pain, bleeding profusely from an untreated wound, when he could have been treated 24 hours sooner if not for their complete incompetence. We feel the need to warn other people. Even worse, they claim to have no idea how it happened. Approached the incident with complete lack of accountability. Couldn’t even identify that part of the ear was missing, claimed originally it was a small cut, then blamed the profuse amount of blood for the reason they didn’t realize it was missing… what?! They said he was not with other dogs and unmonitored when it happened… Ok in what conditions are you keeping your facility that a dog hanging out by himself in your yard can slice off his ear, and how do you not notice it is gone??!! When we got back a few days later my husband asked to tour the yard/facility to try to figure out what happened and said it looked like a junky, ram shackle, lots of obstacles that looked unsafe. When we picked him up the lady literally suggested we should go find a different dog’s ear (like seriously from where?) and have them attach it to his ear, this is the level of bizarre incompetence we were dealing with here. I don’t even want to think what could have happened if he were badly injured and could not be treated in time as we had very little phone reception. The communication that it was an emergency and our dog needed sedation was NOT handled with proper urgency. I only had a missed call and delayed voicemail from a random Bellevue number (had no idea it was even the boarding facility), no attempt to text or email or even try to contact my husband. At the time, I could have received text messages, a text saying they needed my permission to sedate him would have come through, but I couldn’t hear phone calls. Their attitude added insult to literal injury. Condescending, saying sometimes this happens like it’s totally acceptable, not apologetic, and were acting upset *with us* that we weren’t just cool and understanding of this horrendous, needless scenario our dog had to endure in their care. Awful, uncomfortable, defensive vibe. Breaks my heart to think about my dog hurting and scared when we couldn’t be with him. Wish I could give zero stars, but if you want your dog to come home in on piece bring him somewhere else, and ask what they do in the event of an emergency.

Alex Busch

4 years ago

I have only had animals groomed here. And it has always been fantastic and affordable. I inherited a dog that was covered in matted fur and generally in poor shape. They took on the challenge, were sympathetic and gentle. He looked like a brand new dog, even after throwing their schedule out of whack because of the time he required. Wonderful place.

Todd Christiaens

4 years ago

Been taking our Beagle here for a few years, now. He always is happy when we drop him off and pick him up. Facility conditions are a little long in the tooth, but the staff is friendly and prices are reasonable.

Dan Richman

4 years ago

Bring your own shampoo because the stuff they provide is so watered down I couldn't get my dog clesn. It's a little pricey at at $25 per dog, but it's very conveniently set up and easy to use. The staff is friendly but because of thr water (opps, I meant to say shampoo) they provide my dog needed another bath a week later. I did that in my tub at home and saved $25...and did a much better job.

Chuck Jones

5 years ago

Their employees/maybe owner acts like she doesn’t want your business. I know I will never bother her again with my business.

Flame Blade

5 years ago

Their manager is honest and kind.

Joanie Scotson

5 years ago

Rocky loves???? his time at Peninsula Pet Lodge.

Melanie Freed

5 years ago

Understaffed. May want to check out another source for reliable pet care.

Rene Stephens-Kresse

5 years ago

I visited this facility to use their self service bathing station and I was extremely disappointed. Not only did the entire building smell like urine, but there was watered down shampoo to use (no selection of products as advertised) and the bathtubs were not easy access for older arthritic dogs. The front of the building also does not have a handicap or wheelchair accessible entrance, which made it very difficult for my dog to enter the building. We came towards the end of January and all of the holiday decorations were still up and the sign advertising the facility was broken and hanging by one chain. I told the front desk associate how disappointed I was and I still had to pay even though I received the equivalent of a water hose to use and about a dime’s worth of shampoo for my dog. Do not waste your money and do not subject your animals to this run down incompetent facility.

Whitney Greer

5 years ago

Thanks everyone for the reviews, I will not be taking my dogs here.


5 years ago

Great friendly staff. My labrador had a great time while she stayed there. Highly recommend.

Gary Mallery

6 years ago

Nice on the phone but will not take any pits. Unless you py for suite $38 for 1dog 23 for 2nd dog per night

Michael Hoover

6 years ago

11/4/2017 Our two dogs are really spoiled by us and only twice have been away from our home when we had to leave and had no one to care for them. My 15 year old Italian greyhound spends the entire day with me from sleeping with us at night , sitting by my feet when I am on the computer and the rest of the time in my Studio with me - usually guarding the heater when it is cold. My wife has a "princess" dog that believes the world revolves around her! She is so cute she rules the house and pretty much spends the day at someones feet, sleeping in bed with us or on a lap. They are both pretty much intimidated by other dogs and chose to stay in their "room" at the lodge all day every day we were gone. The staff must have spent a lot of time with them as the bag of "US grown chicken treats" was well over half gone when I went to pick up the pampered duo. I was taking out their "stuff" and when i came back the young lady responsible for the "Lodge" was holding both them waiting for me. Now, they were really excited to see me but did not appear to be at all upset. They did wine a bit out of joy on the ride home and were excited to get back into the house for sure. After 4 days without us, it took less than 3 hours for both to get "back" to their normal routines and you would never know they had been away from how they are acting. We were really concerned about leaving these two in a kennel but from what we have observed they got wonderful care and were unstressed by their time away from us! We give Peninsula Pet Lodge 5 stars!

Rosebel Jeni-Lei Belong

6 years ago

Go on yelp and listen to the video of someone's voicemail. If Sam is not working for that day, or week, I will not be dropping off my dog at this daycare. Period. They have lost me as a customer. But when I picked him up yesterday. I was appalled to see that his stay came out to 92 dollars? For 2 nights. For 2 nights it should be 50 dollars and some tax. Nope, I got over charged. When I asked about it, the manager, Katie, didn't try to make the situation better. She told me because I picked him up past a certain time it was an extra day but I charged you for only a half day. Uhm, what? I was 30 mins late, I was coming from Oregon and told someone at the front desk I was going to be a little late. But 30 mins, and a charge of a half day? Seriously, that's not right. And the bath? I was charged 26 dollars and my dog didn't even smell washed. His paws were still dirty and he was still wet. Also when I asked for his blanket, it was still in the wash. And she handed it to me wet, along with his toy. Both wet and didn't even smell clean. I had to re wash it when I got home. If Sam is not working, I will no longer be going there. I will only go there for Sam because she is awesome. But other than that, you have lost another client. I cross the bridge to drop off my dog, but not anymore.

Stephanie Roberts

6 years ago

The only good reviews are from years ago. This place is awful now! I encourage the owner to go tour a few ACTUAL doggie daycares and boarding facilities. There is very little about this place that meets either definition. Do not take your dog to this place expecting them to play with other dogs or be cared for by attentive employees. I would not board here either, since it is clear the dogs sit in pens the entire time and don't get much, if any, stimulation or playtime. My husband and I have lived in several states over the past years and have taken our older Jack Russell and Rottweiler rescue to a half-dozen different doggie daycares. Some are better than others, but I have never seen a facility as run-down, poorly staffed, and poorly run as this one. There is nothing "daycare" about this. Nothing. The woman working at the front desk was the ONLY person in the entire building on a Saturday. She was was very friendly on the phone as well as when we arrived. However, when I told her that our pup has separation anxiety and usually "follows around whatever human is in the room with the dogs," she looked at my puzzled and said, "the dogs just play by themselves for the most part." When she took us on a tour, we saw that the first room off the lobby had two dogs in it. The room was bare and dismal - the dogs looked a little crazed and were barking like mad at the door. Then as we walked down the hallway, I saw several separate rooms - some with dogs in them, some empty. The dogs were mostly separated in their own kennels. There was one room with smaller dogs in it together, but each dog was separated by plastic gates into makeshift kennels. No dogs were playing or doing anything other than going stir-crazy. The outside area looks nice enough but it wasn't being used. The facility itself does not seem to be well taken care of - it is old, run down, and dismal. There was not nearly enough staff (only one person!?!) to care for all of those dogs. Every doggy daycare I've gone to has several large rooms (one for small dogs, one for large dogs, and sometimes an outside space). There are usually several employees playing with the dogs, walking around with the dogs, cleaning up after the dogs, etc... This place sticks your dog in a room and calls it good. It's not good nor is it acceptable care for your furry family member. I knew it was not the place for us, but we had traveled about an hour to Gig Harbor to go to an appointment and it was too warm of a day to leave him in the car. I knew he may not have "fun," but at least he would be safe for the few hours. When we picked him up after our appointment, he was crazed and panting like he was having an anxiety attack. She said "He barks a lot." Well... yep. If he's locked in a kennel or room with other dogs that are separated by gates, he's going to bark. He has never barked at any other doggie daycare because there are humans in the room. Humans = no separation anxiety. Gah. He had diarrhea all night, which happens when he is severely stressed. Not a good experience whatsoever. If you love your pets, I warn against taking them here.

Teresa Ritter

6 years ago

Heard the message they left threatening to dump a dogs ashes on someone's porch. They laughed while leaving this message. Check out the yelp review. I would never leave an animal here

fred didomenico

9 years ago

Cody, our German Shepherd, plays so much he doesn't want to come home. It's funny and true!

Kimberly Foreman

10 years ago

I love this place for doggie day care or for overnight stays! Lucy is a tiny dog, and she goes to the tiny area where at night, each dog has a tiny bed, and a tiny bedspread with pillow. It is so cute! Plenty of room for about 3 dogs on the bed, about 3 foot long beds. They are loved and played with. Each dog gets special attention. I highly recommend this to everyone in Gig Harbor. Convenient to get to before crossing the bridge and heading out of town,

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