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m. smith

2 years ago

People here care about all animals and sometimes they get backed up. I'll keep coming as long as I have furry babies.

Renee Eilert

2 years ago

Vet is very kind and very patient with my pet; staff could use a refresher in people skills.

Darlarae Osborn

2 years ago

I had to put my Bentley down. Heart Breaking, the doctor was so gentle with me. I needed to know I was making the right decision. She held my hand, checked his heart asked me questions and nodded. The Aura in the room was Calm. I'll never forget that experience. I'll always remember how peaceful and calm it felt.

Ingrid Gifford

2 years ago

I try this Pupusas for the first time and they are good and they are at a decent price. I can’t wait to try the rest of their menue.

Kim b

2 years ago

Best Veteran I have ever went to.

Philip Spagnoli

2 years ago

The best vet in the world! So precious with all of our fur babies.

Dane Johnson

2 years ago

Dr Donna is a very compassionate veterinarian. She handles all three of my pups with the utmost care. She has excellent communication skills. AAA+++

Conny Thom

2 years ago

Love this place. Staff is great and they CARE about our pets! (Unlike another vet up north who tried to make me come in for an exam before giving me FLEA medication...why would you want me to bring that into your office?)

Chenier Williams

2 years ago

I’ve gone to this vet for 12 years and I can genuinely say I trust Dr Donna with my pets 100% She knows what she’s doing and she seems to have compassion for her clients. I would actually rate this place 0 stars though, the only reason why it’s 2 stars is for Dr Donna herself. I would rate it 0 stars simply because of the staff. The staff is awful. They literally all seem like they hate their job and they don’t seem to care about anyone at all. Even if you call, the lady on the voicemail machine sounds dead, like if she doesn’t even want to try to sound friendly. When you go there it’s the same. They aren’t friendly. They’re super slow. I typically spend 30-45 minutes just waiting for them to take one of my pets back for an appointment. Which is a nightmare because half the time I have a baby in the car crying because we just have to sit and wait. Also they’re hard to get ahold of, I would say 95% of the time they don’t answer the phone and they don’t call back for days either. I’m actually surprised Donna hasn’t done anything about it. My mom goes to this vet as well and has the same issue and she actually has had to drive there because they won’t answer or call back. It’s ridiculous. The only reason I don’t switch vets is because I’ve gone there for so long even before the bad staff was working there and I don’t trust any other vets as a previous one messed up a major surgery on a dog and my dog had to get put down due to their mess up.


2 years ago

Friendly and knowledgeable staff with reasonable pricing.

Sheila Aguilar

2 years ago

They did an awesome job and very inexpensively compared to alot of vets in this area Great experience

William Aprague

2 years ago

Dr. Donna really cares, and she is so good and knowledgeable as well. In recent times, our family has had one critically ill dog and one injured. We have gone to her for 12 years and are extremely satisfied.

Brian Stambuk

2 years ago

SUPER BUSY ..dont bother doing a walk in...thats useless.....and appointments are 1.0 to 1.5 months out...go somewhere else for qui ker service

Christina Mac

2 years ago

We took our cat King in months ago cause he had severe back pain , they didn’t allow us to be in with him (we suggested an X-ray) they had him made us stay out and checked him less then 5 mins.brought him back to us saying nothing was wrong! It’s been months now so we made another appointment today because it never got better & King was in even more pain! So we INSISTED they did an X-RAY this time and we found out , OUR CATS BACK WAS BROKEN where it meets the tail!!! How could they have missed this!? He’s been suffering months now bc they were so quick to pass him back without being through or compassionate! We had to pay both times and I feel wronged and hurt for my cat. Will never go here again !!

Jacqueline Gilbert

2 years ago

Have had good experiences here with my dogs and cats. Reasonably priced but busy and at times hard to get an appointment.

Lacey T Morgan

2 years ago

Poor communication. Haven't sent records to new vet after many many friendly attempts. 30 minute on hold

Neli Kha

2 years ago

The best vet ever. Doctor Donna is a true animal lover and does her best. She is very kind and caring. Reasonable price and great service

Toni Posey

2 years ago

Dr. Donna and everyone at Animal Hospital at Murphy's Corner are AMAZING!

Zoe Randazzo

2 years ago

If I could rate this veterinarian zero stars I would. We have had the WORST experience with Donna. I am actually appalled at how horrible this place is. Donna dismissed my wishes for my 8 week old puppy when I brought him in after a bad case of pneumonia. She did not listen to me at all when I explained to her that I did not want anything administered through his nose or mouth for vaccinations because my husband and I believed that his bordetella nasal vaccine caused his pneumonia. Unfortunately, she did not write that down in his file and when we went in for his second visit her technicians gave him ANOTHER bordetella spray through his mouth and 5 minutes later had a reaction that lasted two weeks. I called the animal hospital multiple times to talk to her but always went straight to voicemail. Never got a hold of her, still to this day. Also when we showed up for our 4:30pm appointment there were about 10-15 other people waiting in line to be seen. She should not be overbooking if she cannot give animals the correct care. We were not allowed inside with our puppy because of "covid meausures", a technician ran up to our car and took him inside. He did not even explain what vaccines he was receiving that day. They tried scheduling his rabies shot at 13 weeks old but puppies do not receive that vaccine until they are at least 16 weeks. Honestly think this place should be investigated for malpractice because it seems like she just hires high schoolers who have no vet tech experience/knowledge.

Chantel Sanders

2 years ago

Last week I brought my 14 year old heeler in she had a large tumor on her leg.Dr Donna immediately set up surgery for the next morning due to the concerns for cancer. Her work was amazing with no infection and 13 staples and sutures later she is doing well and on the mend.Thank You Dr Donna and Team.

Ray Baron

2 years ago

They took great care of my Siamese cat Athena who was 18 years old when she finally pashe finally passed.

Lynn Sleister

2 years ago

Very compassionate, friendly and affordable. My friend goes there as well and loves them. I recommend them to all my friends with fur babies.


2 years ago

Very caring doctor and staff and pretty good beagle wrestlers too (my dog fights nail clipping) Thanks for all your help ❤️

Vicki Osowiecki

2 years ago

Doc is so wonderful with our little old dog. Calming us, giving advice, and meds for his pain. We love her.

Kim Cuervo Cisneros

2 years ago

Love, love, love Dr Sowder, but staff can be slow.

Pan Tami

2 years ago

Good vet and service! Price is right! Love Dr. Donna and keep my doggie healthy!!

Sue Christopher

2 years ago

Totally all about getting your babies healthy. Caring, professional staff. Knowledgeable vet with great compassion for pets and their humans. Great value.

Tim Dorsey

2 years ago

Very kind and caring Is best vet Ever with all my dogs

Rachelle Lynn

2 years ago

A simple procedure (removal of a small lump from eyelid) turned into a nightmare with no help from the vet. Stitches scratched eye ball and lower lid leading to infections. Numerous phone calls asking to be seen for his swelling eye, with one phone call back saying vet didn’t need to see him but was prescribing cream to apply. A couple more desperate phone calls made saying it was not getting better. Not one called back!!! Had to take him to a different vet who took the time to examine him. His eye is super messed up and is on 4 different meds. Terrible service!!! We spent $450.00 to have this done to my dog!!

Gregory Miller

2 years ago

Excellent place. Caring and gentle Doctor and staff.

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