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Thomas Throop

2 years ago

After dealing with the rushed experience of VCA clinics, this doc is the first one who really took the time to talk with us and carefully examine our cat, and gave us a diagnosis that was logical and actionable.

Cindy W

2 years ago

Dr. Gawley is super awesome. She has always treated my cats with care and respect. I drive from Port Orchard to Canyon Park because I trust and respect her.

Chris Mallis

2 years ago

Great cat care knowledgeable staff, Aubrey Bovee is especially caring for your pets needs. She is compassionate for towards what they mean to you. And finally Dr. Gawley is a fantastic vet she's been 100% with my cats, and everyone I've sent there way have returned very pleased with the referral.

Marianna Leaver

2 years ago

Feline focused vet practice. All about cats. Caring and attentive to your furry friend. I have 5 cats, so this is a good starter for a cat lover. No rush, and in person. Thank you.

Mariah Schacht

2 years ago

They have saved the lives of 2 of my cats, they are wonderful. I can't thank them enough

Laura Giordano

2 years ago

We love the Cat Clinic. Their ability to specialize in feline health and care, Dr. Gawley's depth of knowledge, and their caring staff make our drive well worth it.

Jerry L. (kidengineer)

2 years ago

Have been bringing my cats there since I moved into the area. One of the receptionists is a bit on the flaky side, but don't let that turn you off. Overall the staff is excellent. They take their time to explain conditions, how they arrived at their diagnosis, and treatment options. Price is very reasonable and they certainly gained my trust when it comes to my cat's health.

Kelda Cheney

2 years ago

Dr. Gawley handled our pair of rowdy kittens with expert hands and patiently answered all my questions. Not only did she provide exceptional care but also important education regarding pet care and Barbara at the front desk was very helpful and kind.

Gomez Addams

2 years ago

I made the appointment for the next day oh, it was extremely important because my cat was turning blue and choking fluid coming out of nose and mouth I was told that the vet needed to see him right away not because of his condition but because the veterinarian was going on vacation. so that would not help me in the long run. Because this started out about a tumor on his inner thigh that feels like a fatty cyst but it is growing fibers that attach it to the muscle which cancer does so I'm very concerned! my last cat live to be 32 years old. But after reading reviews from so long ago all the way up to present about the bedside manner with the humans but more importantly with the Animal Companions I panicked and found another vet who happen to be a block or two away from me. So all the better. I can't say everything was perfect there a little bit of the same complaints as this other Canyon Park had. No hello when the veterinarian walked in the room no eye contact and tried to shake my cat out of the carrier. I stopped that immediately made eye contact and said hello I am the customer and so is he and proceeded to remove him. I think they're genuinely caring people, sometimes people just get in that habit when you're around sick animals you need to kind of shut down a little bit I know I've done my share of being on the other side of the table. So if you're deciding to go to Canyon Park when this veterinarian comes back from vacation, do your research first maybe meet her in person if you're planning on having her be the primary caregiver with preventative care Etc I really don't care for the reviews they scare me.


2 years ago

Dr. Gawley is the best! When I get another cat she'll be it's vet.


2 years ago

The nurses and vets are absolutely amazing and wonderful!! We go here everytime if we have a concern for our cats!


3 years ago

I will never take my cat here again. I originally took my cat here simply for a check up and flea medication, and was surprised walking in that they had cats for adoption just out and about the lobby. I've actually worked in a vet clinic before and in my opinion this is neither sanitary nor safe (a potential cat-patient could feel threatened, and taking your cat to the vet stresses them out enough without strange cats wandering nearby). When I got into the exam room, the materials used in the room also did not promote sanitation: such as soft fabrics - god only knows what's been absorbed into them. The floor of the room also appeared dirty (noticeable dust and clumps of fur). I didn't even realize the vet had come in first (I first expected a technician), and she never introduced herself. She was curt, and made inappropriate comments about my cat. My cat is an Exotic Shorthair (a squished face cat) and during her examination I asked to check his nose/airways because I am aware that his breed poses potential health concerns. She made snide comments about how cats "are meant to have noses" (a literal quote as well as a few other remarks) which is COMPLETELY inappropriate. If I am coming to you for MEDICAL advice, it is your job as a PROFESSIONAL to acknowledge these health concerns, and do your best to help your patient. Isn't that why you're a vet? Because you love and care for animals? So, please, keep your snide comments to yourself and do your job with respect. I didn't ask for your opinion on his breed, I am well aware of the concerns and as any pet owner, I love him and he means the world to me! After the exam, she barely acknowledged me before leaving the room. When the tech came in (who was quite polite) I realized I had a question or two. The Dr.'s response to was to prescribe some asinine medication that wasn't even explained to me what it would do. I went to this clinic hoping that because it was a "cat" clinic that they would be best for my special breed of cat. Between the sanitation concerns and the disrespectful, unprofessional attitude of the vet, I would never recommend this clinic to anyone.

Lisa Hance

3 years ago

Best cat vet ever! Dr. G and her staff are wonderful.

T Johnson

3 years ago

The Vet here is amazing. She has been helping out kittens thru Cats for several years now. She is knowledgeable and her pricing is very fair. Thank you for servicing our family

phillip pehrson

3 years ago

They take great care of our cats here and have done so for many years.

Shannan Wooldridge

3 years ago

I called to inquire about services and after the lady told me they weren't accepting new clients she hung up on me.

sarah no

3 years ago

I was living up here for about 2 months when my boy got sick. They were able to fit me right in. If i lived here she would be my vet. Old school record taking seems more intimate than the newer vet places. I would recommend this place for all cat lovers.

Aesther Eris

3 years ago

We brought in our girl for issues with her paws and ankles 3 weeks or so ago. The receptionist wasn't wearing a mask, which was...very off-putting. We waited for Dr. Gawley for around 15 minutes--it's clear she's busy with a lot, so we didn't mind at first. When she came in, she wrote a lot of things down, barely spoke to either my husband or I, (didn't ask our names even!) and proceeded to pick up our cat in her carrier and carry her out of the room. My asking "do we follow you?" was met with a short "no" and a 30 minute period in which we didn't know where our cat was or what they were doing to her. She was brought back to us and told that they took scrapings of her paws, she's probably got irritation due to the litter we've used her whole life, and that she must have tried to lick her paws to soothe them and gave herself an infection. No blood tests, no urine tests, nothing. The vet recommended we buy their litter to use instead, gave us antibiotics, and sent us home. Dr. Gawley has been in business a long time, and I get that she's busy and that this pandemic is stressing everyone out--but to barely speak to us and then take our cat without a word? Do something to her without my permission? After ONLY scraping our cats paws and doing no other tests, Dr. Gawley genuinely said "I dont know what it is, but we'll see if the antibiotics and new litter help." She didn't schedule a follow up appointment either. The litter was expensive and clumped in our cats fur so badly that we had to give her multiple baths to get it out. They told us their "cat nutritionist" would call us to sort out a diet for our bigger girl--she called once to ask what we feed her (3 cans of fancy feast classic pate), and then we didn't hear from her until today. The original call was two and a half weeks ago. Today's call? "Feed her less, around THREE CANS, and give her the food in toys." That's it. Feed her "less" and play with her more. If I wanted to be told to feed my overweight cat less and give her exercise, I could have asked anybody that question. We were told she would help us down to a calorie count, not tell us to moderate her food (to the...same level...we and play with her more (we're home all the time, we play with her every single day.) The kicker: after the antibiotics were done, we called for a follow up (they didn't schedule one when we left,) and got one on October 1st. Three days ago, our cat stopped eating. After an emergency appointment with another vet: she has pancreatitis, her paws have a dermal issue, she had a fever, and her digestive tract was thickened--so she had been sick like this for some time. The not eating was recent, but with a blood test, Dr. Gawley could have known it was more than "your litter isn't good." We're several thousand dollars in debt now, and our girl was suffering for at least a month. I'm upset beyond words, and sick over her being in pain and unhappy for so long. We won't go back to Dr. Gawley again, and I hope this doesn't happen to anyone else. Don't buy the litter either, it's terrible and overpriced.

Randall Manning

3 years ago

They have always taken care of my kitty.

aubrey worthen

3 years ago

Dr. Gawley is the most amazing vet!! She is very intuitive and caring for the animals almost like she's a cat whisperer ????. She has found issues with my cat when other vets were unknowing as to the problem. If you want the absolute best care for your feline, then her clinic is the best place you could ever take them to. And Aubrey Bovee couldn't be any nicer and caring. She as well is so knowledgeable and the best vet tech there is. She is great at explaining things and has such compassion for the fury one's and their humans ????.

Carolyn Sexton

3 years ago

Love everything about this clinic. From the vet, vet techs, to the resident comfort cat. My cats have always been treated well and I would highly recommend anyone to take their cats to this clinic.

Cheryl Beyer

3 years ago

Dr is The best and we would never go any were else The front office and the back crew are amazing.

Jana Barnett

3 years ago

We first took our boy, Boo in to another local vet with a stuffed up nose. 4 weeks and $800 later he was WORSE! I just happened to see Cat Clinic one day and called them, unfortunately they couldn't get us in for a while so they had me call back the following morning. They got us in that very day. I was so impressed with Dr. Gawley's knowledge. We unfortunately found out our Boo has cancer (which the other vet didn't see). However, he can breath again and is eating and his eyes are no longer infected. We also were shocked by the bill for both the initial visit (about $100) and the biopsy and xrays (about $500).

Jesus Diaz

3 years ago

Hate this place. Brought in our cat after some breathing issues developed. Doctor said our cat had liquid in its lungs, gave us a steroid, and sent us home. Really? Left it at that. No follow up. Oh, they did take our money quickly tho! Fast forward a month, we’ve restocked on the medicine and things only got worse. This office failed to send xrays and records to our new clinic. We had to go to a second doctor to get some real advice and information. Turns out our cat has pneumonia and the medicine they gave us only made the original situation worse. They’ll be hearing from our lawyer.

AJ Moots

4 years ago

They took such great care of my cat! Kept him overnight for a few nights and he came home happy!

Cecily Sherritt

4 years ago

Love this place!! Dr. Gawley is wonderful with my cat! Go in once a month for flea treatment and nail trim as well as her yearly checkups.

Corina Aurdal

4 years ago

Dr Gawley is the 'Cat Whisperer'. She's an excellent veterinarian and I wouldn't trust my 2 ragdoll fur babies to anyone else.

Kory R.

4 years ago

I have been taking my cats here for over 15 years now, and always recommend them. They truly care for your furry family and will do everything they can to offer them the very best care

Lin Wallan

4 years ago

Friendly people love the staff and doctors

Lysa Smith

4 years ago

I love Dr. Gawley. She is the cat whisper. She takes good care of my cats. Her staff is awesome. Barbara is a favorite of mine. Thank you staff my cats loved you. ????????????

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