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Lucky Life

2 years ago

Good value, ask a lot of question for my dog, helpful, and make my dog happy to see them

Di Wang

2 years ago

My dog have ear problems for awhile . My vet cannot see her until FEB . and I have difficulty to find vet can take her ASAP. Here is only place can take her . Price is good people are friendly . Only thing is waiting time is long . But I still will transfer my vet to here .

Kasey Osborn

2 years ago

the vet i saw was prompt professional and super friendly! he made sure that my puppy’s first vet visit was good so she wouldn’t be afraid to come back!

Katie K

2 years ago

Value pet is such an amazing resource for both pet health and information! We came in with our 17 year old dog who has been anxious and in pain and got some wonderful information about how to help him and calm his nerves. We also brought in our chihuahua with no appointment and they clipped her nails and gave her an exam because our groomer has canceled and her nails were in desperate need of some attention! The reception team was kind and patient, the vet techs were AMAZING, and also kind and patient, and Dr. Durst was probably the best vet we have seen to date. She had so much information for us, she was so gentle with our elderly dog, and just so wonderful overall. We have been coming here for years and will continue to bring our dogs here. Cannot recommend this office enough!!

Alan Walker

2 years ago

Waited over two hours just to get my pet shots today. The person who came in seemed to be on some sort of drug with how she stammered her words and didn’t even know where to put the right vaccines on my dog. I declined the service and they still tried to charge me for a exam when the doctor didn’t even see my pet. They don’t know what they’re doing and it seems shady. Don’t waste your money.

Behnam saeidi

2 years ago

Truly Carin people trying their best to take care of your precious loved ones. We brought in a stray that has adopted us to go through the full gauntlet of exams. They practitioners are very professional and handle the pet with reasonable care. The cost is reasonable and they make sure to walk you through and explain all the procedures. I'll make sure to update this review in case there are any updates. Update 1: Day 3 after the visit, The stray cat we came to lovingly name Geralt is recovering from his infections and feeling better by the day! He has been eating more and is more playful. We have put him on a wet food diet or now to make sure his teeth is not being worsened until we get that looked at. We are scheduling to bring him back soon to to have his teeth looked at and neutered. Update 2: Our kitty has recovered very well. He is eating well, plays well and there is no sign of infections. We are very happy with this service and forever grateful of the amazing and hard working staff. He has immediately become friends with our youngest male cat and our older cat is slowly opening up to him.

katelyn m.

2 years ago

the assistant that served us was very funny and kind, he helped assist us. he was very sweet and we would love to have him treat us again. the pricing is reasonable, the only thing i would say is the treatment prices are a little pricey but apart from that, bellueve pet clinic is great!

Miho Reed

2 years ago

They were able to get us in quickly. The vets are always very empathetic and professional. We’ve been coming here for years and highly recommend for value, lower cost and highly knowledgeable vets. Their follow up is great too.

Rose C

2 years ago

This place has given excellent care to my middle-aged poodle with dental issues and now my new German Shepherd puppy as well. They're obviously busy, but always courteous and helpful, and answer my questions in a timely manner. The good prices don't hurt either! They have gotten a loyal customer with me and my little pack.

Shay Dragnich

2 years ago

I’ve been coming here for over a year now, and covid restrictions finally allow for me to come into the building with my animals and meet all the staff. Everyone was so friendly and knowledgeable, and I will definitely be continuing to bring my two dogs and two cats here even though I’ve just moved to Auburn. It’s worth the drive knowing my animals are in good hands!

Zachary Schumpert

2 years ago

We have been bringing our pets (cats and dogs) to Bellevue Value Pet Clinic for years and continue to do so because our pets always receive great care at an affordable cost. The staff and veterinarians are attentive to the needs of our animals, don't try to force us to buy unneccessary treatments and actually listen to us when we describe the symptoms and behaviors our pets are exhibiting. Highly recommend!

Amy Putnam

2 years ago

Great service. Took great care of our high anxiety dog. Loved the tech who took care of our dog.

ya liu

2 years ago

Long wait, otherwise it is pretty good. Staffs are very nice and professional.

Olga Oseth

2 years ago

Wonderful clinic! The vet staff were all very polite and took good care of my beloved husky, Zola. Recommend to us by Red Waggin Rescue where Zola was adopted from. I got honest answers from knowledgeable and friendly staff!

melissa secord

2 years ago

The Renton one was scared of our dog and here they work with him amazing. I’m so happy with it here

Kym dowling

2 years ago

Can’t trust this location. I tired to make it work at this vet but I can’t. I take all our dogs here and have for over a year but the last visit was awful. I can’t even type all the issues but I’ll put bullet points - over vaccinated dog because they didn’t look up shot records, when I asked they said, they didn’t know why they could open the file. Instead of talking to us, they vaccinated again and charged again - pushed unnecessary treatment on dogs - won’t let you be in the room with dog while being checked. Fully masked and 6 ft apart, they still took our dogs in another room. - they treat your dog like another paycheck instead of an actual animal. Felt extremely unprofessional - everyone seemed confused about what was going on. Cost me $500 for two check ups and shots. Also terrible communication! - made me do a Yelp review to get a discount - dog had worms from breeder and they didn’t even catch it, continued to have worms after visit - the fill in vet seemed like it was her first day, she was uncomfortable around the dogs and I didn’t know what the heck she was talking about We will be changing vets, I will move pets prescription over and find a vet that cares about our animals. There is no value at this clinic.

Michelle Gantt

2 years ago

Was responsive, quick, good handling of our cat, cared about the cleanliness of our room.

Sara Zhong

2 years ago

We have been taking our pets here for at least 12 years. We have always gotten great care for our animals and friendly informative service from the docs and staff. My most recent visit was also compassionate, friendly, and caring, except for the fact that we were left waiting for several extended periods during the visit. 15 minutes in my car upon arrival while I waited for clearance to enter (covid precaution), and then 90 minutes or so in a small exam room between the taking of vitals, then the doc exam, then explanations of the meds/treatment, then payment... It all totalled up to a 2 hour visit. Being in enclosed spaces with a panicked dog made it seem more like 4. And with no explanation until I pressed for one. I assume that this was due to understaffing issues caused by the pandemic. I don't know of any small businesses that have avoided this problem, and I have personal experience with understaffing in my own work so I get it. But just please don't keep saying you'll "be right back" if it truthfully will be more like 10 minutes each time. I was able to address this issue with the manager. She apologized and worked with me to clear it up which was appreciated. This is new management and new staff. I dearly hope that these are only bumps in the road as they get up to speed. They were very good to my dog which is the important thing.

Maryssa Evans

2 years ago

If I could give a zero I would. I called to make an appointment for my dog just for vaccines no appointment. They approved it yesterday. Thank god I called to get an appointment update today 10/8 because they said that they do need an exam. The person at the front was filling in and it wasn’t her fault. She was amazing and even asked the vet after I asked if I needed an exam. They said no. I called today and they wouldn’t accommodate me in any way. The right thing to do is accommodate and waive the exam fee but they didn’t. I talked to a manger and instead of doing the right thing for the business she tried to convince that even if I called other places it would require an exam and have the same prices which is absolutely not true. Learn how to treat your customers. I will be finding somewhere else. Don’t bring your dog here if you want to be treated right.

Lisa Yun

2 years ago

Best care of my bog i am here in 7 years now So far so good ????

Val D

2 years ago

My tiny 7 pound dog was bit by a bigger chihuahua we knew. At the beginning it was not even noticeable. Absolutely no blood, nothing visible. But being a loving mom, I paid attention to any small signs of anything wrong. Next day I noticed my boy didn't want me to touch his neck. I found a tiny (size of my small nail) wound under his fur, and it was just a bit infected. Still enough for me to be in the clinic the same day. I was very confused about the procedure I was recommended. Actually, it took me some time to even understand exactly what they wanted to do with my poor dog, because I couldn't even imagine that a vet might recommend 4!!! stitches under anesthesia for a few hours. SERIOUSLY???!!! I could not believe the doctor was that inadequate to recommend that, I would call, sadistic procedure at THIS PARTICULAR case. I ended up buying antibiotics from them, and did a holistic treatment using some creams from pus/infection, and applications, including aloe, myself. Good for me I knew how to treat it. And I had the cream I purchased at the local pharmacy. If someone does not? Poor dogs! The vet did not offer anything re. local treatment, but thank him, still gave good advice to keep the wound open to heal better. In a week my dog even did not have a scar left. In my personal opinion, if the vet does not know a holistic treatment like cream for such small issues, and wants to put the tiny dog in hell under anesthesia, something seriously wrong going on. Looked like it was more money oriented advice, definitely, not the best interest for a pet. IF needed, will pay whatever it needs to be done, but I was very proud of myself being smart enough to save my dog from unnecessarily suffering and risks (that cost, btw, over $800 or so, not my concern, but clearly their interest), and having great outcome treated him myself for less that $100. Also, I seriously dislike the assistant that day. She did not look like a person who really loves animals. Anyway, It was my last visit to that clinic

Allie Leslie

2 years ago

Really kind and professional. I know they really care about my dog!

Kathy S

2 years ago

We always get my dog’s immunizations here. All staff members are always so nice to him!

VEE Borja

2 years ago

My appointment would be at 8am and won’t even be able to pick up my pup until 5pm they will just lock them in the cage and won’t even let them eat or drink water, I picked up my pup and he ran to his bowl and drank water so fast like he hasn’t drank water in days, I asked them why do I have to drop my dog off at 8am when they weren’t going to be able to see him until 5pm…no explanation, if you are going to keep my dog there for that long at least give him water, don’t bring your pet here…

Harper Wright

2 years ago

I am brand new to area and just had my first visit at Value Pet Clinic in Bellevue with 2 of my 3 dogs. Being a former vet tech and just simply a crazy dog-mom, I have very high expectations when it comes to the care my fur babies receive. This clinic met all of those expectations! They were professional, efficient, personable and knowledgable. On top of it all, their prices are some of the most reasonable ones in the area. I highly recommend this clinic to other pet parents!

Dipshikha Kandel

3 years ago

My bf took our cat to the vet because she wasn't behaving normally. Unfortunately Bellevue Value Pet Clinic didn't care enough to take our situation seriously. There are many other places to go to, ones that actually care about animals and show us that they are cared for.

Jackie Harris

3 years ago

Prompt, professional, caring, and friendly. Affordable prices and great care. I highly recommend this office!

Isela Gonzalez

3 years ago

Expect a long wait. Last 3 appointments my dog had an appointment we finally got to our appointment 1 hour AFTER IT WAS SCHEDULED. Our dog was almost given to another owner. They just don't care there and it shows. Just go somewhere else. Update from my last review: These incompetent people told me my dog had a yeast infection in his ear after numerous concerns brought to them. They gave me something for yeast. My dog has a case of mites that was made worse and his ears are filled with black tar. I am disgusted with this facility and if you care about your animal you will NOT take them there. I'm going to further report them.

abbey cardle

3 years ago

I cant say enough good things about this place! My cat had an ear infection for 6 months. I took him to 3 different vets who each charged me hundreds Of dollars for labs etc. They all told me he had ear mites but he never got better. One quick trip to Value Pet and only $75 dollars later, my kitty is all better and a happy boy! Turns out it was a yeast infection and the doctor knew this immediately without expensive labs!

Blacknight Sniper

3 years ago

Terrible the bald male vet isn’t very careful with the animals and treated my dog poorly like he didn’t care and they “diagnosed” my dog but the sickness isn’t gone totally wasted my money with medication that didn’t work came back a second time and they gave me another false diagnosis wasted another 100$ don’t come to this place... it’s a waste of time and money

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