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Emi Ruff

a year ago

I really cannot recommend VCA MacArthur if you have a dog with anxiety. My pup can be afraid of vets, so he should be muzzled for the vets’ safety if they want. However, he is NOT aggressive, and most vets/groomers understand how to work with dogs like him. Most will also listen to me when I say this fear is recent, and I want to really make sure it doesn’t get worse. Not MacArthur. Our second time here, I took Teddy in for a booster shot, which was curbside. The tech saw the muzzle note on his file, and came to get him with the assumption he was aggressive. I am honestly shocked that she’s a vet tech — she talked over me and refused to listen to me explain that I’m happy to muzzle him, but wanted to talk to her about making sure it wasn’t going to further traumatize him. Obviously, any dog owner knows how the story ends — I got flustered trying to explain myself without raising my voice, Teddy sensed that something wasn’t right and freaked out, and we had a bad experience. I’m glad he was muzzled, because he ran out of there after his shot like something awful had happened, not like he was excited to see me. Two days later, I took him to a new daycare and he was terrified of the receptionists. How you treat dogs has a big impact. I’ll be switching to a vet that gets that. I’d pay their higher prices if they matched that with empathy in their staff, but the value is not there for me or my dog.

Lesley Jantarasami

a year ago

Super friendly staff who were patient with my scared rescue dog ????

Sarah Victoria

2 years ago

VCA has cared for my goldendoodle Clover so much, even without the Plan he has been able to be squeezed in for an appointment when we were concerned about something. For example, my puppy was limping and I was very scared on the reasons why but they took him in has an emergency appointment and squeezed him in last minute and Checked him, with the right prescription given he was himself less than 3 days he stopped limping. How, The only concern and thing I would be aware about is the prices are high I wish VCA can accommodate their prices to be more efficient for patients, i can say they are high in prices but overall their staff and vets love my goldendoodle and they communicate every detail with your pet. My goldendoodle loves going to the vet because of them.

Dorothea Bradley

3 years ago

The staff a very accommodating to the need of my pet they show a lot of empathy when my dog had surgery they comfort her and me through the process. Clean surroundings.


3 years ago

The people were friendly and the appointment lead time was 2 weeks, which seems reasonable.

Erik Lund

3 years ago

Fantastic vet!!! Super friendly and caring staff. Their monthly wellness plans are a great value!


3 years ago

Oh! They are extremely nice. Our Rottweiler (Whiskey Lullaby) is always happy whenever we visit them

Gail Williams

3 years ago

This was Prince drs .app.

Grant Lockhard

3 years ago

There were a number of communication issues with our recent check-up appointment for our dog. I was told to bring a stool sample, which I did. They didn’t ask for the the stool sample, but then drew blood without telling me or explaining that was their plan beforehand. No one asked when my dog had last taken medicine, or explained that I should wait for the test results before starting the prescription - I had to ask to verify. This could have been dangerous to my dog if I started meds without knowing to wait for the test results (which could have killed him). There was a lack of communication and understanding, on the purpose of the appointment and the procedures, while finding as many additional procedures (and extensive) After our appointment, the vet was highly focused on a different follow-up procedure, which while may be beneficial to our dog, unfortunately came off only as a money grab.

Jason Yeung

3 years ago

Knowledgeable staff and vets! They’ve done a great job at taking care of both my dogs. If you’re going to use them as your go-to vet for everything, I recommend enrolling your pups in the VCA CareClub. Depending on the dog it’s $50-$80 a month but it covers all the routine puppy check-ups, shots, vaccines, and some other things as well. They started offering grooming as well, however, I can’t speak to their quality. For my standard poodle (65lbs), I was quoted around $80-$100.

Latania Burton

3 years ago

They are amazing. Pricey but amazing!!!

M. L.

3 years ago

Loved this place! Dr. Frisch was so awesome helping me with a tiny dog that I had found. From clipping the matted hair around his neck, trimming his little nails, and chopping off the severely overgrown hair covering his little eyes, she and her staff was gentle and very helpful!

Maximilian Bachmann

3 years ago

Great place with super friendly staff. Took my pup Sushi for her first visit. Only good vibes here

Melissa Bethea

3 years ago

The staff was friendly and helpful. They put my nervous cat at ease.

Jim Harris

3 years ago

Great animal hospital. They make sure to keep everyone safe during the pandemic, and take excellent care of the animals. No issues at all with their front desk, vets, or billing. Excellent service and great, knowledgeable staff.

roxane tussiwand

3 years ago

DON' T GO THERE! I am very disappointed. I brought in my cat because he had a lump on the side. (The suspicion is that it could have either been a Lipoma (fat cell tumor, very frequent in cats and dogs) or an abscess (an infection full of pus). ( I am a biologist with PhD in Molecular Medicine) I was recommended for surgery, since the vet was sure about the lipoma, without a biopsy and without even shaving the cat to check for possible signs of wounds, which would have excluded the lipoma. I ask and pay for the biopsy (aprox. 500$) which consists in 5 punctures of the lump. Unnecessary surgery is wrong, in humans and animals! I was waiting for the pathology results (I payed for them), but never got them. Instead I received the email with the costs for the surgery (over 4000$). The skin of the cat was not disinfected before picturing for the biopsy! I can understand that it may be unnecessary in animals but if the suspicion is an infection, you may want to do that! OVERNIGHT because of the pocking with the syringe the abscess deflated and the cat was immediately more active! I guess the lipoma wasn't a Lipoma! I wonder if I would have agreed on the surgery without biopsy...Would the surgical procedure still be lipoma removal??? SO UNPROFESSIONAL!!! TAKING ADVANTAGE of the health of animals we care for and love is unacceptable.

Talatha Davis

3 years ago

The service was excellent. I recommend this animal hospital. Thank you for the excellent care with Bella. ????????????????

Tasia and June

3 years ago

Great service from informed professionals who care for your pet. I was in and out in under an hour for an annual physical and rabies vaccine for my cat. My cat was pretty upset and anxious to be in a new place, but Charity was very gentle with her and conducted as much of the exam as possible with her still in the carrier. Dr. Murphy answered all of my questions thoroughly and both she and Charity were very kind to my cat.

John Jones

4 years ago

They took the time to make sure my 8 year old pup was healthy and weighed the value of the monthly care program without pushing the sale. I feel like they understand the fur-parent balance.

michelle komal

4 years ago

This is a phenomenal vet practice . They are caring and take the time necessary to put clients at ease

Michael Fantauzzo

4 years ago

Went in for the free first visit coupon. Answered all my questions, no rush, and very friendly. Worked with my budget and answered all my questions. Gave me a goodie bag. My pup had a great time.

Kris Molter

4 years ago

The staff and docs are amazing. They really love animals and will take care of yours

Kiara Allen

4 years ago

The people that work at MacAuthur Animal Hospital are amazing! They care for my puppy very well and they are very attentive. No waiting. Always in and out.

Kelly McAllister

4 years ago

The only place I trust to take my dog. He actually enjoys coming here!

Karen Volker

4 years ago

I have been coming here for years and they have always taken great care of my cats. On top of being very qualified, they are all very nice and friendly!

Ma Pei

4 years ago

After the appointment tonight, I will not be going back. I was not happy about the lack of service and the way my puppy was treated. We had a blood test done for heartworm tonight and, being a 5-month old puppy, he was squeamish. It did not help that it took them about 16 tries to draw the blood. The longer it went on, the more he cried. After it was over, I was told he needed obedience training. If any entity needs training, it is the staff at VCA - phlebotomy training would come in handy and would render the nasty comments about a puppy crying unnecessary. My puppy is a beautiful, loving golden retriever who deserves to go to a Vet who understands he is a puppy and, more pertinently, can draw blood on the first try to minimize the trauma any puppy would experience having blood drawn for the first time. I will not be going back and would not recommend any one else with a dog from ever visit this establishment. If you can't love a puppy and treat a puppy well, you should find another career, outside of animal care.

Vanessa Aponte

4 years ago

Fantastic first time experience here. The staff is lovely and were so sweet with my Chloe.

Yelda Ece Guven

4 years ago

VCA MacArthur is an amazing animal hospital. They are kind to the animals and give them treats. I recommend this animal hospital to everyone because they cured my dog, Benny, of Lung Worm.

Yohana Analiz Laureano

4 years ago

This place is wonderful. I will definitely recommend it.


4 years ago

They did an excellent job with my 2 cats for their checkups. Thank you very much!

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