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Nancy Cosner

a year ago

Dr Liu and the team are absolutely fantastic. They treat my 9 year old pup like family.

Hannah Harmon

a year ago

Fantastic vet clinic, they treat your pet like a family member!


2 years ago

This place is a joke. They overcharge because they can due to the demographics in the immediate area, they won't let you in the clinic (you have to wait in your car and there is no parking) and you can never get an apt. They push you into their "Urgent Care" appointments so they can further gouge you. They have been slammed in social media but they don't seem to learn/change their ways.

Lindsay Ancellotti

2 years ago

I've had poor vet experiences in the DMV, and it was such a relief to be treated so well at Palisades! The customer service was amazing and made me feel at ease about anything going on with my dog. Highly recommend!

Margaret Yellott

2 years ago

Great vet. Totally overbooked and twice now I have called with an urgent care request and been told that they can’t see me for a WEEK. Not pleased.

Evan Ochsenfaber

2 years ago

Our cat has had wonderful care from the staff here and we always feel well informed.

Melinda Roth

2 years ago

THE WORST!!!!! RUN from this practice which, when you need them the most, will be so overbooked that they cannot squeeze your beloved pet in...My two small dogs were injured at a dog sitter's house yesterday when a big dog got in a fight. I arrived in town late last night and scooped them up and called OUR VET for several years -- Palisades first thing this morning because I knew they needed to be seen -- especially since we are driving to Iowa tomorrow morning for the college baseball national championship (I certainly cannot fly and leave them with the dog sitter). I waited all day, calling several times and at 430 pm was told the Doctors are all leaving at 5 and I should just take them to an emergency room (where there is a 3-4 hour wait and it will be several hundred dollars more). This is NOT how a practice should be managed and how patients should be treated. Not to mention they are beyond expensive, and way more than other practices. Do your pet a favor, and find a practice that cares more about your pets than the money. ************And of course Palisades Vet responds to say they are very busy and they prefer not to refer people elsewhere, but kept me hoping all day long...never got back to me, told me that if only I would have spoken to the right person, they could have found a way...I was just not VIP enough, let's face it. You do NOT turn away HURT dogs in PAIN needing medical attention who are YOUR patients. You find a way. Every medical office has ways of squeezing people in they want to keep as patients. They just don't care because there are more suckers who will pay $20 more per exam than the going rate and when their pets need immediate medical attention, they will tell you to go elsewhere...guess what? I am never coming back and I hope this review reaches as many people as possible so that potential (or even current) customers choose another practice that will be there for them, the way your practice just simply was not...


2 years ago

DO NOT RECOMMEND. My dog had been seen here several times before unexpectedly becoming sick overnight. I called the clinic the next morning, and they scheduled an appointment. I was asked to bring a stool sample, which caused us to be 15 minutes late because it took my dog an abnormal amount of time to go (because she was sick, as I explained over the phone). I called ahead to let the clinic know that I would be late and was told that I would be charged a fee (amounting to $160) because we were late. At that point, I had a choice between my very sick pet not being seen or paying the fee, so I agreed. I waited an hour for the techs to come get my pet and another hour after that for her to be seen. $700 and several tests later, I took my dog home where she continued to get sick for the next several days. I eventually took her to urgent care (I refused to bring her back to Palisades) where the vet diagnosed her with a simple case of Kennel Cough, for which they prescribed an over-the-counter medication totaling $5. The full urgent care visit totaled $200, significantly less than going to Palisades. After my experience, I came here to read the reviews. I agree with several other reviewers that this vet is WAY more expensive than other options throughout the city. They also seem to add on unnecessary services/charges to drive-up the bill, without informing you of the cost first. If you don't have hundreds of dollars to spend on minor issues, I would NOT recommend. The schedulers/tech staff also seemed very dismissive. I would expect a vet that charges so much to have top-notch customer service. Experienced owners may have better experiences.

Laura Carey

2 years ago

We have come here for several years for our cat as it is very convenient. Also, the groomer is fantastic! Our cat recently got a wonderful lion cut which really helps keep him clean (and apparently our cat was totally happy during the process and didn’t require sedation)!

Susie O'Mara

2 years ago

I took my mom's miniature poodle there for grooming. Derrick found she had mats and we agreed she needed to have a pretty close shave, not the puppy cut we were planning. She looks absolutely ADORABLE! He did a fabulous job and the staff were all thorough and professional.

Susan Miller

2 years ago

I took my dog here a few weeks ago. Not only was my appointment late, but the guy (with green hair) had a slight attitude when picking up my dog. They ask you to purchase expensive medications that seem excessive and unnecessary. The hospital just doesn't seem too organized in my opinion. My dog was happy when i got him back so that earned a star. I'd recommend improving customer relations. Especially if you'd like to establish a solid customer base.

Scott Pearson

3 years ago

We stopped working with them because they misdiagnosed our dog and recommended thousands of dollars of work because of a conclusion that our dog’s platelet count is low, when in fact that is normal for our dog’s breed. Because of this I lost confidence in the doctor’s expertise and this reinforced a sense that they are constantly trying to upsell you.

Lindsay Solie Jensen

3 years ago

The care our puppy has receiced from the vets has always been good, advice and treatment sound, which is of course the priority in choosing where to go for veterinary care.


3 years ago

I brought my longhaired cat here for his first grooming because I was pleased with how they trimmed his nails at his last vet appointment, and I generally was very happy with the experience. I asked them to trim the fur around his face. The groomer shaved through half of his whiskers so they're only about 1-1.5 inches long on one side. (I also asked for the fur between his paws to be trimmed down, but they missed the back paws.) I'm frustrated because I felt safe bringing him here for grooming services since it's a vet that I trust. If you can't have your pet safely groomed at a vet then where can you go? If it were just a cosmetic issue I wouldn't bother leaving a review, but this is not okay for cats, and I expect a veterinary clinic to know that.

Jeffrey Grant

3 years ago

I don't usually write reviews about cost, but Palisades Veterinary Clinic is way too expensive. I took my two small dogs there for annual exams plus my one dog had an ear infection. I was there less than an hour. The vet spent about 5 minutes with the dog that had the ear infection and maybe two minutes with the dog for his annual exam ($80 each). They performed fecal tests on both ($40 each) and otic cytology on one ($40). I also purchased Nexgard and Heartguard for 3 months each ($208 total). Each dog received one vaccine each ($55 each). They both got their nails trimmed ($25 each, last time it was $10 each). My dog with the ear infection got her ears plucked ($25). The total bill was $748.00!!! This seems so crazy. It looks like they mark the meds up about 40% over what I could buy them online. One would think I would get a double dog discount or something. The vet also tried to up-sell me on lab work for one dog who maybe 10 years old now (not sure because we rescued him) because he is now a "senior," even though he had lab work done just 6 months ago at the same vet and is having no symptoms. The care here is pretty good. No wait and quick in and out, but do yourself a favor and ask what things will cost first! I think that is would be worth it to drive out of the city to save some dough. In my experience, vet costs can vary widely between practices. Capitalism in action!!! BUYER BEWARE!!

Braden Herman

3 years ago

Care. Service. Friendliness. PVC is amazing across the board. Best vet we have ever worked with.

Cristina Cotte

4 years ago

Everyone at Palisades is very nice and professional. They never make you feel rushed and are very organized with their schedule. The waiting area is always clean. Dr Fisher and Dr Elliot have been excellent as well as all their assistants. They noted my dog’s favorite treat in her file so they know how to entice her when she comes in and since she is anxious they always comfort her a lot.

Jim Hartman

5 years ago

The staff and Dr. Catherine De Luca have been nothing short of superb to both us and our dog Ruth. Ruth is a bit anxious and hard to get near if she doesn't know you, yet she always seemed at ease here (no "dog eyes of terror" once she realized where she was). Dr. De Luca gave us many options and scenarios to explore for Ruth's cancer and teeth issues, even suggesting another vet hospital for surgery to better fit our budget. She has an incredible bedside manner, is very easy to talk to, and would even answer our concerned emails in off hours, which I have personally never experienced at any vet I've taken my dogs to over the years. If you want a vet that knows what they're doing while also keeping the mood light and positive, you should look no further. I have to be honest that it can be a little expensive (it's in the Palisades AND DC, are you surprised?), but it has been worth every penny and we would be very reluctant to take our dog anywhere else.

Johnny Earles

5 years ago

Being new to DC, a pet family for over 30 years and my father-in-law was a great veterinarian himself, the bar was set high for any vet clinic. After a failed experience with another area vet clinic, Dr. Fischer and team exceeded our expectations! (And they’re nice, engaging people, too!) Can’t say enough. - JE

Lawrence Greenberg

5 years ago

They are kind to pets.

Sarah Leith Bahn

6 years ago

Palisades Veterinary Clinic is amazing. My dog has diabetes and has to be in there so much. They have the best service and provided my furry baby the best care. I am truly so thankful for Dr. Jann Elliot.

Ronda Bernstein

6 years ago

The Animal Hospital is very good about donating services to animal rescue organizations. They also have Sunday hours which is very rare. Contrary to the Google listing, there is not parking other than street parking which can be an issue when bringing your pet and not knowing how far you will have to walk, especially if you have more than one animal. For this reason, we only come here with animals for the rescue we work with. For our own cats, we drive to a Virginia vet with parking. If we had a dog, it wouldn't matter and we'd likely patron them because of their charitable work.

Andrew Huber

6 years ago

Wonderful vets and vet tech, very caring, very knowledgeable. Convenient, reasonable prices.

Noah Eisenberg

6 years ago

My dog loves this place

myrna sislen

6 years ago

Jessica is a wonderful groomer. She was so nice and accommodating. This is the best Veterinary Clinic in the city!

Cory Major

6 years ago

They are polite and not too long of a wait if you Make an appointment. Parking is almost non existent sometimes.

George Powell

6 years ago

Great care from the docs, but technicians seem to be inexperienced.

Gus Redmond

6 years ago

The doctors and techs are very friendly and know how to deal with difficult animals with ease. They are very good about working with you for determining the proper care for your pet.

AnneKathryn Dalton

7 years ago

The doctors are wonderful. They took me in at a last minute notice on the weekend and treated my cat like family. I really appreciated their honesty and willingness to spend time explaining all the procedures and medications. I highly recommend this clinic for your pet!

Justin Brown

7 years ago

We finally left this very expensive vet after 7 years. We really liked the doctors, the intimate feeling and the availability. Honestly, we have no idea what happened here. The office is now poorly managed and things that started as a minor annoyances turned into serious problems and threats to our dog's health. The vet almost never never remembered to prep us before visits and they often completely failed to share information between doctors. Recently, they scheduled a major visit and surgery for us. First they had forgotten the primary reason for the surgery. Then it turned out they forgot to order the ultrasound. Then they LIED about being ready for the appointment, which could have resulted in two separate surgeries for our elderly dog instead of one. They never told us about post surgical medications. There is more, but too long to note here. We asked to speak with the vet/owner but nearly two months later, we still have not heard back - from anyone. Dr. Elliott is a nice vet, but her business is not good. Definitely find a better place to go.

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