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Thomas Jones

2 years ago

If I could give zero stars I would my first appointment they had told me I scheduled at 9:30 am when I know for a fact I set it for 12:30 because it was in my email and txt the lady at the front desk went back and forth with me… I bring my pet home to come to find out he has canine cough not only that I paid extra for flea and tick they didn’t give my puppy the medication and made me pay another fee our next appointment even though I had it included with plan and had previously paid for it. My dog was sick for about two weeks with the cough he goes back for his second appointment and my dog comes home with diarrhea I’m not sure what’s going on in there but I am VERY DISSATISFIED WITH THIS HOSPITAL

Mona Butterfield

2 years ago

Care-ful. Very kind exceptionally thorough. Efficient both Dr Pollard and staff. My lovely red furry was diagnosed and treated well. Many thanks. Highly recommended!!

Malu Veltze

2 years ago

Don’t go here! They are so bad with helping you out compared to the other locations. They don’t want to look at your files even though other locations have told us that we can pick up our meds at any other Banfield location as long as it’s on record. Horrible customer service!

Lark Fordham-Goffi

2 years ago

Thanks for taking care of my cat! Super streamlined, easy to schedule and did everything I needed


2 years ago

They always greet us and treat my babies as if they were their own. The staff explains everything with great detail.

Carrie B

2 years ago

Tried calling to book an appointment and was on hold for over 10 minutes. When I got through, the woman told me to book some place else, since they were 3 weeks out for regular appointments and could only do dental cleaning in January. She worked on discouraging me and when I said I wanted an appointment, she placed me on hold and hung up. I called again and she put me on hold again, so she could look at the schedule. No help so far. On hold again for 5 minutes +. Will update.

Sharia Fox

2 years ago

Started bringing my senior dog here after moving and the staff here always go the extra mile. My pup developed colitis and had to get rushed to the emergency room and the staff made sure to check up on her in the days following her ER discharge. In another instance, Dr. Weller and the staff also spent an hour plus calling around to find insulin for my dog when our supply spoiled. Always a good experience.


2 years ago

My cat comes here for her check ups. Easy to drop her off and can arrange to pick her up at my convenience. The doctors and staff are always helpful and friendly. I understand they get busy at this location, but the banfield plan I’m on allows me to schedule appointments at other Banfield’s which I’ve had to do when she needs a same day appointment for her unexpected stomach aches and vomiting over the years, I’m glad there are several in the area, I’ve been to the one in Bethesda and a few out in Maryland.

Aisha Ali

2 years ago

Wow, DO NOT bring your pet here unless you want your day to be ruined by the highly incompetent front desk staff… I had my first appointment at this location this morning, however my pet has been with Banfield since 2016. When I arrived this morning the man at the desk said he couldn’t access my pet’s medical records so we would have to wait for our old Banfield (on the West coast) to open so he could call them for some kind of permission to access my pets records? He said they open at 11am east coast time. When I followed up at 11:30am he still had not called the west coast vet! I called the west coast vet and they said that this whole thing made no sense to them and they absolutely did not have to give DC Banfield permission to access my pets records. I called Banfield corporate and they were shocked that I was being told this by DC Banfield. The woman at corporate said all DC Banfield had to do was call them and they would have immediately taken care of any computer issue or access issue. Corporate called DC Banfield and helped them work out the issue. Why did I have to facilitate this? Why couldn’t the front desk people think of that themselves? Later that day I received a call from DC Banfield that my dog would be ready for pick up at 3pm. Minutes later, they called me again and said that actually my pet was ready to be picked up now. I arrived 30 minutes later and they said that actually he wasn’t ready. Um…. then why did you call me to say he was ready? They then proceeded to tell me that they had to do something with his file to make sure I wasn’t charged for this visit, which was covered by his Banfield plan. Why did I have to sit there and wait for that? I called corporate AGAIN from Banfield and once again they were shocked that this was happening and apologized profusely for the front desk’s lack of knowledge about they job. Corporate said to please tell the front desk that they were going to call them as soon as they hung up with me. I told the man and he looked me in the eye and picked up the phone to make another call. Making it impossible for corporate to get through. I couldn’t believe he did that! I ended up waiting for 30 minutes for them to figure out something they should have known how to do and if they didn’t know, well corporate tried to help but they refused to pick up their call. I’m shocked at my overall experience with the front desk workers (Maia and Carl). And saddened because I’ve always had a wonderful relationship with our old Banfield office. Do better Banfield!

Chase Walker

2 years ago

Really cannot express enough how wonderful this location is. All staff went above and beyond when my kitten was having health issues. They are fully transparent with cost, and are truly there to help animals. You can tell they really care.

Tanya Gist

2 years ago

I can take both cats at the same time. Saves on transportation cost


2 years ago

I know my dog is in good hands.

David Hendrix

2 years ago

They book your appoints weeks out then cancel at the last moment. Shows extreme lack of care or people pets. Clearly just trying to make a profit by booking as many people in as possible then canceling when they get too full. Clearly shows how they would treat your pet as well. Sad organization.

Kim Barr

2 years ago

I love this location it's close to home for me. And the staff is very courteous and friendly. And my fur baby Amani loves it here too.

Krzysztof Wozniak

2 years ago

Great service, good with scheduling, just hard to find parking sometimes

chasity holder

2 years ago

They wouldn't see me cause I was 2 minutes late

Melanie Meisenheimer

2 years ago

I dropped my kitten off on-time for her 11:30am appointment. The office is still using extensive COVID procedures so you have to drop your pet off and leave. They didn't even look at her for 5 hours. She was there for 6 hours for a basic wellness check and 1 shot. Meanwhile, there was no communication about the delays so I had to stay "on-call" all day and had to keep calling for updates. They also didn't trim her claws, as requested, but the office was closing by the time they saw her so it wasn't worth dragging out the visit any longer. My kitten needs another vaccine in a few weeks and we will absolutely be taking our business elsewhere. I'm not making a kitten sit in a vet's office for 6 hours for a single shot, not to mention wasting my own time. I strongly suspect this office is keeping the COVID drop off model because it cannot keep up with the appointment schedule. There's no way they could get away with a 6 hour wait if owners were allowed to accompany their pet on the visit. The staff were lovely but a 6 hour checkup is beyond ridiculous.

Sharron Brown

2 years ago

The best pet hospital in dc

Brendon Gehrke

3 years ago

This place is a revolving door of veterinarians . More than three of my vets have left over the past two years. I was happy with them and sad to see them go. The lobby can get full quickly which gives my pet anxiety. The Vet Techs are sweet and we’ll miss them, but I needed to find a new vet that could be consistent.

Shannon A McGhee

3 years ago

efficient and courteous staff. nice clean facility.

Julius S.

3 years ago

I like this place both reggie and Katie made me feel like I was a part of the staff already even though I was just on an interview

Nikki Gunter

3 years ago

Showed up on time for a 10:30 a.m. appointment for my puppy. She was literally there for am exam & vaccines, something that shouldn't take long at all. At 1 p.m. I call the location & the lady said verbatim "the doctors just stepped out for lunch, it'll be about an hour." It what world do you drop off a pup at the scheduled time, hours go by while we're waiting in the nearby parking garage racking up ungodly fees, on top of the doctors stepping away for lunch & not a single courtesy call indicating that there would be a delay with seeing our pup. Shame on you Banfield @ The Yards, your customer service is terrible! Your communication skills are terrible. Your sense of time is terrible. Get it together!

Nova Games

3 years ago

The whole experience was great,they were very nice an professional they explained everything to me.

maggie howell

3 years ago

Really discouraged with Banfield and will not be returning. I adopted my kitten from a shelter in December and of course need to get her shots/spayed. I’ve gotten her shots through Banfield and that was fine, however trying getting a cat spayed here is next to impossible unless you pay their monthly premium plan which is an absolute SCAM. Since she was already a patient here, I was proactive in getting her spayed and reached out early. I’ve told Banfield both times she went in to get shots that I HAVE to get her spayed. Every time I have tried to schedule they say they “do not have appointments this month and they don’t have the schedule yet for next month.” This is a total lie. No place operates like that. What happens is that they prioritize their patients who pay their monthly scam plan premium. Which is completely robbing you, but they get away with because it’s DC. They also had the audacity to quote me $800+ for a spay but then tell me multiple times there are no appointments available. They do not prioritize nor care about their lower income patients and instead exploit the upper income people of Navy Yard. Save your money and find somewhere else to go.

Tim Walsh

3 years ago

This team is always sweet to me and my big lug of a lab. Pre-COVID, we would walk in together and they would explain everything in front of me before anything was done and made sure I had no questions. During COVID, I would call and they would explain over the phone the same way they would in front of me. Zeke was wagging his tail before, likely during, and definitely after his visit. With no issues of him being scared to leave me or any extra anxiety. It was like he was going to see a friend.

Angela Jennings

3 years ago

While my experience with the vet himself was great, the customer service at this location is terrible. They made a mistake and tried to hold me accountable for it while not once apologizing for my inconvenience. Upon receiving my puppy after discharge, I handed over my card for payment processing. The office assistant returned by card and told me I was good to go. A few days later I get a call saying I need to bring my card back in, as there is no card on file for my wellness plan. When I shared that it was not convenient for me to get there any day soon, I could provide my card over the phone. They shared they could not take phone cc payments, but when speaking to Katie, she shared that I could present the card again on my next (already) scheduled visit in a few weeks. The very next day I get a call from Donna(sp), who indicates she is the office manager, and instead of apologizing to me for her team's mistake, she has the audacity to start with "If you cannot come today to present your card, the wellness plan will be canceled and your account goes to collections." The nerve! What kind of customer service is that? Who is being held accountable for not taking the proper steps when I handed over my card initially? When I next agree on a resolution with a member of her team, she now disagrees with that approach - who is responsible for their lack of alignment and/or training? They make errors, miscommunicate, and take ZERO accountability. Please be mindful of your billings and check your statements. Definitely one of my top 10 worst customer service experiences.

Doug Mcgill

3 years ago

They take great care of your pet!!#

Kayla Elkins

3 years ago

this place has gone down in the in the last few months. i picked this location because it was close by. of course. and IN NAVY YARD. they never have space to take “ old clients” they never follow up. my biggest issue is with shurada. they decided to close an hour early. and she purposely watched me stand at the door and wasnt go say anything until another girl walked out. and of course it’s covid season so no clients but the animals should be in the lobby. but of course they had people in there but couldn’t assist me. JILL i see why you left girl ! they don’t care about anyone but new people to sign up and take your money. and treat employees horrible. in the last 4 months the turn over rate has been high and now i see why. POOR POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE. don’t bother to call me to ask me to take my review down.

Jason Mellen

3 years ago

Terrible customer service! Made an appointment online and they called two weeks later to say they are not taking new clients and didn't seem to care at all. This was my first impression and will be the last.

Jon Rybka

3 years ago

Banfield is part of the PetSmart family but they treat my Shih Tzu Jack like family. Jack doesn’t mind going to see his girls for his checkups and tooth brushings. They even offered to shave him for us when the pandemic hit and he started to have matting problems due to dog groomers being closed. They have been nothing but excellent with Jack. I will take him there for as long as Jack is with us and any future dogs that adopt me.

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