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Abigail Boswell

a year ago

I am so pleased with my experience with this company. I had ONE phone consultation with Marina and after the first time implementing her tips, my dogs were on board. Before this consult they were dragging me relentlessly on our walks. Highly recommend their services!

Lisa Mackin

a year ago

A two-hour one-on-one session with Brian completely changed my relationship with my puppy. His expert advice and hands-on demonstrations ensured that I could repeat what I learned after the session. He had a solution for every problem we addressed, he taught us techniques that worked immediately, he recommended new collars to make our walks easier, and he worked with every member of the family to ensure we were all on the same page. My only regret is not finding Brian sooner. My vet highly recommends Brian and his team because they go into your home, assess your situation and the dog, and then provide dog-specific solutions. Skip the group training classes and other dog trainers who won’t get to the root of your dog’s issues…Brian can fix your dog’s most challenging behaviors and train you to work with your dog’s nature in one or two hours!

Jennifer Fritschi

2 years ago

Brian is adept at interpreting humans and dogs and especially how they interact together. In just a couple hours he revolutionized how we interact with our dog and now we have had tons of succes getting her to do things that were not impossible the prior 7 months. He listens and is patient as we describe our needs and struggles. He offers practical solutions that you can do without having to buy a lot of equipment or requiring treats on hand 25/7. We highly recommend Brian and will be calling on him periodically but n the future.

Leslie Trippi

2 years ago

Marina came to our house and trained both our puppy Jake and us! She was amazing and explained everything she was doing- making sure we understood how to reinforce her training once she was gone. Highly recommend!!

Shannon Mendonca

2 years ago

My dog is like a different dog! Only 2 hours with them and I learned so much. I 100% recommend them!!!!

Maureen Onda

2 years ago

I would highly recommend Marina from Good Dog Workshop. My puppy, Pickle, has been the perfect puppy – social, potty trained, not aggressive, loves everyone and everything – so I wasn’t sure if I even needed a training session with a professional. After speaking with Marina on the phone, we discussed doing one session and go from there. Wow, I am so happy I did it! In just the three hours we spent together I learned a tremendous amount of information about his behavior, little stubbornness at times and so much more. The tips she provided have all worked so well. I’m already planning to schedule another session when he turns 6 months to work on heeling and further improve his leash walking. We can’t wait to see Marina again!

Michelle Bane

2 years ago

I have a 1 year old Bernese Mountain Dog and was struggling with her general lack of socialization, pulling and barking while walking her as well as barking in general while inside the house and in the backyard. She gets extremely excited when she sees people and other dogs and with her size and weight, she is extremely hard to control. I made an appointment with Good Dog Workshop and Marina came out to work with me and my Berner. She was here for a little over an hour and the immediate change in my dog was amazing to me. She corrected the type of collar I was using and the way I should work with my dog from voice, commands, body language, praise, etc. It was truly shocking the difference within the first 15 minutes of her arrival. The entire atmosphere in the house due to her demeanor with the dog changed. I would highly recommend using them and will myself use them again if I need additional assistance as I move forward in trying to make my pup a good citizen.

Prudence Sheffield

2 years ago

Good Dog Workshop was a great investment. Brian came to us on a weekend and worked with our whole family on how to understand and communicate with our new dog. His session with us was informative, thorough and effective. He also welcomed follow up questions as needed by phone or email. Highly recommend!

Rachel Eckert

2 years ago

Very responsive and very knowledgeable. They were able to come over the next day and taught us how to manage our dog's behavior. We haven't had any issues since. I highly recommend them!

Maureen O'Leary

2 years ago

I have nothing but good things to say about my experience with Good Dog Workshop! I adopted a rescue dog who came from difficult circumstances. As a first time dog owner, I quickly realized I was in way over my head. I was hesitant to spend money on a trainer so I tried to self-educate and go it alone. After realizing I needed extra support, I went to see a couple different trainers in my area, but nothing really clicked until I was referred to Marina by a friend. I can’t emphasize enough what a game-changer Good Dog Workshop was for me and my dog. Working with Marina gave me the confidence and skills I needed to tackle what seemed like an impossible task. If you’re on the fence about getting a trainer, let me tell you - it is absolutely 100% worth it. Training with Marina has been an investment in both me and my dog’s quality of life that has totally paid off. Thanks for everything!

Charlie Wheeler

2 years ago

Two hours equals a lot of learning. We have a clear path as what we need to work on to have a obedient dog.

Carson Honaker

2 years ago


Xavier Ryan

2 years ago

Marina is incredible. She brings her own dogs. So in addition to human to human training, you get some great good dog to dog in training osmosis. Super knowledgeable, patient and adept. We walked away with a training philosophy and the tools to implement it. With some post session questions, Marina was generous with her time and effective in understanding and diagnosing over the phone. We did a 3 hour session which is not cheap. But given what we got and the resource we now have in Marina, we feel like we’ve gotten a steal. Thanks so much good dog! Maggie (our dog) is in such a better place thanks to you.

Megan DeSisti

2 years ago

I couldn't recommend Good Dog Workshop and Marina more! Not only is Marina a dog whisperer, but she's also an incredibly effective people communicator and listener. I came to our first session a little nervous that Marina would tell me I was doing lots of things wrong and that I should follow my partner's lead in managing our dog, Maggie. That was not the case at all! Marina made both me, my partner, and Maggie feel so seen and heard. She never judged or criticized but showed us how to communicate with Maggie in ways that make doggie-sense. I'm so thankful to know I have Maggie and Good Dog on our dog journey, especially knowing we'll be adding another pup to our family late this fall. Thank you, Marina, for being an absolute gem!

Jennifer Pearson

2 years ago

Marina was amazing! She came to address my pack of 3 and their individual issues. She not only gave me the confidence to be the pack leader but she gave me tools to use to see instant results! I greatly appreciate her time, knowledge and kindness! Thank you! Thank you! I can’t wait to have you back Marina to see our amazing progress!

United States Marine

2 years ago

Our dog was a homeless street dog, rescued in Puerto Rico. Brian came to our home on a weekend to help get us on the right track. He was fantastic. He taught me, my wife, and our two boys how to “speak” dog. He even brought his own dogs, three of them, to help work on making introductions with other animals. It is without reservation that I recommend him for all your training needs. Thank you Brian!!

Prashanti Nori

2 years ago

We absolutely love Marina and her able four-legged assistants Sailor, Icy and Sasha! Marina is very professional and personable! Great with dogs and humans alike. We learned a lot from her guidance. It has immensely improved our equation with our fur babies! Highly recommend her for dog behavior analysis and training. Thank you Marina! You are the best!

Jane Silbert

2 years ago

Brian's approach of one or two intensive training sessions appealed to me. He was able to work with my Yorkie in a short period of time to curtail aggressive behavior. Brian makes himself available by phone or email as I continue to work on the techniques he implemented. My dog is more relaxed and secure now.

Michelle Arnold

2 years ago

I cannot recommend God Dog Workshop enough! I have worked with Brian (phone consult) and Marina (in my home) to help with some resource guarding issues with one of my three dogs. The training went smoothly and there has been a huge improvement after implementing what I was taught. The instruction was clear and easily understood. Now I am consistently applying everything I was taught and it has made a huge difference, not just with the one that had the issues but ALL of them!

Ashley Moses

2 years ago

Thanks to Good Dog Workshop and Brian, we now have the tools to train our new rescue pup properly. Brian was absolutely awesome to work with and was so knowledgeable. We already see improvement in our dog after just one session. 100% recommend Good Dog Workshop and Brian... worth EVERY penny. Look no further than Good Dog Workshop!

Rachel Youssef

2 years ago

I highly recommend Good Dog Workshop. I worked with Marina and within one training session, I already felt much more confident with my pup (the first one I've had so I was definitely nervous). I honestly didn't feel the need to even have a second session, but asked for one just for the extra confidence and it was so helpful. My pup immediately listened to Marina as soon as she walked in the door both times. Overnight she was much more obedient. They're reasonably priced ($150/hour), so friendly and knowledgeable, and you can tell they really care about your relationship with your dog as they also offer a lot of free resources (e.g., videos, podcast, articles). Not only is it convenient that they come to you, but they also bring their dogs in case you're looking for the socialization aspect of training.

Cassandra DC

2 years ago

I strongly recommend Brian. I am very happy to have found him! He is an expert in his field and taught us how to speak dog. I will forever be thankful for all of his help!

Gregory Kerr

3 years ago

My partner and I sought out Good Dog Workshop’s assistance to help us with behavioral issues with our German Shepherd Dog puppy. Our puppy had been showing signs of aggression toward strangers and we had spoken with numerous trainers in the DC metro area, all with somewhat conflicting advice. Brian and Josh quickly identified that the issue was not aggression, but lack of leadership from us which was leaving him anxious and unsure of himself. They taught us how to show leadership to him in a humane way, read the signs our dog was giving us, and better communicate with him. It’s clear that they are experts in dog behavior and how to identify and proactively address issues. Brian and Josh’s kindness and expertise put our minds at ease. Our dog wasn’t defective or dangerous by nature- he just needed clearer and firmer communication from the two of us. We still have our work cut out for us, but thanks to Good Dog Workshop we now have the tools needed to get the job done. When you meet with Brian and his team you can be assured they won’t give you a sales pitch or try to have you sign up for training you don’t need. They help- quickly- and are there to call back in as needed. Thanks guys- you have our sincere appreciation and admiration.

Erin Kavanagh

3 years ago

Marina was amazing to work with and so incredibly knowledgeable about dog behavior and body language. She spent two hours working with us and our two dogs around a lot of other dogs and people and helped us understand how to communicate with them effectively in high distraction situations. We're excited to keep working with our good dogs and it's comforting to know she is just a text or call away if we need more help.

Emilie Schwarz

3 years ago

Marina is a good dog trainer, but a GREAT people trainer. The reason you only need one session isn't because she'll train your dog in that amount of time, but because it only takes that long for her to communicate the basic theories you need to continue training yourself. Marina was able to give us just a few key principals and show us how to apply them to pretty much any situation. Plus Sailor is pretty much the best dog ever. 10/10 would recommend anyone with a dog book a session.

Julie Ross

3 years ago

Brian and Marina truly care about building a successful relationship with you and your dog(s) and BETWEEN you and your dog(s). There has been an instant shift in our dogs’ behavior since Marina came to train us. She taught us how to communicate with our dogs, not spend 2 hours a day practicing command compliance with treats, so this training fits right into all of the care you are ALREADY providing for your dogs (if you are already adequately exercising them), without adding more demands on your time. I have some specific issues that I need to overcome related to fear and past experiences, so I will be spending extra time with Marina but it’s definitely possible that GDW can meet all your needs and solve your problems in one session. ONE session!!! They’re that good.

Kelly Garrity

3 years ago

Our one and half hour session with Marina was super helpful! Our 8 1/2 month old pup was very responsive to her techniques and we are excited to continue working with our pup. Marina came in confident, very knowledgeable and spoke with us in a very positive way so we did not feel like our established habits were not working. We highly recommend this company and the training they provide.

Kim Neal

3 years ago

I was really impressed with Brian, he gave great insight and was extremely helpful and also spent a tremendous amount of time with me on the phone regarding a need in the future. He was highly recommended to me and I found him to be extremely caring, forthright, professional, knowledgeable and insightful. Thankful to have connected!

Laura Ballou

3 years ago

We had a great training session with Brian with our German Shepherd! Not only did our dog learn obedience, but we also learned a lot about our dog's psyche. Good Dog Workshop is a great resource for any "problem" areas your dog may be experiencing.

Joseph Vaughan

3 years ago

Brian with Good Dog Workshop LLC is a class-act. Extremely knowledgeable and willing to lend a helping hand to a new dog parent in need, Brian spoke with us on the phone for 30 minutes, prior to formally scheduling a session! He has a natural energy and excitement for training - and gave us thoughtful insight on his years of experience with our stubborn Shiba Inu pup. Give them a call, you will not be disappointed.

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