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a year ago

There's a lot crammed in this location, they really ought to expand maybe to the strip center in the same lot or maybe another location nearby.

Sean Kennedy

a year ago

Gross, inhumane. I guess good, if you need a uhual though

Peter Thon

a year ago

Always a fun visit,much better than local chain pet shops!!!Purchased both corner bowfront corner display tanks&saltwater selection is best locally.Support these guys&keep the chain stores from completely taking over!!!!!

Melissa Ballard

a year ago

Only place that carries the dog food made by small Maryland company that my dog eats. Plus we got our Boggle from there. She is a mess.

Amanda Cavett

2 years ago

We recently purchased 2 ferrets and they’re perfect!!!!! Pepper ended up having pink eye not even 2 days after purchasing. We called and right away their vet sent us and paid for the vet visit!!!!! They were kind and attentive. 10/10 recommend!!!

Barbara Vega

2 years ago

We love this place and have purchased several pets here. All are living their best lives and have been very healthy.

Jason Morison

2 years ago

The staff were very friendly and helpful. We were able to find the perfect puppy for our family.


2 years ago

Great place! Reagan and management was very helpful and had an answer for every question I asked.

Karl Mayfield

2 years ago

Support your local pet store. Great staff and fair prices.

Ric Ski

2 years ago

I have used their grooming services for my ???? and they were great. I wish the place didn't smell like a pet store but it is what it is

adora bella

2 years ago

Pets Plus has always been my go to place for supplies for my Pomeranian (I purchased at Pets Plus) and my American bully that I purchased from a private breeder directly. My Pomeranian has no health issues and is going on 10 he’s the best dog a girl could ask for. Bonnie has always been a sweet and caring person and definitely takes pride in her business. Some of these reviews are so negative, there’s always two sides to a story. Any issues or questions I had regarding my pom Bonnie addressed cordially. You get what you give! At any place of business you can’t demand respect if you aren’t giving respect


2 years ago

It’s a nice place to buy Supply’s but the dogs no they aren’t trained they are used to peeing in their crates so that’s gonna be a habit to take them out of. I went there a couple of times there was around 4 dogs their they were underfed you could see their ribs and bones clearly it was just sad to look at.

Heather B.

2 years ago

The whole place stinks, literally. The prices are outrageous and the store is filthy with leaking food.

Megan Coleman

2 years ago

One star more than they deserved! The place was packed, but the only people who could get help were the teenagers who wanted to play with the puppies! The "adults" who were supposedly working there kept walking away from me when I tried to get help. I ended up walking out and plan on placing the rather large order I needed with anyone else!

Nick Dunbar

2 years ago

Great service. I go for the uhaul and they are fast and friendly. Plus they really like their pets too.

Shannon Sloan

2 years ago

We bought two Pomeranians from pets plus seven years ago. My Father John Burley bought Claire there and my ex-husband has Kodiak. My father brings Claire in there to get groomed once a month. He also boards her anytime he goes out of town. Every employee knows him and Claire by name. All the employees know me as John burley's daughter. I stop in there all the time and pet the Pom puppies. I've seen the prices go up but that is because you're getting a fair deal. You're getting dogs that were bred taken care of. My ex-husband and I also got a dog Stella from a puppy mill and now she has lots of issues and she was only $600. So you get what you pay for. I've also rented U-Hauls from them before and have received excellent service.

A Manzur

2 years ago

Very confusing place. No sign for the front Entrance. It was hard to find the front door in dark.

Sindy Landaverde-lovo

2 years ago

I went in to take a look at the animals that they have available. All of them were in overcrowded small cages. All the animals look dirty and neglected. Dogs are selling for 3k+ This place needs to get shut down for the condition these animals are in. And for those saying people who are leaving bad reviews because they can’t afford the dogs here that is false. I bought my dog from this place Aug2020 and I love him very much but the dogs that are here currently and in the future need to be protected from this place.


2 years ago

We went there today to look at some guinea pigs. The guinea pigs they had were apparently young piggies but when you compare to a real young pig, those look as if they are adults. I would not purchase guinea pigs from there after they take horrible care of them, are fed a unhealthy amount of food, and are mistaken for ages. If you are looking for guinea pigs that are babies, I would recommend calling local Petco’s and PetSmarts and asking about guinea pigs. We also went over and took at peek at some dogs, and a lot of them looked unwell. We saw a Boston Terrier who had a reddish bubble from his eye because he was allergic to the food they give him. It is just horrible that this place is still open even when their pet care is horrible. I don’t recommend going to this place at all. Unless you are willing to pay some vet bills for the animals you get there because of the treatment these employees leave these pets in. I hope this helps some of you guys out.

Mark Demos

2 years ago

The dogs are healthy but they are kept in cabinet type cages. Saw one or 2 eat their own poo need more employees to keep cleaning their cages often.

Brian Savage

2 years ago

Customer service was pretty much non existent, and when you did get assistance it seemed like you are bothering them because of the attitude they give you

Kristen King

2 years ago

This is a pet store with a uhaul facility attached. The pet store offers a wide variety of expensively priced pure breed puppies and kittens. They also have plenty of fish, birds and reptiles. They also sell feeder rodents as well. Kinda dingy but it's an older building. They should renovate soon. Staff is very kind and helpful.

Jessica “13” Roberts

2 years ago

What can I say, I wish we had better in Stafford, Virginia. We deserve better! I just desire one store that isn't corporate and isn't sleazy. This place isn't corporate, as far as I can tell you. They aren't competent enough to compete with Petsmart or Petco on their own (without their U-Haul side hustle). However, they sure do try to be as shady as the two corporate cats with not plans of improving their policies or dealings. Even if your just a cat and or dog person, who doesn't care about the mistreatment of the exotics they sell. You too, should be appalled by this establishment's practices in caretaking of the puppies and kittens sold there. Stafford, Virginia deserves better than this!

Jasmine Olson

2 years ago

I call anyone that actually cares about animals and their well-being to protest this store puppy Mills and backyard breeders will be stopped

Karen Davis

2 years ago

They take great care of my spoiled Yorkie Poo. Good affordable and friendly kennel service. Our go to place when we cant take Snickers with us.

Hurley Bogardus

2 years ago

An eclectic place - pet store and U-HAUL rental center. Very competent desk employee rented the vehicle.

Eric Batt

2 years ago

Great staff friendly and very knowlgeable highly recommend pets plus.

Rebecca Mock

2 years ago

Great choice of animals but dogs are EXTREMELY PRICEY! Nice shop.

Sara Rosario

2 years ago

This place is absolutely disgusting!!!????my experience today was the worst!!! The staff that work here are very rude/nasty very very unprofessional… dogs are over priced and the place is absolutely disgusting!!!!????they need to do a complete remodel.. This place shows that the people don’t care about you getting the dogs you come in for!!! THEY NEED TO GOOUT OF BUSINESS SOON!!! VERY VERY UNPROFESSIONAL!!!!

randie blue

2 years ago

Staff is always very nice and does a great job cutting nails; they're gentle with my anxious dog and patient with my wildly excited dog.

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