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Timothy Guyer

a year ago

Google shows Sunday hours as 10a-5p, but they were closed. Store employee verified they are never open on Sundays. Need to update their info.

Christine Lane

2 years ago

I have really loved bringing my fur babies to Banfield. The staff and doctors are all wonderful and take excellent care of my pups. My pups aren’t scared at all of going to the vet and actually get really excited when they realize where we are. If you’re looking for a vet I highly recommend them!

Steven Rupp

2 years ago

My wife and I have called three days in a row and have not been able to speak to anyone. They do not answer calls or return a phone call even after leaving a message. Very frustrating when we are trying to care for our pets and can't get in touch with the vet.


2 years ago

Not enough vets on staff. Waits for appointments are too long.

Donna Heise

2 years ago

Banfield has been great for pet well checks, however, if your dog is sick, they cannot get you in because of vet shortages and overbooking. We are also paying for the optimum wellness plan. So something is rotten in Denmark.

Dillon Jetton

2 years ago

They had good customer service when speaking with an employee. However, they are extremely hard to get ahold of by phone. Also, when I did drop off my dog for his annual checkup they did not have one of the shots that he needed. Most businesses give you a call when they run out of supply before you show up at your appointment.

Andrew Mueller

2 years ago

Beware the terms of the wellness plan. Banfield says it includes spaying your puppy, and then they charge you nearly $50 for post-op medication, as if painkillers were optional after getting one's ovaries torn out. While the individuals working at this hospital are great people, at the corporate level things are not always as they seem

Paul Woolerton

2 years ago

The doctor kept inventing stuff to 'treat' or 'test' one of our dogs, adding $ 450 to the bill. They refused repeated requests to return the 1st dog of 2 they treated, despite her bill being paid, over 2 1/2 hours they kept her with our our permission. They are the worst vets we have ever encountered. Based on our sole experience we would suggest avoiding them like the plague.

Joseph Blochowicz

2 years ago

Had to go to TSO for what I needed. Vet was supposed to call me back Wed. It is now Sat and no call.

April Lamb

2 years ago

They killed my one puppy with their pushing my boyfriend to get unnecessary vaccines - one being giardia - Which another vet found in a fecal down the line. Their prices are outrageous and they push unnecessary treatments on people using fear tactics. Run - don't walk away from them.

Terry Peters

2 years ago

Closing convenience store by my house very good people excellent staff for the hospital excellent staff for the grooming and everybody very friendly

Rosane Frizzo

2 years ago

I can not even explain my pain right now. My dog had a Banfield Plan for more than 10 years. First in Massachusetts and almost 1Oyeas in STAFFORD, VA (Stafford Market Place). I never had an emergency like that before, and I always take him there for regular appointments, check-ups, vaccinations, and dental cleaning. Yesterday morning, we woke up and something was not right with my dog. He could not stand and his body was cold. I CALLED Benfield and THEY TOLD ME to take him there. When I got there, the girl at the counter said that unfortunately, they could not see him. She even asked me if I was the one that called and when I said yes, she said unfortunately the doctor said you have to take him to another hospital, we can not see him today. My dog was in my arms and she just kept saying "the doctor said that you have to take him to another hospital". No nurses, no doctor, only the receptionist!! They didn't even check what was the problem! They told me to go there and when I got there, they refuse to see him!! Again, nobody came to talk with me. As soon as I got to the counter, the receptionist told me to go to another hospital. No nurses, no doctor, only the receptionist! So I drove again and took him to Aquia Animal Hospital in Stafford. My dog PASSED AWAY less than 30min. after we got there. Aquia Animal Hospital was just amazing. Everybody was so caring. They took him immediately! What BENFIELD ANIMAL HOSPITAL STAFFORD did to us today is beyond my understanding. They really just see you as a money maker. After posting this message in different locations I got A LOT of messages telling me that I was not the first one. A LOT of people had the same or worse experience with this place!!! DO NOT take your dog, cat, or any beloved animal to this place. BELIEVE ME! They just care about your money!!!!!!

tina Caraballo

2 years ago

Nice place, drop off and pick up

patsy adkins

3 years ago

Great staff and are very knowledgeable about your pet.

Lisa Williams

3 years ago

They keep your pet WAY too long!!


3 years ago

Hardly ever answer their phones. Vets don’t return calls after numerous calls there. Sometimes I get great customer service, sometimes it’s the worst.

L. Anderson

3 years ago

Need more phone lines and people working. Can never get through on the phone when try to call

kathryn Leary

3 years ago

Pleasant people tending to me and my cat. Very clean.

Santa Garnique

3 years ago

Hello, my name is Santa Marilis, first of all I want to expose an event that happened to me and my family on Tuesday, October 6, 2020 I had an exclusive appointment to give a microchip and a couple vaccines to husky Mika. I confidently left my husky believing that I left her in good hands, when I return to pick her up, I was in shock! they had spayed her without my permission .... now Dr. Torres from the Banfield pet hospital clinic located in Stafford Market, calls me to talk about the next care step is where I was confused as to what happened with Mika .. prior to the incident in 3 different appointments, we was very clear that We did not agree on spaying our 8 month puppy ... I put this claim for others to be aware and for this to not happen to other families. My family had the illusions to watch Mika become a mother of her very own puppies.

Joshua Brooks

3 years ago

My husky had an appointment at 8 am for a normal exam and they said they would call me when to come pick her up, I did not get any calls about my dog the entire day. When I called them at 1 pm, I was put on hold and when I was able to ask about how my dog was doing they said the "Doctor will call you shortly." I did not hear any word from after that until I drove there at 5pm and even then I had to wait another 45 minutes until the Doctor came out to talk to me. They had told me that they gave my dog anesthesia so she would remain calm during the exam because she does not like being touched in certain areas and it seems they messed up when injecting the needle and did not give her the right dosage so it did not affect her when it was suppose to. The doctor told me she got "aggressive" and bit one of the nurses, which is something they did not call me about when it happened. My dog is always around children and is a very friendly dog but they have classified her as aggressive because of the incident. She had left the house happy and healthy and when she got back she was whining, scared, and in pain from the simple examination. She did not like being touched anywhere when she got home, she had lumps on her hind legs that were not there before, as well as a swollen snout. She refused to eat, drink or go potty and didn't want to sleep alone so I had to sleep with her two nights in a row. She is starting to feel better thankfully but overall she was worst off than when she first got there. The people here do not know how to communicate and they knew my dogs weight so giving her the right dosage for an anesthetic should be easy enough for them. I am not bringing my girl back here ever.

Jasmine Durham

3 years ago

I always call to make sure that the vet my dog trusts is working when I need the appointment. They have always been very good to my dog since he was 8 weeks old!

gerhard sherif

3 years ago

Awesome customer service and I can trust my pets in their hands

Betsy Husser

3 years ago

They are very thorough and willing to answer any questions I had.

Alyxz B

3 years ago

Love the people here! My dog is not the easiest to deal with because he was previously abused, but they are so sweet with him and have so much patience. The groomers are even able to calm him enough to get his toe nails clipped. #NotAnEasyTask

Shawna Brown

3 years ago

My dog Rufus has been going here since we got him as a pup. He was neutered here, gets his regular check ups and teeth cleanings. I have always been happy with his visits and treatment.

T Quail

3 years ago

The employees at the Banfield Clinic in Stafford were so kind and compassionate towards us. Our beautiful Boxer was hit by a car and passed away. We were devastated. She was only 6 years old. She was like one of our kids to us. My husband went in the following morning to ask about cremation. They were so empathetic and comforting when we really needed it. They had us drive around back and allowed us to say goodbye one more time. They then took Riley (our dog) and told us we would be contacted to pick up the ashes in just a couple weeks. When my husband picked them up, there was a card with them along with a poem on heavy cardstock with Riley's paw prints underneath it. It was so sweet of them to give us that. Despite Banfield being such a large chain of vet clinics, the employees(at least at our location) go above and beyond to make sure you are more than just a dollar sign.

Veronica Lobo

3 years ago

We all love our pets like family and sometimes we have a question or need to speak to someone for an appointment and EVERY single time I call. Doesn’t matter day or time. I’m always on hold minimum 20 min. It would be nice for someone to check in a few min at a time at least. Frustrating.

Veronica Miller

3 years ago

I love this place. All of the staff are so friendly and helpful. The vets and techs always spend lots of time explaining everything to me. Even with covid, I always either talk on the phone with the vet or am left a very detailed message with detailed information about my pets' visit and treatment. My dog and two cats are on their care plan which is so convenient and saves me a ton.

Alex Sebby

3 years ago

Decent selection of pet items.

Suzi B

4 years ago

Went in at 5:40 because our dog had been stung by something and her face was completely swollen. The vet wouldn’t see us. Gave us the names of emergency vet hospitals. Said they didn’t take walk ins. Plus she said the vet needed to leave early. They are supposed to close at 7. Terrible service.

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