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E Kim

a year ago

Everyone here is very warm and professional. Dr. Kocen is excellent! He is extremely knowledgeable. After he figures out what's going on with your pet, he explains everything very thoroughly and in a way that's very easy to comprehend. He then discusses various approaches and shares his advice. He is very straightforward and practical; very genuine. My dog was suddenly unable to stand or walk and when propped up, he was knuckling. We went to Dr. Kocen for acupuncture (as he's been recommended by the neurologist) and just after 1 session with him my dog was noticeably better. After once weekly sessions for 3 weeks, my dog is now able to walk and stand on his own. He previously had joint issues previous to this for years and he is now not only recovered from his neurological/ spine disk issue, he is walking better than he has in years! His progress and results have been really overwhelming and amazing! I highly recommend this place and Dr. Kocen! They genuinely care and the results have been seriously miraculous to me!

K santia1

2 years ago

Dr. Khoury and Dr. Kocen are great! They explained everything. My 16+3/4 year old dog didn't even know he was being treated.

Ahuva Battams

2 years ago

Dr. Kocen is wonderful! He took great care of my senior pugs, both of whom got acupuncture. It helped them so much- I was so glad I decided to try Eastern medicine.

N Raley

2 years ago

The high quality herbal supplements and acupuncture this holistic vet, Dr. Kocen, offers were key in helping my dog recover from a serious illness and boost her immune system.

Laura and Chris Harmon

2 years ago

Great work is done here! We get acupuncture and chiropractic work done for our 12 year old giant breed dog. Most times we can actually see her improvement immediately after a session and it's wonderful when she starts acting like her younger self again. Yes, it's pricey but not more so than others in the DMV and the docs here have decades of experience. They were all vets for many years before specializing, so they understand things at a deep level. For example, I asked once or twice at my vet why my black haired dog had some brown on her front legs and muzzle - no one could tell me. Dr. Khoury at VHC explained that it was due to enzymes in the dog's saliva and it indicted spots where my dog had been licking. No extra charge! Front desk staff is very kind and patient. Really happy I found VHC!


2 years ago

My two 13 year old mastiffs have shown remarkable improvements in their rear end strength, CP deficits, bladder control, & most importantly their spirits since they began seeing Dr Kocen. There aren't words to describe how happy I am with the results they've experienced under his care! I can't possibly recommend VHC highly enough!

Un Colon

2 years ago

Helps one of my dog with GME. She's going through chemo and getting herbal medication. Hope she can win over this illness

Joan Masterman

3 years ago

Fantastic care...has given me hope that my crazy Emile will recover

Jen Mortimer

3 years ago

Compassionate care from people who love animals. The acupuncture has really helped my older dog to become more mobile.

Carol Shaffer

3 years ago

We have been using Dr. Kocen for about 2 years for our pup that has VERY stubborn seizures. Doctor Kocen seems knowledgable and gives great explanations. We were told to see how our pup is doing on the regimine of herbs and reach out if any changes occur that need revisiting. Unfortunately, our pups seizures are ever changing and very difficult. So, it definitely involves staying on top of more so than most seizure pups, and with the level of disorganization and subpar communication in the office we are realizing that that is not a possibility to get the care we need for our pup here. Typically, it takes me weeks to get an email response. The staff has told me that they keep him busy so keep calling if we don't get an email response back in a few days and they'll just keep flagging the email reminding him to read it. They seem to have poor time management and/or are understaffed. While Dr. Kocen seems wonderful, if I can't tap into that knowledge in a timely manner to care for our pup, it's not going to work. We appreciate the very laid back, personable environment, it is definitely at the expense of the care for our pup's health condition. We are currently looking for another holistic vet.

Cardell Butler

3 years ago

The staff is very friendly and accommodating. Dr. Khouri is extremely knowledgeable and great with my dog.

Angel Yi

3 years ago

Dr. Kocen is fantastic. He took a detailed health history for our Corgi and was very thorough with recommendations in regards to nutrition and supplements. Dr. Kocen patiently answered my questions and helped me feel at ease. The acupuncture treatment was great. He is very skilled and efficient with placement and was able to locate which vertebral level she was experiencing discomfort. We look forward to continuing treatment with Dr. Kocen!

Lorraine Fitzkee

3 years ago

Really impressed with Dr.Kocen, he really listened and took the time with my Shiba Inu. He didn't rush me listened to all my questions and answered them. The staff were nice as well.

Neone Smith

3 years ago

Dr Kocen and staff are very kind and answered all of my questions. They were very gentle with my dog and provided a clean and safe environment for all.

Robert Walker

3 years ago

An incredible facility with staff that are truly interested in the best for your pets!

Roger Kinghorn

3 years ago

I couldn't imagine a better staff when our fur baby was injured great place great people

scott meyer

3 years ago

Acupuncture for my dog's aches and pains really worked!

Emy Lesofski

4 years ago

The kindness and patience Dr Kocen provided to us is only second to the effectiveness of his treatment. Cant recommend this practice highly enough!

Judith Markel

4 years ago

Very concerned about animals and innovative. Dr Kocen is great! Staff is friendly and very accommodating. They have helped our bunny Sara.


4 years ago

I'm so glad a place like this exists near me. Dr. Kocen is one of the original, alternative medicine/holistic veterinary practitioners in the area and he's my go-to whenever my pets have a need. I first saw him in 2008 and am now back with another pet. He's very thorough, explains things clearly, and he and his staff are quite friendly. Highly recommend.

margaret harris

4 years ago

Everything an injured pet needs in one place.

team little.

4 years ago

Was hoping for a different treatment plan from the traditional vets regarding my dog's skin issues but felt that I paid for "whole dog 101" and told to head back to the regular vet for some meds instead. As an alternative pet parent already, the advice was basic info and already in practice. I did not go back to the medicate the symptoms cycle and instead did my own research. A year later, I have solved the issues myself with food and supplements. Would have liked some guidance from a professional but I have a happy, itch free dog so that's all that matters. For those of you considering an alternative approach, you might consider educating yourself as the alternative.

Tinamarie Whiteside

4 years ago

Love the place my dog felt very at home

Kate Shotwell

5 years ago

My puppy, Sue, has a congenital spine malformation that causes her pain. Her neurologist recommended acupuncture to help with pain management. I wasn't sure how this would work (Sue can be nervous and jumpy), but my fears went away almost instantly when we met Dr. Khoury. She did a thorough, but very gentle and warm exam of Sue. She asked all kinds of questions about personality and actually listened, which was wonderful. We were able to use a healing laser and do an acupuncture session and Sue relaxed through the entire thing. I would highly recommend this office for adjacent treatment to what your primary/specialist vet recommends! We will return for more treatment!

D. Belman

5 years ago

I can’t say enough wonderful things about the Veterinary Holistic Center. I have been taking both of my dogs to see Dr. Kocen for more than one year. One of our dogs has a degenerative spine disease and could not walk without pain and a lot of medication. Luckily, I knew that acupuncture for dogs existed and worked. I asked our primary veterinarian for a recommendation. She said that we should see Dr. Kocen, and it’s one of the best decisions we have ever made. Dr. Kocen treated and continues to treat our dog, Callie, for her back. It’s made an incredible difference in the quality of her life. She stopped taking the pain medication and muscle relaxers a month or so after we started seeing Dr. Kocen. A few months into her acupuncture treatments, she could go on walks again and play. We can’t thank Dr. Kocen enough for breathing new life back into Callie’s life. Additionally, the office is conveniently located near I-495, the office is very clean and a pleasant space, and treatments do not take too long (15-30 minutes). Dr. Kocen is also always the first person to suggest spacing out the appointments in order to judge the effectiveness of the longevity of the acupuncture treatments. He is in business because he really cares about helping animals and looks out for their best interests.

Denise Davis

5 years ago

I have a rescue dog Skye who has issues related to her prior care. Acupuncture and Relaxed Wanderer has helped in making Skye more comfortable with her issues. I highly recommend Dr Kocen.

Gary Ragland

5 years ago

I took my dog to visit Dr. Pollock after finding out she had lymphoma. She was very kind and helpful and listening to my concerns and spent plenty of time giving me ideas of what to do treatment wise. Ever since that time, she has been extremely responsive to my emails and continued to be very helpful with treatment ideas. I thoroughly would recommend her.

Jim Crawford

5 years ago

Everyone at this business cares about your "family member." They have a very calming atmosphere and extremely knowledgeable and competent staff who understand your anxiety. They aim to put you at ease. Dr. Khoury has done wonders for Bruno - a middle aged Yorkie - who has had Bell's Palsey and has PLE and PLN. His most recent issue is an ACL tear in one leg and a serious luxating patella in another. Clearly Bruno loves his appointments at VHC and he is ecstatic when he sees Dr. Khoury.

Lehigh Mearns

5 years ago

Had my first visit with Dr. Kocen today and could not be happier. I felt genuinely taken care of, especially as he dedicated almost 2 hours of time getting to know my pup, me, and our history. I've never seen my dog at ease the way he was here, and I am so confident and hopeful of the way ahead. My only regret is not going sooner!

Nicole Jacobson

5 years ago

Wonderful, compassionate, staff - from the receptionists to the practitioners. I take my 13 year old pug for acupuncture and physical therapy and have been very happy with her progress. Everybody is friendly and caring, Dr. Khoury and Amy Egger are so good to both of us and always happy to answer questions and pass along helpful information. I like the mix of traditional and holistic, non-Western therapies offered and feel like my dog is getting the very best personalized treatment.

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