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vanise wai

a year ago

This is the first time I visited Pet Dominion and I was very impressed with their service. My 15 years old dog was very sick and we couldn't get her any appointment elsewhere at least 3 weeks out. Luckily, my pet sitter recommend this place and I was able to make an appt within two days. The staff I spoke to are caring and responsive. Dr. Annelise Myers was wonderful and professional, she performed a detail exam on my dog and took a full page of notes from what I told her about my dog's history. I have never seen any vet like her in my 15 years vet visits elsewhere. She even had a new findings that no other vets have mentioned to me before. She gave me the final word that my dog's quality of life is poor and it's time to let her go... I was relieved to hear it from her because I trusted her professionalism and judgement. They are not going after the money and really care about your pet. I will strong recommend any pet owner wants quality service with reasonable price.

Alex Ratushny

2 years ago

The lobby staff is generally friendly. Pet dominion still does not allow owners in with their pets, other vets do allow owners inside right now. The vet techs are not as enthusiastic with the pets as they were several years ago. In our experience it has been difficult to get the correct medication (heart worm/flee and tick) for the correct dog in an effortless manner, they seem to have mixed up the records between our two dogs which causes us to go out of our way to get the right meds.

Nitin Sharma

2 years ago

My puppy Koda loves the team here. They are so great to with him and he receives excellent care. Wouldn’t take him any place else!

Deborah Kim

2 years ago

The vets and VT here are awesome!! Took my cat for an annual vaccine and they did so wonderful for his annual health check. They checked his dental condition and found two painful absorptive lesions that was treated within 2 weeks! What an attention to detail. I know they're a super busy hospital and they took their time to make sure my baby was healthy ???? Love Pet Dominion!

Cynthia Peterman

2 years ago

I rarely write a poor review of a business, but it is necessary after an egregious error. We recently took my daughter's cat to Pet Dominion for 8 days of boarding while we were on a trip. The cat is 7 yrs old and takes a number of medications. I told them this when I made the appointment, and they sent me a form to complete. When I asked if I needed to fax or email the completed form back, I was told just to bring it when we dropped him off. We dropped him off with the form and full bottles of his medications in case we were delayed. They brought him out to the car when we picked him up but without the medicines. When I asked for them, I was told there was no medication in the record. I explained the dropoff, and and for the next 45 minutes I sat in my car having multiple conversations with staff who insisted they had no record of any medication. Finally I spoke with the manager, who located the unused medicine. She apologized, refunded my money, and promised there would be an investigation. Thankfully the cat was fine, and it didn't cost us in money or the cat's health. But this was a terrible mistake on their part, which I hope doesn't happen to anyone else.

Ash Fra

2 years ago

I’m so sad writing this review because I wish that my cat did not experience this. We had a wonderful experience at the last place my cat boarded. I read the reviews on here and thought he would be okay. I was wrong. I left him at pet dominion for 5 days while I was gone on vacation. The services I paid for included boarding, cuddles each day of boarding, nail trimming and brushing. I expected those services to be completed when I arrived to pick him up. They have a protocol that pickups and drop offs must be made from your car and you cannot come inside due to covid. Looking back I wish I had a chance to look at the facilities and see the type of place where my cat would be. When I came to pick him up he was crying and coughing in the carrier. I didn’t realize why he was doing this until I got home. When I arrived home and looked at him he was skinnier and also shedding everywhere. He’s a short haired cat, so as long as he is brushed shedding shouldn’t be a big issue. I ended up having to brush him for over 30 mins because they didn’t do it at pet dominion. Also, his nails were not trimmed at all. I shared these details with the manager at the office and she admitted that they never did the nail trim and gave me a 12 dollar refund for the whole stay. OUTRAGEOUS. I would never trust pet dominion to care for my cat again.

Lacresha Palmer

2 years ago

My pups love it here! So much so that they bark every morning around the same time because they know it's time for daycare. The staff is amazing! Professional, courteous, and responsive :-). Needless to say, they take very good care of my babies...I'd also like to mention that whatever shampoo they use for baths smells absolutely AMAZING! We wont be going anywhere else for our daycare and lodging needs :-)

Jessica Overman

2 years ago

I recently adopted a very anxious dog and Lance along with all the staff not only put my mind at ease but took such good care of him. With COVID restrictions Lance promptly called to discuss his health. He was extremely patient with answering all of my questions and clearly cared about my dog and showed extreme passion about his career as a vet. I recommend Lance to any of those looking for a caring, kind and patient vet.


2 years ago

Today’s visit: Sat in the car and waited 35 minutes before they came out to pick up our pet. The technician Julie was very short with me after explaining what they wanted to do verus what I scheduled the appointment for and what I could afford to have done. She just cut me office in a condescending tone.

Owen Zack

2 years ago

Took my dog for PT after tearing her CCL and having lateral suture surgery. Justin is without a doubt the best physical therapist I have met and a great dude. Definitely recommend his services and expertise.

Judith Moses

2 years ago

I love this place.They always take good care of my dog. The staff is very kind and caring. Thank you for what you do! Always appreciated. ☺️

Ariana Epstein

2 years ago

This is about their daycare services not the veterinary. I have a happy go lucky 2 year old dog who loves people and even loves his vet (not pet dominion vet). the first time we dropped him off he went happy. the next time we pulled up he jumped to the back seat and stopped waging. we thought it was weird but he went happily with the staff member. the next time he kept hiding from the staff member in my car, jumping from the front seat to the back to avoid the staff member. so we ask “do you crate them?” Their reply was “well they have suites with a few other dogs.” turns out they put the dogs in kennels and then let them play for 1 hour and then back to the kennel for their "nap time” and then there is “lunch” which is really the staffs lunch while the dogs are crated and then they take them out of the crate for 1 hour to play and then back again into the crate, and then one more hour of play and that is it! This is NOT what doggie daycare is! If I wanted him to be resting he would be at home sleeping in his bed, uncrated. My dog is not dumb if he wants to stop playing he will, he doesn’t need someone to make a schedule for him. he needs to run, play and socialize with other dogs, which Pet Dominion does not provide. I think it is cruel that my dog has to be in a crate instead of playing with other dogs which is what is presented as day care. We are not paying for him to rest, we are paying for him to play with other dogs. No wonder my dog kept avoiding the staff member! He doesn’t want to be locked up for hours of the day in a cramped crate (suites as they call it) with other dogs where he barely gets to run and play.

Robbie McLuckie

2 years ago

We are very happy with the care Pet Dominion has given our new puppy. They are extremely friendly, caring and gentle. The doctor takes his time to carefully explain the care he is providing and thoughtfully answers all questions. Gives recommendations on vaccines and other treatments before proceeding, so there are never any surprises. The COVID procedures the staff have established are seamless, keeping customers protected. I never even need to enter the building. Staff meets us at our car and takes puppy in for her check up and then brings her back. Billing and records are all available via email to make things super convenient. Happy to have chosen this clinic for our puppy!

Svetlana Pivtorak

3 years ago

I took my puppy to this vet because it had so many good reviews and has a very convenient location for me. I start with that fact they charge abnormal amount of money for nothing. You won't leave that place without at least $120 bill After we got the rabies shot and Lyme disease there, for 4 days my pup had a diarrheas. I called to the vet to talk to the doctor, and 3 times I was told that he is super busy and would call me back - 3 days later he is still busy.. we're never coming .. please don't' go there . This is so irresponsible And I forgot to mention that they charged me twice for the first visit. It took some time to get the money back

Personal Failure

3 years ago

My dog needed teeth removed. (This is his second such surgery, he is a rescue.) I had just moved and according to reviews, Pet Dominion seemed like a great choice. It was not. My dog is 12 years old. Elderly dogs take longer to metabolize anesthesia. I dropped my dog off at 7am, at their request. I waited for a call, and ended up calling them at 3:30 pm. He wasn't done with surgery yet. They had waited all day to do the surgery, despite him being elderly and needing longer to recover from anesthesia. But wait, it gets worse. Pet Dominion doesn't have staff for the animals past 7pm. When I went to pick up my dog at 6:30, his temperature was 96 degrees. (The vet kept saying "if" my dog went hypothermic. 96 degrees IS hypothermic for dogs.) It was 15 degrees and windy outside. By 7, my dog's temperature was 97 degrees, better, but still hypothermic. Since they had waited so late in the day to do the surgery, my dog was now being released to me hypothermic. The vet knew my dog was elderly. The vet should have known elderly dogs have trouble metabolizing anesthesia. The vet knew it was February and cold outside. The vet knew they wouldn't have staff past 7pm to care for my dog. The vet had my dog starting at 7am. So why wait until so late in the day to do surgery? And why be unwilling to fix their mistake by staying late? To make this even worse, the vet gave me no suggestions on how to help my hypothermic, elderly dog. I had to google that. I found suggestions on another veterinarian's website. My dog lived, but that's thanks to the random vet in Idaho who published a guide to caring for hypothermia in dogs. Do not use Pet Dominion, please, for the sake of your pets.

Marco Lugo

3 years ago

I have a fat cat and the vet addressed it very carefully and knowledgeably and was informative on how to get her eating under control because she steals her sister's food.

Maddy Weiss

3 years ago

I was anxious to leave our puppy for the first time for vacation and we had to board him. Everything turned out well and I would recommend Pet Dominion.

Liz Berger

3 years ago

I don't have a ton of experience with vets so I'm not sure what the average cost is. I'm told Pet Dominion is a little more money than other places, but from what I can tell it's all for good reason. For example, my cat's surgery was expensive but that was in part because they had monitored all of his vitals during the surgery, which was critical for his safety. I know some other vets can save money by cutting on these costs but it's riskier for the animal :/ I do know that I was TERRIFIED to take my cat to a new vet and I was very relieved that Pet Dominion treated him like family and kept me updated to calm my anxieties.

Linda Brown-Schultz

3 years ago

My cat was not himself. As a member of my family, I was very concerned about him. Each time my cats have had something going on and even for annual well visits, I have been extremely happy with the care. Pet Dominion has called to give follow up reports and even to check on my sick babies. Thrilled with the responsiveness and understanding about my fur babies importance in my life.

Jonathan Panczyk

3 years ago

Very courteous, caring and compassionate staff, Brian especially. Also brilliant doctor who knows how to help your pet ASAP. He took the extra steps to help my 15-year-old cat get pain-free and on her way to better health. This was my 5th vet and I won't go anywhere else because my cat didn't panic at this one.


3 years ago

After moving to the area, I brought my cat to Pet Dominion after he exhibited sudden weight loss. Everyone from the vet techs, the folks at the reception desk and the vet were friendly, kind and were amazing. They took the time to communicate with me through the whole process, walking me through their diagnosis process, answering my many questions and never once made me feel rushed or unimportant. They treated my little-old-man with the utmost respect and care in setting up his treatment plan and getting him the help he needed. Unfortunately, despite their intervention, my cat took a sudden turn for the worst and I had to say goodbye. Even after his passing, they astounded me by following up, calling to check on me and even sending a condolence card, which was above and beyond the call of duty. Even though the outcome wasn't what I'd hoped for, I can't thank them enough for helping me through such a difficult time. Their caring, compassion and and willingness to communicate with me puts them heads-and-shoulders above any vet I've ever been to before. I wouldn't take a pet anywhere else. They have a customer for life.


3 years ago

The staff showed genuine care and concern for my cats

Bernice Simon

3 years ago

Took my puppy here for his first set of shots and evaluation (and hopefully continue to do so in the future as well)! I couldn't go in to monitor how the appointment went for his first time which I was nervous about (social distancing reasons), but I believe he was treated well as he was not panting or anxious when he got back in the car. They said he was a very well behaved puppy and even came out with a little certificate for him and a baggie full of informative brochures free heartworm medication. It was so sweet and I was happy knowing they treated him well. I received a phone call from Dr. Brody during his examination and had all my questions and concerns answered. It's not the same as being in there with the vet, but I know he was treated well in there. The front desk is also super helpful and kind, and I look forward to bringing Trekker here for his future appointments and needs! Thank you to the Pet Dominion family for taking such good care of him! And they're super responsive with their emails and sending receipts in for pet insurance reimbursement needs. I'm super happy with taking my puppy here.

Allison Singh

3 years ago

Would not recommend. We took our cat here for about a year, before we ended up switching to a better vet. When we first took our cat here they copied down the vaccine records and breed incorrectly...not a good sign. Our cat had many pre-existing conditions and I don't believe that the vets ever took the time to read his whole file, because they would often act surprised when we mentioned some of these conditions. Additionally, I feel like they are 100% just trying to get money out of clients and use all of their "super advanced" machines and procedures...even when it might not be the best course of action for the patient. The final straw was when they kept insisting that our cat with a heart condition be put under anesthesia for various scans...scans that had been performed other places previously without anesthesia. We ended up switching to Dr Boyd's in North Bethesda where we see Dr. Wesson and we are much happier there.

jose rospigliosi

4 years ago

Excellent service. Staff very welcoming and friendly. Everyone is very nice. The Doctor is a very caring person. You can tell he really cares. Love it here

Steffy Studios

4 years ago

Great office. I loved the fun, clean and caring atmosphere. Thank you for making my pet's first visit a great one.

Rachel R.

4 years ago

I really like Dr. Bassett because he cares but doesn't pressure you. He's a calm and pleasant man. Some other vets either guilt you or take your pet in the back and hand you a $500 or $600 bill after giving your pet a bunch of vaccines and tests, no questions asked. They don't do that at Pet Dominion. When you first go in, the vet tech asks what you want done. No pressure and the first exam was free. It's a pleasant change from what I'm used to, after having tried several vets in the area. After the first visit, I took our other two dogs. One of our dogs that we rescued from Arkansas came with heart worms. After two very expensive treatments by another vet, she still came up positive. Dr. Bassett researched the best course of action and called me to discuss, he even quoted some of the articles he had read with regards to this unusual situation. My only complaint is the wait time for a vet tech. Should be a quicker in and out.

Ping Lau

4 years ago

Over charged me - I was charged over double what an arthiritis drug for my dog should cost and I felt very pressured to have all sorts procedures for my pets. They did not give upfront information on the costs of drugs or procedures. Not coming back. UPDATE: The owner called and offered a partial refund which I very much appreciate.

Ohene Gyapong

4 years ago

We will no longer bring our greyhound to Pet Dominion. For the third stay in a row, our greyhound has sustained an injury while under the care of Pet Dominion. The first two incidents were somewhat understandable. First time: We were told by the staff that he ran into another dog, and the dog bit him. Second time: He had an inexplicable gash on his hind leg that nobody realized had happened until we pointed it out; but given that greyhounds are notorious for their thin skin, we accepted it. We picked him up July 21, after an overnight stay, and one of his toenails on his front-left paw was ripped out. I do not know if there has been a recent change in staff and/or procedures; but we had been with Pet Dominion for more than a year until now. It is my sincere hope that Pet Dominion's quality of service improves and that none of the current and/or future patrons suffer a similar experience. “Once is Chance; Twice is Coincidence; Third time is a Pattern.”

james weiss

4 years ago

Great place to board your dogs!!

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