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Alan Schoen

a year ago

They seem to do a good job, but the prices are insane. I paid $700 for a neuter! $200 for a routine vaccination with a couple extra services! I like them but i’m going to have to take out a second mortgage to pay these prices. What am I, a Rockefeller?

Sarah McCue

2 years ago

Dr. Frake is the very best -- so knowledgable, responsive, giving of her time, and such a skilled surgeon. We are so lucky to have her as our vet.


2 years ago

I have so far had a very unpleasant experience with Dr Jillian Schrier and another person who I don’t know her name. Dr. Schrier not only stacks up unnecessary tests and procedure but after calling her out on it she refused to continue treatment. She also gave very contradictory direction and treatment plans that made no sense. Perhaps that’s why she backed out of continuing treatment. I was told to see another doctor there and I did because I didn’t have a choice. Dr. Chapman seemed nice, knowledgeable and reasonable, but I still am very disappointment about all the money that Dr. Jillian Schrier had us pay and then act so unprofessional and childish and not want to talk to me or refuse to see my pup. She also claimed I yelled at her which is absolutely not true. We did have a tense discussion and I did tell her and another person there what they did was unethical and at least on one of the blood tests refunding my money would’ve been a good compromise, but there was no yelling. While Dr Chapman (and Jonathan) was very professional and didn’t make me feel uncomfortable at all, but this whole situation makes me so nervous and I don’t trust the practice in general. I have also made an appointment with Dr Frake for all the reviews here, but she seems very busy.

Sarina Hm

2 years ago

They must hire people to answer phone calls. It’s been 3 days in row that I’ve been calling, no answer!!! Wow

Sarah Griffiths

2 years ago

I cancelled my wellness plan January 5th this year as I had moved and had not used the services apart from the flea and tick treatment since June 2020. I was told I had the option to either plan at $39 for the early cancelation fee or continue paying $50 a month for flea treatment. For obvious reasons, I chose the early cancelation fee. Today, I receive a package in the mail that was redirected to my new address and I realized this cancelation has not happened. When I called customer services they offered to refund the last month's bill but for the past 5 months of billing I could drop off the treatments and get $15 back, leaving me $35 out of pocket. I asked to speak with someone more senior, but the supervisor, Janice is too busy and she will call me back in 24-48 hours. Shocking treatment from this company, they are only interested in your money and have zero customer service

Stefan Greene

2 years ago

Banfield Veterinarians, Techs, and Support Staff are professional and efficient. Banfield Reston is a good place.

Melinda Ennis

2 years ago

Very good visit today. Had dog to vets. They have been wonderful.

Scott Goodell

2 years ago

Staff and doctors always take great care of our fur babies

Joshua Marshall

2 years ago

I have 3 different pets that I take here and all the staff knows them by name, even passing by when we don’t have an appointment they stop to say hello to the pets. The physicians are amazing, and I trust the techs completely to take care of my pets the way I would. Admittedly they do get busy and can be a little hard to get on the phone while calling during peak hours. But I’d rather them neglect the desk and phones, than neglect the animals in their care.

Kim Van Wyngaardt

3 years ago

For basic checks, I think this Banfield location is fine. However, my puppy has been in 3 times for the same issue that persisted for a month and at the third visit they finally suggested scans and tests and it felt very "worst case scenario" all of a sudden. Of course worst case scenario cost me over $700 even though I have one of their wellness plans. What $700 didn't get me is prompt results and a returned call that I asked for. I called to ask when I can expect results and was told it could be two weeks. I will be looking for a new vet. 11/30 update - the results I received were "the x-rays didn't show any issue that we can see. There might be a lesion on his shoulder, but it's a strange angle so we're not sure. Have him rest for another two weeks and then lets check on him." So that I can go in for a 4th time for the same issue with no diagnosis or resolution? No. I just called (it took me 90 minutes of constantly calling to get through to a human being) and asked for a referral to a specialist. I hope they follow through.

Sarah O'Brien

3 years ago

Good service, honest and works with you on what you can afford. Staff friendliness can be hit or miss though.

Khayla Williams

3 years ago

They take so much care of my dog and make sure that I am fully informed of the whole process. I love that they greet him as well as me and he seems to enjoy his experience with them.

Jonathan Smoot

3 years ago

Neither the local vet nor the corporate representative helped at all Both kept telling me reason why they couldn't help

Jill Dulaney

3 years ago

Walked in for a pawticure and was seen right away.

Gabby Roberts

3 years ago

Great staff and service. Treat your pups as if they are their own! Great with advice and answering questions.

Eric m

3 years ago

Make an appointment with 1 person, go to appt, they are so happy to tell me they actually don't have it scheduled. Being talked down to, unscheduled appointments, incorrect invoices constantly, I mean for real???? For $100/month. At least keep your schedules up to date, for your customer's sake.

Ana Palma

3 years ago

Banfield doctors don’t care about your pets in general! They always try to make spend more money, telling you lies about your pets! They not very professional doctors at all. They’re rude and inconsiderate. I went two days ago to see Dr. Frake for a medicación for my little pug’s eye. Dr. Frake also had told me before that this medication is for life! And because I didn’t want to spend $188 dollars she was rude and told me that she can’t do this. I didn’t know really what she mean by that, I just took my dog and left. Pet atención what they tell you and how they treat your dog cause they don’t really care. for them maybe their patients,.. for us pets are our children!!

Anastasios Hudson

3 years ago

Appointment was attended to on-time. Friendly staff.

Connie LaBruyere

3 years ago

No happy, they overcharge. They required xrays and unnecessary procedures to not only my pet but also others that I observed coming in.

Nathalie Ballesteros

3 years ago

The staff here is great! Very helpful the lady at the front was able to get me ready and checked in right at 8am because I had to run to work (at Reston hospital) :) thank you!

Sophia Lim Arriaga

3 years ago

The vet I saw was trying to sell me every test.

young yu

3 years ago

The staff and my whole family’s were shocked by my pets sudden death just 2-3 days after he was check as ok. The 1 star is because they have a policy where we still have to pay. We did signed up for this and agree to this but come on, even most credit card companies will express sorry if a loved one dies. We have already spoke to the client advocacy team and we still had to pay. We got bounced between the location and client advocacy team. This is not a good policy.

Timothy Kim

4 years ago

Banfield has a pet insurance plan that does not allow refunds in the event a pet dies or passes away. If your pet dies you still must pay for the discounted treatments your pet received while alive. Be careful because you have to pay the remaining balance.

Sierra Solomon Richardson

4 years ago

I brought my puppy in two days ago for his leg. He was limping and not sitting normally for a few days. Once I brought him to Banfield. The vet didn't ask about his history (he has been with Banfield since he was two months old and has had several check-ups noting that he's healthy). All the vet did was touch his leg and started to tell me that my puppy will need surgery, will need an xray, sedation, two pain killers, two forms of bloodwork, and bladder test.... We did the bloodwork and the nurse came back saying my dog either is dehydrated or has kidney disease. Now, for a healthy one year old puppy, of course I am flustered by everything the vet is saying and I'm asking questions. None of my questions were answered. I asked, what is the likelihood of a puppy having hip dysplasia , having kidney disease , and I could NOT get an answer from this healthcare professionals. I asked questions about the tests they wanted to do, how they are different, why they are necessary, again no answers! The vet and nurse pressured me hard to get two prescriptions , WITHOUT A DIAGNOSIS, told me these medications are urgent, only for them to be out of one of the prescriptions in the store. For the last two days, I have called Banfield inquiring about this "urgent " medication and they would reply "we do not know when the shipment is coming." The vet wanted me to schedule an xray for my puppy the very next day and sedate him which requires fasting, however, the "urgent" medication they said my puppy needed requires he takes it with food. See how NONE of this makes sense?! I've had issues with Banfield before and their unprofessionalism, BUT NEVER have I felt so scammed, like all they saw of my dog was money. Instead of actually trying to help my puppy, they tried in every which way to get more money out me. How unprofessional, dare I even say malpractice, to advice and prescribe treatment WITHOUT ANY explanations of why it's needed! Then not to even have the prescription ready for DAYS! I've been with Banfield for over a decade. I will NOT be renewing my insurance plan with Banfield based off of this experience! My puppy and I were treated like two dummies. There was zero respect and professionalism and the fact you tried to say my puppy, my healthy puppy, documented healthy puppy, had all of these extreme problems just so you can cut him up, drug him up, without any proper, medical explanation to his caregiver is ridiculous! Nationwide Pet Insurance, here I come!

Me Me

4 years ago

Love this place there very caring for r fur baby's

Kayla Edelmann

4 years ago

We see Dr. Frake for our hound. She always takes the time to answer all of our questions and lay out options. She doesn't force tests, but she recommends what she believes will be the best care for our dog. I like that she is blunt but still very caring in regards to his issues. The techs are always kind to him despite his not wanting to be there.. haha. Wait times can sometimes be long, but we like Dr. Frake and it's a convenient location for us!

joo lee

4 years ago

Being a first time pet owner I was very nervous on how my 2 rescued dogs would react with the vet. But banfield reston made it so easy. Starting with the information on the different wellness plans to paying for medication and checking out. The staff here are so knowledgeable!!!! The nurses (vet tech) are fantastic!!!! We won't be able to choose a favorite one since they are all great! Danny and Mickey loves Dr. Merchant. Honestly my fiance and I do too!!! She takes the time to explain everything and different steps for different treatments. She gives us all the prices of every medications and treatments that are not included in the plan. And she doesn't just give us the expensive options she gives us multiple options and helps us make a sound decision without breaking the bank. We can tell that the team truly cares for our and other pets. I love the fact they will share their own pets stories to build that bond. My favorite part is after every appointment they will call to check how the pet or pets are doing after the visit/treatment. The follow up calls were one of the things that won me over lol. We will definitely be sticking with banfield reston. Thank you team banfield reston!!

Sabrina Watkins

5 years ago

We recently got a new addition to the family; a Chocolate Lab named Kai. Our time at Reston Banfield starts as soon as we enter the clinic and see the familiar faces we know upfront at the front desk. The staff rolls out the red carpet for Kai each and every time he comes to Reston Banfield. We know the front desk and techs by first name basis. Most importantly, our vet, Dr. Frake, is the reason we come to Reston Banfield. It's been almost 4 years since we've been seeing her with our other dog. Every time she sees us and Kai, she gets on the floor to greet and play with him. She treats our pets as her own and that's what we love most about her. She is always cautious about the money we spend on our pets and go above and beyond to make sure we only pay for what we really need. She's compassionate and loving towards us and our pets. Kai gets super excited when he knows he will be going to the vet to see Dr. Frake and team and we get excited because we know he will be getting the best care in the area!

Patrick Hamp

5 years ago

I have been very lucky to have had Dr. Brown and now Dr. Hilgartener taking care of my Lab. I find them caring and efficient. The front desk people have been great.

Leigh C

5 years ago

We have been three times with our cats. Each time they have been kind, empathetic, caring and very professional. They are always able to fit us in and we have never waited long. Great vets and vet techs here!

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