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a year ago

My dog is extremely scared of loud noises. She especially hates car sounds, so going out of the vet inside the store and back into the parking lot to drive home is always a challenge. She is making progress but still has a hard time.She pulled and hid under the cash register and this kind person when we were checking out pet her, covered her ears to help calm her down, and was so patient with her. He actually made her stop shaking and she loved him. He was so sweet and clearly has a way with animals. I was very grateful the Petsmart associate working at the Leesburg location around 6pm on 1/19 for being so kind to my dog and patient. Thank you!

Hans Newton

a year ago

Clean store but understaffed and you usually have to wait in line as there is only 1 check out Lane open.

Michele Stovall

a year ago

Helpful staff made my visit easy.

Alicia L.

a year ago

Surprisingly lacked a large treat section for dogs.

jamilah “Workhardforyourdreams” harris

a year ago

Good selection of pet's supplies and treats. I have 3 male guinea pigs, Berry, Chip Chip and Niko, always gets oxbow food and treats. Cute pet costume too

Joseph Bocher

2 years ago

I have three cats. This place fulfills all of my pet needs!


2 years ago

Great deals on dog beds! Overall good shopping experience!

Rodney Smith

2 years ago

We take our Golden Retriever to PetSmart for grooming. The Sterling VA store is super! They have excellent service and their costs are the more reasonable I’ve seen.

Shirley Jeffcoat

2 years ago

Kathleen our groomer at the Leesburg, Virginia store is the best. Barry Maurice just loves her. She works with our schedule and she’s so helpful.

Rondell Brooks

2 years ago

Friendly staff great service

Celia Gonzales

2 years ago

They have everything we need for our dog and it's also where you can pick-up online orders from their warehouse for special orders and items not on the shelf.

anthony nguyen

2 years ago

I usually take my dog to the groomers here and for the past two times, they said they would shave my Bichon Frise down because he was matted in some areas of his body. I didn’t like this and I understood why, but it wasn’t within my consent. What made me upset is that he comes back looking like a complete different dog and he came back with scabbing that wasn’t taken care of. I don’t understand how/why they would let go pets back home unfinished. On top of that, the wait outside is even worse, it’s one pet family at a time, but I waited almost 30 minutes just to pick up my dog. It’s crazy how it takes three associates to take care of one dog. It’s ridiculous how long the wait is. There should be an easier and more efficient way to pick up your pet from the groomers instead of waiting for over 30 minutes.

dena legaux

2 years ago

This location had the food I needed for my furry pet. Frederick and Winchester locations did not have this available. Beth was very helpful!

Elizabeth Burns

2 years ago

Great pet supply store. The groomers are very good. Highly recommend for nail trims.

Molly Mikulski

2 years ago

This PetSmart has amazing customer service. I went in to get prescription dog food for my dog, had to exchange it and both times the manager and staff was caring, flexible, and responsive.

Rooks B

2 years ago

If you want to see how a place is managed, check the restrooms first. Nasssssty.

Peter Kirschner

2 years ago

Very clean and organized store.

Matt Charske

2 years ago

Greta store great selection. Great staff.

Jess W.

2 years ago

The Leesburg PetSmart has a good tropical fish selection (guppies, cories)! I'd go back again!

griddle gravy

2 years ago

friendly staff, shelves are always stocked with what I am visiting for

Kristin Iden

2 years ago

The prices are ridiculous, at least 2x3 times of what you would pay to buy from Chewy or Amazon.

Mike F

2 years ago

I did an order online with an in store pickup. Customer service was great and they were quick to fill my order.

Leslie Barnes

2 years ago

Curb service, was fast and very friendly.

Elaine Bucsa

2 years ago

Tanya (manager I'm assuming) is rude, unprofessional, and has very bad customer service. And it is clear the staff (including her) is unproperly trained! They all tell you different things when it comes to the fish and seem like they hate their job. Except for the cashier, she is super easygoing, has a smile on her face, and always willing to help!

Carrie Crossfield

2 years ago

Burritos and burrito bowls are good, but pricey. Their tortilla chips are always a bit stale.

Farah El-Zein

2 years ago

They love our little Pup, Bear at our PetSmart. We get all his needs there, which include grooming, Health insurance, food and a wide array of treats. I wouldn't say no if they gave him treats when we took him with us though. I know other places we've been to do that!!

Lisa Stewart

2 years ago

I found everything I needed....went to have aquarium water tested and purchased fish

Chris Mac.

2 years ago

I've been to the Leesburg location several times, though I don't go very often because its kind of out of the way. Generally, I go in to buy something specific and then leave. Like most PetSmarts, they have a good selection, clean store, and nice staff. However, today I went to pick up an online order and instead of picking up 8 bags of cat litter there were only 3 bags. I wasn't angry or anything and I asked the guy who was helping me if they'd ran out of the litter I ordered. He said that I only ordered 3 bags and showed me the paper, which indeed, only stated 3 bags. I told him there must have been a mistake as I remembered that when I ordered on the website, it wouldn't let me add 8 bags at once, I had to do one group of 5 and one group of 3. But he just kept pointing to the paper and made zero effort to help either look to see what happened to the rest of the order or sell me more bags of litter, which I would have purchased since they were on sale. He wasn't rude, he just had zero interest in helping, which I thought was a bit odd. But since he didn't want to help, I didn't see the need to buy more litter. Now I get to look and see if they actually charged me for all 8 bags or only three.

Chrissy Smith

2 years ago

Do NOT book an appointment with this Banfield Pet Hospital location.

Sharon Carter

2 years ago

Very professional drs. Cashier attendants very friendly and helpful..we wouldn't take our cats anywhere else..great place

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