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Brad Smith

a year ago

Very friendly and knowledgeable. Thank you

James Waters

a year ago

Good location if you live in the Lee's Hill area

Bernardine Miles

2 years ago

Staff was very pleasant and friendly. Dr. Kensek is right to the point and I like that. A very professional team who really love animals.

Kristy Ulrich

2 years ago

Not sure where to begin. I took my cat here because he had bad breath and wasn’t grooming himself as much. Long story short four days later and $2000 later my cat was dead. I never got a straight answer or a diagnosis. The doctor had me bring him in and drop him off to give him IV fluids and antibiotics for three days in a row and every day I was told could be this, could be that. Every evening that I brought him home he was worse. By day 4 something was terribly wrong. I called at 9 AM told them what was happening they said the doctor or a tech would call me right back. Five hours later no one called me so I called them the second time. They told me to bring him back in. They told me he was dying and recommended euthanizing him but he died right there on the table before they had a chance. I was told a completely different diagnosis at this point and that he had plural effusion. If that was the case and they knew this why didn’t they offer to suction the fluid out of his chest to relieve his suffering and give us more time to find an exact cause? If he had pancreatitis which is another possibility they gave then why were they force-feeding him which causes the pancreas to work harder instead of a feeding tube to allow his pancreas to heal? When I brought him in on his final day they told me his temperature was low which could indicate hypothermia or shock but did not offer to help warm him up. Instead of trying to treat the emergency they recommended euthanizing. So many unanswered questions and I feel like my cat would still be alive today if I took him somewhere else. Sidenote when they sent me home with steroids and antibiotics for him they charged me for anti-nausea medicine but never put it in the bag. They also told me after he passed that along with his paw prints I would get a clipping of his fur. They did not give me his fur as a keepsake

Lynn Graham

2 years ago

All ways very kind and sweet


2 years ago

They need to get better organized. Different employees give different information. Dr. Bond is very friendly and knowledgeable. Dr. Kensek is very knowledgeable, loves animals but, yells at vet techs in front of patients. She is loud & obnoxious

Chelsea Anderson

2 years ago

AMAZING place ❤️ I refuse to go to any other vet and I used to work at a couple locally. They are all so knowledgeable and helped putting our pup to rest in the easiest way possible. They helped so much up to that point.. Thank you Dr. Kensek and the wonderful employees.

Amy B

2 years ago

Dr K and her staff are wonderful!!! She is all about the animals- which is a HUGE PLUS!!! She is straightforward and to the point about your pet and their health. We have been there twice now, and couldn't imagine taking our pets any where else! They are first class!!!

Maxine Clark

2 years ago

I have had experience with both the owner, Dr. Kesick, and the Veternarian, Dr. Bond. I have a nine month old Maltipoo. She has been seen at this practice since she was 8 weeks old. To me, both doctors have been caring and concerned about my pet’s well being. We started there during the pandemic curbside waits. I say “curbside waits” because technicians came out to speak to me directly and to understand my concerns. My puppy went inside with them. I always received a written summary with instructions. My pet has been spayed and had a PetLink chip installed by the practice. In addition to scheduled wellness checks, I have had two unscheduled appointments because of concerns about my pet. One visit was related to a tick bite. Although, my pet is on preventive treatment in the case of bites from pest and I removed the tick , I immediately called for an appointment. I was worked in on the same day and my pet was seen and prescribed antibiotics. As has happened before (not everytime), the doctor came out to the car to discuss aftercare and follow up. As I write this post, I am waiting for the practice to reopen following their lunch hour. Why? Because, I just checked messages on my home phone and I have three calls from the practice telling me that I need to bring my pet in to make sure that she is OK from the tick bite. To me, those calls are representative of the practice’s professionalism and their caring. I am sorry for those who have had unpleasant experiences with this practice. I only have good things to say and trust that they will continue with the excellent care my pet has received.

Robin Davidson

2 years ago

My dog was attacked every place else was closed had to wait for this place to open and then they just acted like it was a regular visit so after waiting for a little while I left because my emergency didn't seem to matter to them don't recommend this place at all

William Beatty

2 years ago

They were very professional and gave you the details on what the problems were. I would definitely go back to them and recommend them.

Sylvia Molina

2 years ago

I would give them 0 stars if possible. A vet should be a resource as a pet owner when your dog is sick or injured. When my dog was violently ill last month, they told me they couldn’t see him because they had another emergency and directed me to the pet ER, where I spent $400 and walked out with antibiotics and a dewormer. Fine, I get it, it was last minute. Then today after getting attacked my a dog yesterday, I find a massive lump on my pup’s neck. Call again to get him in to be seen, and they tell me they can’t see him until June 9th- a week and a half away. Or if I prefer- he can be put on a waiting list. He could be having trouble breathing, this could be a tumor, who knows- I’m not a vet. Too bad I can’t get actual advice from a qualified doctor at Lee’s Hospital. They also have not once returned voice mails I have left requesting info on getting my dog neutered. They are useless.

miranda surles

2 years ago


Michelle Dewald

2 years ago

Great place, they always take care of my fur babies

Kathleen Spence

2 years ago

The staff was very friendly and helpful. I was worried about bringing my cat in, because he is so afraid of the carrier--- and because of Covid, he hadn't been out of the house for over a year. I was afraid it was going to be traumatic for him-- but they handled him beautifully! The nurse who took him in was so gentle with him-- I can't remember her name, but she's "the cat whisperer" -- so good with fearful cats like mine. It was a good experience, and I will be returning!

Kim B

2 years ago

We really love Lee's Hill Pet Hospital. They take such great care of our fur babies. They call and remind us when the need upcoming treatments. They also check on them after they have been in if they were sick. During Covid, they come to the car to get them and my babies are so excited to go with them. That truly says a lot.

Sarah Miller

3 years ago

6 years ago I decided I wanted to gain experience in the veterinary field so I could could start my journey towards becoming a veterinarian. I applied to volunteer at every vet hospital in the area and not a single one of them called me back, except Dr. Kensek. Dr. Kensek gave me a chance. She and her team dedicated their time to teaching me and every day I learned something new. It is because of her that I got into vet school and it is because of her that I am now one year away from become a veterinarian myself. I am not going to lie and say that working at Lee's Hill Pet Hospital is always perfect. Sometimes it can become very stressful and frustrating. But I continue to come back year after year because every single person that works there has become my family. Every single person there has a good heart and cares for every animal as if it were their own. We are not perfect and no family is, but when you become a client of Lee's Hill you become part of our family. We dedicate hours researching cases and consulting specialists to make sure each animal is given the best care possible no matter what the budget may be. I have always admired Dr. Kensek for never turning anyone away who needed her help and always finding a way to help an animal in need, no matter the circumstances. I am not sure where life will take me after graduation, but I will always return to Lee’s Hill Pet Hospital. If you can look passed it being a little loud and crazy sometimes, you will find a group of people who have dedicated their lives to the care and wellbeing of animals and will ensure that every owner is an informed participant in the treatment of their furry family member. I want to thank Dr. Kensek, Dr. Bond, Renee, Cindy, Trisha, Desiree, Virginia, Sara, Skyler, Kaitlyn, Emma, Mia, and our newbies Taylor and Tyera for everything you have taught me. Every single one of you has helped shape me into the person I’ve become and the veterinarian I will be. Thank you for everything and keep up the great work!

Jessie Lecas

3 years ago

Great place they always take care of ny pets


3 years ago

Very attentive and kind. I trust them completely with my dog's care. Both doctors are great.

Ed Dinep

3 years ago

Best vets around the area.

Amy Jones

3 years ago

This is the best veterinarian hospital hands down. I had to put our 16 year old family dog down. I was dreading this experience. I knew I wasn't going to hold it together but the staff made the visit as comfortable as they could considering the circumstances. If and when we get another family dog this will be our hospital of choice. Thank you to the staff for everything.

iVo Sphere

3 years ago

I wasn't sure what to expect. I called as soon as they opened and explained the serious issue I was having with FatBoy my eight year old + rescue cat. They got me in within the hour! The staff was professional and showed sincere concern for FatBoy and my situation. Explained what they would be doing to make him more comfortable and try to discover what was going on with his health. To my total surprise! The Dr. called me to reassure me and explain what options were available, she did this three or four times! Her knowledge and expertise as well as her sincere concern were more then I expected. I highly recommend taking your furry family members to this exceptional Veterinary Hospital.

Kelley Monahan

3 years ago

Excellent vet experience and very reasonable prices. Great vet tech staff.

Lyla Jones

3 years ago

Worst experience ever! Do not take your pet here. The Dr's are completely unprofessional and the staff is rude. The office manager is very inexperienced and it shows. The Dr listens to the techs and doesn't even act like she knows what's going on. Save yourself a visit and see another vet. CRAZY is an understatement for the Dr.

Matthew Graham

3 years ago

-Great Vet Dr. Kensek!!! -Incredible Staff and Vet Techs!!! -Extremely Affordable!!! This is THE BEST Pet Hospital/ Vet in by far. I have been to many Vets in the area and not one of them can compare to Lee's Hill Pet Hospital. Dr. Kensek is an amazing Vet, and all the Vet Techs are incredible. Our dog was on his death bed and Dr. K was able to figure out a solution to the most complicated case of diabetes. Dr. K goes above and beyond and is willing to work with her clients. Dr. K saved my dogs life. We are forever grateful for Dr. Kensek, and the staff at Lee's Hill!!!

Tammy Hilldrup

3 years ago

They have always been terrific. They go above and beyond to help me when I need it. I wouldn't go anywhere else.

John Rigsby

3 years ago

First off, great veteranarians and knowledgeable staff. They also do a great job of keeping you informed and calling you when they need to and responding to inquiries.

Todd Scalph

3 years ago

Sharron Kensick is the best vet ever! She has a real heart for animals!


3 years ago

So incredibly happy with our experience! The staff were some of the kindest and professional women I’ve spoken to from the minute I called to book an appointment. They asked plenty of questions and even gave suggestions on how to help with car fear and motion sickness. My daughter was glowing about her conversation with one of the ladies who came out to our car(congratulations on your 4 month old!) Dr. Kensek was freaking fantastic! Very open and honest with all aspects of the visit. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate that. She makes it more than clear that your animals and their well-being is her priority. She didn’t push anything unnecessary on us and even gave me options with cost breakdown as well as information on possible steps if needed. I’ve never felt as well informed on my dogs health as Dr. Kensek made me feel today! Thank you so much and Luna and Loki will be life long patients!

Vanessa Schuermann

3 years ago

The vet techs at Lee’s Hill Pet Hospital, specifically Skyler and Virginia, are wonderful!!!! Dr. Bond is a sweetheart and Dr. Kensek is a bit unconventional but great. Both vets really take their time and won’t sell anything unnecessary. You can tell that they are in for the animals, not just the money :-) The only down-side is that they seem to be unorganized sometimes. I have had appointments cancelled or forgotten to schedule before. Besides the receptionist (Mia unfortunately had quite the attitude with me on the phone), I highly recommend this clinic :-)

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