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Claudia Andrea Montecinos

a year ago

Just stopped by to ask about services, as we just moved to the area. The woman in the reception was so not friendly, that we will not come here. She seemed so stressed out, that I can imagine how can that go with our pet! Yikes.

Vin “Vince” 0000

a year ago

Great staff who will do their best to help in emergencies or make regular scheduled visits positive for you and your animal

Mae Caras

2 years ago

I take my cat here and they have been amazing. Very professional, friendly and reasonable fees!


2 years ago

Went to get a blood drawn for a possible serious diagnosis; they told me that my dog wouldn’t stay still while being held down by 2 assistants, and I had to come back 5 days later while she’s on sedatives. Seriously?!? I thought veterinarians, out of all people, would know that having 2 strangers pin a dog down in a strange room reeking of chemicals would not exactly result in a dog staying still. And that 5 days of an untreated disease can do quite some damage. But here we are.

Leticia Castro

2 years ago

They are incredibly good with my babies, they care and do a throughout consultation.

Mon Oubliette

2 years ago

We used to absolutely love this place and couldn’t imagine taking our pets anywhere else, but the quality of customer service and care has declined in the past two years. Now, this isn’t a hit-job review. We still think this location is a solid place to take your pets and their prices aren’t as bad as many, but it’s simply lost that “charm” and small practice vibe that it used to have. This used to be the kind of place where everyone knew your pet by name, if you came in a couple times a year. Today, you’re a little more of a number and we’ve noticed their patience has similarly waned. We may change locations, if we find a better fit. We may not. But, however good it is now, it was a lot better a few years ago.

Todd Girvin

2 years ago

Excellent staff, very understanding of importance of our fur babies, and reasonable prices. We love everyone here.

Jordan McElwain

2 years ago

We've been going to Caring Hands for years. I don't have the easiest dog for vets (she's incredibly anxious), and the wonderful vets at this office have gone above and beyond to make sure her and I get everything we need to keep her healthy and happy. I can't really compare to other vets because we just haven't had to go anywhere else, which is a good sign!


2 years ago

Easy and simple without the guilt of trying to make me order everything for my dog.

Valerie Watkins

2 years ago

I have never been more disappointed in my veterinarian office Caring Hands Animal Hospital, Merrifield, than I have been today. I've read negative reviews about them but in the 5yrs that I've been going there they have been nothing but wonderful. Today was the complete opposite. I don't understand how they think it's OK for a cat to wait TWO WEEKS who is already presenting with an upper respiratory infection - sneezing, swollen nose and as of last night, a snot rocket. When I questioned, what am I supposed to do until then I was told to call Saturday and Sunday morning to see if there were any cancelations... I'm left angry and speechless at the lack of care and compassion that was given to towards an obviously sick cat. What has happened to this practice? Shame on you Caring Hands.

Richard White

2 years ago

If you actually care about your pet. STAY FAR AWAY from this place. There only mission is to try to take advantage of hard working people. The owner should be ashamed of how poor the practice handles the care of clients pets. Money is the only thing they ACTUALLY care about. Liz is one rude receptionist. Entire experience was very bad.

Vanessa H

2 years ago

We have been clients of Caring Hands for 17 years. They saw us through an unfortunate death (due to FIP) of a young adopted cat named Milo and they kept his sister Minnie alive to the ripe old age of 18. Now, they are helping us through her terminal diagnosis. They are responsive and empathetic, knowledgeable and flexible, and professional and caring. Caring Hands is everything you want in a vet.

Kimberly Prosser

2 years ago

Dr. Loeffler gave us exceptional care and empathy. My family has struggled with our puppy’s separation anxiety and instead of dismissing us like another vet (not this practice), she gave us detailed advice but most importantly she listened. The other vet we talked to left us in tears because she made us feel like we were not trying hard enough, when we have been trying so hard. With Dr. Loeffler, it was tears of happiness because finally she took our concerns seriously. Separation anxiety is isolating and makes you feel hopeless. Well, Dr. Loeffler gave us us hope. She deserves all the praise I can give and more.

Stephanie Nichols

2 years ago

This is the second appointment in less than a week where I've had to wait over fifteen minutes to have my dog seen. Also when charged for a comprehensive exam is it that hard to weigh my dog as well? If I'm paying $68 for a comprehensive exam (in addition to all the other charges) when I only had an issue with my dog's eye, why am I then not getting updates on all the things? If you're going to charge me for the comprehensive exam, then give my dog one.

Tina Liu

2 years ago

Caring Hands Animal Hospital at Merrifield took down my feedback because they knew I spoke the truth about their services. They can take down. I can repost on how bad I was treated. Here is my pet visit experience on 4/23: Worst experience ever!! have been with this vet clinic since they opened. Never have bad service. But now everything changes. They are all about money, money, money. This visit cost me close to $500 and the services I got were: 1. The receptionist, Mary, called wrong number and blamed me not picking up. After connected, she put me on hold when I asked her to check on the medicine dose because it didn't seem right. On hold for long time while waiting outside the clinic parking lot. Guess what? Who finally made the approach? I did.l!! I went up and knocked on the door.. Sadly, the answer I got from other receptionist who opened the door said she tried to called me but my phone didn't show any incoming call while I was putting on hold, which makes you wander who is telling the truth. And, still didn't get the answer on the medicine dose!! 2. The visit with doctor only 10min for so call senior annual wellness check up. End up with the vet prescribed wrong dose for my dog. 3. They didn't care to bother checking on prescribed dose was right or wrong. Rather, they want your credit card number from you to buy more medication from them that cost $3 per pill at their place vs buying from 3rd party providers for $0.56 per pill. Be careful to buy medicine from the 3rd party required their approval. They will not approve the medicine until you bring your pet in for check up (paying $$$ of 10min visit to get their approval on the medicine). I want to ask people who are reading my feedback: What kind of the vet clinic are they running if they don't know how many "mg" my senior dog supposed to take??? Bottom line, I agree with the person who said it is worth to get 2nd opinion after visit them. . Or the smart move is going to different animal hospital.

Fifi Fellacio

2 years ago

They refused to respond to a prescription request from Chewy without seeing my dog again first. He is not a new patient and was just there for his meds 5 months ago. This was a ploy to charge for an extra office visit.

gabriel chapman

2 years ago

Very friendly and thorough. My dog sometimes suffers from separation anxiety but they do a wonderful job keeping him calm.

Salma Bahramy

2 years ago

The quality of care and customer service has gone downhill. I've been taking my dog here for years and it was great in the beginning. But now it feels like taking your dog to a factory. We used to get attentive, quality care and now the doctors and techs are just trying to get in as many patients as possible. I had an issue with my dog not receiving the correct dose of IV fluids - something I had to bring up repeatedly. They eventually addressed it, but when you have an older dog with more complicated health issues, alot falls through the cracks here. And good luck actually getting a doctor vs. a tech. They dont mind taking your money here, but I'm not sure you're getting the best quality of care here.

Christopher Phillips

2 years ago

Started off fine 4 years ago. Now they are about money and not service to pets. Upselling every visit, sending out info (for an additional charge), trying out diagnosis versus actually diagnosing. It took our new vet 10 minutes to diagnose and prescribe a treatment suitable to our dogs size, age and weight. Get a second opinion when you go here. Worth the time to see another vet.

Rachel atherbest

2 years ago

We had the worst experience yesterday and will never be returning. Choose a different animal hospital!

Vikki Taggart

2 years ago

The staff was very kind to our Husky. They gave him his vaccines and made the process as smooth as possible under COVID restrictions.

Amanda Farrell

2 years ago

They were great scheduling and explaining the steps for traveling with my dog.

Ashley Zuckerman

2 years ago

Took my cat in for chin acne doctor gave me some medication to use it caused my cats chin to bleed she’s never been like this before. Called them asked to have a manager call me four days later still haven’t heard anything. I call them today front Desk acts like it’s not a big deal and says they can’t see her until next week. Customer service is terrible! Every time I go there it costs hundreds of dollars and it takes 4-5 visits for the problem to be fixed. It took 400$ to treat an ear infection!!!!! All they want is money, my advice go somewhere where they actually care about the health of your pet!!!!!

Shelley Grove

2 years ago

Wonderful staff always ready to go the extra mile; super sweet and gentle with our pups when they're stressed and go the extra mile to make them feel comfortable. Have had a wonderful history with this location for about 8 years and have taken great care of our three puppers. Great communicators, who can simplify any complex ailments or diagnoses. Wonderful to work with.

Ricardo Reyes

3 years ago

We would like to thank the Caring Hands Animal Hospital for their wonderful service that they have provided for our baby Duke (pitbull) for the past 2 years. Duke is a very active dog, constantly playing with other dogs, running in the backyard, and at dog parks. We've had some injuries with his paw and nails, consequently we would want immediate service for a vet to see him. Clearly that's very challenging for some veterinarians due to schedule conflicts. However, Caring Hands Animal Hospital have always been able to schedule an appointment with 30 mins to 1-2 hours. Also, their service is always on point, their team takes good care of Duke and provide excellent service whenever we visit their facility for treatment or yearly vaccinations. Best of all is that they accept most Pet Insurances, and provide electronic invoice for us to easily submit insurance claims.

Rahil Merchant

3 years ago

Thank you to Dr. Hilson and the entire Caring Hands staff for taking good care of my kitty. They were professional, compassionate, and diagnosed my kitty quickly and were able to provide meds on the spot. They will be my go-to place for all my kitty's medical needs. If they start accepting humans,I'd gladly have any of the doctors be my primary care physician. They were simply purrrfect.

Rob Berman

3 years ago

I went there to ask about my new puppy. They were "No, No, No" to my questions on the phone. No solutions, no options, no alternatives. How can I know whether you're the right vet for my puppy when I can't see the facility, meet a vet or see an exam room. Customer service was terrible! I could've come back to meet a vet at a later time as they were currently busy. Do not recommend as the staff are not problem solvers. I want to see creative solutions, empathy and initiative with my pets Dr.

Shena Cavallo

3 years ago

I love this place and my dog has gone through several vets over the years. The prices are very reasonable, at least in comparison to what I've had in the past (I was coming from a more expensive location, however). I find the service excellent. They put my anxious dog at ease and the vets and other staff are very patient with my questions. I also feel like they don't push procedures or unnecessary testing on you.

Thomas Ilich

3 years ago

Wonderful caring doctor and technician. Made both the animal and the humans feel better.

whitney armenia

3 years ago

I have been bringing my Morkie here for over 3 years and have always been pleased with their professionalism. The staff is really nice and supportive when I ask like 5 million questions about the health of my pup. All his medical docs are integrated in an app so they are really easy to access and share. Would recommend this vet for all my furry friends ????

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