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Melanie McLennan

a year ago

I have been using this vet since 2015. Unfortunately with the departure of Dr. Beecher Watson, this office has declined. Declined to the point I am leaving with my 4 cats. The office staff is not anything like it use to be. They use to be professional, organized and friendly. Not anymore. In fact, most of the staff that was there when I started, have left. Speaks volumes.

Clinton Wilson

2 years ago

So we took our newest kitten here hoping for better service than our last place. A) We scheduled a followup for our kittens second shots and found that time was not optimal. Called to see f we could move the appt a week but they couldn't pull up the schedule that far (already weird) but then they apparently went ahead and cancelled the original appointment so now we don't have one at all. B) The entire examination they gave a very hard sell on the pet food advertised all over the building - which is a red flag for me.

Dana Wolfson

2 years ago

I had an appointment for a new kitten visit on Saturday at 8am. They called to confirm and I arrived right on time. At 8:30, they told me the vet wasn’t there yet and they couldn’t get in touch with her. Apparently the main vet was out of town and this was the backup vet. I eventually left when it was clear they had no idea where the vet was or if she was planning on coming to work that day. It was a big waste of my time and unnecessarily stressed out my cat. I will not be rescheduling my appointment.

C. M. Condo

2 years ago

I am writing this review having taken my pets to this clinic since 2017, just after I moved into the area from Maryland. Dr. Watson was a phenomenal veterinarian and animal caretaker and the care my pets received from him was top-notch. However, now that he isn't there, the quality of service has fallen off considerably, such that I am in the process of taking my business elsewhere. The first issue came up last year, when I brought my cat, Dizzy, in for recheck bloodwork to assess a newly-discovered thyroid issue. I am a former veterinary nurse, so I'm knowledgeable about how such things are handled from a clinical standpoint. When the assistant came out to the car to take Dizzy inside, I asked what they were testing and she said "kidneys." I responded "and thyroid" and she assured me that Dizzy's thyroid would be checked, too. When I got the results back, though, they had only checked Dizzy's kidneys and wanted me to bring her in for another blood draw (a rather traumatic experience for the cat) to check her thyroid until I demanded they run the the thyroid panel on the sample they had just taken, which they ultimately did do. A single mistake isn't enough for me to leave a practice, so I chalked it up as an innocent oversight. In the intervening time, though, the veterinarian mistakenly referred to Dizzy as a "he" through several pages of post-visit doctor's notes. Dizzy is not a new patient, and all of her documentation lists her as female, and referring to her by the wrong sex makes me wonder if the doctor even knew which pet she was writing about. Finally, just this week, the clinic gave my cell phone number to an animal shelter based on a rabies tag number from 2020 that happened to be the same as the 2021 rabies tag number assigned to one of my pets. These numbers are randomly assigned and change from year to year--there's no way I could know who had the number last year. But the man at the shelter kept pestering me about whether I had ever heard of the dog or the owner associated with the 2020 tag number even after I explained that the tag number did not and never had belonged to any of my pets and I had no idea who the number was assigned to in 2020. I then called the vet to complain about them giving out my private cell phone number to someone who I had to hang up the phone on because he kept asking over and over if I had ever heard of the animal or owner associated with the 2020 tag (even though it was literally impossible for me to do so, as I ultimately despaired of explaining to him). They assured me that although the practice manager had left, they would leave a note for them to call me back the following morning to straighten things out. However, no-one ever called me back, and my faith in the practice is now completely gone. It's just too many mistakes. I know that veterinary medical practices operate on a razor-thin profit margin, but that's no excuse for the kind of sloppiness and inattention to detail I've witnessed over the last several months. It's too bad, because I used to love this clinic, but I just don't trust them any more. So I'm afraid I just can't in good conscience recommend them.

Crystal Rosen

2 years ago

I took my new 14 week old kitten to see a vet at this practice because it was the soonest I could get an appointment since my normal vet was booked. When I got there I ended up waiting an hour past her appointment for them to even bring her back. When they finally came out the doctor seemed nice and caring and talked about how beautiful my sweet Scottishfold was. After her checkup he came out and told me “she was really sick and that I should return her to where I got her from.” They said she had a major virus that would result in death, a hernia from her spay, 103 fever, and possibly FIV. I asked them for a copy of the information and it took them days to email me the doctors notes. I was absolutely hysterical and reached out to the breeder who immediately recommended I see my normal vet and that this place sounded very sketchy because she had had an appointment before I picked her up and everything had checked out. I was able to get an emergency appointment a couple days later (thank god for whoever cancelled) with the vet I have seen for over ten years. My kitten was perfectly healthy with zero fever, no virus, and no hernia. She will be celebrating her 1 year birthday in one month and we could not love her more. I will NEVER see this practice again. This was absolutely the most horrible experience with a vet I have ever had and I’ve had cats for 30 years.

Dave R

2 years ago

This place really cares for animals.

Eugene G

2 years ago

Very rude and unprofessional staff, will never return.

Minda Rodgers

3 years ago

Professional, kind and courteous. Dr. Van Sickle continually makes herself readily available to help with my dogs needs. Whether it is diabetes, cancer or a mystery illness, she is with you all the way offering her expertise and comfort. Your pet will always be in good hands.

Millie Tullis

3 years ago

I can not recommend vca university enough. Dr Watson in particular is so kind and caring. He is happy to answer any questions and they are very clear about costs and all options. Taking your animal to the vet is almost always a stressful experience, but the staff and environment at VCA always make me feel calm and supported.

Melody Rudy

3 years ago

I have been going to VCA for 14 years and the staff and Doctors are amazing. Doc Watson is amazing and even gives his personal phone # if needed to text emergency questions after procedures. Can not say enough good things about how much they care about your pet.

Derek Reinhard

3 years ago

Great staff and care for my dog, every visit.

ana bueso

3 years ago

My dog is so happy to be checked there, love this place.

David Hughes

4 years ago

Great for general care of pets. More difficult things maybe better to visit Southpaws.

Ivan Ramirez

4 years ago

We love VCA at University. The older male Vet is very friendly no matter which pet we take in. He is the pet whisperer. He seems like a vet out of a Norman Rockwell painting. Staff is always friendly and thoughtful as well.

Jen C

4 years ago

Super nice and knowledgeable staff. Estimates of your visit are provided as they figure out what needs to be done so you can make decisions. Puppy payment program with discounts for that expensive first year of shots, spray/neuter, microchipping, etc... located in convenient strip mall to help pass time if needed.

Jesse Rasmussen

4 years ago

Super nice and friendly and very supportive place.

Kate Lindemann

4 years ago

Terrible experience, will never go back. I have never written a review but in this case feel like it is necessary. I brought my dog in for a hematoma, the vet said to monitor it and if it got worse to bring her back. The next day it was 10 times worse. I brought her in for a procedure. I had two follow up visits scheduled at this point. I got a call the day of her 1st follow up appointment saying the doctor rearranged her schedule and I needed to reschedule my appointment for the following week, I agreed to do so and said I was on my way for her current appointment that was schedule for that day, they said they did not have her down for an appointment (I have the confirmation email) after I left work in DC at 12 to take her they told me I couldn’t be seen until 6pm and the doctor who treated her had again rearranged her schedule and wasn’t in. Then when I arrived to the vet at 6 (after I had to carry my 65lb dog to the car due to thunderstorms to even get her there) they tried to take her back without me in the room (she has major anxiety) when I was told I would actually see a doctor and have an exam room. THEN they tried to charge me a $50 exam fee for requesting to see a doctor when I was SUPPOSED to see the doctor who originally did her procedure at 2pm!!! Then in so many words told me I was lying and made me SHOW THEM THE EMAIL CONFIRMATION for her appointment that THEY canceled. I also have the “next visit” listed on my receipt from her initial visit. after spending 1000$ at this vet, leaving work/taking time off to bring her back to have the appointments canceled and changed, not see the same doctor, I would expect better. I work in the medical field and this is NOT acceptable. I will not be bringing her back for her follow up, I would rather pay another 1000$ to someone else then to ever step foot in that office again. The worst customer service I have ever experienced.

Lazer W

4 years ago

Very good pet care, great Vets

Matthew Bucher

4 years ago

I've used VCA for a decade plus. The staff have always been helpful and kind. In an ideal world, a cat would mean a cat-sized vet bill, but I don't think the billing is out of the scope of the other vet clinics here in NOVA. Dr. Watson is an amazing guy, and clearly expresses what he's thinking during checkups; he doesn't seem to want to pile on costs for the heck of it.

Rob Korczak

4 years ago

My Veterinary Clinic of choice for at least 15 years they've always taken care of my dog's the staff are like family the doctors are amazing I love this location and I keep planning to go there for many years to come.

Damitra Gardner

5 years ago

My dog has been seen by the Vets in this clinic for a year now and he is comfortable with going to them. After every visit they will call and check on him, as well as send me reminders for his vaccinations and tests. Friendly and out going staff.

Aditi G

5 years ago

We are first time dog owners and have been taking our little baby Scottie to this vet since we got him. The client service here is outstanding, the friendly receptionists are very easy to talk to and remember the little things we share with them in good times and bad. VCA University is not just Scottie's vet but an extended family to us! Dr. Watson and his staff does an outstanding job at making Scottie feel comfortable during his visits. We know he can be a little hard to manage at times but they have always given us compliments on Scottie's behavior and are able to keep him calm during his visits. Thank you for treating us like a family and taking such great care of our baby!

Valeria A

5 years ago

I went to VCA University Mall with my childhood dog years ago when he was near the end of his life and came back with the dog I just adopted a month ago. This clinic has always operated with the highest quality staff, equipment and standards. Dr Watson is extremely compassionate, patient (I had a lot of questions) and knowledgeable. Both my dog and I left completely satisfied and can’t wait to go back! I’m also planning to sign up for their monthly Care Club plan. I highly recommend this vet!!

Sunny Gupta

5 years ago

We have been going to VCA university for all of our veterinary needs since we got our German Shepherd puppy, and have been thoroughly impressed with the service, care, attention, and follow up that we have recieved. Whether it's making sure that he is up to date on vaccines or he is seen promptly for more serious matters, we have always appreciated the services that we have recieved. From entering to a warm reception, to the check in, and seeing the doctor, the service is seamless and managed very well. Highly recommended!

Marvin R

5 years ago

We brought our newly adopted dog here for a full physical. We’ve taken her to a couple different vets looking for the right fit and this is definitely the one. Dr Watson is great. The staff is friendly and the space is nice and clean. Highly recommend.

Amy Stidham

5 years ago

Still miss Dr. Jackson, but Dr. Watson is wonderful, as are the rest of the loving, knowledgeable staff.

Donna Howlett

5 years ago

I love the staff and Veterinarian at University Veterinary Hospital. My cat and Dog have gotten the best care and follow-up. I would recommend this Hospital over anyone!

Elizabeth Troncoso

5 years ago

Nothing but love There! ❤

Ellen Scarborough

5 years ago

VCA has been our vet since we moved to VA 21 years ago. They've seen us through thick and thin, all the while treating us and our beautiful feline family with the utmost of care, compassion and respect. They are simply wonderful. Our cats are our family and we know they are getting the best care and attention with the skilled doctors and staff at VCA. We highly recommend them. The Scarborough's.

Lorraine Fitzkee

5 years ago

I have been taking my puppy there for training. And the class is good.

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