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Riad Khattab

a year ago

I took my cat there to place a glucose sensor on her because she is diabetic. They did a good job.


a year ago

The Dr make my dog bleed for the ear my poor dog no want to go inside to this hospital please always chevk ur dogs !!!!

Ingrid Valdovinos

2 years ago

Wainting time for a curbside with a tech appointment is not a lot, very nice people , they treated me like they really care and respect my pet and my time.

Tanya Worley

2 years ago

My pet need four day meds. It was expensive. She told me to go to another state where it’s cheaper

Jeremy Feldman

2 years ago

HUGE shout out to Rebecca and Dr. Smith for administering Pucks rabbies vaccination today. We tried 2 other ovations before they were able to get the job done. So grateful ????

Natasha Karwal

2 years ago

Thank you Dr. Malone and the entire staff for providing such great care to our puppy.

Hannah Choi

2 years ago

UPDATE: Just got a call from Banfield. The staff was focusing too much on justifying the pricey x-ray and the pricey upgraded plan. She’s missing the point. It’s not the price but the overall medical service quality, especially misdiagnosis. I told her that I went to another pet clinic where my dog underwent the same x-ray and the diagnosis was completely different from Banfield. My dog DOES have an infection with her lungs. (which contradicts what Banfield said that it could be just seasonal allergies) The lady from Banfield requested the contact info of the other clinic for further investigation and I cooperated. Will Banfield grant my request to cancel my monthly plan along with a refund? Will see… - Back in April this year, I visited this location to address my dog’s excessive coughing issues. About an hour after dropping her off, I got a call from one of the staff who explained the prices of x-ray, etc. that are needed for basic diagnosis. Back then, he encouraged me to upgrade my Banfield plan(then $48/mo.) to a pricey one(over $80/mo.) saying that otherwise I have to pay over $400 for an x-ray only. So I did follow the suggestion to upgrade my monthly plan, hoping it would provide better medical services to my dog. Hours later, the vet (or nurse) from Banfield called me saying that all test results came out clean that there’s no problem with the dog’s heart and lungs. She said the coughing could be just seasonal allergy and recommended giving my dog some Banedryl. However, since then the coughing got worse. So I called Banfield again on August 11 and a staff (sounding like a young man over the phone) told me to drop off Irene at 9:30am on August 13. However, when I got there at 9:30 on 8/13(today), a staff there named “Luis" told me that there’s no such appointment scheduled. He added that the guy who helped me schedule the appointment might be a temp staff who is not experienced. Also he apologized for the unprofessional handling of my case. At this point, I’m so much disappointed at multiple levels: not just the appointment handling issue but also the tactic to sell me pricey plan which turned out to be worthless, the overpriced exams(I later found out that x-ray costs under $150 at other pet hospitals) and unreliable & ineffective medical services. Word of apology I got from Luis at the Fairfax location is not enough. I sincerely request cancellation of my Banfield plan at no cost along with a refund of monthly payments since the plan upgrade

Tessa Hartley Miller

2 years ago

UPDATE: Their response was empty words - I emailed the email address and received the same response that our "balance" was $400 for the remainder 10 months of wellness and preventive services we obviously can't use because my dog sadly passed away. TLDR: Don't sign up for the wellness plan unless you are okay with being billed for it for nearly a year in the event your pet dies. This company lacks compassion and basic decency. Banfield Pet Hospital was the place we took Max his entire life for routine veterinary care. Over 9 years ago, we signed up for their "Optimum Wellness Plan" which covered preventive visits, vaccines, and offered a discount on other services/ products. We paid roughly $40 per month over the course of his lifetime, plus thousands of additional dollars in non-preventive care. When we contacted Banfield to cancel, we were told our monthly payments would extend an additional 10 months, "As you know, the Optimum Wellness Plans are affordable packages of recommended preventive care that can save you money and deliver care to your pet. There service can be used anytime during your plan year and cost of package in split into twelve monthly installments." As I know ? No, I did not know I would continue to pay for a plan that covered preventive medicine for a pet that has died. I did not think to ask when I took my puppy into the vet nearly a decade ago and they sold me their plan if I would continue to pay each month for a "Wellness Plan" for nearly a year after he died. I'm sure it is in the fine print somewhere of an agreement signed long ago and forgotten. This cruel detail was no where to be found on their FAQ page about wellness plans. Banfield provided the option of paying the remaining $400 balance all at once or continuing to pay each month in installments. I reviewed my financial software to discover over the course of his life I had paid nearly $6,500 for vet services from Banfield. I had also recommended them to several family and friends. Google "Banfield charging you after your dog dies" and you will find many articles of grieving pet parents discovering their policy of billing after the pet passes away. The kicker is once local news is involved most of the articles state that they waived the rest of the "balance". Here's what I know after the last interaction with them and this policy: I will never bring another pet to them or recommend them to anyone else. It hurts that the place I trusted to take care of my dog for his whole life did not show any compassion at its end. I think this policy is not only cruel, I don't think it makes any business sense.

Sara K

2 years ago

The BEST vets in this area! Ajax was super sick but because of the amazing vets (Dr. Lui and Dr. Smith) and the amazing vet techs he’s back to being a goofy and happy little puppy!! We appreciate everything you do and this is the only vets office where Ajax runs inside with his tail wagging the whole time because he’s so excited!

OrangeConsultingGroup OrangeConsultingGROUP

2 years ago

Don’t go to Banfield Fairfax. Horrible service. They just want your money.

Lisa M

2 years ago

I signed up for their wellness plan and this place is so great and super welcoming to new customers. I LOVE this place

Duygu Ulker

2 years ago

Usually I don’t write reviews but since I had my 3rd and the most terrible experience I felt like I have to say something. 6 months ago I took my dog there for nail trimming, they told me they were not able to cut it so they offered to give him tradozone, after giving him tradozone I took him back there and they were still not able to cut his nails. They higher the dose and wanted me to come back. However, they still weren’t able to cut his nails with a higher dose of tradozone. Last week I called to make an appointment and on the phone I specifically told them that probably he needs anesthesia for them to be able to cut his nails, cuz calming down medicine basically is not working on my dog. He told me to bring him there at 8 am, we get there exactly at 8 am and the doctor told me that they will try sedation, I said he needs to be fully asleep based on to do anything with his paws. She said he will be almost fully asleep so it should be fine and the total cost would be 250$. They called me at 5 pm saying that they were not able to cut his nails at all cuz sedation didn’t work on him and next time it would be ideal to do anesthesia (which that’s what I asked for when I was making an appointment) and the total cost was still 250$ even tho I didn’t get the service that I went for. So, not just they tried to charge me 250$ they also kept my anxious dog there from 8 am until 5 pm in a cage at the back side! I tried to talk with them saying that it’s not fair at all, after talking with them and the manager they decided to charge me only for the doctor visit which was 86$. It was such a horrible experience, especially for my baby boy. Never ever going back there again! Never!!!!


3 years ago

Dr Smith is a very nice and caring dogtor. I really appreciate all she and her staff do to ensure my pet is getting the best care possible.

Victoria Ostler

3 years ago

They almost killed my dog. My one and only time coming to any Banfield location, ever. My dog goes in for what should have been a routine check-up and nail trim, next thing I know I have a vet telling me they had to intubate and will have to rush my dog to the nearest ER if I want any chance for him to live. This “vet” practice could not have been any more negligent and careless about the situation from a professional and also personal level. Between my incident and another happening at the same time where the vet staff was taking 45 minutes to find a vein for this woman’s cat, I’m truly terrified for the future of the patients who come here. All of my thanks go to the VCA Animal Hospital he was rushed to after being at Banfield. My dog is home now. However not out of the woods and still needs to be monitored 24/7, I could not have asked for a better outcome considering. I was told numerous times his chances of survival were extremely low. My entire experience is every pet owners worst nightmare. They don’t deserve a single star rating.

Nilansh Upadhyay

3 years ago

Service is just the best but if you ever plan to go for there wellness plan think twice..

Maxine Lebron

3 years ago

Do they really care about our pets?

Maria Fahlsing

3 years ago

Very kind and patient technicians who genuinely care about animals. They answered all of my questions and listened attentively as I explained what is going on with my dog. It was also explained to me what is included in my pet insurance account and gave me an estimate without my having to ask. Top notch service!

M Maria

3 years ago

I had a very complicated case that involves a lot of traveling and Dr. Holly Lui was integral from the start. In spite of an extremely stressful few days coordinating all the different pages and pet history she and her staff attended to me with utmost detail and care. Everyone is stressed and anxious these days and I appreciate everything they do!

Katie H

3 years ago

I’ve always had good experiences with this Vet office until now. I brought my dog in and they were saying it would take an hour for her to be seen and ready to go because they were behind. I wish they would have just called to let me know I would have to wait an HOUR past my appt time. Then when it was time to check out, the lady was rude and short. Even the vet was talking about my dog with wrong information. Very off putting.

Irene Rodriguez

3 years ago

Yesterday, I took my Yorkie , Isabella and Shih Tzu , Hunnybear, for their rabies shot's. Upon arrival , Mariah handled both my Dogs's. Mariah was so sweet and kind in her manner of handling my 2 dog's. …

Gian Bretana

3 years ago

This review is specifically regarding our experience with Dr. Lam and Dr. Smith. We've been going to Banfield for over 6 years with all three of our dogs. Up until yesterday, we've only seen Dr. Smith and she is the only reason we've stayed with Banfield - at every appointment we've had, she takes care of our dogs like her own, is realistic with treatments (does NOT try to 'sell' you on anything), and is always available to answer follow up questions as they come. For our most recent appointment, unfortunately (or fortunately because we loved Dr. Lam), Dr. Smith was unavailable and we had an urgent concern so we were seen by Dr. Lam. Dr. Lam answered all our questions, was considerate of our personal concerns, and treated our dog like her own. Dr. Lam really listened to all our concerns and took so much time after the examination to explain the treatment plan. I am just so relieved that we have not only one but two doctors that we can trust with our fur babies.

Devin Gebhart

3 years ago

The staff here is amazing! Professional, friendly and prompt service. They were more than happy to offer explain treatments and make recommendation for my new puppy. I definitely recommend this Banfield team to anyone in need of vet services.

Courtney Culbreath

3 years ago

I really enjoy this vet clinic and location. I have brought my pup here since I got her. Very easy to get an appointment. We signed up with the plan for 1st year puppies that covers the vaccines and spay which I think is a good deal.


3 years ago

1. The person at the front desk of this store is very impatient. 2. My dog ​​bought a plan but every time I see a doctor, I either cannot see me and go to a hospital where I can have an operation, or it costs more than I go to the emergency center. I don’t understand. Seeing the disease, what is the significance of opening the hospital? Bad review, super bad review!


3 years ago

This location has not failed me yet and it isn’t super busy/crazy like other banfields. Personally this one is super close to the house. But they really came though yesterday’s emergency getting blood work done super quick so we could get to Helping Hands in Richmond to get surgery done.

Shari Brown

4 years ago

We had a terrible experience with Dr. Paugh at Banfield! For our dog, it was his 1st puppy visit since we brought him home. The only thing that Dr Paugh did was listen to his heart. She didn't even look in his mouth or his ears. There was …

Marcus Domingo

4 years ago

The staff are nothing but amazing. The LVT Jackie helped me understand the medication that was prescribed and the symptoms that I would witness. Overall I would definitely recommend this location for all your pets needs. Will definitely return with Max & Bruno!

Phu Nguyen

4 years ago

This place just want to take your money. They didn't tell us there is a fee then charged us after the consultation..

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