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Dayna Silberman

a year ago

Dr Dougherty has had a very special place in my heart for many years. She cared for my recently found little dog who was having seizures. I was beside myself and called about every fifteen minutes. I moved away and returned several years later. Unfortunately my little guy was declining with kidney disease from old age. Dr Dougherty was so very kind to me and Buddy I will forever be grateful. She was pulling for him and gave him vitamin b shots and did everything possible for him. She kept a tiny Velcro muzzle for him because he didn't like shots. So I can't ever thank Dr Dougherty for taking us back years later when he was sick. Her kindness was wonderful. I wish I could find a way to thank Dr Dougherty for helping us. She was the kindest most knowledgeable vet I have met. I always remember how she helped me and my little dog and supported me when his time was over. He was my family.

Mz Rareimage

2 years ago

I been bringing my pets to Kenwood so many years and I had the pleasure of meeting Dr Champa. She is an excellent Veterinarian. But I just recently scheduled my pit for an appointment. Dr. Champa was promoted therefore my dog was assigned another veterinarian. Dr. J Nelson. The moment she walked into to room her energy was very negative and I wasn't feeling her at all. I was really surprised because I never had any issue with any of the veterinarian at this office. In regards to your response Patrick. I WAS NOT given the option to see anyone else. I would Prefer NOT to come back to this establishment. I will find another location.

Mon S

2 years ago

Just called this vet to ask a question after being on an extremely long hold and the guy was a complete jerk, not only did he not care, but he didn’t even want to listen or offer a solution. I’m glad I’m not dealing with this place a veterinarian, and I would recommend not giving this place any business.

Mary Seibel

2 years ago

A good veterinary hospital. I like all the docs we've seen over the last couple years. The vet techs are very friendly and good with our animals. The front desk staff are good and if you have a problem that needs to be attended to sooner than they have a regular appointment they try to fit you into a cancellation slot.

Brian Gleason

2 years ago

Kenwood is a fantastic vet. They are very caring for our dog and very knowledgeable when it comes to our dog. They are very informative with each visit, and the puppy plan ended up being a great option and price!! I would recommend anyone in the area take their dog to Kenwood, you will be very pleased.

Erik Ambrogi

2 years ago

Very expensive and add that to one of the most mentally unstable front desks and management and what you have is an excess of drama and suffering for the client at the worst possible time. Go there a couple of times and you won't be to far off this assessment.

Lauri Putt

2 years ago

Kenwood has been our family’s vet for almost a decade. Recently, it was impossible to get same day, next day or even next week urgent care for my pet’s active infection. The earliest available time was 3.5 weeks out for an urgent care issue. I was redirected to other local vets with whom we have no relationship and have never heard of and was told that all vets are overwhelmed right now. As a tenured patient of this practice, I am concerned about not being able to access quality care for my pet when needed. This is a concerning and disappointing experience. It’s important that Kenwood manages its patient load and caseload in a way that ensures it can actually care for its patients. I would gladly remove or update this negative review if and when this issue is resolved. Kenwood, please prioritize retaining your long-standing patients!

Krista Frederic

2 years ago

Very reasonable prices for area, great service and very caring.

Kim Mitchell

2 years ago

Fantastic facility .... my dog was very sick and the doctor provided a good health plan. Competitive prices

Lindsay Brubaker

3 years ago

* 2 1/2 stars Brought my newly adopted cat here about four weeks ago, as the shelter offers a free vet visit here as part of the adoption. The staff were wonderful and very good with our cat, definitely seemed comfortable with interacting with her. At the shelter they had put a treatment on the outside of her ear to help induce appetite (as she was stressed out and not eating at the shelter), which for some reason showed up under the light as a possibility of ringworm at the vet. So they gave us miconazole for her ear in case she had ringworm, and we kept her in one room for the past three weeks, so that in case she had ringworm, it wouldn't spread. Well after about a week or two of treatment, her ear was looking way worse so we brought her back to the vet, and they were able to clean her ear up and gave her a shot (that lasts 2 weeks) to help fight off the infection. Several days after going in, despite the shot and cleaning of her ear, it was inflamed, crusty, and was clearly becoming worse again. So we called the vet, and they told us to immediately stop treating her with miconazole and leave her ear be. They contacted us this week saying that the cultures came back, and she did not have ringworm. **Long story short, the staff were friendly, but their assessment meant that she got unnecessary treatment , which caused her ear to become inflamed and irritated, and meant we kept her cooped up for around 3-4 weeks. (She also has a cone on because she was trying to scratch her itchy, irritated ear) Pictured: First photo taken 4 days ago, when we stopped giving her the miconazole. Second picture, though blurry, is from this morning and you can clearly see the inflammation has gone down.

Lynda Ford

3 years ago

Lovely people, very thorough. Total recommended...will be our vet of choice moving forward.

Katharine Vincent

3 years ago

My fiancé and I brought our new puppy here and we couldn’t be happier! I was a bit nervous to have to do our first ever vet visit “curbside” due to the pandemic, but Dr Dougherty + the staff have gone above and beyond with each visit to make us and our two pound Maltipoo feel so comfortable. I can’t remark on price compared to other vets because I have no experience, but to us it doesn’t matter— the service and love we receive here for our fur baby is priceless. We’re looking forward to utilizing the puppy boarding and training classes when we can in the future. Thank you to everyone for taking such good care of little Houston with each visit. We appreciate you!

Jonathan Stremsterfer

3 years ago

By all means DO NOT take your pet to Kenwood Animal Hospital or Kenwood Canine Clubhouse! I recently went out of town for four days and used Kenwood’s boarding services for the first time. When I went to retrieve my dog on the fourth day, he came out looking like this! (pics attached). No one from Kenwood even NOTICED that both of his eyes were severely red and bulging out more than usual – I only had him in my possession for a few seconds before I realized that something was really wrong. Before I even left the parking lot, I had him examined by Kenwood’s vet (Dr. Cathleen Ciampa). She assessed that he presented bleeding around the eyes and under his eyelids, most likely a result of a subconjunctival hemorrhage – the causes of which can include anything from blunt trauma to the head to excessive choking of the leash. Even in her own notes she described this may be the result of unsupervised trauma!!! The next day I took him to see my primary vet at CityPaws and she assured me my concerns were valid. She dismissed that this could have been the result of an underlying health issues, such as seizures, since he’s never experienced these before, and concluded that the bruising around his eyes indicated that he experienced some type of trauma to the head while in the care at Kenwood. I’m both furious and sick to my stomach thinking about what my poor dog went through. I was a new client, trying out Kenwood’s boarding services for the first time – I hate to think what they do to the animals they treat on a regular basis! Never did I think that this decision to send him to Kenwood would result in this. I chose Kenwood because unlike a lot of the boutique boarding facilities in the DC area, this one was connected to a vet hospital and this would be the safest option should there be an emergency. I understand that accidents happen and DO happen. However Kenwood’s lack of transparency in this situation is absolutely unacceptable. Still to this day, they do not know what happened to my dog, which either indicates 1.) they are understaff to properly care for the pets they receive or 2.) the staff they do have are not properly trained — I’m not sure which one is worse. I implore you to not make the same mistake I did and look for other options for you and your pet.

James Rountree

3 years ago

Awesome practice. Great contactless wellness visit for my pup during all this covid craziness.

Jackson McDermott

3 years ago

I have been going here for about 7 months all during Covid time. Although I have not met our vet face to face she has been extremely accesible and helpful. My only negative is that it can be a little pricey IMO (haven’t really looked around to compare prices) but we know our pet has always been in good hands.

Cricket Park

3 years ago

Kind vets and helpful staff.

Marlon JGE

3 years ago

Nice people who really care about my little girl (puppy).

Pete Perry

3 years ago

Friendly and efficient front desk staff. Vets are very professional and show true concern and care for the pets! Prices are reasonable, better than most animal hospitals inside DC. Wait time with an appointment was a bit longer than anticipated.

S Aik

3 years ago

This is my place to get our Bunny's nail clipped. The staff is friendly and I never have to wait to begin. The only thing is the parking is quite quirky.

Shanna Akanbi

3 years ago

Great helpful and pleasent staff

Sima F

3 years ago

I’m grateful for this quality service and friendly staff. My puppy had something stuck across her mouth (I was so worried, turns out it was a piece of bamboo) & they were able to take care of the entire situation in 15 mins. Really saved the day, and didn’t overcharge. Thank you!

William Andres Herrera

3 years ago

Not a great experience and overpriced Let's start with the pricing My previous 2 Vet in the same area Vs Kenwood Nail trim: Previous Vet $0 and the one before $14 , Kenwood $28 Office Visit: Previous Vet $0 and the one before $50, Kenwood $105. Fluorescein Stain: Previous Vet $29, Kenwood $52.50. Schirmer Tear Test: Previous Vet $33, Kenwood $52.50. Prescribed Medicine: Internet search $39.37, Kenwood $70.30 So I was charged at Kenwood $141 more than any of the previous places, prices are outrageous. They were supposed to call me about my dog lab results and they never called, so you overpaid them and don't event get a good service

Sharon Howell

4 years ago

Friendly and helpful at the front desk. Doctors are great as well. My dogs like going- doesn’t get much better than that!

Laura Drebushenko

4 years ago

Great, caring vets. Friendly staff.

Kim Parker

4 years ago

The staff here are friendly and warm; and the veterinarians are very knowledgeable and caring professionals. I hold them in high regard.

joshua moores

4 years ago

We board our dog @ Kenwood. Great place, pay attention to detail. Dog is totally exhausted when we get him home!

Jae Lee

4 years ago

Very friendly staff and they do a great job.


4 years ago

Our golden got into some gum and consumed a lot of Xylitol, we brought him in 30 minutes before they were closing and the staff welcomed us in and took amazing care of our boy and us. All the staff were extremely welcoming and nice, and stayed after hours to finish the great care on our pup. Would definitely recommend Kenwood Animal Hospital to a friend, nothing but great things to say about our experience!


4 years ago

Do NOT trust Dr. Dougherty or Kenwood hospital - they do not care about their patients! Dr. Dougherty does NOT care about her patients and is indifferent to the dogs suffering! It has been an expensive and physically painful ( for my little dog) nightmare to deal with Kenwood! I entrusted my dog, Gaston, to Kenwood Animal Hospital last month and they returned Gaston with a serious and painful leg injury, that Kenwood is responsible for and told me that I have to pay thousands of dollars for surgery for thé injury Kenwood caused! After over a month, Dr Dougherty still refuses to repair Gaston’s leg. Gaston is still unable to use his leg, and is in horrible pain and requiring extensive surgery! Again - it is clear- Dr Dougherty does not care about her patients! She put me in touch with her insurance - Zurich North America- and after several weeks - they refuse to pay - saying it is my fault for trusting Kenwood staff to not harm my dog? I so regret entrusting my little guy to Kenwood! BEWARE - if your dog is injured by Kenwood hospital or kennel- they will expect you to pay, even if it is Kenwood’s fault!

Andre Cote

4 years ago

Nice staff. Nice, well informed vet. Clean place. Easy to find. But very busy. And it boards. Not all vets do.

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