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J. McCormick

a year ago

SECOND UPDATE: Per the recommendation of the front desk person, filed for MoCo Dog License, as they started they could verbally confirm the vaccination status when we sent in the literal 27 page document stating the rabies vaccine was done. …


2 years ago

I REALLY do not understand why people with severe attitude issues decide they can work in customer-facing positions. Some of the front desk staff here is fine, but some of these nurses are RUDE. I was chastised for being late when I was on time , checked in, and waiting in the waiting area by this nurse or vet tech who either was having a bad day or needs to seriously rethink her line of work. When I told her I checked in about 15 minutes ago, she didn't believe me, checked, and said "You actually checked in 11 minutes ago".. Ok girl, sorry I don't have a stopwatch. Maybe apologize for being 11 minutes late instead of projecting your shortcomings on your poor customers. I was on the verge of bursting out laughing at this woman's attitude and dedication to being right about something so small, that was an inconvenience to me, not her. Good thing I had my mask on because I'm sure she would have jumped over the counter and fought me if she thought I was looking at her the wrong way, LOL. Definitely made me a little uncomfortable to leave my pups with someone who seemed rather short-tempered.

ThatKidfromBKLYN !!

2 years ago

the hospital staff is great and always very in tune with my precious!!!!

Joseph Satiah

2 years ago

Waited 8 hours with very little communication from the team inregards to my pet needs. You cannot below my level of anger. If it's an emergency, then maybe. But if I have a choice and it's not a serious emergency, I wouldn't come here. They don't communicate with you at all

Shalini Gilani

2 years ago

I repeat and I repeat DO NOT GO TO THIS PLACE banfield in bethesda is the most horrible, unprofessional, out of shape place I have ever been to, first these doctors scare you into buying their insurance then when your pet actually does get sick they treat your pet horribly on one occasion my dog milo was left without water or even a walk FOR 12 HOURS on a drop off appointment in which they said he will get water and a walk these doctor's test your pet for everything giving him or her shots without even the slightest warning of side affects my puppy was absolutely fine before he came here, after he left banfield he has been having diarhea all night long in which the staff dont even care about the front desk lady M after constantly calling her name she did not even give me a glance when milo was getting checked out but she will happily say she has one caller ahead of you when in reality shes only putting you on hold so she can talk to other people, this place is horrible unprofessional and frankly the worst pet medical practice ive ever been to save your pets the time effort and cruelty and find somewhere else.

Marjorie Mailer

2 years ago

They canceled my appointments that I had made over a month ago without getting in touch with me.

astrid mishelle

2 years ago

Awful experience. They put you on hold as soon as you call and don’t pick up. It’s been the same experience every time I try. I changed locations a long time because of this and terrible in person experience. Decided to try again and they haven’t changed. They should get other/more people at the front desk. Do not recommend.

Michael Bennett

2 years ago

Banfield Pet Hospital - Bethesda is a good pet hospital. The veterinarians and vet techs are skilled, knowledgeable, and very caring of pets. It is also very easy with convenience of Banfield Pet Hospital being located in the PetSmart near me. When you add the convenience of the Optimum Wellness Plan covering all the wellness visits, vaccinations, and exams as part of the wellness plan for a nominal monthly cost. Banfield Pet Hospital is an easy and convenient way to care for your pet and keep them healthy.

Allison Gross

2 years ago

We LOVE Banfield! Everyone is super nice and make things personal. The doctors understand cost issues and work with you to find the most affordable solution. We are happy for them to be our regular vets after trying 4+ other clinics in the area over the years

Dee Dee Quinn

2 years ago

They are wonderful, even with untrained dogs ????

Anika “Just Me” Kelly

2 years ago

Banfield animal hospital is awesome. They treat and love my lil Fella very well. He also loves all of them just as much. I recommend Banfield for your pets needs.

Jocelyn Andrade

2 years ago

Banfield is simply one of the worst places to take your dog. I have a 2 year old boxer/pit mix and it went well until we took her to this location in Bethesda. I brought her in to get her checked out because her eyes were swollen with lots of discharge and watery, before arrival they let me know they will perform 2 test, 1 for dry eyes, and another to check for a tear in her eyes. Mind you I knew they weren’t dry because they were watering. Each test was 45$, both test came out negative. So it turned out to just be bacteria that got into her eye and sent her home with eye drops and sent me to the store to buy eye wash, before going to pick her up a nurse calls me and says Bella isn’t up to date with her shots. But this couldn’t be because she just had a big surgery so she had to be up to date, he said she was missing 3, 2 I concluded weren’t necessary due to her maintenance and the last one he claimed was to protect her against Lyme disease, now when my dog first had this shot she had a severe allergic reaction to it and I called banfield immediately and let them know... meaning it should have been flagged in the system.. but it wasn’t so the nurse went ahead and gave the shot to my dog causing her to have a horrible allergic reaction. I had to rush her to the emergency room and pay more money then I already had at banfield( Bethesda location)... my total that day was 174$ for Dry eye test Tear test Xl cone ( not needed ) Medicine And a pedicure. When I arrived I paid, when I got my dog she had no pedicure done and I almost walked out with paying for a service that was never completed. I proceeded to let the front desk woman know and she called to find out if it was done and indeed it was not, so they took her back in the back and tried to cut her nails but since she was already excited to see me she was very happy and they came out and asked me to pay extra for them needing an extra person to cut my dogs nails. I told them to just give me my dog and I’ll do everything myself. I’ve never been so disgusted and disappointed with the staff and management at this location- due to this incident I will never be bringing my dog back to any banfield and I’m in the process of canceling her wellness plan. I no longer want to do any kind of business with banfield.

lexie lovett

2 years ago

Do not take your dog to this banfield. Took my perfectly healthy gorgeous 8 month old border collie in to be neutered. Around 4 in the morning he woke with uncontrollably bloody diarrhea. Called banfield they said it’s find just feed him chicken and rice which he refused to touch. Around 12pm he was basically just passing blood, we called banfield again and brought him in to be seen at 4:30. They told us he’s gut was totally inflamed and blamed it on the anti inflammatory they gave him after surgery and that he must be allergic then told us he had a parasite.... convenient. After sharing our frustrations with the dr on how our perfectly healthy dog is suddenly so ill the dr refused to talk to us and sent a nurse instead. They basically gave us a bunch of Meds said everything was fine and sent us on our way. At about 8pm same day he still wasn’t eating couldn’t take any of the meds they gave us and was only passing blood. We rushed him to the emergency vet clinic near our apartment and are awaiting results.

kam Cdmt

2 years ago

I can’t even get past the reception desk to see a vet. I had wanted to find out to get my puppy a flu vaccine and the receptionist put me on hold for an hour and then had an attitude about me not wanting to be put on hold for an hour again when I called back (after calling and them not answering many times). Good grief. Hire someone with the ability to know what good customer service is please, before your location loses more customers.


2 years ago

Very friendly and treated my Cat well if you care about your pets bring them here.


2 years ago

We've had nothing but wonderful experience with our dog and cats here! The staff are incredibly friendly, they know your animals by name, and are always super-helpful. We loved our dog's vet so much that when she moved down to the Dupont Circle location, we even brave morning DC traffic to see her (Dr. MacFarlane)!

Chastity C. Murphy

3 years ago

We scheduled an appointment w/this particular location. Otw there were stuck in some traffic that made us about 15 minutes late. We called to see if made sense for us to reschedule and the receptionist encouraged us to still come, as Dr. Joo Hyun Um would still see him. Once we got there, we waited for an hour just to learn that we needed to reschedule, something we could’ve done over phone from our house.

Eric Shayer

3 years ago

I’ve enrolled my dog to their annual plan and for maintenance it might be ok. But if you need anything else they will immediately try to milk you with unnecessary tests and medications. If you happen to know the basics of animal health and question the recommendations, then they will step back. There is a clear push on vets the throw on you things you definitely don’t need or medications you would find at CVS for 1/10 of the price.

Husain Alaskari

3 years ago

The staff in this location make it phenomenal. They have exceeded all expectations every time I have made contact, whether over the phone or in person. My dog had an ear infection on labor day weekend so I decided to take a chance and walk-in, front desk clerk was so sweet and offered to ask the vet if they can accommodate a walk-in on such a busy schedule, and the vet agreed. They looked after my puppy very well, and explained everything to me when I returned for the pick up appointment. Will make this my favorite location.

Irving G

3 years ago

Banfield hospital in Bethesda has always been a place where I know they’ll take good care of my dog. I’ve been to others where my dog comes out trembling in fear but with this one, she always comes out wagging her tail. The doctors take time to explain and answer any questions. Receptionists are friendly and I always appreciate the follow up courtesy call.

jeanette miller

3 years ago

Nice place to take my dog. Service is great. Doctors are very detailed in their feedback

Kevin Weems

3 years ago

First time here at this location. Kevon was very nice during the check in process. Ian who came to get my dog was very pleasant and informative. He ask a lot of question that made me feel comfortable with him taking her since we are not allowed in the exam room due to CoVid. Dr. Sole called me over the phone and we were able to discuss my dogs medical needs. I truly appreciate this level of customer service and care!

Lars Tesch

3 years ago

You shouldn't go to the vet. we were there with our puppy shortly before 5 a.m. since it is 5 o'clock in the evening we were not taken on the excuse that we have no medical history of our puppy with us. We suspect that it is parasites that the little one has that can multiply until Monday because of this very bad service. One should not support such doctors, they have no heart for animals

Maritza Cooper

3 years ago

Always a pleasure to deal with the folks here. They are caring and considerate Very good with your Fur Babies! And actually cheaper than a LOT of private Vets in the area. I Know, I checked. That actually shocked me. This is Gizmo, a 14 year old YORKIE. He was just there yesterday due to a tummy issue. They again, took good care of my baby!

Tessa Yu

3 years ago

My regular vet was not available for a routine vax appointment for my dog so I decided to come to this banfield (it was the only clinic in the area with openings that week). All in all, it was a pretty negative experience. Because of work/DC traffic, I was running about 20 min late (totally my bad) so I called the front desk to see if I could keep my appointment. I was encouraged by a receptionist to still come in; however, when I finally got inside, the receptionist at the desk told me that I had missed my appointment, saying very shortly “it’s 3:52” (the appt was for 3:30). I told her that I called in advance to ask if I had to reschedule - luckily at that moment, someone else came to the front and affirmed that I could stay. When the first receptionist asked me the reason for my visit, I told her that my dog needed routine vaccines, and listed which ones my primary vet had advised me to get. She immediately said that my dog was too young and they could not do 3 of the 4 vaccines (lepto, lyme, and h3n2, all of which are fine to administer to my 9 week old). I tried telling her that my other vet had already instructed me to do this and she kept asking me “are you sure you want to do that.” Despite my requests, they pretty much decided for me that they were not going to provide those given services. I have worked professionally with animals for over 6 years and have a degree in animal science so I have some background in animal care and vet med. I just generally feel like my voice was unheard and disrespected through this experience. While I understand that banfield may have their own veterinary recommendations, at the end of the day the client should be trusted to make a respectable decision about their animal (especially when it’s coming from another vet). I will say that the two positives that came out of this were the tech staff and other receptionists, who were all very friendly; and the short wait time. Unfortunately I had to deal with a less than agreeable person at the front and my pup left without all of the shots that she needed.

The Power of Two Or More

3 years ago

While walking Prudence my rambunctious big girl through the park. I noticed that she had all of the sudden gone lame in her hind right quarter. I was very close to Banfield so I popped in with the hope that we could get her looked at. We got there and we waited patiently to be helped. It was busy when we finally were acknowledged the front desk woman was so rude and tried to make me feel bad for assuming thatcould just walk in. I then asked if there was anything available for the next day. After an exasperated sigh she then looked we agreed on a time. I would have left a one star review if it were not for the next day when we returned. Whole new front desk pleasant folks that love my Prudence. I must highlight SAMARIA ( Sam) who is such an amazing asset to Banfield she should be a corporate executive. Not only did she make us feel like valued clients she called us twice once to check up on Prudence and again to answer a question that I had. Dr. Aziz was also very good he explained her injury to me in a clear and concise way she usually sees Dr. Kemeka whom she loves but was booked up that day.

Alex Pope

4 years ago

UPDATE: After writing my review, someone from their management team got in touch with me and were so wonderful that I've changed my 1 star review to 5. The woman heard my whole side of the story and took notes, then reviewed with me action steps she could take with the team to ensure that as a whole team they could learn from what I went through to make sure it doesn't happen again. I would have been satisfied and felt much better just being genuinely listened to as she did, but to top it off the lady offered me a full refund. I truly appreciate that the Banfield company took the time to reach out and go above and beyond to rectify as much as they could. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ THE WORST STAFF EVER. I had to bring my family dog in with my Mom to be euthanized here and we had the absolute worst experience. I explicitly told the staff many times that I would deal with payment and deciding what to do with his remains multiple times (so that my Mom wouldn't have to rehash the specifics of everything as this was very hard for her), and so... many.... times... they asked me, my brother and mother literally multiple times the same question. On top of that they overcharged me for the procedure by over $100 and have been terrible to deal with in getting the refund. This place may be ok while your animal is alive and well, but HORRIBLE to deal with for delicate situations. I highly do not recommend as the staff do not seem to listen to or understand the people of the pets they see.

Caitlin E

4 years ago

So nice here and the doctor and tech were so sweet to my new kitten. Highly recommend. In and out quickly.


4 years ago

Entire staff is awesome! Dr. McFarland is best doctor and genuine and loves each and every pet! Her love is displayed in her care and concern and handling of animals. My pet is nervous when going to the doctor but as soon as she sees Dr. McFarland she lights up. Thanks to the staff for always taking the most care of my pet. They even do a follow up call the next day to check on pet.

Chrissy Carmody

4 years ago

My husband and I took my parents' elderly beagle Ginger to Banfield this week, and couldn't have been more pleased with the team there. The front desk staff were very welcoming and helpful during check in and check out, and Dr. Kameka and John (VT) were both fantastic: friendly, knowledgeable, thorough, and caring. We felt confident that Ginger was in excellent hands! Thanks for your great care!

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