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Ortese Parker

a year ago

Greetings! At the time of this review, it has been exactly two months since my beloved Zoey passed away from congestive heart failure (10/21/21). She was 14 years old. I saw hints here and there that she was slowly declining and to be honest, she really prepared me for the last two years so that I could accept her absence in peace. When I inquired about her condition to the vet, they told me in so many words to start cherishing every moment with her. About a month before her death, I began looking up cremation services, and came across Caring Pet Cremation Services. I sat on the couch and read every 5-star review--smiling and crying at all of the thoughtful words. I didn't give them a call right away, because as one review said--I wouldn't know what to say or how to say it. And I wasn't ready quite yet. Zoey was on medication until the last few days of her life. I'd like to think that she waited for me as I attended a brief conference. When I picked her up on that Monday, she was filled with excitement when she saw me! But as soon as we settled at home is when she started going downhill. On a Thursday, three days later, I was on the way to the vet and called David. First of all, I was prepared to leave a message since it was a little after 7:00 am, and he answered right away. Then, I couldn't even get out my words. People, he gave me such assurance and soothing words--told me about his services, etc. I told David that I wasn't sure what was going to happen, as she had declined so fast that it wasn't looking good (no eating/drinking, couldn't stand, etc.). By the time I got to the vet, and they confirmed that her little heart couldn't take it, I said that I needed to call David back--the vet said that he was in the back waiting. Wait....HOW? I just called him! For him to be already at the vet waiting before I could confirm her condition was just a blessing. He again gave me reassuring words and helped me with Zoey's arrangements. Two days later, on Saturday morning, he called saying that I could pick up Zoey's package at the vet. My mom and I rode over to the vet within an hour and opened the most beautiful package prepared. I picked out a nice urn for Zoey, received a clay paw print with her name on it, clippings of her hair, a nose print, and a beautiful insert about dogs going to heaven--just like we talked about on the phone two days prior. I cried. The pricing was very reasonable!! I had my own memorial that very day with my mom/aunties/grandma, passing around that beautiful urn paying our respects. I thank David for being there for me when I couldn't speak, and for giving me such lovely tokens of love that I will forever cherish. Although my review took a lot longer to write, I still grieve everyday without her, but am grateful for the care and compassion that this service has. From the bottom of my heart, thank you so much!

Nicole Bethune

a year ago

Handing off my sweet baby that I loved and cared for almost 11 years was the hardest part of a extremely hard week. Knowing that, David and his wife were amazing in showing compassion and patience. I could tell by their kindness, reviews, and gestures that they were going to take great care of my buddy. I received her back in a beautiful black marble look urn and a ink paw print I will use for my tattoo design. They also included heart-melting keepsakes that I will love and cherish forever. Thank you David for making a very hard time a little bit easier. RIP My Sweet Paris

Agnes Stevens

a year ago

I can’t thank David enough for his compassion and professionalism. We call David the same night our sweet Jake passed and met with him. It was very comforting to know Jake was in good hand. David had Jake back with us the next day. The paw print, nose smudge and lock of fur he included is very special to us. You are one of a kind in our book. Thank you for everything. Five star rating isn’t high enough.

Amber blanchard

2 years ago

When I suddenly lost my guinea pig siren I was crushed, I called David and he was able to meet me the same day to allow me to drop off my little baby. From beginning to end David was absolutely amazing, you can truly tell he loves animals and cares about what he does. I would 100% recommend him to anyone going though losing a pet! I can not thank him enough for being there at such a difficult time!

Pam Roepke

2 years ago

Caring Pets did such a nice job with my 13 yr old kitty. The owners care about what they do and it shows. The entire experience was just lovely, under the circumstances. I know by the presentation that they honestly care about what they do. ♥️????

Stacey Hartman

2 years ago

I hate that I needed David's services but he took care of my pet as if it were his own. He made everything convenient.

shirley combs

2 years ago

My baby girl of 17 and a half years was at the end of her time with me and I was devastated knowing what I had to do, I called david and he was actually on a day off but promised to pick up devilsdesire from the vet's office the next day, and true to his word she was picked up at 10 a.m. I could not imagine anyone being more caring and helpful in my time of distress. I recieved her ashes along with her nose print and paw print and also 2 necklaces of a teardrop so that she will always be with me. R.I.P. devilsdesire (cat) Thank you from the very depths of my soul for your services.


2 years ago

My husband and I lost our beloved dog Mowgli a few months ago and brought him here. It was so obvious our boy was handled with the utmost love and care and respect. My husband choose a gorgeous wood barn urn and got me a little keychain to hold his ashes. They included a baggie with hair clippings, making sure to get all the colors in his coat, and another baggie with clippings from the blanket he was wrapped in. My husband and I are very happy to have found CPC

Loree Graley

2 years ago

My beautiful ruby passed on her own yesterday morning. She was my very best friend she gave me15 wonderful years which is never enough. I was inconsolable but Mr David was at my home within the hour when we called. He was so gentle and kind with her and explained everything he was doing to transport her. Here is a wonderful person feeling my complete is such a nice person who felt like family because he took such good care of my darling ruby. Ruby came back home today to me less than 24 hours. Everything brought to me was lovingly wrapped with pretty bows and bags and a exquisite box for her. They put so much thought into every step they make for your loved one amazing person I feel much better. God bless you Mr David at cpc until we need you again Stephen and Loree Graley.

Kelly Lashley

2 years ago

We recently lost our dog that we had for more than ten years, Natasha. It was devastating. Having a service like this to come in and take care of your pet-I don’t have enough words. Everything was handled with such ease. David was incredibly kind, obviously loves animals, and understands the depth of how you’re feeling over the loss of your pet. I wish so much this business existed when we lost our last dog.

Cathlean Kim

2 years ago

Losing your pet to the clock of death is very difficult and hard to manage. David did an extraordinary job with handling our beloved Pancakes. We lost Pancakes on a Friday and David was very helpful and able to accommodate us...He drove to our house that Friday afternoon which was quite far from him and for this, we are very grateful. He arrived with a basket full of blankets which was very comforting to know she would rest there on her trip. David also delivered Pancakes back home the next day with precious items such as a nose print, paw print, clippings of her hair and even a keychain. Thank you so much David for your help and making this process as smooth as possible. The Kim family appreciates your help. -Cathlean

Kristin Wright

2 years ago

Our experience with Caring Pet Cremation Services far exceeded our expectations. After losing a precious piece of our life, a life lost too short, we were treated with genuine care and concern, with the upmost professionalism. Here you are not just a customer, but feel as though you are being treated as family. They honestly care about you, your feelings and your story. When we received our sweet little girl, I could tell so much care went into this delicate process. I hope to never experience such a loss like this again, but if I do, will use Caring Pet Cremation Services in a blink of an eye without hesitation. Highly recommend!! Thank you for not only going above and beyond to exceed our expectations, but also for your heartfelt condolences and support in such a difficult time for me and my family.

Cindy Hartley

2 years ago

Luna was dear to me. They made me feel like they understood this. They are compassionate and caring. If you need help with this terribly difficult issue I recommend you call David. I’m forever grateful for him.

Benjamin M

2 years ago

This is a very long and very honest review for this gentleman's company. If you choose to skip over, my simple review - David is fantastic. ---------------------- Our boy, Biscuit, passed in our arms on Sunday morning at an ER in Henrico (near the Richmond border). I will not name the company in this review but I hope that the reader can connect the dots. Biscuit was especially unique, all that knew him agreed. He was born trained to be an emotional support animal to my wife, Rebecca. He was her rock, our son. He also struggled with health problems since he was a puppy, experiencing a grand mal seizure for the first time at around the age of 2. As he aged and grew, so did his heart. Far too large, far too old. Biscuit defied the odds for many, many months - FAR exceeding expectations. But, abruptly, he began to die Saturday night. He suffered being apart from his pack, his parents, and my wife's heart ached. I am doing everything in my power to assure that things are done better in the future. After he passed in our arms (euthanized), my wife said that she wanted him to be cremated, by himself. We were immediately presented with paperwork, apparently her expression of our plans for his remains was put onto the invoice - as I was telling a staff member that we needed time to think (in terms of who would be handling his remains). She understood. I found David yesterday morning. From the very beginning, he was nothing but fair and respectful. He was ready to go fetch Biscuit immediately. I called the ER to notify them that he was on his way. But Biscuit was not there anymore, he had been picked up by their contracted company. The good news, he had not been "processed" yet. Processed, like Tyson Chicken, and that's roughly what David and I found ourselves standing in front of. David paid his respects to my grieving wife and we were talking when we were confronted by staff from the "processing plant". They were not very nice. David fetched his basket with blankets and we headed inside to get Biscuit together. He was brought out in a company logo covered blue bag and placed on the floor. David picked him up with care and placed him in the basket, saying that he would wait until my wife and I left before he took our boy to his truck. The charge to have Biscuit "processed" was $260 (based on weight, that's how this works), now refunded. David charged $275 - for respect, dignity, and understanding. And he brought Biscuit home to us this afternoon. Look no further than this wonderful man. But don't call him "sir," that makes him feel old.

M McKenney

2 years ago

Losing a cherished pet is difficult, but the services offered by Caring Pet Cremation Services, LLC makes the process a little easier. Very caring and compassionate. Your beloved will be in good hands here.

Laura Carson

2 years ago

A few years ago, David helped us with our first dog, Marty, who passed away. David was very kind and thoughtful in his care. Sadly we just had our other dog, Coka, pass away and again needed David's services. Once again, David was very respectful of our wishes to a private cremation and arrived right after our at-home euthanasia vet visited. He provided us with a stretcher and blanket to wrap our baby in which he transported to his facility. He brought her ashes back to us the following day with memorable keepsakes to keep her in our thoughts (a clay paw print, fur, & an ink nose print which was probably the sweetest thing ever). Thank you, David for your sympathy and care of our sweet girl. We would highly recommend his service for when anyone needing him during these heart-breaking moments.

Jessica Stotler

2 years ago

Highly recommend Caring Pet Cremation Services. David was caring, thoughtful, and very sympathetic. When we loss our pet, we loss a part of our family and David handled our heartache with gentle compassion. Pricing was very reasonable as well. Thank you David…

David Kirkpatrick

2 years ago

Very caring very loving and very kind was able to ease our burdens. We felt very at ease leaving our precious little cowboy Jasper in his hands I don't think we could have dealt with the loss without this man's care and kindness thank you again for all you've done

Crystal Aiken

2 years ago

I’ve known David’s wife for years, as we both volunteered for a local rescue squad and both became RN’s later. When our sweet Lucy was nearing her end at age 15, David was there for us. He met us at the vet and the process was seamless and It gave us peace that she would be respected and loved throughout the process. I cannot tell you how reassuring that was. We wouldn’t trust anyone else with our fur babies.

Brooke Botterill

2 years ago

Compassionate and understanding are just a few words that come to mind for David when I think of the terrible ordeal of losing a beloved furry family member. Our Figaro took a very quick turn downhill and we were left with very little time to make arrangements. David came out the very same afternoon to pick up Figgy and would have returned him me in a few days had I not requested that Figaro come back home sooner. He was absolutely willing to do whatever it took to ease my pain, which given the situation is impossible. I hope you never need his services, but should you require them, I highly recommend David and CPC. Unfortunately we will need his services in the future, but I will know where to turn when that sad day comes. ❤

Barbara Thompson

2 years ago

I am so thankful that this company took care of our pet so nicely when we lost him. They did an outstanding job and went out of their way to show us they cared about our pet. We also got the nicest card and email from them. It meant the world to us during this difficult time. Thank you!

Trish Sheridan

2 years ago

It was obvious from our first phone call that David is a very caring person. He was so kind in his manner and made the very sad loss of our dog of almost 17 years a little easier. As we live quite a distance from Richmond he made arrangements to meet us halfway. And then met us again the next day to bring back our Fagin. The keepsakes that he made mean so much as well as the lovely poems and writings on the loss of our family member. I highly recommend his company.

Brian Butler

2 years ago

We lost our cat suddenly to feline leukemia and David did an outstanding job. He was kind, respectful, and made the process "easier" if that can be said. I would definitely recommend his service to anyone who has lost a pet.

Laura Lillard

2 years ago

Our experience with David and CPC was such a positive one. It was a very difficult time for our family but his caring manner and swift process made it easier.

debbie crosswhite

2 years ago

We took our little oscar to david and we were greeted with such compassion. David made our experience alot easier and we knew our baby was is good hands Thank you so much

David deBarros

2 years ago

Thanks David for what you do. I appreciate you, because when my baby died over the holiday weekend you were the only one willing to help me. Local Vets turned her away when she needed them the most. I appreciate the genuine sympathy for me and my dog.

Lauren Middleton

2 years ago

They live up to their name. We lost our sweet Pete (family dog for over 13 years) on a Thursday evening. We weren’t prepared for his passing and with the unexpected event we had no idea what we were going to be faced with in preparing Pete for burial... Caring Pet Cremation stepped up to the plate, were available that very same evening to help us with our precious guy. We had our boy back with just the following day to our surprise and with some very special momentous of our beloved friend... we our so grateful for the prompt and caring service we received during a very difficult time. Thank you Mr. Nelson for your thoughtfulness and willingness to provide service in our time of need. We are very grateful.

Sonia Snodgrass

2 years ago

I can not thank Dave of CPC enough for the care and professionalism he showed us with the loss of our 12yr Bassett. He did everything to make sure this was as easy as possible and went above and beyond. 5 stars AAA++

Rika Nabee

2 years ago

David took great care of our beloved cat Coco. Everything was done in a thoughtful and excellent manner. Thank you so much! We appreciate your speedy response, nice memorable package, and excellent service.

Jasmine Lincoln

2 years ago

David truly did an amazing job for my dog jay and I love everything did for her and I truly appreciate and cherish it thank you so much with all my heart

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