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Anthony Bruno

a year ago

I've been bringing both of my buggers to Ernesto and his daughter for about four years now. It's totally worth it and I couldn't imagine going anywhere else as long as I am in the area. Both of my pups always come out fresh and happy. I also appreciate how patient these folks are as I know my dogs can be a handful.

Jennie G

2 years ago

Ernesto is amazing! He took time before and after the groom to fully explain everything he did. I felt like he cared about my pet and making sure her hair trim suited her breed and body style! He also took the time to meet my dog before taking her back - he sat with her and made sure she wasn’t skittish about him touching her paws and tail. Would 100% go again.

s pants

3 years ago

Very accommodating. Thorough and friendly.

Krista Osterthaler

3 years ago

My timid rescue dog, Mack (English Setter) just had his first appointment with Ernesto and it was terrific! Ernesto is SO good with dogs- patient, gentle, and very sweet. It's clear he loves his job. Gigi's is a small, local business. No unnecessary bells or whistles, and I was relieved that it's not a chaotic/frantic place and it's very clean. When I arrived to pick up my dog he was happy and well-groomed. We will definitely be going back!

Julie Hocker

3 years ago

While the service may be okay and the grooming may come out, I was offended as a person by the groomer. As customers will note, there are two handicap spots out front that share an access aisle. I use a wheelchair and my van has a ramp that requires the use of the access aisle in order for me to get in and out of the car. Today, Maria was parked in the access aisle, blocking both handicap spots and the curb cut in front of the building. A gentleman saw this and asked Maria to move her car and she argued with him and went inside, having seen me (a repeat customer) patiently waiting for her to move. Many Americans have fought long and hard for the simple right to access our communities where we live. There were plenty of real spots for Maria to choose from but inside she violated a civil rights law and parked in a non-spot, disregarding Americans with disabilities. We will not go back. This is not the way we treat one another.

Patrick Lyons Dunne

4 years ago

Ernesto was just as nice and friendly as he always was when I used to take my long-haired cat there for a haircut. By haircut, I mean that he shaved my cat. Unfortunately my long-haired cat died a few years ago. So it had been a quite a while since my last visit. For my recent visit I brought my boss' long-haired cat to get a much needed haircut. He's a sweet, playful, and fairly easygoing cat, which made shaving him very easy. Ernesto did a great job, very quickly. He was impressed by how cooperative my boss' cat was. I don't know any of the other employees at all, but Ernesto is very nice and gentle with every dog and cat. He is very good at giving haircuts to long-haired cats. Their facility is small, but it's more than adequate for grooming cats and dogs. Mostly dogs. I would describe the facility as usually being as clean as a busy barbershop that is swept and cleaned up as needed throughout the day. It should be noted that this groomer doesn't accept any credit cards. They only accept cash or personal checks. If you're the owner of a friendly, gentle, long-haired cat that is need of a haircut and/or a bath, I strongly recommend this pet groomer to you. If your cat is not easy to manage, he may ask you to assist him in keeping your cat calm and motionless while he slowly and carefully gives your cat a haircut. Especially if you're a first-time customer. Ask to speak with Ernesto, the owner, and he will do his best to make an appointment for your cat ASAP.

Todd D

4 years ago

This place did a wonderful job on my dirty dog on short notice. They really made an effort to schedule my dog last minute. She came back looking and smelling great. I will be sure to use them again in the future

John Preston Brown

4 years ago

So friendly and really professional. They remember my dogs' names and make sure the dogs are relaxed and comfortable.

Kathy Fedorchak

5 years ago

I had an appointment at 12:00 on Friday for a first-time visit. When I arrived there was no one there. I waited 5 minutes and then called. The woman my appointment with answered the phone and said she was stuck in traffic on 66 and should be there in 10 mins. I asked if she truly thought it would be just ten mins because I had a 12:30 appointment five minutes away. She said I should probably just go to my appointment then. No apology. Nothing.Had to take my dog back home and race to the appointment. Will never go back. Very unprofessional.

Katharine McCormick

5 years ago

Very unprofessional. I had a 1:00 appointment and when I arrived the door was locked. I called Maria who said she was running late and asked if we could move the appointment to 1:30. I agreed. Maria arrived about 1:20 with two dogs in her car. She left both dogs in her car with the window all completely closed. The temperature outside was 79 degrees. We all know this is extremely dangerous for animals and/or people. I went inside to ask her if those were her dogs in the car and her response was "yes, I left them there because they would bark at your dog. I'll get them in a minute." I calmly told her I would pass on the grooming appointment and I left. She followed me outside and went to her car, saying "I'm getting my dogs now, I don't know what your problem is." Well, my problem is that leaving dogs in the car on a hot day can kill them and if your dogs are not socialized well enough to be around other dogs you should leave them home or arrive to work early to get them settled into a secure area where they will not be a nuisance to clients. Clearly, this is not a place I want to trust with the care of my dog.

Dee L.

5 years ago

Whisky hadn't had a professional nail trim, and her Papa has been in the hospital, so she could have really reacted poorly to this, but Ernesto was calm and soothing, and very efficient. Thank you!


5 years ago

Our beloved 16 y/o Himalayan cat, Sky, was treated like a prince by Gigi. We are extremely selective and protective about where we took Sky for his grooming. As an older Himi cat he required lion cuts occasionally (he could no longer manage his fur when it was long and bathing at home become problematic) and I swear we think Gigi is the "cat whisperer". We now have 2 new Persian kittens, as Sky has passed on, and will take them to Gigi with confidence.

Suzette Lefebvre

6 years ago

I would like to give less that one star to this establishment. My puppy buyer took her purebred keeshond in to be groomed with specific instruction for her not to be shaved only to learned that she have been completely shaved DOWN TO THE SKIN! The hair was so short I am in fear the dog will be in danger of sunburn now. Any establishment that grooms should be aware of each breed's standard and must know that the keeshond is not to be trimmed must less shaved. And even in an emergency when some shaving must be done, that ALWAYS at least 1/2" must be left to avoid the danger of sunburn. This establishment should not be in business if they are not aware of how to groom dogs properly, nor how to to follow owner's instructions NOT TO SHAVE!

Farsheed Yekta

7 years ago

I dropped off my dog (maltipoo) for the first time couple of months ago, and the owner (tall foreign guy) acted in a way that we were valuable to his business and was nice and hair cut was good. But when we dropped him off again today for the second time, he did not care at all, treated us disrespectfully, made us wait for 2 1/2 hours even though he told us the wait time was one hour, gave a really really bad haircut that shows clearly that he didn't care and wanted to get the job done, and at the end charged us $75.00 for it which was outrageous. I am 110% sure that you also will have a same horrible experience if you go here. I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS PLACE TO ANYONE, AT ALL. ****PLEASE DO NOT GO HERE****

Liz Yuan

7 years ago

I have a mixed dog who looks like a miniature golden retriever and another mixed dog who looks like a miniature akita. Have been extremely satisfied by the way they're treated, groomed, and am impressed with the attention to details. Sure, 75 dollars is costly, but you get what you pay for. If you want to pay less, take your dogs to Petsmart.

Nitin Shah

7 years ago

Ernesto loves dogs and gave our labradoodle puppy exactly the cut we were looking for. We wanted something short that was low maintenance and long lasting. Some groomers balk if it's not the "breed standard" and moreover because a short cut means less frequent business for them. But we showed Ernesto a picture of what we were looking for, and he matched it spot on. Prices are what you pay inside the Beltway--not cheap, but still good value for the service provided.

Christina Vollbrecht

8 years ago

As a first timer, I was hesitant to have my border collie/pit mix groomed but my fears evaporated as soon as we walked in and met Ernesto. He is a natural with animals and loves everyone's "babies" as his own. My dog doesn't sit still for these types of things, but he managed to get a (mostly) even cut of at least 2 inches off the whole body, and the only shaky bits will easily grow out and are vastly excusable knowing how squirmy B can be! Not over-styled, B looks like a puppy again and shows his support for Gigi's by rolling his new clean coat around excessively in any dirt he can find. Two very happy customers, I only wish I came at the beginning of the summer rather than the end so B could enjoy his buzz in that heat!


9 years ago

Wonderful first experience. They are quick, knowledgeable, and kind to animals!

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