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Patricia Schack

3 years ago

We got our red-tri puppy Andy from Rockin B Mini Aussies and couldn't be happier. He is smart, energetic, and curious. We installed a new doggie door and he was the first of our dogs to learn how it works - such a smart boy. Elizah was great to work with and quick to respond to texts. We are especially glad to have the "clear" genetic reports from Andy's mom and dad. Attached is a current photo of Andy Update October 2020: Andy is now almost 3 years old. He is a happy little dog and acts like a puppy. He is smart as a whip and eager to please. Lots and lots of energy - if you are considering an Aussie of any variety, realize that you must provide exercise and stimulation. I take Andy at least twice a day to our neighborhood park for a good fetch session. Mini Aussies sometimes have a reputation for being anxious. Andy is definitely anxious, highly fearful. He has mostly overcome his fear of new or unknown objects. But he continues to be very fearful of people, despite extensive socializing from the time he came home. He has never been aggressive with anyone. He mostly trembles and puts distance between himself and the scary people. I wish we'd had the chance to meet Andy and watch him with people and other dogs before he was delivered to us. It was a mistake (for us, at least) to choose a dog without meeting him and we will know better next time. From reviews it appears that this breeder has had much success with her pups, so perhaps Andy is an outlier. Attached is a recent picture of our handsome boy.

Mason Marquez

3 years ago

Hung up when I was vibing to music

Sang McDonnell

5 years ago

We got our sweet mini Aussie (named Cooper) from Elizah at Rockin B Mini Aussies, and we couldn't be happier! You can tell that this puppy is very well socialized from the beginning! He absolutely adores my children already, and he is already getting along so well with my Golden Retriever! Cooper is a puppy from Rawhide & Heidi's litter, and he is absolutely beautiful! Thank you, Elizah, for the newest and most perfect addition to our family!

Timothy Vidaurreta

5 years ago

Rockin B Mini Aussies has the best temperment Aussies you have ever met!!!! Can't wait to go back to their farm to pick up my puppy :) Their Aussies live in a better house then mine..... Tim V

Alexandra Nicole

5 years ago

I went to Rockin B for training purposes and I was very pleased with the way they handled and trained their dogs. They had a huge yard (really a whole farm!) for their dogs to enjoy and I will be coming back for more help in the future! Can't wait to work with y'all again, Rockin B!

Samira Neese

5 years ago

We had Great experience with getting Gracie Mae! She is well adjusted. Smart. Curious. So teachable. Ready to spend some exercise time with this ball of energy. In a few days she’s learned to sit, come and fetch! So happy with our girl!

Ruben Rodriguez

5 years ago

I am proud to say that my experience with Elizah and Rockin B was excellent. I got my pup when he was 8 weeks old and was so full of energy. He is now 8 months old and is so much fun to be around. He was potty trained to use bells and crate trained in about a week. His personality is so good that people off the street want to take him home. He is very smart and has picked up a lot of commands and is the perfect companion. Thank you Elizah

Kelsi Hickman

5 years ago

AMAZING EXPERIENCE!!!!! I purchased a 1 year old Dog from Rockin B mini Aussies last year. Her name is Bailey and she is the sweetest dog I've ever had the pleasure to know. I have 2 small children and they absolutely love Bailey and she loves them! Before I got Bailey I was able to see the wonderful environment she had lived in for the first year of her life. Rockin-B-Mini Aussies provides the utmost care for their animals, so it came as no surprise to me that Bailey turned out to be such a sweet gentle dog. I have since referred other family members to Rockin B mini Aussies and they have been nothing short of ecstatic with their dogs as well! I've truly never seen a better facility or environment to raise dogs, nor have I ever known a family to care so deeply for their animals as rocking B mini Aussies does! If every dog breeder cared for their animals the way Rockin B does, dog breeding would have a MUCH better reputation!

Joel Jacobson

5 years ago

Rockin B mini aussies is fantastic! The staff is helpful and courteous. The dogs are truly well taken care of and have plenty of space to live comfortably. True dog lovers that really know their business and operation. The best mini aussie operation.

Jennie Jones

5 years ago

TERRIBLE EXPERIENCE!!! We purchased a 10 month old puppy from Rockin B Mini Aussies in July 2018. Elizah said they planned to keep him as a stud dog but realized they had too many males and decided to find a co-owner (where the dog goes to live elsewhere but comes back to breed during an agreed upon amount of time). She assured me that he was super sweet and would NEVER bite or have any type of aggression. She said she needed full payment before we picked him up in order to get him ready, which I found odd, but hindsight being 20/20 it all makes sense. When we arrived, the puppy was cowering in the laundry room and would not greet me or my children. She explained it by saying that he was not used to being in the house, which surprised me since the website claims that all puppies are "born and raised with us from day one." She said they only have one dog who actually lives in their house- all others are kept in the kennels all the time. Not wanting to disappoint my kids (which was my fault as my gut was telling me things weren’t right once we arrived), Elizah had to literally carry the puppy to my car because he was terrified to walk on a leash and acted like he'd never been outside the kennels. Once we got him home, I realized he smelled strongly of urine, had many scabbed over flea bites and parts of fur that she had shaved off from his fur being matted. The puppy avoided all human contact for a few days but warmed up to me and my kids and our older Aussie. He was terrified of my husband and ALL other people (men, women and children) and became aggressive toward strangers and to our vet and staff. We consulted our vet and two different dog behaviorists who all agreed that he had not been socialized properly and that the aggression was likely due to this. When I spoke with Elizah she tried to blame us as if we had done something to cause it. We asked to either return him or neuter him in hopes it would help his behavior. We had him neutered, but the aggression escalated. Eventually he bit my husband causing a level 4 bite (puncture wounds with tearing, not just a warning bite). I immediately contacted Elizah and said we either need to return him or we needed our money back. She stated that per the contract, all adult dogs are sold “as is” and that we needed to find him another home. Any responsible and ethical breeder at this point would've done the right thing and either accepted the dog back OR returned our money, or both. She did neither. She offered us $500 off another puppy, which I found insulting given the circumstances. My husband and I decided the puppy could not stay in our house due to the risk of our kids' friend being harmed. He is now with a rescue group where he has already shown aggression, but I hope they can help rehabilitate him and give him the life he deserves. Please do yourself a favor and avoid this breeder. There are other similar reviews on Facebook, who I have reached out to and had similar experiences. If you are lucky enough to get a healthy puppy, then you may be fine but if you have any problems whatsoever, be prepared to deal with a breeder who makes you feel like it's your fault and does not handle the situation appropriately. We decided this was about more than just money and don't care if we get our money back or not. What's going on at Rockin B Mini Aussies is not OK.

David Burks

5 years ago

Words cannot be put on paper just how thrilled Deane and I are with our little Mini-Aussie from Rockin-B-Mini Aussies. Bo is only 7 weeks old and has mastered our doggie door and is almost potty trained--yes, at 7 weeks. We are extremely happy with our little mini-aussie. Thanks for everything. David and Deane Burks

Beverly Zintak

5 years ago

Oh my goodness!!! Rockin B Mini Aussies BY FAR the best breeder in the state of Texas!!! Bennett, my lil red Merle has brought such an abundance of love and joy to our lives!!!! Elizah was so kind and patient with me as I rambled on the phone about all my past puppy experiences!!!!! ???????? I described the type of dog I was looking for and she was right on!! Ladies and gentlemen I have never had a more wonderful , intelligent, intuitive animal in all my life and I’ve owned many!! When I picked Bennett up at the ranch I was awe at how responsible her young daughters were and what a huge help they were with the pups!!! Elizah and her family are natural, precious , loving breeders!!!! It shows immensely through the incredibly amazing dogs they breed!! Thank you Rockin B minis mini Aussies and Elizah especially for breeding the most wonderful pups in the world and changing our lives forever!!!! I highly recommend anyone looking for a miniature Australian Shepherd to take a ride to Waco...right on the Brazos River and check out these incredibly beautiful people and the most awesome, loving Aussies you’ll ever find!! Rockin B Mini Aussies ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️!!!!!! Truly a Godwink!!!! Thank you from my ❤️!!!

Betsy Greytok

5 years ago

We’ve had our little Aussie from Rockin B a little over a year now. She is such a sweet girl. She’s been very easy to train and loves her agility classes. She’s been very healthy. She’s such a character! I highly recommend Rockin B.

Brianna Houston

6 years ago

We got our mini aussie in May of 2017. She has been by far the best puppy I have ever seen. She was almost completely potty trained when we got her at 8 weeks old. She is now 7 months and 27 lbs. Elizah told us how sweet her personality is and that has held true. Our mini aussie is such a sweet (and smart) girl! We recommend RockinB to everyone interested in mini aussies. Can't wait for our next one :)

Irene Watson

6 years ago

My family loves our mini Aussies from Rocking B! Bella and Fozzy are just amazing. Ready to get our third. I find that Eliza is honest and straight forward. Looking forward to our next furry friend!

Jacklynn Gullett

6 years ago

My family and I purchased a Mini Australian Shepard in early 2017. She has been the best dog, she is very smart. We love her so much we decided to expand our family and are currently waiting for another puppy. Our current Mini is the perfect size and has an amazing personality. Rockin B Mini Aussies has always been extremely helpful and the entire family is lovely. I would HIGHLY recommend Rockin B Mini Aussies to anyone looking to welcome a Toy or Mini Australian Shepard into their family.

james hewlett

6 years ago

I got my first doy two years ago , he is a fantastic well behaved dog who everyone loves, he’s smart and loves people has been a true friend since day one , just got my second boy who I can’t wait to meet now I’ll have Harley and Tucker thanks for the loving friends james Hewlett

william harold

6 years ago

I didn't get a small dog. My "mini" is 42 lbs after her telling me she "might make it to 26lbs". You better rethink and research the weight of the parents and add 10lbs because its a real possibility and a lifelong decision. Rawhide was the sire and my dog is fat and round (although she is sweet) I feel for what I paid, $1300 this breeder should not advertise her dogs as mini's but be upfront and advertise on her site in large letters on every page they are large mini's or small standards and the possibility is there for a larger than advertised dog. I have health problems and can no longer lift my dog which will present current and future issues.That being said I love my dog even though I am unable to lift her due to health issues and was the very point I expressed in my choice of a mini. It is what it is and she's family now. Wouldn't trade her for the world. I just wish she would have stopped at 26lbs A dog being listed as a "champion" only means the owner took the dog to a ton of shows to rack up points. If you have 10 dogs with 1 being the best and 10 the worst, and #10 has the owner that takes it to every show, that's how you get your champion status. Its decieving and that's her sire "rawhide".

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