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Janet Neese

2 years ago

My cat came down with a bad eye infection. I called several vets day before yesterday and no one would see him until after the first. I called Dr Weir's office and they got him in at 8 am the next morning. Nice staff and Dr Weir is nice, knowledgeable, and thorough. I would recommend 10 out of 10.

Pearl Roberts

2 years ago

Toby appreciated the staff's kindness ❤

Doug Rush

2 years ago

Dr. Weir and his staff are exceptional. We recently had to euthanize our senior dogs within 60 days of each other. It was a very difficult decision, but Dr. Weir exhausted all medical treatments before we made the final decision to euthanize our dogs. We have been going to his office for the past 10 years and he has treated both our dogs and cats. Very personable, very professional and takes the time to talk to you as a person. Highly recommend!!!

Kevin Dowds

2 years ago

Great place has a family feel they really take great care of our pets who are our family members.

Robert Klupka

2 years ago

Guy knows what he's doing

robin vasquez

2 years ago

I brought my 2 male dogs in to get neutered. One did great the other one not so good. Less than 7 hrs from brining him home his genital area began to look really bad. Come 8am I called Dr Weirs office. Explained the situation and was told the Dr was in surgery today and would not be able to see Kuma until the next day. Disregard the fact that I just spent over $500 at your office and that my dog just had surgery less that 24hrs ago. In my opinion they should have been calling me to follow up with how my dogs were doing. Not me begging for them to at least look at pics sent in an email. I explained it looked terrible and that the Dr really should see it today. I asked to send pictures and let the Dr determine waiting another 24hrs. I called back at 11 and the Dr still had not seen his photos. They waited until 12 to call me back leaving a message saying it could wait another 24hrs and closed early for the day. I having had a bad feeling about this reached out to Schertz Animal Hospital where they said no, this is not normal and made room to see Kuma. When I first called they were booked and said they couldn’t see him until tomorrow. After explaining his situation and sending pictures they made room to see him within 20min. They ran test to make sure he wasn’t bleeding inside and to make sure he was clotting properly. They said this has been the worst hematoma they have ever seen and that his WBC was elevated meaning infection. $300+ later they treated him and sent us home. I spent $539 at Dr weirs office. I understand complications can happen after surgery. However there was no quality of care or concern here. They pushed Kuma off. Dr Weir should have been to one to follow up with Kuma in a timely manner and treat Kuma. Later Dr Weir called and apologized which I appreciated. I told him I understood this can happen and that I was disappointed in the lack of care. I asked out of the $320 urgent care visit if they would just cover the $85 urgent care visit fee. He agreed that was fair. As of today I have sent 2 emails following up with reimbursement and nothing. I don’t care about the money anymore. Their last response was “thank you for the update” not exactly quality of care or professionalism in my opinion. Because of all this I do feel people have a right to hear our story and determine if this is the “quality” of care they want to risk receiving. This was definitely our first and last visit.

Lena Diaz

2 years ago

Recently my family and I had to put our dog down for old age. We came here to have this done, the staff and Dr were nice however it was a bit traumatic for us to witness. From my understanding, vets are supposed to sedate the pet before euthanizing, instead the dr and an assistant forced and held down our little Weak Yorkie and administered the narcotic straight into him, we watched our dog struggle and be in discomfort the last seconds of his life instead of watching him go slow and peacefully. We were not prepared for that at all. Then after all of the mourning instead of being able to take our baby and go, we were made to stand in line with him in our arms to pay. The payment option should of been offered prior to the procedure, paying is the last thing on our minds. Not sure if I could recommend this clinic for euthanasia sorry..

Tammy Adams

2 years ago

I did not have to wait to long for my dog's heartworm medication.

Connie Cantu

2 years ago

Dr. Weir and crew were wonderful. Knowledgeable, old-school vet.

Matt Yule

2 years ago

Been going to Dr Weir for years. He is a very good Vet and does all he can to heal our animals when they need it. He is a little demanding on his staff and this creates turnover. He's a good man, I just think if he would trust his staff things works run smoother.

Bryan Munoz

2 years ago

I will forever be grateful for this hospital. My beautiful 10 year old min pin Kamila unfortunately started to get really sick and her health began deteriorate rather quickly within 2/3 days. It began to be very apparent she wasnt gonna make it due to her weight, previous vet visitis and unfortunate lump growing on her side. I felt very unprepared since I didn't want her to suffer and had never thought about euthanasia before, my husband called this hospital and they took my beautiful dog in and helped her go out peacefully. Thank you to everyone at this hospital, especially Darlene (I'm sorry if I got the name wrong) who heard about our situation and let my dog go out in peace rather than suffer for another day or two. I would recommend anyone this place in a heartbeat, thank you guys so much again for taking care of my girl. I can't wait to see you guys soon with my dogs shadow box.

loretta salazar

2 years ago

Great Vet. My dog was treated well and I was very pleased. Pleasant staff

Laurie Perez

3 years ago

Dr Weir is very caring for my 3 year old Chihuahua and did a through check up and explained everything to me and kept my pup all day regarding a pinched nerve in his back said X-ray and lab work came out perfect wants me to call him first thing tomorrow morning to see how he is doing with steroid shot. He is resting comfortably tonight.

Pedro Matamoros

3 years ago

The Dr. was very friendly and professional. He treated my 4 week old pet and was very transparent and sincere. Thank you for everything.

Fred Sanna

3 years ago

Dr. Weir and his staff were extremely professional and compassionate. Had to bring my family member of 15 years in and they were very sensitive to our needs. They followed up afterwards and made sure that we were doing fine.

Shelby Mccloskey

3 years ago

Best, most, affordable vet around. He doesn’t charge an arm and a leg like other vets. He’s very kind. It’s not the fanciest place but I rather have a vet who truly cares.

Adrienne Stannard

3 years ago

Dr. Weir is one of the best veterinarians I've ever used for my dogs.

shayne KING

3 years ago

Doc and his staff put Buddy back together again twice now he’s running jumping just happy Bud is always happy to go the best Place I’ve been to since I was stationed here , plus he cares about my well being people like this are to find . Reasonably priced fits my budget just go there you’ll have a great experience. King

Gabriella De Los Santos

3 years ago

i love bringing my babies here, i know they’ll always get taken care of. :) receptionist w the dark hair is super rude tho.

Johanna Ray

3 years ago

Staff was very nice & caring. Vet was nice & knowledgeable!

Lydia Salgado

3 years ago

I love this facility. It is very clean all the girls are very friendly. Dr. Wier is very good with the dogs and knows what he's doing. I recommend this place for all your furry animals. ????

Patricia Donahue

3 years ago

Dr. Weir treats my pets as though they were his. He's been the only vet I've used for my dogs and cats since 1992. I won't go anywhere else!

Richard Arredondo

3 years ago

I'm a new client and I like this clinic. Staff is always friendly and this clinic has affordable prices. They did a great job with my labradors teeth cleaning.

Rita Loredo

3 years ago

I trust Dr. Weir with my loved ones. The staff is knowlegeable, patient and committed to what they do. I wouldn't take my furry babies anywhere else.

Austin Taylor

4 years ago

Dr Weir is amazing, and very personable and kind. Takes time to get to know you as a person and owner while getting to know your pet. The staff is sweet and knowledgeable as well.

Steven E Maloof

4 years ago

quality vet care at an affordable price.

Sheyla Gonzalez

4 years ago

Dr. Weir is amazing! I first came here over a year ago when I had to put my beloved dog Koya down. We were informed a day before coming here that Koya had a tumor that could not be removed. The vet I saw said to take her home and think about putting her down in a few weeks. That very evening Koya took a turn for the worst. She yelped and moaned all night and would walk in circles and fall down. We stayed up with her all night and called a few vets in the morning. Dr. Weir was able to see her ASAP. He made the best of an unbearable situation. We liked him so much we decided that take our 2 other senior dogs to him. A few weeks back we had to put down our 14 year old Shepherd. Dr. Weir came out to the car since Blue could no longer walk. I really appreciate how he treats our dogs and us! Best Dr. of all time!

Laura Guajardo

4 years ago

They were amazing as we put our dog down.

Jennifer Hendricks

4 years ago

Love this Vet! He knows what he's doing!

Deborah Oliver

4 years ago

He’s a crusty old vet who knows his stuff!!! He makes his own capsules of meds and they followed up three days in a row. His experience is invaluable.

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