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Pamela Voss

2 years ago

These people are angels on earth. We adopted a puppy who was SO loved and well cared for at this center. We just can’t say enough great things about the work these guys do!!! The care and concern they have for each animal is amazing. We will forever support them!

Caroline S

2 years ago

My family and I had been looking to add a special baby to our family and came to the right place! The staff is so friendly they treat you like family and work with you and what you are looking for! We took home a fantastic puppy that has been such an amazing adventure to care for! I am so very grateful for this place and it's amazing staff! Thank you guys so much! - Caroline Goodson / Elijah's mom❤

Chelsea Burkett

2 years ago

We adopted a pup from this organization and am so thankful to them! It was a great experience and the staff was so helpful and knowledgeable about the animals there.

Isabella Coache

2 years ago

Our family adopted Noel (previously called Wendy) on Feb 23, 2021. My husband drove 2 and a half hours from Aubrey to Tyler, but still didnt get there at their working hours. However, we talked to the staff on the phone on the way there, and he patiently waited for us even though we were super late (because of traffic). We're so thankful for how kind he was. We appreciate that the shelter treat all the fur babies kindly and we also got some gifts (treats, dog food, clothes, and a collar) from them to bring home with the pup. Below is our baby. She used to be called Wendy at the shelter, but we renamed her Noel. She was 4 months old when we adopted her. The first photo is when she was at the shelter, the second is when she arrived to her forever home, and the last 2 photos are her now, being a spoiled kid living the best of her life. Thank you Pets Fur People for giving all the fur babies a place to stay while they're waiting for their forever home. Thank you for being flexible and waiting for us so we could meet our baby Noel.

Linda Dickert

2 years ago

The people at this place were more than professional. They accommodated my own disability allowing me to adopt my new kitty Iris. Iris actually adopted me and has already stolen my heart. Please, if you want a cat or dog, please adopt, dont shop. I saw so many that were so ready to become part of a loving forever home. This was an absolutely fantastic experience.

Jenna Marshall

2 years ago

So a couple months ago I decided to go and look at a new kitten with no intentions of taking one home that day, BUT that was surely not the case in the end. I became attached to a little black and white kitten named Ziti and took him home. It has been roughly about 4 months since I adopted him and he is literally my everything. I named him Sylvester and his personality fits perfectly! I have never had a cat that is just as attached to me as I am to them. This cat is literally the love of my life!

Amy DeWalch

2 years ago

Wonderful people who make sure these sweet dogs and cats go to suitable homes. We are in love with our new family additions. They are a joy!????????

Erin Shepta

2 years ago

I am extremely heartbroken by my experience at Pets Fur People. We had found a dog that we loved and put in an application. We called that same day to ask if they received the application but they said they did not so we reapplied. Again they said they did not see the application but they would take our information down on the phone. The informed us that we seemed like a great fit and that we should come meet the dog tomorrow (Saturday morning). We were driving kind of far but thought it was worth it for the dog we wanted. We showed up around 10:40 on Saturday only to find that the dog was already meeting with another family. We waited for our turn and the staff informed us that "it's between you and one other family. We are going to let you see the dog and then we will all get together and discuss the case". So we got to meet the dog and absolutely fell in love. When the visit was over the staff informed us that they would make a decision by Tuesday and give us a call. We left feeling very hopeful and began planning the "what-if" and daydreaming about our potential new dog. All weekend we wait excitedly thinking we were being considered and had a chance because this shelter has a policy to find the best fitting home, not just the first to apply. Tuesday finally rolls around and we waited with baited breath all day hoping for the call, whether that be good or bad news. It gets later and later in the day and still we hear nothing. We have to call ourselves around 4pm to ask what the final decision was. The man informed us that the dog had already been adopted and it seemed they had no intention of letting us know that. We were absolutely devastated but understood that getting the dog was never a guarantee. The part that actually broke my heart is we found a facebook post from Saturday afternoon (the day we had visited the dog) saying that he had actually been adopted that morning. It seems like they adopted the dog before we got there even though they knew we also had an appointment that day. Not only that, we felt lied to. They lead us on with a front about how we were really be considered and they had no made any decisions yet. If they had told us when we got there that the dog had been adopted already we still would have been upset, but at least we would have considered looking for another dog. And even if they made the decision when we showed up, why lie and say "you still have a chance, we will let you know on Tuesday". At this point we will no longer play games with this shelter and get lead on for days, I will not ever consider adopting another dog from this location.

david sumpter

2 years ago

Great place and people. We love our new dog.

Carol Kilmon

2 years ago

I gave them a 5 because I love this organization. I was not able to go inside today, just dropped off a small donation. Don't go there without contacting them first by phone or internet. They are limiting admission due to covid.

Sally Brown

2 years ago

Best no kill shelter in Texas. You will find a friend for life here!

Chris Michaud

2 years ago

Saved some kitten took there to be rescued older gentleman refused them and was very rude

Camyron Kauffmann

2 years ago

Called the place man answers very rudely like he’s not even trying to get rid of any of the pets. Filled out application pick a pet I want then send him pics of fenced in property that isn’t big enough in In height so then I offered to go buy a larger fence and he says he will not give me a pet due to how close I am to the road I don’t understand how they get to justify whether or not I can go buy a larger fence in order to get the pets!! one star would not recommend to anybody adopting from this location horrible service. Oh and make sure your fence is tall enough before you show them photos!!! And was already so prepared for this pet and yet still refused me. In my eyes just an old dude not in a great mood and not tryna do any work

Bridgette Mask

2 years ago

This place is amazing. They love all the fur babies there and treat them so good. They are super sweet and the place is super clean. I am already loving my new fur baby.

Mary Caroline Litwin

2 years ago

I would 100% recommend Pets Fur People. We adopted two puppies from them last weekend and could not be happier! Pets Fur People was incredible and went above and beyond during the whole adoption process (application, communication, visiting, and follow up.) It is apparent that they love what they do and are dedicated to giving animals a good life. Our puppies were very well loved by the workers and came home with great manners and behavior. They sent us home with plenty of supplies and food which was also great. Huge thanks to Mamie, Terry, and Gale for their love and hard work!

Karen Latham

2 years ago

I added an updated video of Cricket. I hope it posted.. Also I think we've decided that he's not a corgi / beagle he's more of a terrier. Maybe a Russell or parson. He's really smart and still very rambunctious lol. I'm sure Mami (sp) Will enjoy the video.

Blake Elledge

2 years ago

I love the fact this place is a no kill shelter ???????????? they have a fairly wide array of pets to pick from as well

Tonie Staples

2 years ago

The best actual carring no kill shater I have ever been to.The staff and tech's know their pets,we got great spaded, wormed with all shots plus pre screens and micro chiped.Our puppy was clean , groomed and flee free.They care.

John Taylor

2 years ago

I was excited about going to get a dog at the Humane Society of Tyler on CR 386 until I went. The internet has that they close @ 5pm I rushed there after work, got there about 4:40 the gate was closed which is cool cause the internet could be wrong. I called the number on the gate and some dude answered. I asked him what time they closed. Instead of him being an upstanding business man and telling their hours of operations he stated that their closed. I again asked, "What time do you close?" He again said we're closed. To some this may seem petty but the fact that the owner of the establishment can't be professional enough to give out information that the public is asking for is beyond me. I have NEVER made a review of any business but this was down right ridiculous of him. I want to give no stars as a review but it won't let me. Bad business. #BBB #BetterBusinessBureau #HumaneSociety #HumaneSocietyofTyler

Deborah Caparoon

2 years ago

They accept old t-shirts and blankets for the animals, bedding, and clean up.

Bekah Payne

2 years ago

They gave us a voucher to help get the animal spayed...

Ryan M

2 years ago

We loved this place. The staff was really nice and helpful. A great place to find your next family dog. We did ????

Bjorn Krieger

2 years ago

Great people with a deep love for their baby's

Annita Gentry

3 years ago

I adopted my fur baby from these wonderful people. Everyone was very kind and helpful. I am so glad to find this organization. Lots of hard work and dedication goes on here. And the best news is I have the best Australian Cattle Dog in the world. Thank you Staff for a great experience.

Alex Mullins (Peanut)

3 years ago

I am saddened by my experience. My wife and I had adopted a dog almost 10 years ago from here and had a great experience. We visited a couple times since and it was fine too. We saw a puppy we were interested in and saw no age restrictions. I completely understand having age restrictions for dogs with special needs and such. This particular dog did not have any and was maybe too young for adoption, but if they were offering, I was happy to come see. I called and scheduled an appointment. They did not give me any hesitation and seemed excited for my kids to meet the dog. I continued to think there was no age restriction. I met the person in the back who would introduce me. Right away she was extremely attached to this particular puppy. She was hesitant with the 2 kids there. She seemed nice enough and took me back anyway. Now here is where it all goes downhill. Now we are in front of the dog with two 7 foot chain link fences in between us and the puppy and it's sibling (in the cage next to it). I had my 6 year old and 3 year old with me and my wife and 10 month old waiting in the car for now. The two boys were excited, but not going crazy or acting up. They kept saying "aww he's so cute" and what not. Well there was a tiny twig/stick about 4-5 inches long stuck in the fence. My 6 year old picked it up and messed with it for a second while I talked to the lady. He then decides to throw the twig/stick over the first fence and giggles. I assume because he was trying to play fetch. As I turn to tell him we can't do this, the lady just let's loose on my son for a solid 20 seconds about how he can't do that and how he is misbehaving and how we aren't fit to take that dog. I am stunned. I cant react. My child is getting yelled at by some other person as if I wasn't there. He is my responsibility. If she wanted to say something, she should tell me that they can't have him doing that and then I would talk to him about not doing that. That is MY job to get on to him. She eventually settles down and then talks about me taking both dogs and I mention that maybe these dogs don't need to go to a home with kids and that's okay or I could pay for him and wait until he is ready and able to eat dry food. She declined and was ready to get him out so we could play with the puppy. We then walked behind her and went to a little play area. Now the second downhill hit. While playing with the puppy, she kept mentioning how the puppy was bonded to her and she left so he would play with us and the boys were fantastic. Calm, soft, gentle, you name it. Another employee walks up and she begins whispering to him. Then I see my wife and the baby are led out to us by a third employee. She comes in the play area with us and we continue. More whispering continues. Finally the original lady that yelled at my son walks up to the fence and says that we are not a suitable match because of the stick incident and they don't think the puppy should go to a home with small kids. Why was this not said earlier? Why was this not in the application process? Now I have upset kids not understanding why we can't get the dog they like so much. My wife was made briefly aware of the stick situation during the whispering part. She is furious and gets mamabear-like. She asks what the point of all that was and then the lady and her and basically yelling at each other as I'm trying to usher us out of this place to go home. We were told how our son was so misbehaving and how that ladies generation can do this that and the other. Extremely inappropriate. We had to then find our own way back to the entrance and then on the way out, I talked to the front desk guy about what just happened. This could have all been avoided if someone put something about age restrictions. Petfinder even has an option for that. The puppy was 1 month old. They kept saying it shouldn't be allowed to be adopted and then said they just let someone else take the sister because they had no kids. If you don't think they should be adopted, don't put them on the various websites for adoption. What "fun"...

Reesie Yates

3 years ago

They seem to lve all the fur babies...clean and friendly place.

Burbanonrocks 2

3 years ago

I cant come up with the words to describe the folks running this place. Angels... True animal people. They saved my dog and helped me find my cat. They are amazing


3 years ago

I came here to adopt a specific pooch, a beautiful 2 year old Shepsky named Kai. He was super shy, but a well behaved boy. The folks at Pets Fur People were greatly invested and concerned for Kai's well-being, thoroughly asking targeted questions relevant to his best interest, all while being immensely respectful while doing so. Once I made clear the situation at my home, and my intent with Kai, the staff here had the highest hopes that he would do well with me and my Roxy girl (9 month old Husky). Roxy and Kai are already looking to be the best of friends, and the staff involved with Kai were delighted to hear the news. Other things of note, they were extremely helpful with anything I may have needed, and they give you some solid advice and supplies to get you started with your new pet (Collar, leash, treats, blanket, food, and all their paperwork). I am very highly satisfied with my experience here, and definitely recommend adopting from these fine folks at Pets Fur People. They really care, and it shows.

J. JR. Martinez

3 years ago

Adopt, Don’t shop! There is just so many wonderful pets waiting for their forever homes! This animal shelter is well looked after by their staff! The pens are adequately spaced out with indoor/outdoor access and kept clean routinely! There is play areas! There’s a good variety of dogs of varies sizes and breeds to choice from. I’m sure the cats are just as good, yet we didn’t visit them at the cattery. For those that are ready, willing and able to bring home a furry friend... I think this is a great place to start!

Deborah P

3 years ago

I met Chad on Tuesday, the sweetest dachshund - lively but so wanting affection!! I couldn’t resist!! Terry and Michelle were super helpful and so kind, telling me his story (what is known anyway) and explaining their procedures. So after his snipping surgery, we officially adopted him on Friday! He is so happy now, claiming the backyard and sofa (next to Daddy). Thanks to all at Pets Fur People!!

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