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Licia Wawak

2 years ago

Dr Durham has been great with my basset

Gina Ortiz-Sanchez

2 years ago

Great clinic! They take care of both of my fur babies and the entire staff is beyond kind. Dr. Durham always answers all questions and is very very clear about all procedure and your pet’s health.

Hayli Bellomy

2 years ago

Knowledgeable, yes. I came here as a last resort...i should have waited for my other Vet. I was charged almost 170$ for one pup. Another two pups got the same exact treatment for $100 combined, even with Flea meds at our other vet. So Sure, good services, but be ready to pay it up. Service isn't worth the bill in my opinion.

Vantanna Mathews

2 years ago

Dr. Durham is the dog whisperer. My dog gets his nails cut there, and usually does not let any strangers hold him.

JJ Carter

2 years ago

Doctor was very friendly and knowledgeable. He helped me with my cats diet even though I was there for her ears. He was very thorough with her exam and figured out what was bothering my cat. It's been only a day since she got her shot and she's feeling so much better! My poor kitty had an accident in her carrier on the way there and the staff was so great, they bagged up the wet part of her carrier for us. Though he did call her a senior cat for the first time and that hurt our egos haha. But he really was fantastic! I hope I don't need to come in again soon, but if I do, I know my (senior) kitten is in good hands.

Marcia Rossiter

2 years ago

I read the reviews before coming here with my dog. In my opinion everyone stating the doctor is "condensing" maybe don't understand the old saying of soft spoken. I found this vet to be really well educated and informative. He listened to my concerns and addressed them all. He was very thorough in his assessment of my dog and I'm very happy with his recommendations. Definitely found the vet for us.

richard stuart

2 years ago

I am always amazed at the proficiency & professionalism of the doctor here. We came in with a consistent hacking cough. Was determined it was an upper respiratory infection by a very efficient process of elimination. A couple shots were given for my dogs comfort and we walked out of the vets office, rx pills in pocket, in under 15 minutes. My boy did not cough the whole ride home. We will continue drs instructions with medication and hope this gets better soon. Just happy with my dogs immediate comfort. Even happier to have an amazing vet.

Kylee Cameron

2 years ago

EXTREMELY upset with our visit this morning. We are fostering a kitten and this is where her first vaccinations were so we had to take her here. The staff was not masked which is just inappropriate at this point in the pandemic. Not only that, one of the women behind the desk had a horrible cough. I am recently out of cancer treatment and vaccinated, but I still wear a mask because I am immune compromised. Not only that, the Doctor was also not masked. Now I have to live with the anxiety that I may have been exposed to COVID and risk exposing others. Disgraceful. Everyone was nice and the appointment was fairly quick, but he also spoke down to me about socializing cats—which I have over 11 years experience with and we take wonderful care of our pets AND fosters.

Micheal Lugo

2 years ago

Vet feels very condescending. Prices are reasonable. Dr. Durham had no issues answering any questions I had regarding the meds or issues however it just always felt like I was dumb for asking such questions. Everything has to be paid upfront before anything is done and there is no split payment arrangements avaible here.

Kiandra Daniels

2 years ago

I have been going here for about 4 years since I got my first pup and this will be my last appointment. I’ve seen comments on reviews in the past about the doctor being condescending and I agree. I always ignored it but he truly is a know it all that doesn’t listen to concerns. He also just listed to hear himself talk. That was made very clear today when I attempted to explain a concern over and over that was ignored. Then when I didn’t let him tell me the same thing he’s been telling me for years that has not been working he was passive aggressive about it. If you’re judging getting an exam he’s fine to go to but for anything else I don’t recommend at all.

Jeff Scoggin

2 years ago

My boxer was having health issues, so I called vet I’d gone to since 1996 to make an appointment for him. The clinic, on North Colony Blvd, told me that they could not get me in until the following month because I’d not had any appointments in a couple of years. They also told me I would have to prepay. I called Animal Health Centre, and was told they could see me that day if necessary. I made an appointment for two days later—after an exam and X-rays, I made the difficult decision to euthanize my dog. The staff was wonderful throughout the visit, very compassionate. I will bring my other dogs here without hesitation!

Vickie Gil

3 years ago

While living in Texas my 6 dogs received the Best care from Dr. Durham. He was thorough when examining my dogs and, took time to explain the results and next steps and, pricing was very reasonable. We have been in VA 3 years now and still have Not found a veterinarian that compares to Dr. DURHAM. WE MISS YOU Doc!

Cynthia Marcus

3 years ago

This vet is very thorough and explained everything. Not to mention he's reasonably priced. I highly recommend!

Madison Jantzen

3 years ago

Kind and helpful. Quick to accept new clients. Professional!!! Got everything I needed taken care of here.

Scarlet Garcia

3 years ago

They have a wonderful caring staff ❤

Joel Dies

3 years ago

I’ve went to several vets for the issue with my dogs ears and not a one could diagnose properly and the issue never got fixed. Apparently my dog has allergies and we need to attack the infection and the allergies to knock it out. For the first time in several years and thousands of dollars later she finally has stopped shaking her head and scratching her ears raw. On top of that, the infection has lessened. Almost kicked it completely after a month or so. Highly recommend.

Caitlin Salmon

3 years ago

I wouldn’t even know where to begin with this office. The staff is so sweet and friendly! Not only do we love them but our dogs do as well. I swear they think they’re visiting friends when we go up there haha! Dr Durham has been incredibly helpful with so many issues from nail clippings to surgeries. He has always been patient with me asking a million and one questions and turned a 15 minute appointment into about an hour when my boxer was diagnosed with cancer and i was totally losing it. He also helped us out last year by saving us $1,000s on an eye surgery by knowing how to perform it himself when most of the time you’d have to take your pup to a specialist. We are just so very grateful for Dr Durham and his staff!

C. Anne Brown

3 years ago

I brought my dog (65lb hound mix, rescue) here for clinic visits and for boarding for nearly a year when I lived in the area. The ENTIRE staff -- from the first time I called to schedule an appointment to the last phone call to let them know we were moving away -- were extremely caring, reassuring, helpful, and calm. When boarding, my dog stayed in a large crate with what I think is a rubber floor for any bathroom accidents to drip down into a tray below. He was allowed his personal belongings. The crate was side by side in a small room with other dogs and cats, but there is no way any of the animals can physically contact one another. For a board of two days or more, the staff gave him a complimentary bath! Such a nice and helpful perk. My dog was deemed a dangerous dog in a different state after a bad bite in our home. Even though he has never had any issues at vets offices (he enjoys meeting new friends!), it's always nerve-wracking for me to leave him with anyone the first few times because of bite concerns. The staff at Animal Health Centre listened to every detail/trigger about him, every concern, and was patient with me whenever I would call to check on him while he was boarding. He loved his friends here!! They worked with him so well and really cared not just for his physical well-being, but his mental and emotional well-being as well. I thoroughly appreciated how Dr. Chris spoke with me and to him and was fluent in psychological behaviors in animals. When my dog bit my boyfriend in my home in The Colony (rescue pup, uneasy with all the moving preparations and trigger buttons pushed), I went to the staff at Animal Health Centre for their opinion on what I should do considering his previous bite history: continue to work with him on his behavior, euthanasia, or re-homing to a location for dogs with bite histories. Dr. Chris was very well spoken, made sure that I knew none of those options were things he could choose for me, nor could he say one was better than the other. We walked through each option and when I chose to continue working with him on his behavior, Dr. Chris and the entire staff were still supportive and willing to see my dog in the office. This was an extremely long review, but I have lived in several states and been to about 6-7 different vet offices, and Animal Health Centre is by far the most loving, helpful place we have worked with. Their prices are also reasonable! Thank you Animal Health Centre for all of your amazing work!

Austin Staunton

3 years ago

I've recently moved to The Colony and when my younger dog Nova ( Basset beagle ) needed to be seen ASAP, due to a very bad limp ( torn ACL ) I called many of the popular clinics in the area they said they were two weeks out and one very rude clinic on North Colony expected payment up front for the visit. Of course I wasn't going to pay if their appointments were two weeks out, as I needed my dog to be seen ASAP. Needless to say, I called AHC and was able to get in same day. Doc looked over the x-rays from the emergency vet and was able to give me a clear path for recovery, 6 weeks hardcore rest in a cage and laser treatments. Today 2+ months out Nova is doing GREAT and able to run and play again. Yesterday 11-17-2020 I had to make the most difficult decision of my adult life, to put my older dog ( Bentley my Lab ) to sleep, due to a tumor on his heart. The Doc and techs couldn't have been more supportive, I shed some big boy tears in that office after letting my guy go. They allowed me to stay with him from start to finish and allowed me some time alone once he had passed. To sum up this long review, these guys are TOP NOTCH and have earned my continued support and rave review. I can't thank them enough for how they helped Bentley and I yesterday, during one of the toughest decisions I've ever had to make. THANK YOU ACH TEAM! Austin, Bentley and Nova :-)

Allison Edwards

3 years ago

Been going to Dr Durham for 20 plus years. He's very thorough and explains everything quite well.

chris miller

3 years ago

Dr Durham is extremely knowledgeable and great bedside manner. We have pet insurance so the cost to us is negligible, but I'd say he's mid range on the price point. It's worth the money though if you want a vet that cares about your pet. Dr Durham also shared with his that he has a special needs dog, which shows he really cares (in my opinion at least). He is our vet for both our 4 yr old dog and our new puppy.


3 years ago

I agree that there are condescending, yet subtle, comments from Dr. Durham to the pet owner. He was knowledgeable, however, he was not my personal preference for bedside manner. I felt more like a vet-tech in a lab with a professor. Yes, you're a doctor...but of animals. A little empathy and connection to both animal and owner would have been preferable. The price was reasonable.

heather brun

3 years ago

Very nice staff and helpful. They were very reasonably priced compared to other locations around. We never had issues getting in to see the vet even with our three dog circus. We’ve had knee surgery well checks and teeth cleaning! We moved away but very much considered the longer drive to keep them!

Jack Ledbetter

3 years ago

Excellent veterinary care. Friendly staff. Reasonable prices.

Kaity Harmon

3 years ago

Dr. Durham is extremely knowledgable and I appreciate that he takes the time to make sure he answers any and all questions you might have. He and his staff are wonderful and truly care for your animals. The prices are fair and they have always fit me in!

Lance Schiegg

3 years ago

Dr. Durham (and staff!) was excellent! He did a textbook job of explaining everything, confirming we understood, and getting our dog taken care of. Pricing was reasonable, and felt like he did a thorough job of looking our dog over, and giving him an accurate diagnosis. Not to mention he's a really nice person! We will definitely be going back!

Lisa OC

3 years ago

Dr. Durham and his staff are so friendly and really take their time with each patient. He calls me directly when giving updates about my dog during and after her teeth cleanings and cyst removals. Dr. Durham is great about making sure my questions are answered and never makes me feel rushed. We will continue taking our dogs to his clinic.

Marilynn Lean

3 years ago

Thanks to Dr Chris. For putting me at ease in euthanize our family pet Boo a Russian Blue cat today Dr Chris is a very compassionate vet. Thanks again

Mercedes Guill

3 years ago

If I could give this place a ZERO star review, I would. The team at Animal Health Centre was completely unprofessional in handling the care of my partner's kitten. A routine checkup and vaccination turned into a humiliating and completely ludicrous experience. Two 10 week old kittens were brought in for their shots, and after an hour and a half from the visit, one kitten was having an allergic reaction. Breathing quickly, face puffing up, incontinence, and more. So, as a responsible pet owner would do, the kitten was brought in to be checked out once more. Christopher M. Durham proceeded to QUESTION my partner as to whether they could afford the potentially life-saving steroids that her kitten needed, and WAITED for her to visibly check her bank account in front of him BEFORE proceeding to give this sick kitten the steroids and benadryl they needed for the vaccinations THIS CLINIC provided. During this entire process, the vet proceeded to talk to her as if she were a child, asking if she could even afford to raise the two kittens she brought in on her own accord. This is completely unacceptable and I would not recommend this clinic to anyone. Unprofessional, degrading, and CLEARLY values the money over an animals life. I am utterly DISGUSTED by the behavior here, take your money elsewhere.

Rodney Crawford

3 years ago

I love these folks. Dr. Durham and his staff are just amazing. The care and respect is just beyond words. I have a very honorary cat, and Dr. Durham treats him with so much respect. I told him one day that I was sorry my kitty gets so grumpy there. He actually likes him because he can tell someone genuinely trying to help him, despite all the growls. Honestly my baby (geriatric) kitty would not be alive today without this wonderful care he is given. Highly, highly recommend!

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