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Hayley Gary

2 years ago

Took my cat to get neutered and when I went to pick him up he was covered in urine. They told me he hissed at them so they just left him in there. I bet he did hiss he just had surgery and had been locked in a crate for 8 hours! So I had to bring him home and give him a bath right away which I’m sure isn’t something you should do right after having surgery. Will not be back here ever again!

Tommy Blankenship

2 years ago

We had to take our pet for euthanasia and were completely disgusted by the support personnel's actions. Dr. Pina was thoughtful and showed some compassion, but others acted as if they could really not give a c--p about us or our pet. The real kicker was the employee who came into the examination room with a portable card reader immediately after the injection that ended our pets life was administered. I was holding our pet and saying goodbye and looked at her in astonishment. She stayed, holding her little reader, until my wife pulled out a credit card. Staff has no empathy - they need training or to at least learn how to fake the proper emotions. A bad experience made really worse.


2 years ago

I have to say I have found the best vet! Dr. Pina is so professional and so caring! I really like their mission of giving the best care without having to pay an outrageous bill! Definitely the best vet I ever had.


2 years ago

I am very satisfied with the level of care that my pet has received from this vet clinic, especially from Dr. Peña who truly goes above and beyond. I took my dog to the vet yesterday to get my dog's teeth cleaned. They found an unexpected …


2 years ago

I am so thankful I found this vet! I have never experienced a more caring vet than Dr. Pena. His compassion for animals is obvious within the first office visit, but the continued care and patience he has given all my fur babies is rare to find. If you are looking for an amazing vet who truly cares about your pets, then I recommend Dr. Pena!

Alicia Wedel

2 years ago

As a Foster I would NEVER take my pet here again!! They have a policy that foster parents are not permitted to talk to the vet staff even if the animal has major medical needs. This leads to the inability to supply proper medical care not only for the pet while at the clinic but mostly at the home. The Foster is unable to ask questions, voice concerns, or get advice from the veterinary staff. I feel this breaks the OATH that vet staff takes to supply proper medical care to the animal as you learn a lot about the animals symptoms from the Foster parent. I understand needing approval for all medical care from the rescue but ZERO communication with the Foster is only HURTING the animal! Since they wouldn’t talk to me, my animal did not receive the best possible care.

Subia Weber

2 years ago

We saw Dr. Krueger at this Clinic. He was AMAZING! He was very kind, patient, and informative! He took the time to listen to all of our concerns, and educated us on our Cat's condition. He is one of the Vet's that's in it for the right reasons, and genuinely cares about your fur baby. They are very affordable, and the Clinic is well- maintained and clean also. I will always come back to this Clinic!

Nat “Nat” M

2 years ago

Let me start off by saying that this clinic is not your typical low cost clinic. No one is rude or has a bad attitude. When you walk in it’s extremely clean and everyone is so nice and attentive. Dr. Pina was very professional and responsive to any concerns or questions I had regarding my baby. Virtually no wait time. All questions and concerns answered. Finally found an affordable veterinary clinic with awesome staff and vets that care. Thank you for taking care of Lola and being so patient with her!

Srini Chittaluru

2 years ago

Thank you Dr. Pina came to know about lapse in service, primarily misunderstanding of the staff. Dr. Pina was on vacation, yet he took time to call me and find out about Coco and took care of setting appointment with Dr Krueger to help us take appropriate next steps for our aging dog, Coco. Dr. Pina also took care of getting evaluation report from Pet Emergency Hospital we took Coco few days back. We would like to thank Dr. Pina and Lighthouse Veterinary Clinic for helping us deal with these tough times. Glad Coco is doing well for now, we know Dr. Pina cares for Coco and offers best advise as well as appropriate treatment.

Jaime's Palette

2 years ago

Absolutely love Lighthouse for my furbabies!! I love that I can drive up and call them to come out and get my baby. The Veterinarian will call you and thoroughly discuss his concerns and treatment options with you. I am pleased with how affordable their care is as well. I brought my Jemma Girl in for an ear infection in April and was so happy with the care that she was given

Melusina de la Cerda

2 years ago

They are the best! I moved to Houston but I will never change vet. Professional, compassionate, fast responsive, affordable. Is not easy to find good vets that really care on your pets health and not on the money. Thanks Dr. Krueger!

Priscilla Reyna

3 years ago

I am using this vet from now on. They are awesome. My dog got great care and they didn't charge me an arm and a leg. The pet world needs more places like this.♥️

Sam P

3 years ago

Just called to make an appt to see the vet with my sick cat. I've been using Dr Pena and Dr Kruger for a while now. Love them! However, when I called to make an appt for my cat, the receptionist she said they couldn't see my cat until Monday (4 days out). Currently it's Thursday and I'm not sure the cat would make it that long. I told the receptionist I'd try and find another vet and she thanked me and hung up. You would think a clinic would keep slots open for sick animals but apparently this one doesn't. Either that, or their receptionist is new, or perhaps needs to be terminated. Not sure why, but before I even called, I kind of figured this would be the case with this emergency. Although this vet is very reasonably priced, I'd probably surmise that they are trying to do too much work during business hours to make up the difference. I'd recommend going up on the price and give a better quality of service. I'd be willing to pay more and have a better experience than have this happen again! I'll give them another shot, but they need to get their act together and try and slow it down a bit and pay more attention to detail. I've also had surgeries done on animals here and awaited phone calls back for results from biopsy for cancer screening and never received a phone call back, even though I called twice to ask what the results were. The vets are really good guys! The staff is friendly, but I feel this place is overtax'd and are trying to take on to much at once!

Haley Neeper

3 years ago

I had been looking for a new and long term vet for my fur baby Killa since it was only his second annual visit to the vet. I knew due to COVID-19, the procedures and overall experience would be different as I love to get to know the staff but I had such a positive experience! I was extremely happy to get to speak to Dr. Piña via phone as he updated me on the status of Killa during his exam. It was such an easy experience and fast/efficient at that! Not to mention they are doing a wonderful job at limiting risk and exposure to clients and their associates. I had sooooo many recommendations to go here when I was seeking out opinions and just on my first visit, I could see why!

Abby Vacek

3 years ago

Lighthouse Vet Clinic is AMAZING! Dr. Pina and Dr. Krueger do not hesitate to provide the best care possible for their customers and rescues. They put their heart and soul into their work and it shows! They go above and beyond to help ALL ANIMAL RESCUES. Not all vets will go to the lengths they do. We, as rescues, depend on them on a daily basis and they assist without hesitation. We need more veterinarians and clinics like them! I have personally brought them 200+ foster cats and have NEVER had an issue! We LOVE Lighthouse!!

Alejandra Rios

3 years ago

I cannot stress this enough, this place is amazing. Dr. Piña is great with all of my animals. He’s honest and fair. You cannot beat great medicine with even better prices. Sucks we can’t go inside because of covid! But I’m glad he’s taking precautions to protect his staff. If you are looking for a great vet this is your place! You won’t be disappointed!!

Angler Jay

3 years ago

DO NOT BRING PETS TO SUCH A HORRIBLE CARELESS PLACE!!! I took my 4 month old puppy that I rescued from a shelter to be spayed since it was no cost through the shelters’ contract with the clinic. I could tell walking in from the vet tech that this clinic is only worried about paying customers! The vet tech asked me to put my puppy on the scale didn’t get up once from her seat , but she could answer the phone. It wasn’t a warming welcome either she continued naming my puppy by her shelter name instead of the name I’ve taught her to answer to and I made sure to inform the vet tech of her new name. Anyways the vet tech asked for the folder which contained every single piece of health information regarding my rescued pup, and I gave it to her thinking she would have tried to review it or scan it through their computer like my regular veterinary office did but she gave a quick glimpse and put it down. They took my puppy with no hesitation and when the next guest by appointment walked in she gave them a warm welcoming hello. So ironic what money does but anyways the pick up was from 5-6pm. I go in and of course she addresses my pups name as her shelter name, but I just ignored it when she called for my dog to be brought up another vet tech had my poor baby sitting on his hip!! Seriously?!! My baby has just had surgery and he has her directly on her incision site because when he handed her over she peed and he kind of had a gross reaction he gave her over so quick she was so terrified and I’m sure the pain didn’t help. Neither vet techs mentioned if she did good throughout the surgery like nothing other than here’s your dog. The guy handed me some papers which I thought was post surgical instruction but no they actually gave my dog her second rabies vaccine within the same month!! They had every piece of information that stated my dog DID NOT NEED HER RABIES VACCINE since the shelter they are in contract with had already given it to her while there which was early February. BY FAR THE WORST CLINIC EVER, I CAN ONLY IMAGINE HOW THEY TREATED MY DOG. She has thrown up 5 times and I made sure not to feed her so now a trip to our veterinary clinic actually who cares and a vet who knows how to run a facility. Next time I’ll make sure to pay my regular clinic to spay any rescue dogs I’ll have in the future!

Avery Moreno

3 years ago

I was introduced to Lighthouse veterinary clinic through friends I foster for, being their rescue vet of choice I was happy to make the lengthy drive to help. I am so glad I have had the privilege of meeting such an incredible and welcoming staff, I have even transferred my own rescues over, consistently making the drive to be met with kindness and warm hearts. Lighthouse is such an asset to the rescue community, I have yet to encounter a staff willing to go above and beyond for the animals as they do. Their support, prices, timely appointments, all is representative of how much they genuinely care for the rescues and their animals. We are ecstatic to bring in the new year knowing our animals are being treated as fairly as everyone else’s!

Bri Hanc

3 years ago

Always very accommodating & affordable.


3 years ago

Have a puppy with serious issues that manifested in January. The vet found worms, parasites and a liver issue. They had an ultrasound done and deemed him terminal, less than a week to live. The dog is still alive (7months later), but apparently the vet is done with us... Won't return calls or texts. Will be looking for new vet....because we have to. Response to response... to be clear this is not about the diagnosis, this is about follow up care. During the diagnosis phase, you guys were great, hence the second star, and I would have given a half too if I could, but this isn't Star Search. The reason I came to you to begin with was based on your reviews. This was my experience, and if that's upsetting to you, imagine how I feel after what we went through.

Eriko Ishii

3 years ago

Many of my rescue friends recommended me, so I decided to take my pup this time. The appointment is easy to set online. The clinic emailed and called to confirm the appointment and reminder. The staffs and vet techs are very kind and friendly. Dr. Pina is awesome. He listened to me and understands my concern, gives me the great advice. Also, the price was reasonable. I highly recommend Dr. Pina and Lighthouse Vet Clinic !

Goodlif3 Bully Rescue

3 years ago

Exceptional service. We took one of our rescues for a neuter great customer service and the incision looked amazing.


3 years ago

Highly recommended. The vets on staff treat every patient with great care and compassion. All our rescued pets get the best care at an affordable price. Many of our families who adopt, choose to continue with their wonderful practice.

Pamela Owens

3 years ago

Super friendly! Super knowledgeable and low cost! I had my rescue dog spayed and my other dog heartworm tested and annual shots for a cheaper price than anyone else. Also very easy and quick to get into. Dr. Pina is super great with dogs! Their staff is also with one of the most awesome rescue groups, Lucky Penny Rox Rescue!

Rita Garretson

3 years ago

Great veterinarians, friendly staff. Compassionate and caring. Reasonably priced. My fur babies love them.

Sandy Saunders

3 years ago

I had my first appointment at Lighthouse Veterinary Clinic. The Front staff were friendly, the Vet was great and the Vet tech too. I don't make a lot of money and it felt good to be able to afford to take my dog to a Vet clinic that I could afford and treated so politely. I highly recommend Lighthouse Veterinary Clinic!

Sunny zhao

3 years ago

Wonderful! Nice price and nice service.

Teresa Chavez

3 years ago

Dr. Pina is the best! His prices are super affordable and he even worked with me to so I could get the best price for my Jack's medication. He is very caring, knowledgeable, and very professional and was not just quick to say that my other dog, Levi, needed surgery. I also can't say enough about the Amanda at the front desk. Even when I was a little impatient with a situation, she still kept her calm, soothing tone with me which made me feel better. Thank you so much for taking such great care of all 3 of my furbabies!!! :)

Michelle Kerr

3 years ago

Lighthouse Vet Clinic is great. They practice high quality pet care.

StephCarl Broughton

3 years ago

Great Vets and Staff! We have been using Lighthouse vets for a few years now for our rescue. The Vets are knowledgeable with big hearts for our fur babies. They take very good care of our pups. I wish I lived closer to them as I would transfer my personal dogs to them also.

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