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2 years ago

I would absolutely recommend them to anyone wanting to adopt a new pet! They were so nice! We were thrilled to find our new fur baby … thank you Schertz Animal Shelter!

Mariah Goree

2 years ago

We adopted a cat here a year ago. The process was super easy, and all the staff really seemed to care about the animals! We had to call a year later for some records, and they immediately remembered which cat it was and staff was very eager to help. I would rate more stars if I could!

Blaine Halamuda

2 years ago

This clinic and it’s staff are seriously amazing! They know the animals so well and really really care for them. We went in to adopt a cat and stated what traits we were looking for and they immediately pointed out potential cats that paired exactly with what we looked for. The facility is cleaning and all the animals are well kept. Even a year after adopting my cat I called to get records(which they easily provided) they remembered my cat specifically and were so excited to hear updates about him! Truly a great shelter for adopting.

Amber Sligh

2 years ago

Staff take animals from outside their city limits, if you live in a neighboring city they may have your dog

Izzy A

2 years ago

They are very caring people. They took care of my dog over and beyond their responsibility. And they are very kind and understanding to us the pet owners as well. Can't thank them enough.

Lily Roberts

3 years ago

they are the nicest people i have met , they are so caring with animals.

Kita Adere

3 years ago

2018:Went Wednesday to look at dogs and was told that they are not showing dogs to the public 1/2/2020: They took my dog from outside their city limits, this is how animals get lost.

Holli Kruse

3 years ago

The staff is amazing and very caring.

heather parrish

3 years ago

Our dog was impounded for several days in quarantine. He was returned to us covered in his own urine and feces, obviously neglected. Shame on Schertz Animal Care.

Heather Parker

3 years ago

They stole my dog sent her to another country (Canada) lied about it and Falsified evidence

donna giiovanniello

3 years ago

I need help live in mesa oak subdivision and would like to know if we have a leashed law there are numerous people who are allowing there dogs to walk free with out a leash I cant even walk my dog safe

Alex Holderried

3 years ago

I called today to have someone come out and scan a cat for a microchip. The receptionist was not only very rude and unprofessional, she told me she could not send anyone out to my house because I’m ‘in Cibolo’s district’. I know for a fact that i have seen Schertz animal control out here on my street before. I called Cibolo animal control and the sweet young lady told me that i was, in fact, within Schertz boundaries and they’ve have many problems with Schertz animal control shoving people into their district. I think the Schertz animal control needs a change in staff and leadership, as this is not the first problem we’ve had with them.

A nerd -

4 years ago

Great facility. They deserve all the donations and adoptions possible to keep them running. I donate weekly and got my cat there two years ago.

Eric Van Der Velden

4 years ago

Tuesday afternoon the called me to tell me they picked up my dog. The next day I take off work, go there and they tell me they don't. They made a mistake. I go he disappointed. Thursday, they call again and ask If I'm going to pick up my dog? WTF? You told me yesterday, after missing a day of work to pick him up you didn't have him. Now they tell me they do and they made an error. Look, I appreciate you picking up my dog. I don't appreciate missing a day and a half of work and a night's sleep worrying about him if you had him all the while!

Kelly Sanders

4 years ago

I adopted 2 cats..Buddy(my chunky monkey male)..And JuJu female. They are loving their new home. It's been over 2 months now and they are happy...

Leslie Gomez

4 years ago

They found my Fur Baby in a matter of minutes. I had been walking and posting flyers for 5 days. Thanks to their hard working agent she was located in minutes. Thank you

Uncle Squid

4 years ago

Liars, thieves, and charlatans! If you're not careful your beloved pet will be stolen in the night, end up here, and you will not get it back. They won't tell you if they have your pet without "proof of ownership" and when you provide proof they won't accept it. They will just straight up lie to you. Their story will always change. Purebreed owners should be especially careful. Make sure your pet is inside or behind a fence. If it's a purebreed make sure it's chip is activated. Do not adopt from this shelter because you will be adopting someone else's beloved friend.

Susan M. Garrett

5 years ago

I have had to visit there to get a dog license for my dog. They are always very professional and respectful. It is always very quiet too.

Redoak Leaf

5 years ago

We've adopted two pets here, good experiences overall. We still stop by sometimes to visit with the animals. The issue is that many staff members are often unwelcoming and unfriendly, enough times that it's really not a fluke. It's a rare occasion that someone smiles at us or seems genuinely interested in answering our questions. Last time we were here someone barked orders to sign in and wash up immediately upon entrance. No smile, welcome, thanks for stopping in. It's just...odd.


5 years ago

Very rude people not very clean at all. It seems as if they don't want to help you or themselves or the animals.

Christina Mills

5 years ago

I adopted a sweet puppy from here and we love her so much. When we picked her up they said she was good to go and she tested negative for worms. Not even 3 days later we saw worms in her poop. I called and they said just come pick up medicine and she will be fine. It is now worse and I have a young child that this could really harm. I called them again and let them know the situation. They didn't care and is not willing to help even though they gave her to us this way. I'm so disappointed and put off by the way they handle this. It is so dangerous for kids if they get infected and they didn't even care.

J Castro

5 years ago

Great place to volunteer. Unfortunately it's sub par compared to other ACS agencies. Unfortunately it's due to certain staff that have been there way far too long and are complacent with the "old ways". Management is great and want to take to the next level but unfortunately you can't teach an "old dog new tricks".

Jamie Albright

5 years ago

I left the door open and my two fur babies took the opportunity to go on an adventure. I have to say I am grateful they went to puppy prison because many people are assume they are mean. They are big babies but appear intimidating. Many aren’t knowledgeable enough about animals to blame heartless owners instead of label any entire breed (or breeds like mine that resemble them) as aggressive. Plus I live close to the busy intersection of 78 and Schertz Pkwy. I feared the worst until I was told Animal Control passed by 5 minutes before me. The officer was very kind and helped me get them to the car. They picked them up fast and possibly saved their lives.

Jose Valenzuela

5 years ago

Professional and caring of the animals they have to handle.


5 years ago

Adopted a older dog "Scarlet" . Cur black mouth breed. They said she was a stray, but once we got her home and settled her, we found out she was already house broken and leash trained, and also installed a bell for her to ring when she needed to go. She was easy to train to use it. Thanks for a great dog Schertz, and everyone out There give the older dogs a chance.

David Pierce (Spectrum Window Tinting)

6 years ago

Honestly, if they cared about getting dogs adopted, they should be open on Sundays when most people are off work. The hours are not people friendly to make it easier to adopt.

Zachary Hammond

6 years ago

The staff is extremely helpful, after I expressed how I felt about kill shelters and what not they reassured me that they were going to take very good care of a rattle snake I had found. Marshall Armstrong gave me his word that all wildlife that he gets is relocated and cared for! Amazing! I love it. Even though I'd REALLY hate getting bit by one I wouldn't want to just kill it when I know there are good people like Mr Armstrong protecting the wildlife from probably the most dangerous creatures to all this earth (humans) and is willing and able to provide care and was extremely quick to arrive. Thank you Mr Armstrong! Thank you staff! Ps. I'm the rattlesnake guy

M.G. Torres, Sr.

6 years ago

Wednesday, 1 November 2017 @ 1150am, arrived with dog food to donate. Walked in 2 women 1 man behind the counter was Not friendly or welcoming. I walked in said hi no response, asked if they could use the dog food response yep leave it there (top of counter). Left with No Thank you from workers either. Workers Need To Learn Customer Service!

Kennedie Honeycutt

6 years ago

I had to drop off the love of my life & one of my very best friends off earlier because he was a stray that I found while I was away at school. My father & I brought him back to San Antonio & after being told no by a few shelters, this shelter took him in. I just pray he finds the home he deserves. He’s a sweetheart & honestly the perfect dog for anyone. I just don’t have the means to continue caring for him. But Marshal Armstrong was amazingly kind & really gentle with him & us.

Jennifer Clepper

6 years ago

"Supervisor" Debbie is the absolute rudest person to speak with at this location. Don't bother calling this animal service, all you will get is unprofessionalism, Unknowledgeable staff and unorganized rude management. Lack basic communication skills. If this is how they treat people I would hate to know how they treat the innocent animals they are suppose to "help".

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