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Brook Gosselin

2 years ago

I am new to the area and had not yet developed a relationship with a vet for my 2 yr old dog.I needed her to be seen because she had eaten an onion and was not feeling well. I called this vet in a panic and they were so sweet and …

Chris Pacheco

2 years ago

Scheduled to have my dog boarded for New Years weekend. The person i talked with on the phone said i could drop my dog off for boarding anytime up to 5:45pm on New Years Eve. New Years Eve comes around, i get a call at 1pm from them stating they closed at 12pm not 5:45pm like i was originally told and i would have to find another boarding facility. No empathy at all.

Danny A.

2 years ago

I had some lab tests done for my dogs. Haven't seen them in over a year now. I have Not recieved any updates or response from them. A courtesy phone call or email/update from the Vet would be greatly appreciated. As a paying customer it would be nice to hear some sort of status or response, email, phone call, even a letter of some sort.

Jim Conn

2 years ago

Good place for general care but unhappy with lack of attention to situations that required diagnosing

Nico Dimartino

2 years ago

Definitely not the cheapest place in town, but my mom had to take her cat there for an emergency visit. Our cat ended up needing to be put down and they were straight with her. You pay more for the excellent facilities, but they DO NOT rip you off. Our cat was very shy and she was able to wait in a cat-only wing, away from the dogs. The whole staff was just wonderful. My mother is older and finds it increasingly hard to find professionals that treat her with respect, truly thank you from the bottom of my heart. They made a very difficult day more bearable. At the end of the day, we'd go there again, even if it is more expensive than our usual clinic.

Stephan Hinojos

2 years ago

This place was nothing less than amazing. I was from out of town passing through with a bit of an emergency with my dog and although it was a holiday, they let me come in for a diagnosis. They could have told me no like the 20 other vets I called that day, but they had it in their hearts to help out. Cannot thank them enough! Dr. Sebby was quick, professional, and overall amazing to work with. The office is amazingly clean and looks brand new. Staff was great as well. If we didn’t live in Dallas, they would get our business for years to come! Highly recommend.

karen blalock

2 years ago

After two visits with a sick kitten and $265.00 I still have a sick kitten with green snot plugging up his nose. Although he is D wormed. With all the cats I have adopted in my life time have never had this problem with any was told it's normal. Poor kitten can barely breath. Have to find another vet. To me this isn't normal.

Kelley Smoot

2 years ago

Williams-Sebby lost an 8-year client that up until my last two visits, one in Oct 2021, about 4 weeks ago, and today, Nov 15, 2021, was very satisfied with the pet care I had received from these veterinarians. Today, I phoned at 9am, asking if they accepted Walk-ins from returning pets for annual vaccinations. "Absolutely not! You MUST make an appointment," I was told by the man who answered the phone. He said the vet had availability at 3pm or at 4pm today, and I chose 3pm. I showed up at 2:50pm to find a big sign on the desk next to the sign-in sheet, dated today - 11/15/21 - "Due to the reduction of staff to a single veterinarian, there will be a 60-90 minute wait for ALL appointments." Once one of the abundant staff members who do not greet or help pet owners when they arrive bothered to check in my 2 cats, I asked the man if this wait time held true for those with appointments. "Absolutely!" he replied and I recognized his voice and demeanor as the same man who'd insisted I had to make an appointment when I had phoned at 9am. I asked why they hadn't phoned their afternoon appointments asking them to come in later or postponed, he responded that it wasn't his responsibility. At that I turned around and struggled back out the door, with my two full-size cat carriers, and no help from any staff. The man followed me out saying, "Why are you leaving? You've received no services!" to which I replied, "I'm never coming back to this clinic again. I had to wait 90 minutes a month ago, to have a vet see my injured cat. And now you make me make an appointment and the clinic runs 90 minutes late and you can't call up & reschedule?" I don't have time to deal with people who can't maintain a schedule and don't have the decency to alert their patients their running seriously late. His response on behalf of Williams-Sebby Veterinarian Clinic, "I won't help you when you are so rude to me, and run away." All the times I've been to Williams-Sebby Clinic over the past 8 years I've been amazed at the very large number of staff they keep, all of whom are always very busy, but none of whom are typically interacting with the clients. It is typical to be kept waiting at check-out because the paperwork hasn't been completed "through processing." There is such a chain of command to handle a single visit, most of the staff have zero contact with your pet, and therefore, they are completely unaware and ignorant that they are working in a health-care setting. They are typically unsympathetic and generally way too preoccupied with paperwork and formalities, not you or your pet(s). I would never recommend Williams-Sebby clinic. Rude, over-priced, can't keep appointments even close to on-time. Very poor experience.

Christina Wood

2 years ago

This was the Best experience I have ever had at a Vet clinic! My cat is 10 years old and we have been to many. Dr. Sebby and the entire staff are welcoming, caring, gentle and comforting. Also, affordable for quality care. From the front desk to the actual procedure done. Big THANK YOU to the Williams Sebby Vet Team!! I highly recommend them over anywhere else. My little kitty cat and I found a great home there!!

Allen Cunningham

2 years ago

My wife and I have used these guys for 18 plus years but never again. Their prices have skyrocketed the last few years. The staff is inept and a couple of them have an attitude to boot. I was told a kitty of mine was ready to go just pick him up. After standing by myself, no line, in front of the counter for close to 20 minutes I had to actually almost demand service from three ladies that were 5 feet away. Maybe I'm just invisible to them. 10 more swift minutes later I was handed my kitty. All of this 30 minutes after I was told "he's ready to go. Just come get him". Oh, and the flea pill they claimed that THEY would give him was handed to me as I left. So figure in self-service factor on top of a 2 hr. Office visit with a $260.00 tab. I don't know how they got this way. For years they were so reliable and affordable. My wife and I have never been difficult customers but had I been able to get Sebby or Williams in that lobby that day they'd have damned well met one. Save your money folks. They'll be charging for parking next

Barbara Whitfield

2 years ago

Best veterinarian service of central Texas. They will do their best for help animals and clients. Being myself animal rescuer and constantly getting animals in horrible shape, sicked and abused, they will go over any expectations to help. Can't thank them enough for their wonderful and professional support.

Karen Munoz

2 years ago

I have brought my pets to the Williams/Sebby Clinic for over 25 years. They are a fabulous team of thoughtful, caring people that truly love the animals - it's not "just a job" and it shows. They are willing to go above and beyond to try and help your pet get well. If that isn't the case, and there is nothing left to do, they are always patient and kind and very understanding in the last moments with your pet. They handle the end of life, cremation, etc., and even send condolence cards. I love them and have referred many many people to them over the years. You can feel great about trusting this group with your four-legged love. :-)

Kera Rezac

2 years ago

I could not say enough great things about this place!! They got us in super quick and didn’t try and scam me on a bunch of things I didn’t need. The vet techs and vet were great!! Definitely feel confident about taking my sweet girl here

Bailey Steinhauser

2 years ago

We had a wonderful first-time experience! The staff is very sweet and caring, had no problem answering all of my questions and moved quickly to get everyone taken care of. The fees are very affordable and the care is top notch. I'm so happy we found a new primary Veterinarian for my senior dog!

Jolene Uhing

2 years ago

DO NOT BOARD YOUR DOG HERE!!!! $233 dollars for 3 days!!!! I’m absolutely livid, they got my vet records and didn’t bother to call me before performing services that my dog already had. Just a surprise bill for $233. This place is a rip off and they are crooks! Stay away!!!


2 years ago

I took Oona in because she was having trouble breathing and to be treated for fleas. They shot her up with a steroid, and a rabies shot and sold me a pill for the fleas. Her demeanor was lethargic and she had no appetite. I took her back and the assistant said she needed an x-ray. They took me in there and Dr. sebby said "She has cancer" with no compassion,cold and unfeeling. I was visibly upset so they said I could try 2 medicines,which cost $500.00. These did not help,matter of fact, made her condition worse. A week later she died.


2 years ago

I have taken my animals to this vet for over 10 years and always had pretty good service, until now. Dr. Sebby is our vet and he is so kind and gentle with my cats. However, he was not there last weekend when I took in my kitten. I understand if there is an emergency that you may have to wait, but when you have an appointment for a specific time, they should not tell you you may have to wait 90 minutes beyond the appointment time. If you are taking walk ins great, but they do not get to go ahead of those who made an effort to book a time slot (unless of course their animal is on the brink of death, in which case a vet should be on hand). Second, if you are not going to adequately staff your clinic on a weekend then don't take so many patients on a weekend. 1 vet tech on duty on a busy Saturday? Ridiculous. Your customers' time is just as important as yours! The vet tech that was on duty, was not gentle with my animal at all. I took her for the 4 week check up and 2nd round of shots. She also needed a fecal test. The thermometer used for taking the temperature was not working (begin the kitten frustration), instead of getting a different one or replacing the batteries, the tech took ages to get a reading. Fecal test - he rammed that collection/testing tool into the kitten rear end and reamed it around like crazy! I have never witnessed a vet doing this so roughly. The kitten was also not appreciating it. At that point I told him to stop, I scooped up the kitten and we left without allowing him to do the 2nd round of shots and without him getting a sample to test for worms. So very disappointed now in this clinic.

Kimberly Scott

2 years ago

Awesome staff & Dr Sebby is wonderful! They took such great care of my Phoebe!! I FINALLY found the BEST vet ever!!! Thank you again Dr Sebby & staff...you are all AMAZING!!!

pamela s

2 years ago

This place is overpriced for the services they offer. I would not mind paying for high quality vet, boarding, and grooming care if the people were trust worthy but I think this place is only out to get your money. The front desk staff is rude and unwelcoming, the groomer left multiple spots on our dog bleeding, and the price they charged for the boarding (which had to include flu shots and a visit from the vet for the shots… hundreds extra for the multiple pets) is just outrageous. One of my dogs left there after being boarded and had a cough for a week. Neither dog ate well for days. I wonder how they were treated. This was our first experience here and we will never go back.

Christian Figueroa (Hype_Appeal)

2 years ago

I scheduled an appointment for a c-section and I get to the appointment just to tell me they don’t have someone working surgeries what kinda bs is that I drove 1:30 for them to tell me that I HIGHLY recommend Belton over these guys will take you right in


2 years ago

We love being clients of Williams Sebby! The staff is kind, caring, and genuinely concerned about my babies. We have a 5 year old dog, Bucky, and 16 and 13 year old cats, Gracie and Trixie. They’ve always been professional and gentle in their care of my animals. My 16 year old cat has been seen by them many times. I know that if she’s not feeling well (part of getting old, I’m told) that all I need to do is call and they will get me on the schedule ASAP. We’ve seen Dr. Sebby and Dr. Desnoyers and my animals are always happy (as they can possibly be at the vet’s) and respected by all members of the staff. We trust Williams-Sebby with boarding our animals as well, and always feel confident that they will be well cared for. The value is second to none and the prices are very competitive.

Joe Nicola

2 years ago

Just sat at Williams-Sebby Vet for 1 hour and 20 minutes, watching as a steady stream of people went ahead of me. I was first on the sign-in sheet and when I ultimately left, all of the 7 people after me had already been seen. A nice young lady came out and asked me some questions about our visit, then left and I never heard another word. My appt was at 11:00. I got there 10 minutes early and left at 12:20. When I told them I was leaving after waiting for an hour and 20 minutes, the girl at the desk just said, "okay." No "I'm so sorry for your wait;" she didn't seem to care. I do NOT recommend this place. This is the place with the sign out front about not being related in any way to "My Buddy Pet Resort," which is the result of some sort of feud. I thought it was unprofessional when I saw it and now I have a better understanding of why I resisted going to Williams-Sebby. I'll stick with my regular vet. Not as convenient, but at least they don't keep us waiting and they actually seem to care about me, the pet owner, too.

Lisa Shell Allan

2 years ago

I’ve used Dr. Williams for over 30 years ???? Dr. Sebby is my #2 favorite doc ???? Highly recommend these doctors and the staff is consistently awesome!

Benjamin Godinez

2 years ago

First visit here was enough for me to come back staff & Dr treated me & my bulldog with the best they explained everything apt was on time had no wait the place was amazing in & out prices were also really good I’m definitely changing my bulldogs & frenchies to our new vet see y’all tomorrow guys for lolas apt I definitely recommend this place if your in need of a vet in San Marcos area the whole team was amazing

Jeania Brandon

2 years ago

The staff is great! They are always VERY helpful!

Nikita Wilkie

2 years ago

They help my poor dog the same day I called the stuff was so nice to my little pup who was nervous! I would definitely recommend

Lilly Venable

3 years ago

on a friday i brought my cat in with a urinary tract blockage- the doctor called me and said he would need to stay for 2 nights. the morning he should have been picked, monday, I called and they informed me he needed to stay another night. this happened 2 times. we finally picked him up on wednesday, after he was hospitalized for 5 days, when we picked him up he was caked in pee. we were given no instructions or paperwork on how to take care of him when we got him home. they sold us urinary tract food and flea medicine without any info on his prescribed medicine. he struggled and we were scared for about 4 hours before he started acting normal. i called my friend who is a vet tech at tickle blagg and we got more info from her than 5 days at WS. 10/10 would not recommend. after 2 home baths, he’s finally starting to act normally.


3 years ago

I took my cat here for vaccine. I was worried how my cat was going to react to the needle. Dr. Sebby was quick and my cat didn't cry or scratch bite or anything. My cat was calm with him and it was quick. I am thankful he is a caring veterinarian. His assistant was careful and cleaned up the table before we left.

Mark Davis

3 years ago

We love this place! They have always helped us out for years. They have an amazing staff, always willing to help. Even during this crazy time, they are doing their best to help everyone.

Mack Sheffield

3 years ago

I couldn't be happier with a veterinarian. Honest, straightforward, with no hidden costs. You can really tell the staff loves their work and it shows. I won't take my 120lb Rottweiler anywhere but here. I can trust these folks.

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