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Anna Coppage

a year ago

Without our wildlife there would be no beautiful

Tammy Vogt

a year ago

Great organization. They have the knowledge and experience to help out with our hurt wildlife. Please donate, or buy a cool shirt from them! Every bit helps!

Amelia Tapley

2 years ago

Thank you for helping this little baby.

Emily Rose

2 years ago

The amazing staff here were compassionate, quick to respond, and as quick to help save a baby cardinal as they would be any other animal. They opened up for us on a day they were closed to the public just to help a bird we found with a gash on his face, dazed in the middle of the road and unable to fly. They called back within 15 minutes of receiving our message, gave tips for how to transport the bird safely, and took him back to a vet quickly.

jesse flores

2 years ago

Great organization helping animals of all varieties. Caring staff makes you feel like going to your vet. Recently took in an injured pigeon, they took it in and will give it the care it needs! Do not not forget to leave a donation! Kudos to staff ????

John R

2 years ago

They really seem to care

Oscar G

2 years ago

This place provides a crucial service to the San Antonio community. Caring and kind staff. Took in an injured frog, and they took care of him right away.


2 years ago

Prayers and hugs to all of the staff here. Glad places like this are available.

Shelley Smith

2 years ago

As always, this place was clean and fast. Ive rescued several birds and always bring them here. The staff is always courteous and professional. Kirsten was extremely helpful and polite. They are open 7 days a week, which is great, because I always tend to find these birds on the weekends. Many of the staff members are volunteers and interns, so I made a donation, which got me a shirt, which I will wear proudly. I'm so relieved that Theodore (yes, I name them all) is receiving what I believe to be the best care possible.

Lisa Satterfield

2 years ago

Called them three times to report an injured duck that has a fisher hook stuck inside its body. I was told someone will be out either that day if not the next day. Since I’m at Woodlawn lake every day I still see the duck being injured and not able to walk. Not sure why they are lying and not sending someone out!

Quirina Carreno

2 years ago

I did call before going. Friendly

Mom R

2 years ago

Love them they so great to take the animals inn

Earlene Cochran

2 years ago

Took an injured squirrel. Staff was great

Charleigh Kilo

2 years ago

Took my little baby squirrel that I found orphaned, and had raised for 7 months before I learned that such a wonderful place exsisted. Granted, it’s not recommended to keep a wild animal that long, but I found her, and I was determined to keep her healthy and alive. As she got older I was able to see that she was less happy in the confines of my room, and also I figured she might want to mate pretty soon, so I started researching a place that would allow her to be free, but also give her the support that she needed to become free, by teaching her how to find food, store food for the winter, build her her own shelter, communicate with members of her own species, and stay healthy and happy, and generally just have a great squirrels life, as I really started to completely love and respect all squirrels after raising this little girl. I refused to give her to a place that I felt didn’t care about her health and happiness, as much as I did. And although it was a bittersweet day for both me and Pistachio both, I’m glad I was able to go through with the process of bringing her here to these folks at this place. They have a wonderful rehabilitation program for animals that are able to return the wild, and my baby was a great candidate for that, but what really made me comfortable was that even if she couldn’t be rehabilitated for any reason, they have a secondary program for the animals that cannot be rehabilitated, through this program. So I was relieved that they do not kill the animals no matter what they have a permanent home with loving caretakers, for the entire lives!!! It was a very sad day and I’m grateful I was able to find this organization.

Cristina Harrison

2 years ago

My husband and I took a baby barn swallow that we rescued at our home to the Wildlife Rescue. A young lady by the name of Shelby helped us. I filled out a form with some personal information. She assured us that someone would be contacting us.

Fredericke Leeper

2 years ago

The staff are very helpful. They assisted me remotely in an attempt to help a baby blue jay that had fallen from the nest. They also took in a wounded pigeon I brought in for medical care and rehabilitation.

Jeanette Hernandez

2 years ago

My son and daughter found an abandoned duckling in our garage and wasn't looking so good so we put it in a crate with a towel . Not knowing what to do I found a YouTube channel that mentioned to call your local wildlife rescue for help and I came across there number and luckily for it being 4th of July a man named David answer and said to bring on in where they would care for it. We dropped it off with no problem and they seem to really care about the animals. Nice clean facility. Thank you again David!

Josie Medel

2 years ago

Wonderful staff and availability, we found an injured momma opossum with 3 babies in her pouch. We called them a few minutes after 11pm and someone answered. My partner was a bit panicked but the staff was wonderful and let us know it was going to be ok and that they closed and left for the day. They gave us instructions for care and let us know they could either send a volunteer after 9am or something or we could drop them off at 7am. We choose to drop them off. We called and let them know that we were there but it went to voicemail since we were early which we understood. We waited until 7am and rang a doorbell in the front. A person answered and took the family back to be treated/examined. We filled out basic info and we asked if we could call for an update. We called and got an update a few days ago and they were wonderful. The mom didn't make it but the babies were doing great. Please take any wildlife you find injured here.

Nelda Merlo

2 years ago

We took in a baby bird that had fallen from nest. They took it in and wiil care for the sparrow bird. It was a very clean center and the people there were very nice!

Pamela Moran

2 years ago

Please you find a helpless little wild animal. Help it out and take it to this place they will check it. It is totally free. So drop it off.

Peter Carlyon

2 years ago

We found an abandoned fawn! The people here are wonderful...

Vanessa Ireland

2 years ago

I just love the ladies I encounter here. Mist recently dropped off day old baby birds and they quickly got them into an incubator. They keep a good eye on the babies until they are fully feathered and can fly away free.

Vanessa Vidal

2 years ago

Wonderful place!! Had a young opossum that needed some help. I got the information I needed, was able to catch it and dropped it off to them to assess and provide the care it needed. Love the work they do!

Rosalinda Reyes

2 years ago

I took a blue jay bird, and I left him there to some cold hearted white girl,she says I need to called them instead of taking him home and raising him.After I told her the dog almost eat the bird.These people are heartless.i wouldn't take no animal to them again.

Robert Meckel

2 years ago

This place has incredible employees and truly care about taking care of any type of animal from a turtle, raccoon, possum and everything else.

Jess Saucedo

2 years ago

I am very grateful that Exec Director Lynn Cuny established this wonderful organization to care for wildlife. I love Wildlife Rescue & Rehabilitation with all my heart!

April Kappus

2 years ago

I volunteer here and I love all the workers and animals ????‍????????????

Bay Bird

2 years ago

I love WRR , I took many baby birds, injured birds ,a squirrel and a baby skunk to this center. The staff is super cool and caring. I’m really grateful for everyone working in this center for dedicating their time and efforts to save poor animals♥️

Kevin Jones

2 years ago

I have taken various little creatures to this organization and always find them to be very professional and courteous. They do what they can with what they have and I appreciate that.

rolando treviño

2 years ago

Bad interaction with the people ( rescuers) ... Don't want to come back there...

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