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Jeff Boyes

a year ago

Kind, caring staff. Love these guys!

Diana Hernandez

a year ago

Brought my Mom and her cat for further tests and must say this place and service is more than 5 stars. I enjoyed seeing patients (cats) being treated w care.

Roberta Bilodeau

a year ago

Just expensive. And they always bring up teeth cleaning, an upsell technique

josh hussong

a year ago

We had a horrid experience with Alamo Feline and cannot recommend their services. Our older cat Whino was diagnosed with stage II kidney failure. We were told he would have another year or so of life so long as we treated him properly. The vet we worked with was cold hearted and had zero bedside manners. She didn’t take the time to explain bloodwork, side effects of medications or any other important information needed to manage his treatment at home. Flash forward another two months and Whino was checked on again. Given the green light based on bloodwork the at home treatment under their guidance was working. Two weeks later our cat started to show hind end weakness and was falling over randomly. We called the vet and was told not to worry as it would have nothing to do with his kidney failure and to bring the cat back in if it happened again. The next day Whino lost his balance in the hind end so we took him back to Alamo Feline. They recommended emergency care and to leave him at the clinic for three days. The vet said he most likely had an infection in his kidneys and IV treatment would help. They have Whino an 80% chance of a full recovery. Cost of treatment would be around $2,500. We agreed to leave Whino. They recommended we not visit him to prevent stress. Day two into treatment we were told Whino was under extreme stress and heavily sedated. They recommended we bring him home and finish his treatment of fluids and antibiotics at the house. THEY DID NOT BOTHER SENDING US HOME WITH ANY PAIN TREATMENT. When we brought Whino home it was obvious he was in excruciating pain. His hinds leg was severely swollen where they had the IV in and he was dragging it behind him. He cried and yowled all Friday night. We called the vet Saturday morning and asked for pain pills. The vet was not available to talk to us about Whino’s condition and the front desk told us to come in before they closed to grab the pain meds. The vet would call us later when they had time. That afternoon the THIRD vet who treated Whino called and said his kidney function was only at 5-10%. They knew this before taking our $2,500 and didn’t tell us. They also sent us home with another $500 worth of medication for a cat that was not going to make it. Whino was euthanized Saturday October 9 at our home. We told the clinic we had to euthanize him. I received a call on Tuesday December 21 from Alamo Feline reminding me to bring Whino in for a kidney recheck. The veterinarians and front office are so disorganized they didn’t even bother updating our account to reflect Whino is deceased due to their horrid vet care. For them, it is all about the money and not about the quality of life for the pet. Shameful vet clinic.

Felicia Williams

a year ago

Dr. Restine is fantastic! All our needs are addressed & our Tinkerbell is cared for lovingly. She is 19 now & we are extremely grateful for Dr. Restine & the Almao Feline staff. Thank you ever so much! Highly recommend! -Felicia Williams

Christina Bishop

2 years ago

The staff was very friendly and caring. The tech could see my girl was scared and her and the doctor were very gentle and knowledgeable on how to calm a cat that is scared. They ran more tests than my last vet and checked my girl since she is just past 7. They made logical recommendations based on her age and when she was put back in her carrier she was calm without any anti-anxiety medication. Will be going back. My only suggestion would be to be mindful when there are nervous animals in the clinic and cut back on the noise so as to help calm the animal. Otherwise a great place.

From Texas

2 years ago

Wonderful Cat only Vet Clinic! Staff are attentive and helpful. Short wait time.Great informative Consultation with Vet.

Melanie Meier

2 years ago

I love Dr. NORSWORTHY. He has treated several of my cats over the years. He's the best and most knowledgeable vet in town regarding cats.

Wendy H

2 years ago

I am so thankful for Dr. Norsworthy and the staff at Alamo Feline. When I took my kitty there in June, I really didn't think he was going to make it. After a lot of questions, discussions and testing he gave me several options for treatment for intestinal lymphoma. The current treatment is working so well and no side effects. He has had 5 treatments and my kitty, Marley is gaining weight and feeling so much better. They specialize in JUST cats, so I feel you get the best treatment possible for your kitty. If you want wonderful care for your cat and peace of mind for yourself, go to Alamo Feline Health Center. They are the best!

Zoe Jackson

2 years ago

This is the best vet I have ever taken my cat to! I love the fact that this vet only allows cats. My cat is very nervous and it is not a fun experience taking her to a regular vet where there could be barking dogs in the waiting room. Alamo Feline Health Center has always been very gentle and loving with my cat, and they offer boarding services as well. Would highly recommend using this vet if you own a cat and live in the San Antonio area!

Russell Choate

2 years ago

I know this sounds ridiculous after so long. I took my new rescue cat there in 2004 roughly and ended up paying them for a spay and declaw. On the Friday afternoon that I picked her up she was close to death. They gave her some flea dip. I understand that. What I find unprofessional was the fact that they handed her to me and said I would have to take her to an emergency clinic because they couldn’t do anything. About several weeks and several thousand dollars later she ended up ok. I hope their policies have changed since then. She’s 17 years old and doing great! All I want is an apology really.

Kymberly White

2 years ago

Very kind and thorough when it came to my cat's health

tony d

2 years ago

They do care about cats and their support have been amazing.


2 years ago

This place is amazing. The Staff and Doctors are so awesome. They have helped our Sylvester so much. I definitely recommend Alamo Feline Health Center!

Alice RG

2 years ago

The best place that I'd ever been, Cat lovers understand...♥️????

Rosa Bertran

2 years ago

I found this place in 2014. They have provided expertise medical treatment and boarding services. I will continue to use their services!

Brandon Michaels (Bmikes)

2 years ago

Very friendly and welcoming! Our cat needed neutered, everything was quick and smooth. He is healing well!

Captain Miller

2 years ago

It is very much appreciated that they specialize in the cats. The ones that I have brought here have received top notch care. I highly recommend them.

Gail Thomas

2 years ago

The best vet"s ever for cats

Glenn Woolsey

2 years ago

Top notch staff! Very attentive and thorough. My cat won't go anywhere else.

Lynda De La Garza

2 years ago

They staff and everyone is so awesome! I didn’t know about this place until last year. My cat was having an issue and her Vet of 12 years couldn’t squeeze her in for a visit. A coworker told me about Alamo Feline so I called and they were able to see her the same week. Alamo Feline helped improve my cat’s health!!

Rachel Malone

2 years ago

I boarded my old kitty with them while I was out of town and they took excellent care of her. Looked happy and stress free when I picked her up!

Robert Kutach

2 years ago

Dr. Norsworthy and his staff are the best there is. With his knowledge and guidance we were able to keep our beautiful and loving cat alive three years after she was diagnosed with Stage 3 Kidney Disease . At home we gave her fluids and several medications that Dr. Norsworthy prescribed. During the time of her illness she was playful and active just as she had always been. We really miss her, but at the same time we are so thankful to Dr. Norsworthy and his staff for giving us the three extra years to enjoy our very special girl.

Barbara Dauerty

2 years ago

Arrived, needing a prescription renewal, just as the Center was closing on a Saturday morning. Bless their souls, they let me in and filled the prescription, rather than ignoring me. They're the best!

Brian Stewart

2 years ago

This place has been our saving grace. We have four beautiful and fussy cats who have received exceptional care here. Many vets want to sedate cats in order to carry our procedures, where as the staff at Alamo Feline is about to make our cats comfortable and at ease without sedation for minor procedures.

Darla Evans

2 years ago

Great customer service, easy to get appointment and vet was very knowledgeable. Took great care of my kitten.

Eric Martin

2 years ago

We have three cats that have been patients here since 2017, wouldn’t take them anywhere else

Kim L. Nail

2 years ago

The best specialized feline veterinary clinic in San Antonio. Thank you Dr Nordswothy for your many years of service to our cats. And thank you for passing on your knowledge and for training future generations to continue your legacy. Many blessings to you & your loved ones. ????

Darin M

2 years ago

If you have a cat, this is the place you need. They were compassionate and caring when I had to put Tigger down, and they were very professional and caring when I brought Tater-tot in for his checkup. Bottom line, if a cat owns you, because we don't own cats, best doc they could ask for.

Patsy Deleon

2 years ago

They were great with the care of my fur baby. Very well informed and answered all my questions. I trust them with all my fur babies.

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