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Rhett Butler

2 years ago

They were great when I started with them in May 2020. However, the original vet we saw was amazing and then she left. It’s been a string of “reserve” vets since then and when I asked to see Dr Tomack at the 1604 location I was told she wouldn’t be there this month. What about December? I was told Nope. Also Gabby the receptionist is really unprofessional.

Kristi Krumbholz Pike

2 years ago

Awesome vet clinic that REALLY cares about their patients.


2 years ago

Quick care and they really care.. but they are expensive.

Jenny Sevilla

2 years ago

I am new to San Antonio with a critically ill dog and called Traveling Tails to get established with a veterinarian who could monitor his condition with frequent blood tests. They placed me with a vet whose last day was that day at the 1604 location. I transferred to Dr. Tommack at the Thousand Oaks location for his next blood draw. All the previous veterinarians have done same-day analysis of his platelets because he is so low right now even if they also send out to the lab. That way we know if his condition worsens that could endanger his life. Dr. Tommack did not do a same-day, but also never called me to let me know the lab had a delay and never called to follow up once the results were in. I have had to spend a lot of time trying to get in touch with Traveling Tails to get lab results and clinical notes forwarded - which is very difficult in itself as well as just getting through to make an appointment - but it is extremely disappointing to feel like my dog's case is not a concern to the veterinarian who is supposed to be monitoring him nor are we on her radar to be contacted. I have previously always had good communication and prompt feedback from other veterinarians I have been a client with. I have had to spend a lot more money trying to get his lab work on an emergency basis at another vet because timely results are important as he needs results every week, if not twice per week. What is the point of weekly blood draws if the vet does not contact you about it to follow-up and it takes to so long to get results you're always a week behind? Highly disappointed and disappointed after speaking with the manager who was less than apologetic and put me through a long phone call of trying to state my case while she countered with irrelevant statements. Customer service is obviously not a major concern at this office nor is the welfare of my pet I have paid them to monitor. I would highly recommend seeking another practice if you have a pet who has urgent/critical needs.

Miriam Menendez

2 years ago

Never went but hopefully will. I believe is my daughter in takes her doggie there and if she does you have to be the best and I believe you are when you care how customers and their pets feel and not just the money.

Tayler Torres

2 years ago

Unfortunately, my sister, brother and I had to put our puppy, Guppy, down after having him for 15 years. Needless to say, we were heartbroken. We called a few vets for options and Traveling Tails on 1604 was the only office we called that had compassion and patience. They were so gentle with Guppy and made this very heartbreaking situation bearable. I am forever grateful to the staff for being so sweet and understanding.

Terri Gilbert

2 years ago

Had been with this vet for 15+ years and finally had enough of their poor customer service….rude, non responsive staff. “We’ll get to you when we can, we’re busy.” Is never a good statement to make to a customer. When you complain, they are never held responsible. Instead it’s your fault for becoming frustrated. The audacity of Dr. T to tell me to bring her staff chocolates!! When needing a refill on my dog’s meds (which is compounded by a pharmacy) I always had to call the vet’s office to let them know the pharmacy was sending the refill request, otherwise the vet clinic would fail to respond. After making 5 calls to get this refill and being treated rudely I became rude as well. Left a message for the clinic manager to call me….crickets. Asked for Dr. Tomack to call me and she herself said she hadn’t received the message. The boarding facility I use called them multiple times to confirm my pets current rabies vaccine and they’re calls went unanswered. They too said they have problems with this clinic. Had to go back home and get the receipt of my pet’s current vaccinations. So happy with my new vet…should have made the move a long time ago! Side note, check them out on


2 years ago

They are super friendly and helpful. I feel safe leaving my dogs health to them.

Lynn Nipper

2 years ago

Dr Tommack and her staff are so friendly, caring and gentle with our furbabies. They go out way to make sure your pup has a positive experience. After sick visits they make it a point call to follow up, and to see if anything else is needed.

mike F

3 years ago

Bad customer service very rude

Sylvia Cates

3 years ago

Excellent care of my pets

Stacey M Jackson

3 years ago

My Diva is a rescued dog! I guess her previous owner took her in a car and just left her on the road. So she's to scared to ride in the car, the Traveling Taila was very patient with her! Will use again and others should use as well!

SK Reid

3 years ago

They have always done a great job with my cats, I've used them for years!

Sandy Palmer-Morgan

3 years ago

my heart is broken, I had to give up my dog because I couldn't afford the medical bills, I have cried about this for 2 days and I miss her so much

Salon 555 LLC

3 years ago

Can't say enough good things about this clinic! They have taken excellent care of both my pets, and everything looks clean, modern, and professional. Traveling Tails also has a nice little rewards program that really helped when my budget got a little tight.

Teri Bracha

3 years ago

Great place love them dogs love them

Ashley Mitchell

3 years ago

You know what they say, you get what you pay for. I opted to take my dog here for his neuter over his regular vet, cheaper and less wait time, but it wasn't done properly. Since he is large breed, they should've removed the whole sack, or at the very least offered it. (Breeder filled me in on what she said should've been standard for his breed) Now a $250 surgery needs a correction, which cost another $375 plus $180 for meds. They spend more time trying to up sell you things than actually caring for your dog. The tech let go of his leash when loading him in to the car, and due to his situation, he didn't make the jump and slammed his privates into the back of the car. Lady didnt even care. Doesn't matter who you talk to they all blame someone else, because you know, they weren't the last one to see your dog it was the other vet in the office. Save your pet the pain and yourself the trouble and money and go to a reliable, knowledgeable, & experienced vet. I won't even let them be the ones to do the 2nd surgery to correct it, lord knows what negligence could come out of that. Update: Surgery to correct what they did wrong cost us $1200.00 and the medical director at that office had to perform the surgery. He said the vet at traveling tails didn't put any stitches on the inside of the sack leaving "dead space" to fill with blood. He also stated if we had followed their care directions and waited our dog could've died. He said everything traveling tails did was "bizarre".

Joe DeRose

3 years ago

FIND A DIFFERENT VET. This is the most un professional, incompetent staff I have ever encountered. Every estimate they give you is inaccurate. They will tell you one thing and then when services are rendered they will charge you more. Dr. TOMMACK will no longer see us as patients because of their inability to communicate cost of services. Somehow this is our fault!? Dr. Tommack, when you read this, you should think twice before banning patients from your practice because of your staffs complete incompetence. We spent over $7000 for tplo surgery and we didn’t want to pay $130 for post op x rays that were included in the initial estimate. They threatened collections and banned us the same day.

Jonah Clarkin

3 years ago

Prompt and polite service with reasonable rates.

Michael Hernandez

3 years ago

They did a good job of taking care of my dog and diagnosing her condition.

Molly Fellows

3 years ago

Wonderful vet techs and receptionists. They do awesome work and bond with your animals like they should.

Nina Dang

4 years ago

Their price is reasonable and they are pretty quick. Will bring my puppy back here for more check ups and vaccines

Joyce Clark

4 years ago

Their inability to look up diseases of scottish terriers cost me the love of my life named AWESOM. They care nothing about your feelings or how your pet is suffering. It has taken me a while to write this review. I changed to VCA. They are fantastic and caring and really care for your pet. Beware of traveling tails if you love your pet.

Katie Brestal

4 years ago

Very friendly staff and significantly less expensive than some of the other vets in the area.

Lisa and Leah Brown

4 years ago

Professional, compassionate and caring staff.

Nicole V.

4 years ago

This office staff is terrible. Dr. Pacheco is great but getting to her in the hardest part. The front office people are truly the slowest bunch and they are so rude as if I'm inconviencing them and they take FOREVER to return phone calls, they messed up medicine that I ordered and never got. I truly love Dr. Pacheco but we have to find another vet clinic.

T Shaw

4 years ago

I am downgrading my review I gave several years ago from 5 stars to 2 stars due to the gross incompetence of the front office staff customer service as MANY have complained about. The issue is not the new staff, it is the old staff that has been there forever. That is the root problem. They need to be fired and replaced immediately. I would never run a business with these 2 clowns running my front office. I feel like I am visiting the Social Security Office or the DMV when I come here. My wife was told to schedule an appointment to get our dog treated and then told something completely opposite "why are you here?" when my wife arrives at the designated time. "You need to come at 8am everyday for this treatment" the incompetent lady at the front office said. However she is the same person to inform her to schedule an appointment at noon for the same treatment which we got a confirmation for! So many more stories of bad customer service and just plain manners we have to tell but limited space in this review. Total Incompetence and chaos! Message to Traveling Tails Owner... Fire the 2 clowns at the front office and your reviews will soar. From a 16+ year customer. NOTE: Vet and Vet Med Staff are great.

rusel ottinger

4 years ago

The absolute worst my dog tested as positive for a condition and was immediately after diagnosed as negative along with an exorbitant fee schedule for health maintenance Staff is surely and elitist-go somewhere else, you can't do worse

Ron Underwood

4 years ago

Great staff! Vet was very friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful. With 4 mini-Dachs this is the home for us!

John Nipper

4 years ago

Very caring doctor and staff highly recommended by are family

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