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a year ago

Always take care of my pup and leace her looking beautiful

Mariah Miller

2 years ago

My German Husky mix is such a handful been banned from petsmart groomers because she took out one of the groomers with her leash. She's a big dog and lot to handle, but they did an amazing job with the full groom and thankfully didn't ban us either????. I also took my other dog to them as well, both of them looked absolutely wonderful ????????

Jacob Lyons

2 years ago

Getting dog's nails cut and trimmed was quick and easy.

Alicia Dryja

2 years ago

Best groomer I've had in years. They know what they're doing and it doesn't take 4+ hours

Michael Townsend

2 years ago

I called to book an appointment and the only availability was 8 o’clock a.m. every day regardless of the day or week. Asked to be booked a week out and still only had 8a.m. Won’t allow you to book a later appointment time regardless of the day or how far out you want to schedule.

Eileen Ramirez

2 years ago

So satisfied with our first grooming appointment for Nini. I will be back. My Niini was scared and anxious I really thought I was going to get a call to pick her up but nope. When we picked her up I was very satisfied with the grooming and Nini was calm and gorgeous. Great job ????.

Nellie Barrera

3 years ago

They had a recording that they were not taking any new clients.

Megan De La Torre

3 years ago

I went to the Tezel location. It was my pups first time getting a hair cut. He’s an Australian she púa de he needed a good buzz for the summer weather. Well, he was very timid and showing it by barking at everyone. They did NOT care! They were so good with him and done in no time. Waylon was so happy when I picked him up and looked amazing!!! I’m very satisfied! Thank you so much for being patient and taking the time with him to make him comfortable and making him look great! I definitely recommend this place and will be going back.

Laura Quintanilla

3 years ago

This is lengthy so I apologize - I never leave reviews, but don’t want anyone to have to experience this, especially not their dogs. I have a 14 month old miniature goldendoodle named Cali. On June 2nd, 2020 my boyfriend took her in for a mini groom at scissors and suds, he also picked her up. Her ears and tail were matted so I knew they were going to have to shave them during the visit and was ok with that, they did and turned out fine. What caught me by surprise was that Cali had been shaved from the top of her eyes (eyebrow level) down to the tip of her nose, basically the entire bridge of her nose, was completely SHAVED. I was pretty shocked when I first saw it but also speechless, with shaved ears and tail, she was quite the sight. About an hour later it looked like the bride of her nose was bleeding but it was not actively bleeding or wet to the touch, I looked it up and found out that it was razor burn or clipper burn - that was a whole different mess. Anyway, the next day I decided to call the scissors and suds to simply inquire about why they shaved the bridge of her nose, I wasn’t upset, just curious - thought maybe she moved and they tried to clean it up or who knows and maybe they had recommendations for what to use on her burn. So my phone conversation with Sergio, the manager, went like this somewhat paraphrased but no exaggeration or false wording added: ME: Hi I was just wondering why Cali had her entire top of her nose shaved? Sergio (after several “what’s?”: “I would never do that.” ME (appalled and confused): “Well that’s how she was when she was picked up, I have pictures. I can show you or send them. Sergio (again): “I would never do that.” ME: “OK, well someone at your place did…” and then I went on to explain and describe the razor/clipper burn. At one point he says, “well the shaved bridge is a type of style” which then I was like but you said you would never do that so did you? And he responded, no. Then went back to the razor/clipper burn and he said, “I don’t believe you.” Basically had that conversation for several minutes of “I wouldn’t do that” and “I don’t believe you”. At some point he also said, “this is her 1st groom so maybe she has sensitive skin” referring to the razor burn. I responded, “She's a doodle and 14 months, do you really think this is her 1st groom, I never said that.” I asked if he wanted to see her or pictures of her since he didn’t believe me, and he said sure but when i asked hours he said, “whenever i’m done”. I asked when do you think you’ll be done and he said, “I don't know”. At that point it was clear that he didn’t care, he had no remorse, and lied, then tried to accuse me of lying. He was very rude, unkind, and unreasonable, I went into the conversation just hoping for some recommendations for her razor burn and understanding of her cut and the conversation left me very saddened - mostly because if a man who is the manager of a place can speak to a person like this, who has a voice, I can only imagine how he treats and speaks to our dogs that we leave and entrust with him unsupervised, who don’t have a voice. Cali’s hair will grow back and her burn will heal but no dog deserves to be maltreated and no person deserves to be spoken to in such a manner. Cali was clearly sad when she was picked up. Pictures attached. PLEASE DON’T TAKE YOUR DOG HERE, SERGIO IS NOT A GOOD OR KIND PERSON!!!!

Gwen Sanchez

3 years ago

This is the absolute WORST business in San Antonio. I called last Saturday and spoke with a middle aged woman who was very kind and walked me though what different kinds of cuts I could get. I explained that it’s his first hair cut so he may be nervous. She quoted me $90. I called on my way this morning and spoke with the same middle aged woman and was told my appointment was yesterday and I missed it. I explained that I wouldn’t have scheduled for Thursday since I’m off on Fridays. I asked if they had avaliablilty today and was told yes. When I showed up an older woman told me that I missed my appointment. I explained that I had called and was told he could come today. She was rude and told me she guessed she could squeeze him in. I was informed when they called to say he was ready that they only accept cash or check. When my husband went pick him up, I told him it was $90 and I asked him to take $100 to leave a tip. Upon arriving, he was told the cost was $110 because he was difficult and had fleas. Weird because he just saw his vet yesterday and there was no problems and I did explain that it was his first haircut. Regardless, my husband went to get the extra $10. When he returned, the lady said that it was $119 with taxes. He didn’t have $119 because she said it was $110. He told her this and she began to argue and say our dog is not well taken care of and he’s bad. My husband asked where there was a sign stating there could be extra charges and she said “it’s my business, I can charge whatever I want.” He asked why we weren’t called if he was being difficult and weren’t informed when they found the fleas. She said “it’s my business so I don’t have to.” Then she proceeded to say that my dog bit her, but couldn’t show proof. My husband said that if he bit you, you should’ve called me and all dog bites should be reported to ACS. She then said she was going to keep our dog if she wasn’t paid the $119. After some back and forth and her mentioning many times that “it’s my business I can do whatever I want,” she agreed to accept the $110. His haircut looks amazing. She’s a great groomer, but an awful business owner. Don’t run a cash run business and then change the prices when I show up with the correct amount of cash. Do yourself a favor and avoid this business. Oh and don’t worry about commenting how I’m a liar and how awful my dog is because it will only make you look stupid.

Damas Latinas TV

3 years ago

Cero stars!!! The gentleman who works there his name is Sergio is the most rude person that you can imagine he rolled his eyes to me and he was totally man the worst Customer service

Albert Berumen

4 years ago

Great Job Jennifer! Thank you for making Daisy experience wonderful! We will be taking Daisy back to see you as needed!

Laura Elliott

4 years ago

Always do a beautiful job!

Mark Colby

4 years ago

Best grooming shop in town. Jennifer did such a great job on our baby. Recommend her and the shop highly.

Matt Ahanni

4 years ago

They do not accept credit cards

Monica Judith Medina

4 years ago

Left my friends dog locked up alone in the building while they attended to an "emergency". Didnt even bother to let her know. Very unprofessional. Horrible people.

Veronica Long

5 years ago

The girls are always friendly and I'm to walk in for my dogs nail clipping. Great service!

David G

5 years ago

Great place to take the furbaby... they do a good job, and rarely do you have to wait. I've called one day, and dropped the dumb dumb the next day. Give them a try if you're looking for a groomer.

George Chumillo

5 years ago

By appointment only, but will take walk ins if they are not full on the same day. Great customer service, and great grooming services!

Joanna Martinez

5 years ago

Took Charlie in when she got caught on a sticky mouse trap. They were able to get all of it off, looks like Charlie and I are happy campers!

Trish Phillips

5 years ago

Very poor customer service(Sonya) who needs some additional training in customer friendliness and customer retention. She is the reason we left and will never go back. We will make sure we spread the word about how awful and nasty she is. Customer service is a huge 0 with her! Refer to Yelp reviews for more detail. In reading some of the "Owner" responses to negative feedback, we see where she gets it from (unless it's her responding too). Place is very disorganized, manual based small business, only accept cash or check(hmmmmm).

Michael Metz

6 years ago

Terrible results, ears uneven. Complain and get shouted at. Good luck!

Jo Anna Gutierrez

6 years ago

Very sweet groomers. They are very gentle with my shy tzu. They only accept cash or check though, but trust me they are worth it.

Alieana Carter

6 years ago

Convenient location off Tezel near several subdivisions. Typically very quick and well priced. I bring my dogs here a few times a year for grooming, nail trimming, and your cleanings. They always do a great job and my dogs always come home smelling very nice. They do however only take cash or check.

Desiree Lindner

7 years ago

I'm so happy to find an affordable groomer for our dog buddy and they did a great job! Definitely will be coming back

E Dtexas

7 years ago

In response to your answer your workers were to have you call me the day they hurt my dog. You never called so I called BOTH of your locations and left messages with the workers for you to call me and they gave me your email address. I emailed you and sent you pictures. YOU never tried to make it right. And now that you have seen my review I have yet to get a phone call from you. Your company needs to work on customer service and being honest!!!! This was not about what time I wanted to pick up my dog, its about my dog getting a crappy hair cut that was done fast, lazy and my dog was hurt. The pictures don't lie!! I have taken my Airedale here for about 6 months. On April 27 I dropped her off at 8am by 3pm I called and they had not even started on her. I picked her up at 4pm and she had a huge scrape on her right leg, she was covered in hair, her nails were not cut properly and her haircut was a mess. See the attached pictures. I spoke to the girls and they denied that they scraped her. I have email the owner, called the owner and have had no response. DO NOT take your dogs here!!!! My dog was so depressed for days and snapped at my kids, they were so rough with her and they hurt her. I will never go back here!!!

Elisa La Vita

7 years ago

AWESOME customer service we toke out dog there and she looked grate

Heather Phipps (Mhmmheather)

7 years ago

I brought my dog here once. He was stuck there for maybe three hours tops, and when I got there to pick him up they handed me his leash-chewed into two pieces. For whatever reason, they thought it was a good idea to leave his lease attached to him while he was in a crate for the time he was there. I didn't make a big deal out of it because maybe it's just my dog that chews when he's bored/anxious, but I feel like common sense could have been used to prevent that situation. They bathed him and trimmed his nails-which is what I wanted so the services were okay, but I had to ask to borrow one of their cheap rope leash things to get my dog to my car. Not only were they hesitant about letting me use one, but one of the girls there told the one that was helping me to give me the crappy one. As if I'm going to steal your cheap ass leash, PLEASE. Lastly, after getting my dog home he started coughing. This went on for a few weeks so I took him to the vet who told me he had developed kennel cough. He's the only dog I have and I didn't really take him anywhere else during that time period, so I can only pin the cause on this place. I do not recommend bringing your dog here unless you're going to sit and wait there for your dog to be done.

Ivonne Glaser

7 years ago

love this place! My maltipoo always looks beautiful after! they are so accomodating and nice!

john V

7 years ago

Eleanor has been taking care of my dogs for a year now. The service, and proximity to my home are perfect. She does a fantastic job with my American Eskimo! He's always well treated and happy. My Pomeranians live going and come back happy! Thanks

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