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John T. Ferguson

a year ago

Craig is an excellent vet. He runs a top notch facility. If it were closer to town, it would be perfect. Prices are fair. Usually you're going to have to wait for quite a while before you get to see the vet. It's first come first serve, and there are no appointments. Call first they'll tell you how crowded it is.

tony espi

a year ago

Blond vet is super hot.

Jim E.

a year ago

Used to be a good Vet. Either gotten to old, to busy, or doesn't care. Very painful experience having to put down my beloved pet. He forgot, or was to busy to give him sedative like he had done with my previous dogs. Instead of peacefully going, it was very painful and traumatic for my beautiful dog. No peace. Never trust him with your beloved pet!

Jessica Miller

2 years ago

This past week, my Golden Retriever had a condition that took a turn for the worst, and we sadly made the decision to put him down. My family had been coming to Bulverde Bexar Veterinary Clinic for the past 20+ years, and the staff was fully aware of our dog’s condition. That morning, we called the clinic ahead of time to let them know that our dog needed to be put to sleep, received confirmation that we could bring him in, and then drove the half hour it takes to get to the clinic. After checking in, they refused to help us carry him inside because of his large size, and they told us he would have to wait outside in the car for the next available time slot. As time passed, we continued to see patients who had arrived after us be taken in to see the veterinarian. We checked in with the staff numerous times throughout the course of the morning, but they continued to keep us waiting, assuring us that someone would be out to help us. They had complete lack of concern for the fact that he was in tremendous pain, and that he could barely breathe. No one ever came to help, and after almost 3 hours of waiting, my dog died in the car. Absolutely no priority was given to us, regardless of how much suffering he was in. If we had any clue that we would have been kept waiting for an extended amount of time, we NEVER would have taken him to this vet. We could have found another vet clinic to put him down in a humane way, if they had simply let us know ahead of time that they would not be able to take him in. After he passed away, they even refused to take his body. We ended up taking him to another vet - as we should have from the beginning - who carefully took him in to have him cremated. This veterinary clinic does not care about the well-being of the animals under their care. I will never set foot in this place again, and I hope to deter any pet-owners from choosing this clinic. They are inhumane and they have a complete lack of empathy.

MJM Balch

2 years ago

Always … best care provided! ❤️

Debbie Moore

2 years ago

This is a wonderful veterinary clinic for regular surgeries, shots and normal day to day issues.There is frequently a long wait but they do take appointments for surgeries such a teeth cleaning and spays. They have their own blood work machine and can get those results back quickly which I like. It is NOT an emergency clinic. We have used this clinic when it was in San Antonio and now in Bulverde since 1980. If you don’t have time to wait and want an appointment for shots (& regular issues) you need to find another clinic.

Linda Kluna

2 years ago

The staff here is wonderful. Never have I had anyone be mad or rude. They love my dogs and treat them like they were there own. They do not take appointments and the wait is lengthy at times. But you will notice that there is a reason we all wait. Because they are great. My dogs love them.

Mike Dunlop

2 years ago

Doctor Elbel is the absolute best vet that I've ever known he's so good he can almost tell what's wrong with a dog by just feeling him. he put down my dog with great compassion and it was a very old dog

hank bransom

2 years ago

Took my dog here and knowing he is in very distress feeling, try to explain I think he is dying but get no response from the girl on the phone. Try to explain its an emergency she is like you will have to wait your turn it will be another hour and a half. My dog ended up dying another two hours later after I took him to another vet who let me right in and actually came out to help me in within minutes. Said he might have been able to help if there a little sooner. If you animal is in an emergency definitely don’t take him here. They could care less you just have to wait your turn.

Raquel Mclaurin

2 years ago

They are all about your animal. Your animal is thier priority. My mother and I take all of our animals to this vet clinic. From routine checkups to surgeries. I trust them with my babies 100%

Elizabeth Holzmann

2 years ago

I was trying to get in and have my pet seen as she had been throwing up. I called ahead they said the wait was about 1.5 hours so I drove over here anyway so I could get in line. I call and they then choose to tell me they aren’t taking new clients. I had a nice lady at first then was given to an older lady who needs an attitude check and needs to learn that you can’t talk to people like that. She said no we won’t take you and told me to leave. Never coming again. I would recommend you wouldn’t go either.

Monika Zayas

2 years ago

Called in to ask a few questions and the lady who answered (sounded a bit older than the lady who put me On a quick hold) was very rude n short didn't give me time to ask !

Shannon Allen

2 years ago

Just moved to the area wanted to bring our frenchie for first time. Have heard great things about these vets my husband actually used them 20+ years ago for a previous pet. Too bad the lady who answers the phone was so completely rude and acted as if us being a new client was a problem, we will take our business elsewhere. Never I have experienced such a rude greeting for ring first time client. She will and is preventing you from any future business. Shockingly enough there is another review with similar experience! FYI lady if you hate your job so much maybe it’s not the one for you, your customer service is atrocious!!

Jaye Wells

3 years ago

Very good Vet that won't try to charge you for services you don't need I highly recommend you bring your animals here

Donna Costin

3 years ago

They are amazing! Wouldn’t go to another vet.

Dave Chaney

3 years ago

Dr. Craig is the BEST. . . I've been taking my animals to him since he started his FIRST Vet Hospital on 281 North. He is great!

Brody Raney

3 years ago

Friendly staff, amazing prices, what would we do without it

johnny rodriguez

3 years ago

Just moved to area and called about service. Lady was rude and stated they don't have time for new clients. I guess i will take my two babies to Acres north and deal with the long drive. Hope their business stays good with that type of attitude.

Kathy Raymond

3 years ago

From the front desk staff to the vet staff these people are wonderful. My puppy is a handful and they are so kind to her. Today I called with a question and they were so professional and kind. Great place

Katie Lacy

3 years ago

I wish I could give negative or zero stars for this place. I went last week with my family dog, who was 16 years old and had been seen by this clinic for over a year regularly. My dog was having trouble breathing, couldn't stand all of a sudden and had been rejecting food for whatever reason. I called this clinic on my way in and they assured me they could prioritize her, given the circumstances. When we got there, I signed her in, reminded the front desk of the situation, and I took a seat. My dog was a german shepard/lab mix, so I needed help carrying her out of the car into the clinic since she wasn't walking. Not only did they refuse to see her as a priority (if only to tell me whether they could help or send me somewhere else) but they would not provide help bringing her inside. I am a 5' 2 female and was in a suit and heels, since I had left work after a family member checked on her at lunch and found her laying in her own vomit and unable to stand all of a sudden. After close to an hour of wasted time, while my dog was in pain and having trouble breathing, waiting to be seen in the car and I was going back and forth with the staff about telling me if they could help her or not so I knew if I needed to take her somewhere else or if they could help her, I ended up having to look up an emergency vet clinic on my own, which on a Tuesday afternoon is a bit difficult to find. I found one out by the SA airport, and had to drive an hour up 281. That clinic immediately sent people out to help get my dog on a gurney to bring her inside and immediately got her some pain meds. The illness had developed quickly throughout that day that we ended up having to put her down that night. I have no idea whether treating her earlier in the day would have helped save her or not, but being treated this way my my dog's usual ver clinic, after them being told exactly how bad she was doing is appalling and I will never give them my business again. I hope no other dog has to go through being dismissed that way when they are in pain and sick. That was completely unbelievable. I hesitate too ever leave a bad review, but I do not wish this kind of experience on ANY other dog, or ANY other dog parent.

Resell It Zealot

3 years ago

I feel so lucky to have found this veterinary office and I tell everyone I know to take their pets here. My husband and I have been taking all our pets here for years and they have been very good to us- every single time. We've had everything for our pets there from check ups, to major problems, to surgeries, to dental cleanings, to immunizations, to sterilizations and they are the best. All the girls have been very helpful and kind - and both Craig and Leslie are awesome veterinarians! I will never take my pets anywhere else. Thank y'all for being there for us and our beloved animals! Elliott's

Richard Huddleston

3 years ago

Always been great, and so reasonable. Don't be in a hurry, this is not a place for an emergency. Always been friendly and congenial, been using Dr Elbel for over 20 yrs.

Anne Marie Payne

4 years ago

We love this vet, he’s very smart and honest. We’ve taken several of our animals thru the years to him

Cathy Simmons

4 years ago

As a favor, I agreed to take my daughters dog to the veterinarian because he was having excessive thirst and was vomiting. My daughter works as a nurse and was unable to takeoff to take him. I called up to this clinic, and after a few brief …

Daniel Hernandez

4 years ago

My dog was very difficult to say the least, but that didnt stop this clinic from helping us out.


4 years ago

Wow! I was about to make an appointment here until I read the most recent reviews. Any place that will not assist in getting your ill fur baby in & taken care of quickly(as I am sure any other patients waiting will understand), is not acceptable. Sounds like a lack of compassion going on there. Changing my mind, but I see they do not take new patients anyways.


4 years ago

They have been our family vet for years. Everyone is so kind and caring. They don't push unnecessary products or procedures. They are affordable, thorough, and efficient. We are very blessed to have found them.

Jan Bethune

4 years ago

Got me right in& were very thorough with my Animals. They also were very understanding with my situation & worked with me to keep the bill affordable. The people at the front desk are friendly & helpful. They are AWSOME and I will continue to use their devices.

Jay T

4 years ago

Been my Vet for the past 30 plus years. Craig has always been wonderful but things have definately changed out here over the past few years. The old reasonable country Vet has sold out and isnt the same. Although I dont feel Craig has much …

John Campbell

4 years ago

Excellent doctors and staff. They have done a wonderful job with two of our dogs over the past two months. Fees are also very reasonable.

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