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Cynthia Camero

2 years ago

Dr Maldonado is one of the best out there; patiently attends to all my fur babies & over all reasonable priced for services & diagnosis. Such a great Vet she has limited/closed new patients. Love this Dr!! Staff is great as well Donna Sue techs: thank you ladies!

Crystal Peterson

2 years ago

This place feels like they care most about money. Ever since COVID they won't even scan lost pets for microchips to help them get home! This is a free, simple service that requires minimal contact or risk of exposure to Covid and can be done from outside or even at your car, and this simple service has a big impact on helping animals find their homes. I get multiple animals home every year but now that they won't scan chips I have to take them much further away. Other vets still do it, but this vet won't? My guess? Since scans don't make them money they don't care to do them and use Covid as an excuse. (PS I'm talking as recently as two months ago, even after a lot of lockdowns were coming to an end.) I used to take my pets here for treatment too, now I take them further places away because everything is super expensive here. All other vet locations I called they said the exact same tests would cost about half what they charged me here, and it often feels like they're pushing certain expensive products, like they have contracts with certain treatment companies, which I know is very common in the medical field in general, but it seems particularly bad here. It's a lot further away but I go to the China Grove vet now, they're very nice there and prices are much more reasonable for the same or better services, it's been worth the extra drive. Just try it yourself though: If you've had a test done for a pet at this place try calling a few other vets and ask how much the exact same test would have cost. I'll be surprised if it isn't a lot cheaper everywhere else, as it was for me. UPDATE: Owner responded saying they do scan and I must be mixing it up with another vet because I'm not in their system. Honestly I am using an alias, that just shows how little I trust this place and don't want them looking up my personal info like they apparently already tried. They've flat-out lied to me at least once as either they're lying now about always scanning or the vet tech was being lazy and lied before when I took a dog to get scanned and they said they don't do it anymore. And no, the vet tech didn't say "we can't scan today" because they were busy, they didn't say try a different day, they specifically said they aren't scanning chips anymore due to covid. Owner's response is hypocritical as well, since they say both that scanning for chips is rewarding and worth the effort, then at another point in the response say they can't always scan due to being short-staffed. In all the times I've had scans done it never took more than about 10min for them to do the scan and hand me the info, or if you're too busy at the moment they could have asked me to wait until they had a minute to scan, but all they did was say no. I said scans are simple, but they argue it's not simple. A couple phone calls isn't complicated, if they think a chip scan is a difficult thing here how could they be trusted with more??? I also know I'm not the only person, after scrolling through other reviews, who's felt they were expensive and pushing certain products, and this owner has for other reviews also used the excuse "they must have mixed up locations" so apparently that's not just me too. But like I said originally, don't just take my word for it, if you've had tests done on your pet call some other vets and compare prices yourself. Owner's response is hypocritical here too, saying both that larger vets can get things cheaper but also claiming this location is cheaper or comparable to others? That doesn't make sense but, well, if it is actually cheaper here then customers will be able to call around and see that for themselves. For me calling 5+ other places, they were all-round cheaper than here. That's my personal review by my experience and the evidence I've seen. Hopefully other customers out there it hasn't been so bad, but if it goes poorly you can't say I didn't warn you.

Larry Smith

2 years ago

Great Vet and Staff. One Vet operation so call for your pet's appointment and do it at least 10 days ahead. Gracie Marie got her yearly Rabies vaccination, heartgard ($15 buck rebate taboot) and a checkup. Reasonable prices and thorough, thoughtful, and concise information given to me. Oh ya, not supposed to let Gracie know that she is on a diet. Gained a few pounds since her spay.

Laylah Russell

2 years ago

Wonderful place. Came in for an emergency Friday evening, and they treated it like one. Rushing to come get my cat and immediately started treating her. Allowed us to stay in the waiting room and were very calm, professional, and sympathetic. They referred us to the emergency clinic on Broadway because they could not provide the level of care she needed which is completely understandable. Unfortunately we had a terrible experience with them but that's besides the point. Our cat Biscuit sadly ended up passing away that night but I wanted to thank the staff here for what they did. I highly recommend this clinic.

Joni and Dan Dabbs

2 years ago

Out-of-towners, but treated as if we were long-time clients. Professional.

Vanessa Williams

3 years ago

I love Dr.Leesa M. She is very nice and thorough. My Bubba is always taken care. The front staff Ms. Donna and Ms Sue are so sweet. The back staff is super nice I don't have any concerns when boarding.

Monica Rodriguez

3 years ago

My daughter took our family dog to the vet for a scheduled appointment to help our dog with her paws which have been inflamed and in pain. When she was scheduling the appointment, she mentioned that she had spoke to another vet clinic but their next appointment was too far out. The receptionist laughed and said that she would not be able to schedule the appointment until something later this week, and she then said she had an available appointment for this Thursday, which is today July 2nd. My daughter told her that would work perfectly especially at 930 am. The receptionist told her it was booked and reconfirmed the date and time and even explained about the process due to COVID-19. When my daughter arrived for her scheduled appointment, she was told that she did not have an appointment and they could try to fit her in but she would have to wait, with our dog, in the car to see if they could fit them in with no timeframe given as to when or how long they would have to wait. Furthermore, they never accepted responsibility for not scheduling the appointment, which I clearly heard being scheduled. They made it seem as if my daughter was in the wrong instead of apologizing for the mistake and working to see how they could fix it. very unprofessional to make the customer feel like she was in the wrong and then she has to sit and wait in her vehicle with an anxious dog for who knows how long. Totally unacceptable! We will just wait for the other vet clinic appointment because they know how to treat their customers/patients.


3 years ago

Another Rave Review... for Dr. Maldonado and her wonderful Staff! I brought my Zoey to Assure Vet on April 10th and I am so Over the Moon happy that I did! I did not have an appt. but I spoke with Donna over the phone and she was able to get us in that day. Since this is all happening during Covid 19 we had to take all precautions to stay 'socially distant'. Everyone was so careful and professional. Donna communicated with me by phone to let me know what Zoey needed and Dr. Maldonado then gave me her assessment and advice also over the phone! There was absolutely no hard-sell on extra products or add-ons. I am so grateful for this Team. They gave me such peace that my girl is going to be well cared for!

Maryann Ramirez

3 years ago

I'm VERY HAPPY with the treatment my puppy got a new puppy much much happier Thank you so much to the staff and Dr. Maldonado

Jule Gray

3 years ago

Vet told me that my cat could be pregnant even tho I had told her that we watch her outside, she had a very hard tummy and she didn’t offer any solution that could help her. I basically paid $50 for her to tell me nothing.

Diana Lopez

3 years ago

Amazing service. I highly recommend!

Crystal Franklin

3 years ago

I haven’t actually been there but I had a lot of questions concerning my dog and his vaccinations (I’m new to the state) and the lady who answered the phone was very knowledgeable and friendly. She answered all of my questions BOTH times I called! They will be my new veterinarian service for all of my animals!

Connie Mccammon

3 years ago

We love Dr. Maldenado...the only vet we have used for many years...we moved to the other side of town, close to Seaworld and still would not even consider another vet closer...would not trust our babies with anyone else...everyone is wonderful there! Also Donna, Sue and the whole crew are so personable and awesome!

Carlos Gonzalez

3 years ago

Great service from everybody in the office. I feel my dog is in great hands.

Britny Rodriguez

3 years ago

I just left from this very unprofessional place (bad business skills) I made an appointment earlier in the week for me to drive all the way over to then be told I didn’t have an appointment scheduled. Took her awhile to find my name and once she did she tells me she (the older receptionist) that it was made for the following week.. yes SHE was the one who scheduled it. Clearly she shouldn’t be working here if she can’t do her job properly. Then was told well if you want to wait we may be able to get you in but that was not guaranteed and who knows what time that would of been. Long story short, I’m glad my baby didn’t get seen by these people because this shows all about how they treat and care for their patients and customers.. they don’t. Wouldn’t you hate to show up and be told your pet can’t be seen bc there was no appointment made when there was.. trust me if it happened to me it could happen to you. Save time and go find a better more professional vet. This place is weird.

Barbara McMindes

3 years ago

I decided to post a review because of Covid19. We hear of all the small businesses that are trying their best during extremely challenging times. We wanted to thank Dr. Maldonado and staff for their care of Sugar - she had surgery to remove “fatty tumors” and a lump on the lash line. We know there must be a strain in trying to do a hands on job over the phone. When I scheduled Sugar’s surgery I could hear the phones going crazy and not once did I feel rushed to hurry up at that moment, when they confirmed and when I called multiple times to check on Sugar. Almost 20 years ago a friend recommended Assure Veterinary Clinic to our family. We had a new golden pup named Kooper and then along came our corgi rescue, Trudy. The people at Assure have made us feel like our pets are family - Since then our son has rescued 3 Goldens, my parents a mini schnauzer, and my parade of pregnant stray cats, which then the momma cats became permanent family members. We moved from Schertz to 1 mile in front of Natural Bridge Caverns - we moved almost 14 years ago - there are at least 8 vets before I ever get to Schertz Parkway. I would not trade the convenience of going to a veterinarian 10 minutes up the road for what I have with Doc. She saw our family thru the deaths of all our pups and cats and helped us welcome in the newest group - the compassion is something we did not feel from the vet we had prior. They aren’t perfect but no one is - they always give their best to do right by the animal and owner of the animal. Their compassion when your pet passes away or when they have to be put to sleep is above reproach. When you see tears in their eyes and you feel their hugs - you feel the compassion and sincerity. I have recommended them many times over and I will continue to do so. Thanks again to Doc and Donna and Sue and all the vet techs. We love our extended family!

Aleisha Strom

4 years ago

This was likely the best veterinary visit I've ever been through. I brought my big guy in and from beginning to end the experience was positive. Both receptionists were personable and greeted us. The technicians were patient and kind. They actually listened to what I had to say. I felt no judgement from any of the staff. Dr. Maldanado was just as wonderful as the other staff we encountered. She gave me great information for my dog, took excellent care of him alongside her technicians, answered all my questions and gave me loads of information just to be helpful. Gunther, who is normally very anxious in new places, spent a lot of his time extremely pleased with his surroundings. The atmosphere was comfortable. I feel the prices were reasonable especially compared to many places I've researched. Positive interaction from beginning to end here. I'm so grateful.

Alex R

4 years ago

Very rude front desk ladies , they were acting as if I was bothering or inconveniencing them while asking questions.

April E. Goess

4 years ago

Best Vet experience ever! Dr. Maldonado spent time with us and answered all of our questions. She showed compassion for our dog Fred. We will return and also take our other dogs to see her. The whole team was kind, courteous, and professional.


4 years ago

My dog has been going here for years and the vets know him well.


5 years ago

LOVE THAT THEY HAVE A SEPARATE BEREAVEMENT ROOM. I had a horrible experience with another vet nearly killing my beloved cat so I came to Assure Vet Animal Hospital. Best care given I could have ever hoped for for my sweet fur baby. When it was determined he couldn't be saved they had a special room dedicated to when a fur family member needs to be euthanized. The room wasn't like an exam room; It looked more like a living room. One where both the pet and pet parent could feel comfortable and not scared but the event to come. After is was done they let me sit with him for as long as I wanted and say my goodbyes. No rushing or loud talking near by. Just peaceful moments with my kitty. **I can not thank them enough for making my Spudnik' s transition over the rainbow bridge a peaceful and calm one.

J.Marie M

5 years ago

This was my dogs first vet visit after getting a deep cut on her toe. The office ladies were very nice, answered my questions, and gave me a same day appt. The doctor was also great, very patient with my scared dog. The treatment was very inexpensive and my dog left happy and was way better at her next visit. I appreciated all their care and affordability. I was very weary as I've been to other vet offices that have many chains (Ban,Van) that feel like bad mechanics that overcharge and over treat. Very happy with this office. Thanks. ????????

Maitzel Salgado

5 years ago

I took puppy do to a really bad cut in the paw and the doctor and staff are the best really nice place and friendly I have been back 3 times and love the way they take care of puppy.

Peg Howell

5 years ago

Dr. Leesa Maldonado is wonderful with the animals as well as the owners. She is thorough and won't run unnecessary tests just to boost the bill. She truly cares about the animals and that shows whenever she deals with one. All the staff there are awesome and caring. You can't go wrong with taking your fur babies here.

April Jones

7 years ago

I've been going here for many years and they have always been so wonderful to my three dogs. Even though they said that one of my dogs is a walking miracle after being paralyzed for unknown reasons, I like to think that they are the reason she recovered. They always check up on the dogs even after their checkups. Everybody is amazing there and I would recommend them to anyone!

Donna Thompson

7 years ago

Dr. Leesa Maldonado began seeing my dog when she was in horrible shape. She determined what medication (she was on many) was necessary for her continued improvement, and helped save us a lot of money by weening her off those that where no longer needed. I am so grateful for her attention to detail and her compassion for our family pet. We will continue to always take our pets to Assure Animal Hospital.

Franklin Roosevelt

7 years ago

The draft and Dr Maldonado are are excellent and very professional.

Sarah Encarnacion

8 years ago

I was not pleased with the dishonesty and lack of compassion for my dog that took place at this vet. The veterinarian was a nice lady but her and the staff will dishonestly tell you that your animal needs unnecessary services or vaccinations to increase charges. I once tried to call to get a vaccination record and the lady at the front desk gave me a hard time about getting it because I told her I taken my do elsewhere to get treatment and vaccinations. If you choose this vet just be careful and have knowledge about exactly what your animal needs.


8 years ago

I have been taking my 4 pets (2 dogs, 2 cats) here for almost 2 years. They are wonderful. Dr Maldonado is great, as well as the techs and front desk staff. They always get me in quickly and their prices are better than anywhere else I've ever been. I would recommend this office to anyone looking for a great veterinarian.

Ricardo Ramirez

8 years ago

I begin taking my dog there about 5 years ago when my vet office closed down. They always treated him gently and compassionately and he quickly adjusted to them. The are always willing to work with me on appointments and the Saturday option is always a good deal. They will call to follow up and make sure the pet is doing OK. My dog recently passed away and I am grateful that they were there for him. I am grateful for the tender care and compassion they showed my companion.

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