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Dyonne Carter

2 years ago

I have a green iguana and they really help me get the right stuff for her. Very helpful people.

Carol Matthews

2 years ago

I love the helpful knowledge of workers here. So much nicer to shop local.

Stacey Aikens

2 years ago

Lots of personality from the owners. The staff is great about helping find the right pet. What I love the most is that you can pet the bunnies, the family's dogs and even hold the little critters.

Briann Betancourt

2 years ago

Thank you so much for the piggies! They are loving their setup.

Luke Bridge

2 years ago

I don't even know where to begin on this store, this store needs to get shut down. It smells so bad. They were selling under age puppies. Under 8 weeks old. The employees kids running around is so unprofessional. The kids were running around playing and screaming. The animals were kept in horrible conditions. This store is absolutely disgusting

Bobbi Sue Todd

2 years ago

Immediately hit with a horrible urine smell walking in. This is the worst condition I’ve ever seen animals in, in person. From their snake, the rabbit, to the puppies, I was shocked to see how these animals are living. My kids wanted to buy them, just to get them out of there, I had to explain the cruel circle this store is Involved in. Do better, or close up shop, cause this isn’t it.

Elizabeth Hoeft

2 years ago

Went in just to look around and the conditions that the animals are living in are horrific. The cages are extremely overcrowded and dirty. The puppies in the cages didn’t have any beds and live on dirty grates. DO NOT PURCHASE ANY ANIMALS FROM HERE IF YOU CARE ABOUT ETHICAL ANIMAL CARE.

Jacqueline Rodriguez

2 years ago

Great little pet shop with a nice selection of quality pet food/supplies. The shop is clean. The animals aren’t over crowded in their enclosures and they all have access to food/water. Recently bought two sow guinea pigs. The owner was happy to help me pick out supplies, and offered me a generous discount on the cage that included a water bottle and food dish. He even helped me load up my car. So far the guinea pigs seem to be very healthy, no sign of mites or illness. Please don’t let the negative reviews turn you off to this place. They’re mostly about the puppies he has for sale. When I went there the puppies looked healthy, and were all sleeping together. They had blankets, water and food available. No different from any other pet shop that sells puppies. One thing to understand- the puppies sell very quickly, so they’re not in those display cages for more than a couple weeks. I will continue doing business with partners. It’s always better to support local business. Thanks again parters!

Madison H.

2 years ago

This store is abhorrent. It smells, it is dirty, and overcrowded. The animals are kept in awful condition, every single animal looked so sad. The cages are too small for the size of the animals and the number of them. This place seriously needs to be shut down. Obvious animal abuse.

Tiffany M.

2 years ago

Please DO NOT give your business to this store. They support puppy mills and keep the animals in cruel conditions. Their standard of care is unacceptable.

Alicia Patterson

2 years ago

So gross, I don't know how they even stay open

dwayne collins

2 years ago

I purchased 2 med Angelfish from this store and within 2 weeks they died. I called to inquire about the return policy and it's ONLY 1 week. I was very disappointed. Not sure if I will continue my business.

George Sidener

2 years ago

Smells like animals. Nice and friendly shop. Friendly staff. Nice selection of fish.

Molly Knox

2 years ago

Very bad experience. Walked into the store and was not even acknowledged until before I was about to leave. Asked a question about the available dachshunds being priced as high as they were l, stating I was getting a dachshund this weekend from a breeder and one of the front girls gave me attitude about asking, which is unprofessional in itself let alone ignoring potential customers in the store. Needless to say I left and won’t be going back.

Todd Jeter

2 years ago

We always love going here and seeing the different animals they have.

s m

2 years ago

they will only sell turtles if you buy the whole 120$ kit along with it. don’t bother asking them why. they won’t give you a reason. i assume profit/greed cause i told them i bought that exact kit about a year ago & didn’t need another tank. but it didn’t matter. what a disappointment, my daughter left emotional cause we’d been looking at a certain one for a few weeks & now all of the sudden this new “rule”. won’t be returning.


2 years ago

I was ready to buy a puppy from them after following them on their Facebook page. Until I went to the reviews and pictures. How anyone could post a good review or anything more than one star is mind boggling to me. Even if you had the best experience in the world when you went there, The condition of just those crates alone should make you second-guess yourself. If after seeing those pictures you post anything above one star or a positive review, you’re either clueless or you just don’t care. Last thing..... can dogs drink water out of a rabbit feeder attached to the wall? Their store looks lazy and disgusting

Daniel Alexander

2 years ago

The staff are well informative on the animals they have there as well as friendly. Has a mom n pop feel. Very clean an organized.


2 years ago

My cousin paid $1200 for a puppy she was told was a shipoo (shih tzu poodle mix). They even guaranteed that the puppy was in good health and as advertised. When she took it to the vet, she was told that the puppy was a terrier chihuahua mix. She even had a dog DNA test performed, which ended up verifying the same results as the vet said. When she called to discuss it with the owner, she was told by a rude woman that those DNA tests aren’t accurate. The owner still refuses to talk to her. They basically sold her a shelter mutt and passed it off as a designer dog. Clearly a bait and switch operation. On top of that, the animals here are mistreated and neglected. These people are crooks who buy their puppies from puppy mills! Avoid them unless you want to get ripped off!

Ashley Moore

2 years ago

Okay, so I purchased a pet from them on April 28, 2021. For $2,000, I wish my puppy would've came with papers but it's okay I got pet insurance and took him to the vet on April 30, 2021. I purchased a maltipoo and he was healthy BUT had three ticks in his ear. Overall, my experience was great. Yes, it smells but it's a pet shop. Would have given it a 5 star but my puppy had ticks in his ear ????‍♀️

Larissa Wallace

2 years ago

i honestly never write reviews but felt the need for this one. I got a puppy here a few months ago , which is actually one of the lemon beagles in the photos. For one , she had nothing to sleep on but the hard metal and it seemed like they didn’t clean it out as much because it was very dirty. She was very overpriced for what a lemon beagle is and the lady was also rude and impatient deciding whether to get her or not. It’s sad knowing these people only care about the money more than the animals and i hope it’ll get shut down to save all the other animals from this.

Laura Richardson

2 years ago

Got my bunny from here awhile ago never made a better choice in my life

Nathan’s Fish

2 years ago

Have lots of fish to choose from and the fish are always looking healthy!!! If you want to buy fish this is the store to come to!!!!! And the Owner is the best and knows a lot about all the animals they sale!

Alan Carter

2 years ago

Been popping in from time to time for years. Back then I used to get saltwater from them, and it usually was worse than what I took out. That section is no longer available though. Go figure. Prices are relatively high, and the lat two times, though a year apart, their feeder goldfish have given my preditor tank ick. Come to think of it the survival rate from this store is lower than most, and I've been in this hobby for 27 years. I think I know what I'm doing. From years keeping corals long term, I think I know how to drip acclimate a tetra, or a goldfish. I will say the staff, and owner have always been nice.

Sonya Martin

2 years ago

Our favorite gem of a pet store. We go just for the turtles. They ladies there are fantastic.

Claire Read

3 years ago

Fantastic pet store! I won't go anywhere else now. Thoroughly impressed with how much the owner knew and was able to help me with.

Penney Varner

3 years ago

Great customer service and had exactly what we needed!

Christina Garza

3 years ago

Not friendly, smelt dirty, none of the exotic pets that are listed on website besides a few pythons. Won't be back again.


3 years ago

I always get my animals from here. Natalie & Bailey are amazing

joone evans

3 years ago

Love how the google search for Partner's says masks are required and staff clean surfaces between visits, but none of the staff wear masks and the place is dingier than a Whataburger bathroom.

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