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Diana Cuevas

2 years ago

do NOT take your dogs here. I work with animals and when my cousin told me about their experience and some pictures I was livid. one of their dogs came back bleeding because his nail was cut WAYYYYY too short and they didn't add any quick stop to stop the bleeding, and he was limping when he got home. Though you couldn't see that he was limping at first due to the fact that when they came to pick him up he bolted out of there and jumped in the car. this is strange due to the fact that it takes him a while to get into the car because he is scared of going in. That's not even it. When they got there and put the lead on him they wrapped it around his neck a few times, almost choking him, in order for him to go in. After reading more of the reviews I am horrified. All the incidents that have happened is unacceptable. DO NOT TAKE YOUR PET HERE.

George Sidener

2 years ago

Mel's is a very friendly pet pamper store! Great and friendly staff. It's recommended to start bringing your pup in at an early age so that they get used to cleaning and trims. This is where I brought my pup and he loves it.

Sandy Don Sternadel

2 years ago

I take JJ, Ruby and Gracy here to get groomed. I've been taking my pups here for well over 15 years. They not the quickest, and it's a long wait to get in for an appointment but at least I know they treat my pups with care. That alone is all the reason I need to continue coming here another 15 years.

John Smith

2 years ago

Thanks Mel for keeping our babies looking their best!

Nel “Grams 20” Perez

2 years ago

I was about to book an appointment with Mel's Pet Parlour for my pup when I realized this business was the same place my daughter took her pup. I was disgusted with the smell and the rudeness of the woman that came to the door to collect my daughter's pup. When we picked her up, she was visibly upset, panting and shaking. Don't rely on the ratings for this place. Others have also experienced serious issues here. PROTECT YOUR PETS! GO ELSEWHERE!

Robyn Gritz

2 years ago

Look at the Yelp reviews. Or the horrible stories on Nextdoor. Numerous emergency vet visits after owners picked up their pets. Very troublesome!

Claudia Quintanilla

2 years ago

I love this place!!! They leave my pups looking great and they have great prices!

Jim Basque

2 years ago

Our two pups were groomed on 7/28. On 8/7 Bentley was playing in the backyard (which is well mowed and in a non-brushy residential area) and was limping badly and hesitant to "shake" once back inside. Upon further inspection her declaw had split in half partially and was in immense pain. When looking at the nail it was twice the size of the other and had noticeable nail extending from the quick. Today we found out from Bentley's vet appointment that she is having to get SEDATED for the nail to be taken care of and to decrease the risk of infection if left as is. I explained the situation on the phone with Mel's and they mentioned in an empathetic manner that they overlook things from time to time. She mentioned nothing was in her profile about missing this, makes sense since this nail was simply overlooked; not a good rationale. In addition that it makes it difficult when these issues are noticed within a couple days of the visit. All that was needed to prevent this was for this nail to be trimmed much like the others did during her visit. I listened intently for an apology and it was never verbalized. With all due respect my wife and I should not have to inspect my pup this intently once getting back from the groomers. I should have full confidence in your trade and quality of work. After all, you are the experts and we came to you with intent you would do your job fully. If this is the quality of your work we will be going elsewhere in the future to get our pups groomed.


2 years ago

I have been taking my dog here for about a year to get bathed and his nails clipped. He is always very excited to be there! Recently, we got his thick, long coat shaved for the first time. When we picked him up, he looked so good! I asked them to leave his head and tail shaggy, but to shave him all over and I got exactly what I asked for. He was in such good spirits when I picked him up. Great grooms!! I would recommend Mel's for any pet grooming needs.

Lianna Lopez

2 years ago

Avoid this place at all costs. They are abusive to the dogs, we learned that the hard way. This is a picture of my dog and when I picked him up they could give me no explanation as to how this happened. Mel’s words were “my daughter groomed him so we don’t know for sure how it happened”. They had me sign an incident report and pay before bringing him out. They also have dogs caged multiple at a time. They’re constantly yelling at the animals as well. They shouldn’t even be in business anymore. Look at all the reviews anywhere you can, Yelp, Nextdoor, Facebook. They are abusing these innocent animals.

Norma Brenner

2 years ago

My Great Pyranees always looks amazing when I pick her up. I recommend everyone to take their fur babies here for some pampering.

Sierra Wood

2 years ago

Harmful to animals. DO NOT take your pet here.

Toni Padilla

2 years ago

We’ve been here once before for a simple bath and never returned. While our dog wasn’t hurt, it wasn’t the greatest experience. Mel wasn’t the friendliest. The place smelled like urine and something was just off. Our baby was a shaky mess after leaving her there, which is not like her at all. I felt I needed to warn others because somehow this place has decent reviews (which is why I gave it a chance) but I’ve just seen multiple posts on the nextdoor app where their poor dogs were seriously injured at Mel’s. Protect your pets, search elsewhere!

Chad William Wright

2 years ago

Best quality and most experienced pet grooming in town...

Lauri Favors

2 years ago

Highly recommend! They made my Tilla look just like Boo.

Lori Moore

2 years ago

I won’t take away from the work they provide and the prices are really good. But I refuse to continue being a patron to a company who obviously does not want my business. I was told to bring my dog every two weeks to be ‘groomer trained’ or no longer be a customer. My dog is not a yr old yet and I respect their policy and brought her in faithfully. However, after her last appt, her face was uneven and her back had a strip as though they realized the clippers were too low. When I called and asked that they fix (blend) the cut I was told it was her fault because she is not groomer trained and they would fix it on the next visit. TODAY I took her in for her next visit and had to pay them to fix what they did wrong!!!! What business does that? That is like going to a restaurant, order a burger they give you chicken and say you have to pay for both? Unfortunately, I never felt like a valued customer but this incident was the straw to break the camels back. I don’t recommend this place to anyone no matter how well they groom or how good the prices are. Good customer service is a must and I refuse to give my money to a business who constantly threatens to refuse service and doesn’t fix their mistake. Even if my dog wasn’t still or having a bad day, you are the expert who should know how to handle it. How are you treating the dog? Are you taking the steps to have the dog warm up to you or is bringing her in every two weeks not enough? At what point do you take accountability? I am sure they will claim safety or say my dog is a biter...hence the training but I don’t buy that at all. I’m not sure what safety has to do with fixing a cut you messed up. At any rate, it is obvious they don’t care about losing a customer and that’s really unfortunate.

king kota 119 Biggest Fan

2 years ago

My apologies. People are rating you based on a horrible groomer in Indiana. I have never been to your place. I am changing my review but it won't allow me to delete it. Sorry to have mixed you two up. Good luck!

Howard Wilmington

2 years ago

Hard to get an appointment since Covid-19 hit, especially for large dogs, but worth the wait for the quality service they provide.

Shanna Goins

3 years ago

Wouldn't trust anywhere else with my baby!

Michelle Guerra

3 years ago

Friendly people. Does great job on nail trims.

Geraldine Glover

3 years ago

Wonderful place! Loved it! Definitely will be going back

Marcus Johnson

3 years ago

Went to pick up my dog and he was completely shaved. They stated they shaved him because he was completely matted. Which he was not he only had a few mats around his neck not bad at all. I wish they would have called ahead before they shaved him to verify if it was okay. Or charge me extra for dematting. The haircut looks like they ran out of time and had to rush. My guess is that they overbooked and got lazy and just shaved his hair.

Tonagae McGuffin

3 years ago

The best ever and friendly.

Thelma Paris

3 years ago

This is a great place to take you pets. They are not expensive and they make your pets look and smell good. My 3 girls have been well taken care of on more than one occasion. Great customer service.

Micheille Olszak

3 years ago

She always takes care of Raven who comes back happy and beautiful ????

Jim Dickey

3 years ago

Would advise not going there. Hateful attitude. We had appointment set and on arrival, were told that we were a day late and would not even listen to our explanation about details of phone verification. The very hateful lady offered no apology or try to give us an alternate date. Just said they were booked for the rest the month. Will not be going back and will not ever recommend this place of business.

bella moreno

3 years ago

The lady's at Mel's are great. I feel very comfortable bringing my dog Leroy for all services. The prices are great and they always help in a last minute need.

BigCountry1961 Caldwell

3 years ago

They're tops on my list of dog groomers! Thank you

James McNulty

3 years ago

Listen to all the negative reviews about the rude owner. They’re true. If you’re displeased with her work, she’ll tell you, “you get what you get.” And if you’re displeased with a few haircuts in a row, she’ll outright reject service. Clearly she doesn’t have the patience to have this job, or she wouldn’t quit cutting the dog’s face hair without even touching the ears or blending the neck (the reason I was displeased each time). I’d be sympathetic if she’s just overstressed by COVID or the election season, but she’s always been a little rude, so this doesn’t surprise me, and now I’m retroactively worried about my dog after reading in other reviews that she shouts at them when they’re nervous or complain.

Tracy Hall

3 years ago

They let our 2 dogs for a few days and they groom them as well. Love Jen and the squad here. See you soon

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