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alex alexander

2 years ago

My dog loves coming here. When I drop him off for daycare he literally jumps right out of the car. You can tell the staff love him too. They are all very caring and clearly I’ve animals. I’m happy that I’m leaving him in good hands.

Mrs Pop

2 years ago

For what it’s worth, my dogs will never darken the threshold of Barks A Lot in Round Rock ever again. My dogs were there for 14 days. Barks A Lot was happy enough to take the long reservation. When I had questions after their stay, I was shamed by the owner and staff because of the length of their stay. One of the workers didn’t know our Husky was a female. I believe that it is fairly obvious to tell the gender of a dog. She also said some unusual things, such as “Does Loki not like his collar? He didn’t want it on.” Again, it is a girl dog. And “That golden retriever sure is slow.” Well yes, he is almost 11 years old. When we saw our golden retriever and reached out our hand to pet him, he flinched. He was visibly scared of our hands. Then we got them home. We noticed two distinct bite marks on our golden retriever’s paws. Visible puncture wounds; you could see holes on his paws. It looked like the paws had been treated. I took pictures. I called to enquire about these and asked if they had been treated. The girl who answered the phone said that “the Husky was getting aggressive, they were here for 14 days after all.” I said that was completely out of character for the Husky, but decided to let it go and thought that was it. Oh no. The owner called back and yelled at me for “accusing them of hiding a bite when the golden retriever (he has a name) has a history of hot spots.” No he doesn’t. He has a spot on his hip that had an issue from cancer surgery. As a side note, the owner called me to shame me about that spot the last time we boarded them there. I let her know that we had gotten cleared by the surgeon to board them. I am so glad that dogs are a forgiving species and have already settled in and are loving on us and letting us love on them. This place is somewhere we have boarded our dogs in the past without issue. I am heartsick about what all they may have experienced in this awful place. Please do not ever take your dogs there. Should the owner choose to respond, unless it’s an apology for your horrendous, defensive, and gaslighting attitude, I don’t want to hear it. Please don’t send your dogs to this house of horrors.

Jasmine D

2 years ago

I called to inquire about boarding. The person who answered immediately asked whether my dog was a pitbull mix for some reason (answer: no) and then told me she would call my vet to get vaccine info and would call me back - she then disconnected the call. If she hadn't, I could've told her I already had my dogs vaccine records. I waited several days for that callback - I never heard from them again and neither did my vet. Don't let them waste your time like they did mine. EDIT for the owner's response: Never at any point was I told that there was no availability nor did I get told that I had been waitlisted. As I originally stated, I was told that my vet would be contacted and I would recieved a follow up phone call. If your reservation coordinator told you otherwise, Amanda, I regret to inform you that they are a liar. I did not call again because the amount of time for me to leave for my trip had elapsed. The person who answered told me i needed to do an evaluation prior to the actual stay and I didn't have time to both so I found other arrangements. Thanks for your response.

Roberto Vasquez

2 years ago

Beverly and her team are truly amazing. They are great with our dog. We trust them wholeheartedly and recommend them without hesitation.

Pauline Shepard

2 years ago

My dogs never want to come home

Sarah Belou

2 years ago

I took my dog Ghost, a 10 month old husky/Shepard mix, here for daycare. He didn't really take to their schedule. They put the dogs in pins they call runs unless it is their scheduled play time. My dog has terrible separation anxiety and freaked out over these pins. The staff was very kind and you can tell they really do care for the dogs they watch over, just wasn't the right fit for my boy.

Andy Harvey

2 years ago

My dog told me it was the coolest place in the whole area!! Actually, he said "Bark, bark, ruff, ruff, barky bark bark," but I knew what he meant. The staff is great here. Two paws up!

ryan pecaut

2 years ago

They did a great job on my pup

Brian Silverman

2 years ago

Barks a lot was recommended to me by a coworker and I can’t thank her enough. My pup is very high energy and it is great to have a place to send her to work some of that energy off. She absolutely loves going there. When we turn to go in she is jumping all over the car in excitement. The staff is very friendly and the doggy day care is reasonably priced.

Isrrael Quintero

3 years ago

I talk to the owner for booking my pets there, the professionalism she show it is ridiculous. I never told her or imply to change any rules about the feeding. As owner you set rules, I was saying that one of my dogs doesn't share his food and just to feed they in different bowls. After all that was tell me if they see any type aggressiveness they will separate them and will charge me. Lady we need our dog as a owner of our pets we know what they do and don't. I know if I let them stay there she was going to charge me because is going to be her word. The owner has a very short temper, she forgets that as a client we pay for the services. Without us she wouldn't have a business. The attitude she give the humans is bad, what about our pests, what type of treatment are they getting? She will not care about the business because she live out of her husband business, this just a whatever. So if your the owner of this place and you read this, I hope your attitude changes and give better services to your clients that pay and hoping you do give good services to our pest as well.

Dee S. D' V.

3 years ago

I have a dog who is full of energy ALL THE TIME! LOL He is a pitbull so he gets a bad rep. Not to mention he is a big boy. This place was recommended by friends (who both work professionally with animals). I was very neurves but they were fantastic! Everytime I pick up JJ he looks happy and super tired like he had a good workout and playtime. He loves this place and the humas ????❤️???? Thank y'all for loving my Jesse, hyper as he might be.

angela justice

3 years ago

I was so impressed by this facility. The staff, the attention they spoil your pet with, the activities and the bed time story they read if you board. One wore out girl we picked up!

Chris Harbison

3 years ago

Always takes great care of my dog. Picked her up and she had been freshly bathed. Smelled great and was very happy to see us. I highly recommend this place if you need to board your dog.

Dane Wagner

3 years ago

Doggy daycare? How would I know? They will not show me any proof that my girl was playing with other dogs and getting exercise. I think I just got scammed and my dog spent 3 scared and lonely days by herself. The first hour after I picked her up she would not look at me and kept her head down. I should have looked at all of the horrible reviews before bringing her here. I've brought my dog to maybe 10 doggy day cares all throughout the country and every place has live feeds or takes many pictures or videos of all the dogs playing and interacting except for this place. I hope this helps other people make an educated decision about where to bring their dog.

Derek Garcia

3 years ago

Always leave my dogs here when I am out of town!

Jan Lora

3 years ago

I love the Barks a lot pet resort because I was one of the few that went in when she first opened up many years ago and she showed me around and what they do for our babies we bring to her! :-) Beverly is an amazing lady that cares about each one of our dogs because she loves dogs herself! :-) when she started grooming dogs I've been taking mine every since and she's the only one that satisfies our babies needs! :-) also, when we've been on vacation for up to five days at a time it's really hard to leave our pets but I know that they're taking care of while we're gone and that gives me a sense of security when I do feel I have to leave them! :-) that is one amazing place and I will never go anywhere else! :-)

Kalyan Swaroop

3 years ago

I’ve had Shamu get nails done here. In and out quick. I haven’t had him spend a day or night here yet. But the folks look like they care and he’d have a good time.

Kashocka Williams

3 years ago

I boarded my pup at Barks A Lot Pet Resort for 3days only to arrive to a empty building.If i wanted my pup unattended I would have left him at home by his self. I paid extra for my pup boarding on Sunday.I called and Beverly the owner answered the phone with an attitude as if she is picking up her child from daycare and NO ONE was on site.. I asked her to please have someone bring my pup outside to me and she said everyone was on lunch...OK I understand the employees need lunch but I asked her who is watch my pup while the employees went to lunch. I don't think she like me questioning her because she got very loud and belligerent..I was in shocked by the unprofessional tone and verbiage so I told her that I will call the police to get my pup out of her facility if needed and Beverly said I don't care I will give you the number to call the police..I told her I'm capable of calling the police its not hard. I have worked in the mental health field for many years so I knew calling the police was my best option. After about an hour of waiting one employees showed up but didn't open the business. Then other employees arrived and then the police arrived.. and of course Beverly wanted to get her word in first to the police and I didn't care at this point..I just wanted to pay and get my pup from this hell hole.. I don't know how Beverly thought it was ok to have my pup and maybe other pups at a boarding house in the middle of the day with no supervision..Your pet will be left on their own so board at your own risk..lesson learned..this is not even worth 1star.

Rebecca Kinter

3 years ago

HORRIBLE PLACE!!! HORRIBLE OWNERS!!! HORRIBLE MANAGER!! VERY disrespectful does not want to give a refund for services I didn't use !! They DO NOT let your dog play with others. They will NOT let you see their place and where dog will be .. they said because of covid but its funny no staff has a mask on and the kennels are outside???? Hmmmmm They will lie and take your money. DO NOT bring your babies here !!!!

Adam Sanasac

4 years ago

I was here repairing some broken pipes they had in the back play seems nice work employees seem professional.

Brenda Imken

4 years ago

My 3 dogs have stayed here the last 2 years for family vacation. They always are super nice to work with!

Charles Cooper

4 years ago

Our little chihuahua Cooper loves this place! The staff is very nice and Beverly was the best????

Jennifer Williams

4 years ago

Friendly staff,clean dog is happy.

Jessica Duncan

4 years ago

We have been coming here for 2years. Our dogs are happy going into get groomed and when coming out. We call it spa day :) Beverly always does such a great job grooming our 2 Schnauzers

Kathy Aronson

4 years ago

Dropped my husky off for two nights of boarding, and requested a bath during his stay. It was told to them twice that he only required a bath. Picked him up today, to have them add a $100+ “spa package”, de-shedding and de-matting. He was …

Patience Y

4 years ago

This is the worst Groomer I have ever been to in my whole entire life I drop my dog off there for hours and they did not give her the haircut I want it they shaved her absolutely bald I had a wait 12 hours to pick her up …

Richard Lozano

4 years ago

I tried placing my pets here for boarding for Christmas and started to negotiate with them in October to make sure they could have a spot for boarding . . . .After getting all there shots and Records to the facility they waited till December to ask for a evaluation before boarding . . .they also informed me if they had any trouble with my pets they would immediately call me to pick up my pets. After not receiving a call to pick up my pets i went to pick them up and was informed at that point that my dog was nipping at employees and they wouldnt be able to board them . . .My dogs dont nip they are mouthy but its play full . . . I just dont think there staff is as qualified to handle bully breeds as they think they are . . . also they could get there facts in order from the first visit to the last . . . They kept telling me that" its on the website " but i went in person to ask questions why cant they tell me in person instead of " Look on the website" by the way a lot of stuff they told me after wards STILL wasnt on there website. . . I suggest Future customer with Bully Breeds should Check with a place that knows about them instead of dealing with sensitive staff that thinks playing is nipping

Samuel Marlin

4 years ago

Great place to bring our dog. Thanks!

Selwyn Smith

5 years ago

They always take good care of our Dog!

Jacqueline Karpov

5 years ago

Will never return. We got charged an erroneous fee, it's been 3 days since we've notified them and left messages and no corrections have been made. Every time we call, the employees "don't know" or "have no idea" where the owner is so …

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