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Darlene P

2 years ago

The place I trust to care for my cats. Very caring vets and staff.

Edward Brotman

2 years ago

Sam Bass vet clinic avoid!

Stacy T

2 years ago

I had a helicopter cat mom emergency (not a true emergency but I was freaking out). After calling a number of standard vet offices, I was reminded of CTCH. I called and spoke to a wonderful person on the phone and after a brief hold, she said they were able to fit me in. The staff was great, the doctor was great and I was so relieved. Please, please, please be nice to your vet's office. Yelling and raising a fuss is never the solution. Thank you CTCH for fitting in my non-emergency emergency.

Lori Minimi

2 years ago

I used to sing their praises to anyone who would listen. As much as I loved them is how much I avoid them now. The last four times I brought my cats in they were misdiagnosed while being over treated. Almost talented if it wasn't tragic. All four times resulted in an emergency appt a few hours later. All four times! One a cruel and expensive surgery was my only option. When the issue worsened a few hours later the emergency vet was diagnosed as something different. The follow-up at a different vet agreed with the ER. My husband and I were tormented by the thought of this surgery, the expense ($1600), and the year-long recovery for our new cat. And he didn't need it! It's been several years now and my cat has been doing amazing after being treated elsewhere. His leg didn't need cut off and reattached. He runs and climbs our floor-to-ceiling cat tower the easiest out of all the cats!! I'm not going into the other 3 times. It used to be amazing here. It's money now. Just rack up the costs no matter the price. I love my furbabies. I'm so sorry it took 4 times for me to realize the truth. And it pains me to write this and took a few years to do so. They used to be so great. But I can't in good conscience not say anything. And I realize every vet can have bad reviews and you can't make everyone happy every time. But I carry the guilt of not realizing it sooner for my family. I miss what they used to be. I miss trusting a place with the biggest parts of my heart. Thinking of this place just makes me sad.

Sarah Chow

2 years ago

They have been great with ally cats for the last 12 years. Even my bad attitude cat likes Dr. Murphy.

Tim Loya

2 years ago

Just a really great experience with a car-side appointment (due to Covid). We brought our two cats in to establish care and get regionally required meds and the tech was super friendly and professional and afterwards the doc called us to let us know the results. Again, just a great experience and I'm glad we picked where we have for the care of our two fur kids.

William Adams

3 years ago

They have always taken great care of us and our furballs. Very knowledgeable and accommodating staff. We have 2 special needs cats, and they have met all of our expectations over the last 3 years. Very happy with their service.

Jennifer Jackson

3 years ago

We adopted 2 cats with FeLV and unfortunately one of then passed away today. With all of the snow and everything being closed everywhere I called no one answered. Chris (I'm pretty sure this was his name!) answered the phone right away and expressed his condolences when I told him our cat passed away. They got me right in to drop him off to be cremated and I was able to make an appt for my other kitten to get a wellness check as well. Prices were very affordable and we will be brining our dogs for checkups as well. So close to my house too!

JJ Taylor (JJ)

3 years ago

Always able to get me in as quick as possible and very friendly!

Jen T

3 years ago

I love this place. From the admins to the techs and the vets, they all really care about your animals and are a pleasure to partner with for my fur babies' health

Cynthia Miles

3 years ago

UPDATE: I was very impressed with Dr. Smith back in 2014 when I first took Samson into the Round Rock Office. Dr. Smith is no longer the primary doctor and they moved their location. It's no longer just a Cat Hospital but a Dog Hospital too. I found the new location is further out and the new younger doctor is not as personal as Dr. Smith. It's an okay place, but is a very new, modern, and fancy building compared to the previous space in a strip mall on Sam Bass. The cost for general vaccines and rabies seemed high at $100. I have since found a good veterinary closer to where I live and more personal for Sam. Same vaccines, half the cost.

Billy Edwards

3 years ago

They are all awsome up there..Would not take my cats anywhere else.....

Ann Love

3 years ago

My husband and I are 70 years old, lifelong Austin residents and enthusiastic animal lovers. I had been doing business with and taking my precious pets to Central Texas Animal Clinic ever since Dr Smith opened that clinic and for 30 years before that when he was on Burnet Road in Austin. So when I went back I didn’t realize that he had sold. We had picked up a little female cat, stray, who obviously had some medical issues and, as is always the case, needed to be spayed. We picked this little cat up out of the good of our heart as we have done so many times before. My husband dropped her off and had no idea of the change in ownership or what the charges should be. He signed on the dotted line thinking all was right with the world and that these were good and fair people as hey had always been. Remembering that we had known this little cat for about 30 min. as of dropping her off the bill for spaying, wellness check, every vaccine they could think of, and even boarding was nearly $1000. I thought It had to have been a mistake but the mistake was taking her to them. Obviously this clinic is in business for the money. This goes against everything I have learned about caring for animals and helping others to care for them as well. Most people are not going to be willing or able to spend that kind of money on a little rescue animal and that animal will be left without care and without a family and home. The entire experience was exhausting, heartbreaking, dissolutioning and very disappointing. I asked them to meet me at least halfway on the price because of the fact that she wasn’t even ours and we were just trying to save a life but they were cold and matter of fact. But they could eliminate the war kite treatment of $20. Be still my heart and pocket book! They charged us everything they could think of and then a couple of more items just because they could. The little cat who as of yet has no name will survive this experience hopefully no worse for the wear but I won’t. I’ve always been fortunate to do animal business with caring and ethical people up until now. Today that changes and it’s changed me. I will never do business with these people again and I’m heartbroken that my beloved Dr Smith who cared for my pets for 50 years sold to these people. They’re in it for the money. At least that was our experience. I would recommend that no one do business with these people. I think they would do better in banking or on Wall Street because that is their attitude and they’d probably be very successful. If you care about your pets find somewhere else to see to their health care needs.

MazdaGirl !!

3 years ago

Always take great care of Gary Allen Vasquez

Paul Clemmons

3 years ago

Nice staff. Vet is very helpful

Raghavendra S Rao

3 years ago

I like this place. They are very reasonable in terms of price. The staff is friendly. Veterinarians are professional and explain yoir pets issue clearly. They seem to have very good facility.

Victoria Valenzuela

3 years ago

Super easy to find and very nice staff. Clean place!

Kimberly Youngblood

3 years ago

Dr. Murphy and his staff are amazing. Miss Itsy had mammary cancer a year ago and we had a checkup this morning. He eased my mind and she has gained a lb in the past 2 months. He has taken amazing care of my cats. Itsy turned 16 July 4th and her sister Lillie just turned 19 August 4th. Both have had surgery the past year as well as a few boarding stays. They take amazing care of all sorts of animals. Highly recommend them. ????????

Aphrodite Atlas

4 years ago

Excellent service at reasonable prices

Charles Sauer

4 years ago

Dr. Smith has been giving my cats the best care for 50 years

Ariana D

4 years ago

Dr. Smith was the best cat vet of ALL time. He helped me not only with my own cats but also with my foster kittens. He let me call him with emergencies, even on the weekends. He went above and beyond at all times. The new owner -- not so much. On my first visit with a litter of foster kittens, I was told each of them would cost the $75 "new patient" exam fee (used to be charged per litter) and then was lectured about how my shelter wasn't giving them the proper amount of care (the quote was "If they're cutting corners with this, where ELSE are they cutting corners?" -- well.....they're an animal shelter, so of course they're doing things in the most cost-effective way possible, which is why I'm here to see you and paying my own money for this). I left that day, never to return. I don't really understand the point of buying a well-respected, cat-only hospital and then also seeing dogs and driving away many of your old clients. Would not recommend anymore, unfortunately.

Heather P

4 years ago

I REALLY miss Dr. Smith and the old location off of Hairy Man Rd, but the new location on 620 and their doctors have served me fairly well so far.

Donna C

4 years ago

Very easy to get in. Very caring and knowledgeable doctor and staff. Always a positive experience.


4 years ago

Don’t go here. They’ll lie pretty badly. They told us they were going to do a procedure to prevent our cat from going thru the same pain and complications again. They lied. They instead did some other things and charged us the same amount they had quoted us for the original procedure. Our cat was fine. Or so we thought Our cat starts exhibiting the same symptoms. Then we call and tell them our cat is going thru the same thing again. They say they’re going to need to do the procedure. AND! They quote us almost $1000 MORE. What the hell did they do last time? Why didn’t they inform us they were going to do different things than what they had told us they were going to do? Why didn’t they call us while our cat was staying there to ask if we wanted other things done or if we wanted the original procedure done? If you want your cat to be healthy after a 4-5 day stay, go somewhere else. It seems as though they’re just trying to milk us for more money. They aren’t really honest here, from my experience.

Kelsey P

4 years ago

We've been going here for years. They are a great hospital and are associated with an excellent non-profit.

N. S.

4 years ago

Great place. Reception staff wonderful.

Richard Powe

4 years ago

I liked old office setting better. Where are all the cats? Nevertheless, if you have a medical issue with your cat, Dr. Smith is the best!

Susan Patton

4 years ago

Thank you to those that emphasized NOT to take your cat here. THEY'RE ALL ABOUT MONEY. I am done with veterinarians. I've stayed with the same and "vet hopped". They're all the same. AAHA is suppose to be the best yet they're the first to let my first baby for by failing to correctly diagnose. Do not let AAHA FOOL YOU EITHER.

Galen Bayless

5 years ago

I LOVE Dr. Smith and everyone at CTCH!!! I just read a negative review and have to say that reviewer must be lying about something. My cats have been going to CTCH for several years. I have terrible anxiety and am nothing short of neurotic about my cats. I ask TONS of questions. TONS. I get home and call with more questions. I’m probably really annoying, but I can’t help it. Dr. Smith and his staff have always been patient and kind with me, and they take absolutely excellent care of my babies. I’ve never been to a vet’s where everyone seemed so genuinely concerned about their patients and clients. A couple of years ago, my emotional support cat struggled with kidney and heart disease. I was so thankful for Dr. Smith. Sand also had inflammatory bowel disease and saw many vets throughout his life. I’m so thankful we started going to Dr. Smith in Sand’s final years. He not only gave us more time together, he provided my beautiful boy a dignified end. He has cared for the two newest members of my family since they were tiny, and has happily answered all of my crazy questions about them, too. If you love your cats like I love mine, you will find no finer cat care for them than at Central Texas Cat Hospital.

Gail Taylor

5 years ago

Outstanding care for your furry friends.

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