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Jasmine Castillo

2 years ago

I will give him enough stars to show that he understands and is intellectual in this field. However, you want to have a person bark off information Non-Stop with such arrogance. Then this is the place for you. Every time I have any type of interaction with this doctor I feel nothing but heavy uncomfortability. My dog is gone there since she was a puppy and I've had nothing but remarks about her breed automatically identifying her as aggressive. I feel that there is nothing but bias either for my dog or for my ethnicity. I made appointments for the request of the doctor, come to find out they were erroneous appointments that should have never been made and I felt like I was getting a tongue lashing for even being there for an appointment that I scheduled for the doctor when I was in the office another appointment. It is so funny to have a doctor tell me my dog is aggressive, when he comes off aggressive from the get-go directly to me as a customer.

Lori Bentley

2 years ago

Dr. Walker was very thorough, kind and very informative during our visit. He even followed up after hours about how our dog was doing.

April Williams

2 years ago

Great veterinarian he really cares about what's best for your pets and how to treat them

Lydia Dale

2 years ago

Staff is always friendly and professional. Dr. Walker provides a thorough examination and explanation of his findings.

Elaine Skinner

2 years ago

I am a first time dog owner so I was very concerned about finding a vet that would be patient with my questions. Dr. Walker didn’t make me feel rushed through the appointment and the staff made me feel that our puppy was in very good hands. The office is older and a little dinged but it is immaculately clean. The receptionist was polite and efficient. My only complaint is the outside of the office near the parking lot smelled like cat pee which initially made me concerned with the quality of care our pet would receive because I thought it was coming from the inside of the clinic! That probably says more about the previous veterinary clinic I went to a few years ago then it says about this one! My appointment ran a little late, about 15 mins, but that’s pretty common so it didn’t bother me. All in all I highly recommend this clinic!

Mario Inocente

2 years ago

I took my dog for a grooming. They said there was not a fee for the vet to take a look at my puppy which made no since since I had his vet records faxed to them and it showed he had a clean bill of health. The vet told me that he may need to be sedated, at first it was $75 then maybe $45 it just DEPENDS. I had him groomed before and no sedation needed. So if anything he would need a little , well nope they charged the full $75. When I asked why the receptionist said it’s because he was still moving in a groggy stage!.. well if I sedate you half way you would be moving too. The check up that the vet did was NOT Free, they were going to charge something for the visit. I will NEVER go back nor give a referral. I received better grooming at PetSmart grooming for 52 than I did for $60. I went to them because they were closer but this is a lesson learned!!!! Just a waste but was for sure a lesson learned.

Tammy Teague

3 years ago

They are the best people for our fur babies to see. Always loving.


3 years ago

Dr. Dan is the best!

Josue Ramirez

3 years ago

Great service and experience! 100% recommended!

Carole Dietzman

3 years ago

Staff was very friendly and great at getting me ready for surgery and taking care after surgery

Adam Barker (Biocomm1)

3 years ago

Staff was so friendly and helpful. Answered all the questions I had. Definitely coming here from now on.

Christine Roy

4 years ago

So my beloved "Husband "of 11yrs took a nose dive. (Out of no where) I took to Pet Doctor, they tried to send me to Dallas, I went to Rockwall County Clinic where he was called in ahead of time and denied services. I WAS HANDED A PANFLIT to go to ultrasound clinic in frisco. I drive back to Pet Doctor who say down the street. SO I call, Doc and says he is getting ready for surgery I have 10 minutes for a triage. I made it in2. DR Walker was through explained everything, spent 1 hr with us, went over all our options. ULTIMATELY Duke, went to Puppy Heaven. DR Walker did a great job, explained things to me, respecting my medical degrees, and I will only come here now. THANKS FOR HELPING..

Anonymous Anonymous

4 years ago

Rude people, rude doctor, terrible service.

Karl Boss

4 years ago

Good place. The staff is very knowledgeable and kind hearted. It's a calling to them not just a job.

Katie Coffy

4 years ago

I just moved to Rockwall with my young Chow rescue not too long ago. When we rescued him, he was positive for heartworm and was fearful of strangers. We had gotten quotes from other vets from before we moved about how much Heartworm …

Mel Hernandez

4 years ago

DO NOT TAKE YOUR PETS TO THIS VET!! This clinic is the worst possible place for your fur baby. Sherry at the front desk, is always a sarcastic know it all. She does not have any kind of sympathy for someone who just lost a pet, always talks at you not to you, and the technicians are also VERY lazy! Sherry is going to run off many of the clinics clients. She is very very arrogant. I have also seen other clinics that I have taken my mothers pet to and they are far better than this clinic. They actually have the equipment needed Incase of emergencies and to care for my pet. This clinic is very old and falling apart as well. My moms pet came home drinkining tons of water from being dehydrated and looked very neglected from them. I have seen the way they talk to people from helping my mom take her dog to the clinic in the past,and it is very DISRESPECTFUL. If I could give this clinic no stars I would.

Maria Estrada

5 years ago

Loving care. Couldn't ask for nicer folk.

Cynda Hanes

5 years ago

This is a great veterinary office. Dr. Walker leaves nothing out. We love the words he uses often; “from a pediatric stand point.” It brings a smile to our face and my husband jokes around using that term fairly often now. I think this Dr. office has is much cleaner than many veterinary clinics. We’ve been going here for about 4 years after Dr Klaxtons office couldn’t seem to fit her in very often anymore. We love that Dr. Walker explains everything to us dog parents. God doesn’t give handbooks to human parents and certainly not doggie parents either.; so Dr Walker is excellent at explaining things to us. Often without having to ask he offers any information we may need. We also like Sheri the receptionist. She is also very helpful. We love this doggie DR and we highly recommend Dr Walker!

Dawn James-Russell

5 years ago

Dr and staff is wonderfully nice—great groomer also!

Hendrik Vaandrager

5 years ago

The D.V.M. has kept me very well informed on the condition of my dog and the staff is very helpfull and friendly.

John McFadden

5 years ago

My wife and I have been taking our Westie to Dr Walker for 14 years. During all that time we have always just dealt with Dr Walkers condescending tone and the way he talks at you and not to you. He always referred to her as a boy even after we would correct him. We dealt with his extremely rude receptionist Sherry and her extreme lack of empathy or care that she demonstrates regularly. Why we stayed I don’t know now. Yesterday we got home from work to find our beloved pet and family member unresponsive and having difficulty breathing. We know that the clinic closes at 5, as Sherry will always remind you of that and that she or the Doctor will stay even one minute past, but we scooped her up and drove as quickly as we could to the vets office. When we arrived they had already locked the door and refused to even open the door and just yelled through the window that they were closed and we would have to take her all the way to Meaquite to an emergency vet. No compassion, no emplathy, nothing. We were not a new patient, but like I said we have been going there for 14 years. We put Maddie back in the car and rushed to the vets office in mesquite but it was to late. Maddie passed away before we could make it there. If for any reason you are looking for a vet in Rockwall, do not choose Dr Walker. There are to many other choices for you to have to deal with a vet and his staff that clearly do not have passion for what they do anymore. I will say there is one person there that does care name Kate. Kate actually called today to see how Maddie was doing. If you do happen to use this vet I would try to deal with her over Sherry.

Kenneth Andrews

5 years ago

Definitely higher than the vet we had previously but nice people who are doing a great job !!!

Sharon Hooper

5 years ago

What a great bunch of people, they made sure that I understood every thing they where going to do to our pet afterhe was brought in for an emergency visit.


5 years ago

Absolutely horrible veterinary clinic. If I could give 0 stars, it’s what this vet needs. We have told them to not run any tests without speaking with us first and twice they have racked up $500-$800 vet bills without our approval of what was being done. Sherry at the front is the rudest person you will ever meet. She was openly rude on the day of my dads funeral stating that they went ahead with testing because we didn’t answer the phone and they figured we should have been “done” by 3:00 so they didn’t understand why we didn’t answer the phone. Do not use them under any circumstance. We will never set foot inside their clinic again.

Marcie Sloan

5 years ago

The receptionist is a bit of a know it all. Didn't care to interact with her. The Doctor was very competent and answered all of our questions. I would like to give a higher rating, however the receptionist made our experience unpleasant with her unsolicited advice.

Monika Doslo

6 years ago

Never going back again. They way that they spoke to me the whole time was as if I was stupid and didn't know how to care for my animals. The whole time he's just talking at me. Giving my pamphlet after pamphlet on shots. Okay great. What I didn't know was when they took my dogs in the back, they were giving them all of these shots WITHOUT my consent or even telling me. They cut my dogs nails and made him bleed without telling me too. If they would of told me I would of asked them to please not cut his nails. Then my significant other calls because I'm clearly upset that they did all this. The doctors response was to yell at him and lie. Also the office smells like cat piss and I couldn't breathe the whole time.

Joshua Copeland

6 years ago

Dr. Walker is an amazing vet. I'm in the pet rescue business so I'm in and out of veterinary offices weekly. For one vet in particular to stand out from the rest is saying something. He's a very bright man and I'm glad to have met him. I trust him with our rescue dogs and personal pets.

kevin bryant

7 years ago

Donald you look like a jerk so I can understand his demeanor towards you. He is the best vet you will find. If you want your ego stroked and sub par care for your pet then go elsewhere.

Matt Morrow

7 years ago

Reading other reviews I was confused. Dr. Is direct and to the point. He has a direct demeanor so maybe that is standoff ish for some but was a bonus for me. Clear, concise and caring what more could you ask for!

Donald Courtney

7 years ago

The Dr. is an total jerk. I took my dog to them because she was having seizures and all I got was berated and talked to like I was an idiot. He has zero personality. I only went there because they opened earlier than my regular vet who is also 45 minutes further away. I had forgotten why we drive 45 minutes past this guy. I think my dog is going to die and he is bust trying to strong arm me into treatments that have nothing to do with why I am there. He gives me an estimate of over 800 bucks. I said I can't pay that. Not that if I could afford it I wouldn't just I don't have that much money. Particularly since he said he had no idea what was wrong to begin with. He was obnoxious to be kind in his description. When I said I wanted to pay my bill and take my dog he yelled, yes yelled, at me, called my sick sick girl "your damn dog", and take him (told him three times she is a girl) home to die. Never again ever will I take even any pet of mine here. I'll go to the 24 pet ER and pay out the nose rather than deal with this sorry excuse of a Vet. Contrary to the review above this guy did not watch his pet suffer and have expensive tests ran for nothing. He should have told me the best thing to do was let her go but he ran my bill up to almost 2000 bucks just to have her die miserablloy while he kept giving me silly wild ass guesses. He yelled me in the lobby. yes yelled at me. The most unprofessional slacker of a vet I have ever seen in my life. He is not a jerk I guess he is more of an ass.

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