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Michael Brazier

2 years ago

We had a very good experience. They were very help and understanding.

Brittany Carl

2 years ago

Our two pups went to board and train with Canine Solutions Dallas to work on some unwanted behaviors and reactivity towards other dogs and people. After two weeks they were like new dogs coming back into our home. We are one week out from training and they are still doing so well. We look forward to working with Canine Solutions Dallas in the future as we get our pups trained to become service dogs.

Jimmy Fields

2 years ago

Valerie, Keisha, and Charlie are the epitome of Southern Hospitality! I am so glad my dog feels so comfortable with these ladies! If you are looking for the right trainer for a board and train call and talk to Keisha! You will be so glad you chose Canine Solutions Dallas!

Gina Archer

2 years ago

So, we found a five week old puppy (presumably dumped) in our storm drain. As it turns out, he is going to be a BIG handsome boy and needed more training than this pushover mama could provide. My biggest obstacle in finding board and train was home based training, not an outdoor kennel and run that is the norm for big dog programs. Rufus likes air conditioning, DogTV channel, butt massages, and ice from the ice machine. Let me tell you, I am damn near impossible to impress, but I had no worries handing my 7 month old, 70 pound baby boy over to Canine Solutions of Dallas. The home environment, their service dog/co-trainer Charlie, the positive reinforcement training, and many other factors, helped me make that first call. Rufus is a very well behaved ladies man (gonna get robbed blind if the burglar is a female) who goes everywhere with us now that we are retired and traveling in our airstream most of the time. A little older,and weighing in at 80 pounds, he is wonderful with commands both on and off leash. He crouches/down position/crawl when smaller dogs are nearby to get down on their level/make friends. He is an absolute hit at every truck stop, restaurant, RV park, and retail establishment. Yesterday at the Flora-Bama, he made friends with a table full of retired Army Rangers. I think he might run for mayor, and we owe it all to Keisha, Valerie, and Charlie.

Robin Thomas

2 years ago

I had 1 year GSD and he had a very destructive behaviour . He pulls leashes and he wont listen any commands . After 3 weeks of training with cannine solutions , jerald became obident, non destructive and less leash pulling. I will recommend there board and train program. Thanks cannine solution.

Ella Browning

2 years ago

We are so blessed to find Valerie and Keisha! I have been looking for a trainer to help us with the task training fo my daughters seizures. However, after spending almost 9 moths. So many organizations won’t train for a child under 7. I was really frustrated about this! Valerie explained the reasoning behind this policy. However, I was extremely excited that she doesn’t have the same policy. That I would be the primary handler and I will be the one going through the training. It’s exciting! I could tell Valerie and Keisha knew exactly what they are doing! I feel blessed to have found them!

melissa m

2 years ago

They are quick to respond or return your calls was my first good impression, but most of all, I love how passionate they are about helping the pups and their families! Our Cookie is on a journey to become my 5 year old autistic son's service dog. She just completed her Canine Good Citizen certificate and will continue to become service dog certified!! Valerie and Keisha are amazing and I love how reasonable they are to achieve this major goal for my family! Everybody else would not train my pup because my son is too young but this is critical to have this grand help for his safety and Valerie and Keisha had no problem stepping in for us!!

Susan Bartholomew

2 years ago

Keisha was amazing to work with! Our over the phone conversation was extremely helpful in understanding the commitment and time it takes for my dog to be a service animal. Her passion for helping people with their service animals and her no nonsense approach really reassured me that this organization cares and wants to help people connect and train their animals! Highly recommend!

Heather Pierce

2 years ago

Wonderful people doing GREAT work!

Mike Hammers

2 years ago

**Buyer Beware Please Read!!** First, I will say I do not typically write reviews online however I feel it necessary and a duty to publicly announce when a business is not professional, and does not provide the services agreed upon by a paying customer. We paid $475 up front for 5 lessons and received 2 out of the 5. The first lesson Keisha was late by 15 mins the second lesson she was late by 30 mins. My wife reached out to Keisha to setup the remaining training sessions. With several attempts to accommodate Keisha's schedule we were told services changed, times available were restricted, and booked services were cancelled last minute making it impossible to finalize the last lessons. Since our schedules could not coordinate, we asked for a refund of the remaining sessions and were refused and told she "doesn't give refunds". We tried again to schedule and were told that she doesn't work weekends, and she would only see her "Rockwall people" on Fridays. But not Good Friday. We were then informed that because Keisha texted us, that it would count as one of the training sessions. Keep in mind, NONE of this was told to us up front. The rules changed as we went along and whatever worked out best for her. Keisha was consistently condescending in her remarks and was unprofessional. I do not know how this business gets a 4.6 review rating on Google. Just watch - she is going to turn this around and blame us. We have the texts where we tried repeatedly to come to an agreement on times. Our repeated attempts to schedule something - anything. And yet, she's going to say it's us... Update-7/20/2021 In reply to your comments, there was no check sent to us, now we have a judgement plus court cost that we will get. We filed in small claims court against Canine Solutions regarding the issue mentioned above and won. Buyer beware, make sure you have a contract.

Cassandra Leonard

2 years ago

They did an amazing job of accommodating my dogs needs. I am now able to take him places and feel more comfortable about his behavior!

Joan Sensabaugh

2 years ago

This is my daughter and I don’t know anyone who is more passionate about working with dogs than she is. I’m super proud of all that she does with them!

Lena Woods

2 years ago

Very pleased with this organization. They did exactly what they said they would do and our pup is so good/well behaved because of their training program. Highly recommend them!!

Leslye Powers

2 years ago

I have never written a bad review. I’m a positive person and have only done positive reviews. I’m compelled in this case since I am a dog lover and dedicated believer in fairness. For the two sessions with Valerie, she had some good ideas. The problems are with their business practices which are for the benefit of Canine Solutions Dallas only. The client is secondary at best. If you live in Rockwall classes are only on Friday afternoons even though they live in Rockwall, no exceptions. I could have dealt with that. The procedure is that they will set a time for your session the Wednesday before at best, but more likely Thursday for the next day. Once they had my money for five sessions, the client, me in this case had to text them to find out any information. Canine Solutions reverted to only communicating by text to me. None of my calls were answered. The class time was never the same time so it’s hard to plan your day. Canine Solutions schedules the meeting to fit their schedule. Which again I could work around if it didn’t change every session. I was told at the end of my first session that the next training would be at my house. The day before the second session I was told to change it to Lowes. I sat in my car 20 minutes at Lowe’s waiting and wondering where they were. I called, texted and no answer. I was leaving when I saw Valerie walking to the front door. I was told at the end of the second session that the next training would take place at my house. It was changed. On Wednesday, by text, Keisha informed me my third Friday session was to be at their house. I professed that Valerie told me the training would be at my house for this session. Keisha told me I must come to them and that Canine Solutions would not be coming to our house. I asked what we would be working on and never got an answer. From my point of view, it seems that Valerie, our trainer makes appointments and plans. Keisha then changes those plans prior to the appointment. I got a text a little over an hour prior to Friday’s session start time saying it is canceled. At that point I canceled the remaining 3 sessions since it was not working out for either of us. Keisha agreed it was not working out and understood. This is when Keisha texted their cancellation policy states there would be no refund per their website. I did not find them off their website. I was never told about their cancellation policy. I was never given a copy of it or signed anything in writing. Keisha texted she would make an exception but would still charge me for another session at the full price rate and they would give me $100 back. I stated they owed me $225 since I was never told or given a copy of any cancellation policy. I told her in the future she might want to disclose this information to the client in the beginning by giving out a copy of their cancellation policy. The only business item ever discussed with Keisha was the per session rate or you can prepay for 5 session for a cost break. They do not take credit cards or checks. They want payment in cash, Zelle or Venmo. I was now texted that since I wanted the $225 owed to me that they would be refunding $0. I have three sessions left that I can use in the next 5 months.

Mae Kennedy

2 years ago

I had a wonderful experience at Canine Solutions Dallas, My dog came away well behaved and not afraid of everything. I highly recommend them to anyone needing help with their dog!

Michael Guller

2 years ago

What a nightmare Valerie the owner of Canine Solutions Dallas put my puppy and my family through. She took my $3700.00 for board and train in her home and then did not perform. Had my dog sleeping in bed with her and her partner Keisha at night. I did not want that so they then had another co-worker sleep with my puppy in their guest room. They had my puppy for a month and he came back with no training. After bringing him home Valerie walked out of my house speechless. All I have are my cancelled checks written to Valerie. She did not want checks to the company and really wanted cash. To this day I have not received an invoice for my money nor the refund she promised . MY PUPPY SUFFERED.

Paula Walker

2 years ago

Val/Keisha and Mark have been a life saver for my little man Dakota. I rescued Dakota in Dec 2020, he was doing pretty good just really anxious and a little on the aggressive side, pretty normal for herding dogs. I was introduced to the team by a friend, after my first conversation I knew that they understood my frustration. After a little over 3 weeks with the team he was ready to come home. I was still having a few problems, apartment living is really not the perfect scenario for the little man but they were right there to help me. Val and Mark came to my home to help introduce him to my family. Day care was suggested so he would have a social life and burn off some pent up energy. Mark (who Dakota loves) even met me at Canine and Company here in Rockwall to help me introduce him to his New Day Care buddies. The team is always there if I need them!!! Thank you Val/Keisha and Mark!!!

Rachel L Carr

2 years ago

We rescued our 12 week old mix puppy Harry around late February, and he was an absolute sweetheart. However, we had a few challenges including potty skills (he did not know that going potty outside was an option, so would wait until we came …

Trina Taylor

2 years ago

I have worked with Valerie and Keisha for years! I dont trust anyone else with my dog!

Mark Campbell

3 years ago

Our dog, Lucky, fits so much better into our household after being trained by Valerie. Valerie really knows her stuff! Can’t thank you enough - we will be repeat customers for sure.

Reese Hensel

3 years ago

Highly recommend Canine Solutions. They are prompt, reliable, responsive and GREAT with the dogs. I use them for training and boarding. After a friend of mine had a very bad experience with a dog boarder, I was very hesitant to leave my dog with anyone but these ladies totally put my mind at ease. My pup is always excited to visit!

Devin Holmes

3 years ago

I have been in Valerie and Keisha’s Service Dog Program for 1 year. When I started looking for a trainer to help me I found there are very few service dog trainers that know what they are doing and works with individuals who need to train their own service dog. I have an autoimmune disease and needed help teaching my dog to help me. Valerie is AMAZING! Her knowledge and education is second to NONE! I probably talk to Keisha every other day about my dog and myself. Keisha is a licensed counselor and she is great at it! When it comes to reviews I’m always Leary of the ones that seem very vague and not personal. I just don’t see how anyone could have anything bad to say about these ladies. All I can say is training your dog is more than just their responsibility. I know if I’m having any issues with my dog I can text them anytime and they have always told me exactly what I need to do. Maybe others are expecting a quick fix without any effort on their part. Dog training just doesn’t work that way. I know for me and my family I feel like Valerie and Keisha are part of our family now. My experience has been more than fantastic! It’s been LIFE CHANGING! May God Bless you both while you continue to do this extremely hard job in his name! From Devin and Peaches

Becky Zapata

3 years ago

BEST DOG TRAINERS IN TEXAS! I have to give these ladies a great review. They couldn’t have done a better job with my pookie. Punctual, friendly, always there to answer my questions. If I could give a better rating I would but only 5 stars is allowed.

Valerie Martinez

3 years ago

Our Goldens Blue and Bella went to work with Valerie and Keisha and were completely transformed when they came home. It was absolutely fantastic knowing Blue and Bella were with such a reliable team at Canine Solutions Dallas. I cannot thank you both enough for helping them and teaching them so much!

Sri Sridharan

3 years ago

I had just bought a 2 month old havanese. Once her shots were done we were actively looking for a 2 week board and train option in Feb/March 2020. She was getting out of control - barking , running around , not listening to us and did not …

Shane Trindle

3 years ago

AMAZING JOB WITH MY SERVICE DOG! I am a Veteran, I needed help with my service dog. I sent my dog to them because I knew he would be in a home not a facility. Plus Valerie has worked with veterans and their service dogs for a very long time, I felt she understood me. After doing the board and train and spending 3 months in the service dog program I was blown away by Tanks progress! I’m not worried about getting triggered in a store now, Tank reacts perfectly to my triggers. I don’t know if I would be here without them. THANK YOU VALERIE AND KEISHA FOR SAVING MY LIFE! I know you always express gratitude to us veterans but your service to us is just as life saving as anything we did for you! ???????? Semper Fi

Nikki Bolder

3 years ago

I have to admit I was skeptical leaving my dog with anyone! I called Canine Solutions Dallas and spoke to Keisha about my pups behavior issues.. she eased my mind By suggesting to come out and meet them and see if Miley was a good fit! …

Madeline Freiburger

3 years ago

I did the three week board and train program, and the results were amazing. Valerie and Keisha are extremely knowledgeable about dog behaviors. They were very patient and hands on with my pup. I look forward to continuing training with my pup and building off the foundation they established.

Leslie Cairns

3 years ago

I had an amazing experience with Canine Solutions Dallas! I am so glad I found Valerie and Keisha! I received regular updates, pictures and videos of my furbaby while she was with them. …

Kerasten Nelson

3 years ago

Our rescue dog Jax is very sweet and loves his family, but was scared around other people. He showed aggression around our fence when friends would walk up and wasn’t nice to other dogs. …

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