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2 years ago

I brought puppy I found on 205 road and almost got run over by mediocre people careless people driving crazy so I stop and I stay with this pup for like an hour to see if somebody was looking for him and nobody ever came so I decided to take him to the animal shelter because that’s why they are shelters right. The lady I don’t know her name but she was blonde and she said she was the one in charge of the shelter told me that she couldn’t accept this puppy because I was the one who found it and I was the one who took him in so now is my responsibility to keep him and take care of him. I have a German shepherd and a chihuahua and also a chocolate lab and I didn’t needed a 4 dog in my house plus probably her owner is worrying for him but also it could be that they just didn’t want him anymore but whatever the reason was the shelter responsibility was to take in dogs that have no home or help him find his owner and is wrong how this Karen lady treats people in a rude way because she was really ugly to me, I can’t imagine how she treats the animals there. I give you one advised lady. You have the wrong job so go find yourself a new one. Animals don’t need somebody like you. You don’t like animals . But god is my witness and you will Get it worst later .

Angie Moore

2 years ago

We have adopted 2 great dogs here. The staff are always polite and helpful. I hated seeing the 1 star reviews contradicting this, but we’ve had nothing but positive experiences with this shelter.

tracey thurman

2 years ago

Looking for a small dog. The place was very clean and organized they only had beautiful large dogs for adoption on the day I was there but, I will go there looking again. Hats off to the staff for the job they do.

Nora Tillman

2 years ago

The worker's are very friendly and helpful.

Brett Willett

2 years ago

Friendly staff, well kept facility. They take good care of the animals.

ossie williams

2 years ago

Was going to adopt a pet and give a forever home this lovely boy had been waiting for a family for over 180 days but because our cane corso is not spade we where told we had to leave him behind he has been nuturd already so i can't understand how he is going to get my corso pregnant ????


2 years ago

They took the time to explain the needs and concerns with the dog we were adopting. It wasn't just to get our puppy dog adopted, but making sure we were both a good fit. The staff is friendly and genuinely concerned for the welfare of all their animals.

Selena Cantu

2 years ago

Adopted for the very first time at this shelter. We had an awesome experience. Both ladies at the front desk were very knowledgeable and helped us find the dog that was the best fit for us. Highly recommend this shelter.

Sarah Riley

2 years ago

Got our little kitty here. They are professional and nice

Kevin Campbell

2 years ago

The staff here is absolutely amazing and helpful. They are patient and knowledgeable, but above all honest. They really do care about the animals and want to make sure they are perfect for your family.

Johnson Asia

2 years ago

So my girlfriend came here to adopt a dog for her son and was imideately discouraged by a "heavy set lady with brown hair" and "a blonde" both working at the desk. They told her all the worst qualities about every dog she looked at. That would explain why every kennel was occupied. So after fading all the employee pessimism, she decided on Prarie. She asked to adopt and her request was met with contradiction and an obsurd policy that is literally non existent at other dog pounds. After being turned away i decided to go myself and try to adopt Prarie. NOPE i was filibusted and told that "oh someone has dibs at noon" I WAS THERE CASH IN HAND! Un believable. I would not recommend, suggest or anything. If you have to call animal control do the animal a favor and leave it be because this place is nothing short of a animal penitentiary ran by karens.

Gwen Goodman

2 years ago

We adopted Fabio today and Bailey 2 years ago. Fabulous experience both times. Very professional and loving atmosphere. Both dogs are beautiful animals and well matched

Mucteba Karaca

2 years ago

During adoption of our first pet we were told what I believed was all the necessary information (neuter, microchip, and rabies shot dates). Come to find out, we were supposed to have another round of dewormer medication and FVRCP vaccination. We were not told these things at the time of adoption and I believe they are quite important. As a first time pet owner, I had no idea we had to get these other things done and am disappointed that the adoption center did not mention them.

Steven Kaiser

2 years ago

What a devastating horrible traumatizing experience We attempted to provide a loving home to an animal due to the extreme need and over population of the shelters in the area. When we got Layla, she had a terrible case of mange and worms. We paid our vet $150 for her care and they advised delaying spay due to her poor skin condition. We also received their recommendation to not have the shelter perform the service. The shelter gave us two weeks to have our vet do it and since they were completely booked we were unable to do so. We offered to have our vet do it at their earliest availability but the shelter was inflexible on the spay by date noted in the contract. The shelter forced us to have Layla brought in to the shelter for the spay against our vets advice, which we agreed to do. They now have given notice of termination of the contract and demand the puppy back. We have had this poor animal for 5 days and have done everything to give her the best care possible. Our family has bonded with Layla and we are devastated by the shelters action. I believe Meghan is unqualified to run this facility and should be terminated immediately. We are contacting our lawyer for any options we may have.

Lawanna McGuire

2 years ago

All the staff was so awesome and never adopted a pet before where I got to visit prior to taking home this facility is the best and Our baby For has brightened our days

Jared Bishop

2 years ago

Great staff very informative and friendly. "Paco" now Buddy :) is in his forever home safe and happy. Playful but He does love his naps as well and cuddling!! Happy addition to our tribe.

Janet Macmillan

2 years ago

Nice place and they care about the animals.

Ben Jenkins

2 years ago

Getting my teeth worked on with drills is more pleasant

araceli andrews

2 years ago

Partnered with a friend of a friend's son to help him achieve his SCOUTING GOAL of EAGLE SCOUT. NOW THAT'S COMMUNITY SERVICE ON BOTH PARTS????

Oho Yamato Tarashihiko Kunioshi Hito no Mikoto

2 years ago

Bruh cats should be kept inside unless you have a “catio” (?). Cats are also invasive. Unless a cat lives in a place without roads and civilization, they should be inside. They have nice and understanding staff.

Jennifer Connolly

3 years ago

Nice inside! Looked like a nice place to adopt from- we just went to donate- but will look into adoption there when the time comes!

neil petersen

3 years ago

We had a great experience.

Jacob Hogue

3 years ago

I am very disappointed in this shelter. Very rude customer service and they argued with me. You’d think that these “animal loving” people would actually care about the strays brought in. They would rather us leave the animal on the road. I understand the $40 to leave the stray with medical purposes but that should be covered by those adopting and not punishing the people trying to save a stray. In another review i read, they don’t allow cats to be outside yet don’t wanna take any in. I noticed the replies on these reviews don’t mention anything on how they will fix their “rudeness”. Rude is an understatement.

Mariam Johnson

3 years ago

Got a new addition to our family from this adoption center. All employees were very friendly and helpful. The adoption fee is very low and it covered all vaccinations and micro chipping. Very nice establishment! Will recommend to anyone we know!!

Lauren Milam

3 years ago

Got my sweet Elsa there 2 years ago, and I am happy to have the best kitty in the world.

John G

3 years ago

Great dogs no kill shelter

Jay Anderson (jay)

3 years ago

I got jake my dog there a few years ago and they are a really good place to adopt animals they let us have a collar and leash for him as well, though jake tore it to sheds not to long after. He's a good dog just hyper and didn't have toys yet

Beverly Hernandez

3 years ago

Love my new baby kitty

Ashley Thomson

3 years ago

Cute adorable animals great for a quick dose of cuteness the kittens are sooooo cute and adorable ♥️????????????. I got my little Kitten here and they gave us a nice carrier to carry her in, her name is Liza and ever since they let us adopt her, our lives have changed for the better! ( The black cat below is Liza, the puppy is just one of many adorable little pets you can get there)

Ben LeGare

3 years ago

Friendly knowledgeable volunteers. Very clean environment for the dogs. Dogs are loved and cared for. A great shelter.

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